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<Doomking> I'm so piss...
<Doomking> took so long to figure out why wpa_supplicant was tweaking
<Doomking> in my .conf the private psk stopped working and so it was up but it never connected...
<Doomking> so i swapped out the wpa_passphrase with my wifi psk and it connected
<Doomking> not sure why the passphrase failed
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<sad_plan> hi
<Doomking> hey
<Doomking> do you know how to can clear some space on my machine?
<Doomking> is there a folder location that contains the source code that takes up a lot of storage?
<Doomking> or is this just one of the things of being a source based distro that requires a good amount of storages
<sad_plan> yeah, kiss will cache all sources for you, aswell as bins
<sad_plan> by default theyr in .cache/kiss/{bin,logs,sources,proc}
<sad_plan> if youve enabled KISS_DEBUG, proc will fill up rather quickly, as itll keep the sources unpacked
<Doomking> ahh i see, i was wondering if it could cause some issue if i deleted proc or sources
<Doomking> lets see how much space will return back to me
<sad_plan> proc is fine, so is logs. but deleting sources would have you redownload stuff
<Doomking> but if i already install it then i won't need it right?
<sad_plan> maybe, maybe not. you may uninstall something, then proceed to reinstall it at a later time. I would keep atleast the bin dir. you could also just cd into bin dir and remove stuff you know you wont need
<Doomking> uhmm
<Doomking> rip i deleted the inside the bin dir without knowing beforehand
<Doomking> i thought it was okay... whoops
<Doomking> the reason was i thought the /usr/bin was the important one, and the .cache/kiss/bin wasn't
<Doomking> thanks for informing about the proc, it gave me almost 50% storage back
<Doomking> didn't know that eats up the storage like crazy
<sad_plan> set KISS_DEBUG=0. this should avoid proc filling up
<sad_plan> my whole kissdir is on only 3G. so its not too bad imo
<Doomking> I wasn't able to get tinyx to work, so i opt for xorg-server to simply get it to work
<Doomking> should i try again?
<Doomking> since i honestly don't want to build llvm
<sad_plan> thats up to you really
<Doomking> llvm will take around 16-28 hours to build
<Doomking> maybe near 28 hrs with cmake since that took a long time
<sad_plan> really? your pc is slow as hell then. I thought mine was slow, but i get by with llvm in roughly an hour or so
<sad_plan> damn
<Doomking> trust me, my shit is terrible
<sad_plan> then dont delete bin anymore, so you dont have to recompile stuff unneedingly
<Doomking> but it's not my main or second or third laptop
<Doomking> i'm installing it on a chromebook c202sa
<Doomking> 4gb 16 gb eMMc and rocking a intel celeron n3060
<sad_plan> that explains it. chomebooks arent really powerhouses at all..
<Doomking> if the chromebook goes well, will move onto my thinkpad t480s
<sad_plan> you can use llvm from kiss-bin though. however not updated very often
<Doomking> i tried using the kiss-bin but i got errors for some unknown reason, but that was a while ago
<Doomking> btw do you put your KISS_DEBUG=0 in your .profile?
<sad_plan> yeah, it also hasnt been updated for about a year, so maybe avoid that instead
<sad_plan> yes
<Doomking> gotcha
<Doomking> assuming it needs to be "export KISS_DEBUG=0" right?
<sad_plan> I also do KISS_TMPDIR=/tmp, so itll build in /tmp, but with your measly 4gb if ram, that might not be a good idea.
<Doomking> that's how i have my other command in there
<sad_plan> yes
<Doomking> if only i had more storage then i would increase my swap file
<Doomking> i can only risk giving 1G of swap file without using my very limited storage
<sad_plan> with measly 16gb of storage, youll run out fairly quickly :p
<Doomking> was looking to buy another laptop with more ram gb or storage, but can't justify buying near $85-$100 for another weak laptop but a bit better specs
<Doomking> was thinking about getting an orange pi 5
<sad_plan> one usually takes storage abit for granted, so 16g is pretty limited :p
<sad_plan> I get that :p
<Doomking> but not sure how well kiss will do with an arm chip
<sad_plan> yeah, ive heard those are pretty good
<sad_plan> should work fine
<Doomking> yeah, but the support for the rk3588 aren't that great (besides ubuntu)
<Doomking> won't i need the glasnost linux instead?
<sad_plan> glasnost is unmaintained atm it seems, so no. just stick with kiss
<Doomking> wait kiss works with arm?
<Doomking> i thought kiss was only supported for x86_64
<Doomking> if kiss works with arm chip then the orange pi 5 plus will be a killer sbc
<Doomking> 16gb ram and rk3588s, which is basically a rk3588 but uses less power
<Doomking> or wait for the raspberry pi 5 that will be release some time in mid-2024
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<sad_plan> kiss only supports x86, but packages is still able to build on arm. mostly atleast. it may require some patches to get things working for some packages. but most should probably work oob
<Doomking> that's good to know
<Doomking> too bad i'm not smart enough to know how to write patches to get stuff to work
<Doomking> would love to learn how tho
<sad_plan> nothing is stopping you from learning
<Doomking> not sure where to start at
<sad_plan> theres also a reference, which can be used. alpine. it supports arm
<Doomking> do you know any good resources on this?
<sad_plan> not patching specifically. but you can always learn C
<Doomking> guess it's time to relearn C, been a while since i learned C
<sad_plan> cool
<Doomking> are you a CS major?
<sad_plan> no even close. I work at a factory :p
<Doomking> i thought you were one since you knew a lot about how to use kiss, whereas i'm a super noob lol
<sad_plan> i know about kiss, because ive used kiss for a while now. so its just experience basically
<Doomking> wait for the sx, you had it chmod 755 /usr/bin/sx
<Doomking> omg nvm
<Doomking> i finally got it to work
<Doomking> i was so dumb
<Doomking> it kept asking for permission with /.config/sx/sxrc but i was giving chmod 755 to other stuff
<Doomking> i really need to read things properly...
<Doomking> thank you for helping me out with getting tinyx and sx to work with your advice and repo!
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<Doomking> you a real one 😎
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<sad_plan> why didnt you just build it with kiss? that way kiss wouldve taken care of this for you
<sad_plan> but glad you got it working
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<Doomking> Yeah, I did build it with kiss, but did the chmod on sx when I thought that was the issue; however, i remember you mentioned how you modified your sx so I actually removed it and reinstall sx to correct it and only chmod 755 the sxrc file
<Doomking> not sure if kiss would take care of the /.config/sx/sxrc as it didn't work until i chmod the sxrc
<Doomking> but the sx was fine tho
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<sad_plan> kiss wont take care of your config file. only /bin/sx, and its permissions
<sad_plan> you could probably modify sx to look for /etc/sx/sxrc instead, and ship that file with sx, but thats not the case for me anyway
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<sad_plan> :q
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