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<sad_plan> hi
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<Doomking> yo
<Doomking> gotta love dealing with figuring which kernel module will work... touchpad giving me a tough time atm
<Doomking> at least it's no longer the keyboard, which is the worse as the early stages needs a keyboard, so connecting an external keyboard is just inconvenient to me
<Doomking> sad_plan: what browser do you use? firefox?
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<sad_plan> yeah, its not always obvious which one you need. using make allyesconfig from something like arch can often give you the answer
<sad_plan> nah, I use luakit
<sad_plan> and sometimes surf, but not often really
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<sad_plan> firefox dont build for me due to the setup I use. python doesnt like netbsd-curses without shared libs, which makes firefox not build
<Doomking> i thought firefox since that's like the standard for linux user
<Doomking> luakit is a good one
<Doomking> does luakit have extensions/addons? i don't remember when i looked into back when i tried out Carbs linux
<sad_plan> yeah, initially id like to use firefox, but it dont build, and I dont care enough to fix it :p
<sad_plan> yeah, luakit is cool
<Doomking> what about palemoon?
<sad_plan> yes, it does have some stuff. like noscript. its not like on firefox though
<sad_plan> never tried it, but it requires python2 for w/e reason. which dont build for me :p
<Doomking> oh dang
<Doomking> mesa for some reason doesn't build for me
<Doomking> keep getting this weird "intel_wa" build issue
<Doomking> never happened before, so not sure why now
<sad_plan> if you dont care about the drivers for you cpu, you can use my build. Ive only enabled swrast, so I bypass llvm, even on amd/radeon
<sad_plan> s/cpu/gpu
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<Doomking> for which build?
<sad_plan> mesa
<sad_plan> in my repo
<Doomking> oh is that the one with the byaccat
<Doomking> as one of the dependency
<sad_plan> I use byacc yes
<Doomking> oops, misspelled it
<Doomking> what is byacc?
<Doomking> apparently with tinyx and sx, i don't need to build mesa :D
<sad_plan> byacc is an alternative to bison.
<Doomking> i actually dont even to build as much due to not building xorg-server's dependencies
<sad_plan> thats correct. no need for mesa with tinyx.
<sad_plan> but if you want any useable browser thats not text based, youd need mesa
<Doomking> ah shoot
<Doomking> i thought i was in the clear
<Doomking> i'll go use your build as building llvm is a pain to build
<sad_plan> unfortunatly not. you could use something like netsurf built for framebuffer, but youd still lack JS support more or less
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<Guest87> hello, is there any difference between and
<Guest87> or its really the same website
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<Guest230> what is the difference between kiss update, kiss U and kiss u
<Guest230> am using gkiss
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<Guest230> i got disconnected automatically i hope no one answered while i was not there
<Guest230> oh theres logs
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<Doomking> The moment allyesconfig doesn’t fix my touchpad issue 💀💀
<Doomking> time to look for a firmware or patch
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<Doomking> kiss u and kiss update are the same, it updates the repo, kiss U upgrades your packages
<Doomking> so kiss u or kiss update will get the new version of package if the maintainer updates their github or codeberg. But the installed packages won’t be upgraded. After kiss U is enter then the package will upgrade if there was any updates from the repo that you use
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<Doomking> also, you can take a look at the kiss linux subreddit if there’s question that’s been asked before
<Doomking> the question you asked is on the kiss subreddit, and i believe dilyan gave a good answer to it
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