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<c0rnelius> Finally figured out the NanoPi NEO Plus2 bluetooth. What a huge pain the ass.
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<Guest17> when i try to check shasum of pinecube buster i get a message of no SHA checksum lines. I i followed the instructions but i was wondering if they were right.
<Guest17> also the instructions for gpg verification use a keyserver that is deprecated. I had to use
<Guest17> help
<ArmbianHelper> Check out our awesome documentation! It's tremendous, promise!
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<stipa> i have a problem with ethernet nics going idle and leving linux network bridge if not in use. any hack to keep them alive when nothing is connected to them?
<stipa> the only idea i have is to ping them with arping or something mac based
<stipa> from in the machine where they are
<stipa> the same thing happens with both nics connected via pci buses and usb ones
<stipa> after some hours they just go blank and leave the bridge
<stipa> and of course never go back into bridge configuration
<stipa> also WOL get's disabled on those nices
<stipa> and they just go banannas, i have to restart the machine to get them in function again
<stipa> i guess keeping them connected to something doesn't produce that problem
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<alekksander> hello. i just bought odroid hc4 and first problem i get with it – it's not responding to me keyboard. it's my first sbc/arm board and i wonder is there a list of compatible input devices? my keyboard (dell multimedia one) works with linux, but for some reason not with odroid (petitboot)
<stipa> probably a bug
<stipa> try to plug it into usb2 port instead usb3 if there is any
<alekksander> only one single usb 2.0 port on this one
<stipa> yeah, plug it there
<stipa> usb3 is shit rn
<alekksander> hc4 has only one usb in general – it's 2.0 so no options here. should work then…
<stipa> right then
<alekksander> tried to plug it into powered usb hub, but also no reaction
<stipa> have you tried another keyboard?
<stipa> the other option you have is connecting to it via serial port
<stipa> with usb to serial adapter
<stipa> that's usually how one starts with an SBC
<stipa> from there you could see what's going on with the usb
<stipa> all the usual stuff
<alekksander> i don't have such adapter and it's the only keyboard i have here currently. gonna have to visit local store and grab the cheapest one to try it out
<stipa> yeah, maybe there are not much in local stores, try amazon or such
<stipa> but, maybe you get lucky
<alekksander> i plan to get the cheapest usb 2.0 keyboard
<alekksander> plus simpliest. no extra buttons. if it doesn't work either i will start to suspect this usb port
<c0rnelius> Armbian uses petite boot?
<alekksander> it's not compatible, but hc4 has a button to skip it
<c0rnelius> Thats what I thought. Didn't know about the button though. I know the N2/+ has a switch to bypass it.
<alekksander> exactly what i meant
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<c0rnelius> Well news to me.
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<c0rnelius> The picture on the site horrid. Is that what they lil button is? Hold it does and it bypasses the spi?
<alekksander> yea, the one on the bottom. not an issue for 24/7 server
<c0rnelius> Interesting
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<IgorPec> alekksander: that petitboot hackery is hardkernel stuff - i think you can pass it by by holding a button, then remove it from linux
<rtz> No colored disply exept ncurses
<rtz> systemctl --failed
<rtz> • atop.service loaded failed failed Atop advanced performance monitor
<rtz> • lightdm.service loaded failed failed Light Display Manager
<rtz> • sinfo.service loaded failed failed Daemon for monitoring computer clusters using broadcasts
<rtz> • smartd.service loaded failed failed Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART) Daemon
<rtz> LOAD = Reflects whether the unit definition was properly loaded.
<rtz> SUB = The low-level unit activation state, values depend on unit type.
<rtz> 4 loaded units listed. Pass --all to see loaded but inactive units, too.
<rtz> ACTIVE = The high-level unit activation state, i.e. generalization of SUB.
<rtz> To show all installed unit files use 'systemctl list-unit-files'.
<rtz> systemctl status lightdm.service
<rtz> • lightdm.service - Light Display Manager
<rtz> Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/lightdm.service; indirect; vendor preset: enabled)
<rtz> Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Mon 2021-10-25 17:18:53 CEST; 27min ago
<rtz> Docs: man:lightdm(1)
<rtz> Main PID: 1869 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
<rtz> Okt 25 17:18:53 2b8e systemd[1]: lightdm.service: Service RestartSec=100ms expired, scheduling restart.
<rtz> Okt 25 17:18:53 2b8e systemd[1]: lightdm.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 5.
<rtz> Okt 25 17:18:53 2b8e systemd[1]: Stopped Light Display Manager.
<rtz> Okt 25 17:18:53 2b8e systemd[1]: lightdm.service: Start request repeated too quickly.
<rtz> Okt 25 17:18:53 2b8e systemd[1]: lightdm.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
<rtz> Okt 25 17:18:53 2b8e systemd[1]: Failed to start Light Display Manager.
<rtz> Okt 25 17:18:53 2b8e systemd[1]: lightdm.service: Triggering OnFailure= dependencies.
<rtz> ????
<rtz> I didn't find an X!
<c0rnelius> Nice spam job.
<rtz> c0rnelius: What!? >.-|
<[TheBug]> rtz: if you want us to check stuff use a pastebin don't just paste in the channel
<c0rnelius> even better user this:
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<stipa> check paragraph "By Unit"
<stipa> that should give you more information to the problem you have
<stipa> and then google it
<rtz> [TheBug]: Which stuff? i don't want you all, only those who can read and understand =8-|.
<rtz> stipa: more mabe in
<stipa> rtz: sure, also do some google search on it by yourself
<stipa> rtz: just don't paste big text files here anymore
<stipa> max 5 lines
<stipa> at the same moment
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<alekksander> i'm back with 7usd keyboard. it works with odroid hc4. just to remind, dell multimedia keyboard (whatever), was not recognized. the new one is not the worst quality for 7usd… not the worst
<IgorPec> you mean in petitboot?
<alekksander> yes
<IgorPec> aha, that is beyond armbian control. we recommend to delete it ;)
<IgorPec> its hardkernel loader - its nice for playing around, but for serious deployment, not needed
<alekksander> i will probably leave it be for some time. it's my first experience with arm and sbc in general. don't want to float into deep waters on 1st day ;)
<IgorPec> ah, don't worry about. its safe to delete. that is propriatery solution. you won't see that anywhere else
<IgorPec> its just a sorce of troubles. and you can put it back at any time
<alekksander> i still don't have my disks, the shipment is delayed (is it worldwide problem by now?)
<alekksander> and i'm free from work till next monday. so plenty of time to play with that korean board
<[TheBug]> if your referring to something you ordered from Hardkernel you should join #odroid and ask -- we have no idea about their shipping and such
<IgorPec> yeah, everything is getting delayed
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<IgorPec> bug: i think he has the hc4, just not the drives
<[TheBug]> ahh I see
<[TheBug]> thought maybe he meant emmc
<[TheBug]> or something
<IgorPec> nah, he is affraid to erase petitboot ;)
<[TheBug]> ahh I see
<[TheBug]> well just push the red button
<[TheBug]> then you can leave it
<alekksander> thanks, i couldn't find that room before. joined already
<[TheBug]> just don't have power outage
<[TheBug]> and expect it to boot back
<alekksander> i will get rid of petitboot if it's not compatible with armbian. that's the plan, especially after encouragement here. just not today yet
<[TheBug]> well thats only issue is you just won't boot into Armbian on reboot without button
<[TheBug]> technically in certain cases you can load kernel and stuff in SPI with their stuff and have some value to that but for Armbian all of our stuff just goes from SDcard so for using with Armbian it won't likely be useful
<[TheBug]> you can always write it back from within Armbian as it has access to the SPI device
<[TheBug]> so if you decide you need to have it back can follow directions to flash back
<alekksander> so my boot will rather start from sd card instead. is there a way to put grub (or other) into it's spi?
<IgorPec> there is no grub in this world
<IgorPec> but you can boot armbian from spi if you like
<IgorPec> but that means one of your hard drives needs to hold operating system
<IgorPec> or USB stick
<IgorPec> its better just to boot from SD card, have OS there and use both sata ports for storager
<alekksander> got it
<alekksander> okay, so i remove petitboot and it's gonna boot from sd by default? do You guys perhaps know?
<IgorPec> yes, 100%$
<c0rnelius> I saw they added u-boot for the hc4 to 2021.10. You would think they would give you a boot to sata option?
<c0rnelius> It being onboard and all that.
<IgorPec> we boot armbian directly from sata for months
<alekksander> i also wonder if there is any recommended remote desktop app that would work between arm and amd64 computers
<IgorPec> the one from armbian-config wortks on arm and x86
<c0rnelius> I thought you guys chainloaded or something? boot parition here, rootfs over there?
<IgorPec> i use it on all my machines, also on x86 ubuntu
<IgorPec> c0rnelious: you need to pay attention to the armbian commit history ;)
<c0rnelius> I do :) I'm not looking for something though.
<c0rnelius> not/normally*
<IgorPec> this and armbian 5.10.y is best working OS for hc4
<IgorPec> fan works, lcd works, reboot works, shutdown works
<IgorPec> no propriatery garbage
<IgorPec> boot from SPI works
<c0rnelius> Nice.
<c0rnelius> I know someone who would be interested in that. The commit.
<IgorPec> install via mene, no hackery
<IgorPec> menu
<IgorPec> who?
<c0rnelius> Just some fella... Not really super important :)
<c0rnelius> I did see this and reworked the patch for 5.14.y -->
<c0rnelius> After some research got bluetooth working on the NanoPi NEO Plus2.
<c0rnelius> Just not sure how to make a PR on Armbian.
<IgorPec> oh, that is great. welcome to submit a PR. you will certainly make someon happy
<IgorPec> which part you have troubles with?
<c0rnelius> The whole inner workings of ur builder. It involves a lot more than just the patch.
<IgorPec> so you need to add some files, include them into image, enable some services , etc?
<c0rnelius> Basically the firmware needs to be there, a helper script needs to be in place, a systemd service needs to start it and some something called brcm_patchram_plus needs to be installed in /usr/bin.
<c0rnelius> Pretty much
<IgorPec> ok, i'll find an example
<c0rnelius> I'll give it a look see. thanx.
<c0rnelius> You use patchram for nanopc t4?
<c0rnelius> bookmarked.
<IgorPec> patchram binaries could be different, make sure to test
<c0rnelius> As for the NanoPC T4 mine seems fine without patchram.
<c0rnelius> Yeah its probs different I'm sure.
<IgorPec> ok. so you have a feeling where the files must be present
<c0rnelius> Yes
<c0rnelius> I'm sure the first PR will be shit and someone can help me correct it :)
<IgorPec> not problem, that's why we have some process there
<c0rnelius> As for the T4 this is the patch set I use and bluetooth works out of the box -->
<c0rnelius> Pretty sure I got most of those from you guys.
<c0rnelius> No patchram needed
<IgorPec> those seems like our patches, yes
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