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<Guest17> hi all
<Guest17> if anyone can help me... i have two questions
<Guest17> booted armbian from sd card on a mxquadpro tv box ... i want to write to the internal rom but... how i could backup the original one?
<Guest17> and the how to identify and put to work the wireless onboard chip
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<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec>
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<TRS-80> OK IgorPec I sent it! Looks like it went through on my end, but maybe check in few minutes to confirm...
<IgorPec> which email you have used?
<TRS-80>, the one you said
<IgorPec> ok
<TRS-80> Interestingly, Amazon tack on an "exchange rate guarantee fee" (in addition to the actual exchange rate), in this case 7.29 on 277.61 USD (was 240 Euro). So I declined that, and now I'm curious what my bank will charge me.
<TRS-80> I don't do a lot of international transaction, so mostly I'm just curious.
<IgorPec> me neither. on bank i have separate account for USD
<IgorPec> noting so far. perhaps it need some manual approval ? :)
<TRS-80> > Within 5 min Estimated delivery Occasionally, delivery may be delayed.
<TRS-80> they think I am hacker, so go have a coffee lol
<TRS-80> you want privacy they think you are hacker, absolutely obnoxious imo but that's how banks think
* TRS-80 does not get on the Internet at all any more without being behind 7 boxxies
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<TRS-80> Yeah I received another email, they cancelled the order because they think I am hacking and I have to wait 2 hours. Absolutely obnoxious.
<TRS-80> IgorPec: ^
<IgorPec> LOL :)
<TRS-80> I have just about had enough of all these large corps and their obnoxious so called "security" policies which are actually nothing of the sort.
<TRS-80> Just hassles really.
<IgorPec> yeah, running low on alternatives
<TRS-80> That is the problem, and it is by design. When there all no alternatives, you have no choice but to deal with them. And I despise that.
<TRS-80> Anyway I guess I wait 2 hours (from then) and try again.
<TRS-80> actually I think I will call Amazon on the phone now so they can waste actual money paying someone to fix this, because, fuck them
<IgorPec> i know what you mean
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<TRS-80> OK, I am done with Amazon, I will just wire the money
<IgorPec> now Bezos won't go to space ;)
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Hahahaha
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Bezos will take the best of earth tech to the space. A 40nm RPI zero 2W
<TRS-80> lol
<TRS-80> I was looking at LiberaPay a little closer though, they do offer Stripe as an alternative to PayPal, so maybe I do it that way
<TRS-80> As I have had enough of PayPal as well
<IgorPec> paypal still smel on Elon. another space adventurer ;)
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<TRS-80> my wife took my card to go grocery shopping, she said it wouldn't work, so these idiots are really wasting my time now and pissing me off
<TRS-80> Armbiancon when? I give you cash in a paper bag. :D
<IgorPec> after werner gets married ;)
<IgorPec> i hope we will get someone that would be happy organising such things, event planner person
<IgorPec> othwerwise it will be like - lets have a beer in one month, we meet in ...
<TRS-80> I am OK with the latter
<TRS-80> only have few days off, then back to the grind, else I might volunteer and do more than just sending beer money
<IgorPec> usually better
<IgorPec> this is what i am sending out
<IgorPec> for those that want to help
<TRS-80> OK, so this is in the email exchange when they fill the form? I did see that, and was going to refer to it, but I guess I don't need to now that I understand your process.
<IgorPec> yes, i add this link inside, not the content per se
<TRS-80> Yes understood.
<TRS-80> What I am getting at is that I don't need to re-hash that if/when they show up here.
<TRS-80> Also I have a little better idea what they will have been told already.
<IgorPec> people has different know-how, i give them something from their field if this is clear, but in case that is not ... this is what we need most, link
<IgorPec> if they hear it once again is better
<IgorPec> doesn't hurt
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