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<d1b2> <OmniTechnoMancer> TCP has an annoying amount of timers and state to keep
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<_whitenotifier-9> [YoWASP/nextpnr] whitequark 662679a - Update dependencies.
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<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth-boards] josuah commented on issue #197: Please add iCESugar.Pro support - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/issues/197#issuecomment-1473738883
<josuah> [^] how does board support process happen, does a maintainer need to have a board in its hand to test the code?
<josuah> or is it allowed to merge the support in and allow other users report how it goes?
<josuah> I have a few PMODs I need to order from MuseLabs so can order a board in the process, but I am not a maintainer
<josuah> so not sure if that'd help
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<whitequark> there isn't currently a very good process; that's something that I plan to address in medium term future
<josuah> I can work with that :)
<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth-boards] josuah commented on issue #197: Please add iCESugar.Pro support - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/issues/197#issuecomment-1474060259
<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth-boards] josuah reviewed pull request #198 commit - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/pull/198#discussion_r1140413431
<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth-boards] josuah reviewed pull request #198 commit - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/pull/198#discussion_r1140416195
<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth-boards] josuah reviewed pull request #198 commit - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/pull/198#discussion_r1140423643
<_whitenotifier-9> [amaranth-boards] josuah reviewed pull request #198 commit - https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/pull/198#discussion_r1140418977
<josuah> I did not know libresoc was using amaranth (formerly nmigen)
<miek> they aren't using amaranth, they are using their own fork continuing under the nmigen name
<d1b2> <Nate> Not to pressure, just genuinely curious, any eta on the crosslinknx dev board whitequark? 🙂
<d1b2> <Nate> I wonder about the feasibility of generating ascii waveforms for gpt-* (or other LLMs) to process, although I guess it can already process images
<whitequark> Nate: it didn't arrive yet
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<d1b2> <Olivier Galibert> offtopic but not that much: https://twitter.com/holdengraber/status/1636818346070114304
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<josuah> miek: interesting, somehow disappointing too, maybe they wanted to avoid keeping in sync with amaranth evolution
<whitequark> no, what happened has very little if anything to do with technical decisions
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<josuah> I slowly understand how Amaranth works from user point of view
<josuah> next is learning how to use it, practice, and code reading
<whitequark> nice!