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<whitequark> hm, I actually get: No module named 'virtualenv.activation.xonsh'
<whitequark> does it build dependencies in non-pep517 fashion too, I wonder?
<whitequark> removed virtualenv, now it's 'PosixPath' object has no attribute 'is_relative_to'
<whitequark> it looks like both of those are debian-specific
<whitequark> well, I can't get poetry to work, at all, even with pipx
<whitequark> oh, nevermind, it doesn't run poetry install if you just poetry run if your existing venv matches the python requirement
<whitequark> adamgreig: yes this is a poetry bug
<whitequark> poetry runs (through a few layers of indirection) the get_requires_for_build_wheel hook, which for setuptools involves running setup.py, which fails because there's no setuptools_scm, and then the same thing happens again when it tries to run setup.py directly
<whitequark> if you look at https://peps.python.org/pep-0517/#build-environment it says: "The get_requires_for_build_wheel and get_requires_for_build_sdist hooks are executed in an environment which contains the bootstrap requirements specified in the pyproject.toml file.
<whitequark> "
<whitequark> so hardcoding just pyproject-hooks and build isn't sufficient
<adamgreig[m]> sigh, that explains it
<adamgreig[m]> thanks for investigating
<whitequark> I wonder what pypa/build does
<whitequark> I think this works
<whitequark> yep, installs fine for me. you'll need to remove the source checkout of amaranth, since it will have an empty nmigen directory git won't remove, and that confuses setuptools
<whitequark> I might actually just fix that
<adamgreig[m]> i put together a minimal reproducing example in https://github.com/adamgreig/poetry_build_requires_bug
<adamgreig[m]> do you plan to report this to poetry?
<whitequark> I was hoping someone else would submit a poetry bug to be honest
<adamgreig[m]> will do
<whitequark> thank you!
<whitequark> thank you!
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<FFY00> I don't understand what they're doing there
<FFY00> they're installing pypa/build in a venv, to then run a script that uses pypa/build to build a new virtual environment and get the metadata for the project
<whitequark> yeah I'm not sure either
<whitequark> I'd expect poetry would just need to depend on pypa/build?
<FFY00> they already do
<FFY00> so I am very confused
<whitequark> yeah I have no idea ^^; I just fiddled with it until it built
<whitequark> I'm not very invested in poetry, this is why Amaranth uses bare setuptools for now
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<FFY00> I opened a PR rewriting that whole code 😅
<whitequark> got a link?
<FFY00> I'm fixing mypy rn
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<DeVector[m]> Is there any way to add print statements in elaborate method like we use $display in verilog in simulation?
<kivikakk[m]> you can print values in a simulation process, which sounds like it might be what you want?
<DeVector[m]> Got it, so there is no other way of adding print statements in module itself, right?
<kivikakk[m]> not AFAIK
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<d1b2> <jer_emy> @adamgreig can I make a suggestion for another example to add to your repo? Adding a verilog file into your build: https://lab.ktemkin.com/post/nmigen-instance/
<whitequark> kivikakk: or not yet, anyway; I have a few PRs implementing this functionality across the board (from Amaranth to Yosys) but unfortunately chronic illness happened so they've been sitting there since 2021 or something
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