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<Guest7069> Hi everyone, I have a question about how the board platform of function elaborate() is specified when we use simulation instead of synthesis? I want to get the information of clock frequency for my module, it would be nice to be able to deal with it in simulation just like in synthesis
<whitequark> you can run Fragment.get(elaboratable, platform) to get something you can pass to Simulator and specify the platform directly
<whitequark> otherwise None is used
<Guest7069> I am not sure if i understand this. what i got is: Fragment.get(elaboratable, platform) return a elaborated object with a specified platform, this object is then pass to Simulator and the simulation clock should be specified as the platform's clock. Is this correct?
<whitequark> oh sorry, simulations with platforms are not currently supported; you'll have to pass some other object as platform and then set an attribute you're looking for on it, or use an isinstance check, or something like that
<Guest7069> ok, I got it now. Thank you
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<whitequark> hey everyone, I'm very busy moving, so there will be no meeting today
<jfng[m]> understood
<jfng[m]> good luck !
<Chips4MakersakaS> K, success!
<anuejn> okay :)
<robtaylor> <whitequark> "hey everyone, I'm very busy..." <- Good luck!
<whitequark> thanks!
<josuah> whitequark: \o/ final step
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<d1b2> <Nate> good luck!
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