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<mithro> somlo / tnt / geertu: Know anyone who might be able to help CarlFK?
<somlo> I don't have an arty, but on any board I've used one can simply program the bitstream into the board via openocd, and that counts as a (very "low level") reset, no physical btton push needed
<somlo> beyond that, I got nothing :)
<somlo> unless you mean you want the LEDs to respond to some sort of user action, not just start blinking upon reset or bitstream being programmed
<mithro> somlo: Well, CarlFK is trying to enable people to have remote access to Arty boards
<CarlFK> somlo: I'll add your public key to the host and you can give it a shot? what's your github name?
<somlo> in which case, I don't know -- have some fancier demo program that's ethernet enabled, up to and including running linux, and control it that way
<CarlFK> simple - I just want to confirm something works other than the power led
<CarlFK> fancy is the wrong direction
<CarlFK> although if you want to do all those things you said, that's fine too - we will find out if something works
<somlo> CarlFK -- I might still be misunderstanding here, but when the board is reset, the LEDs look a certain way; then, if you push a litex bitstream, they start blinking in a litex-specific way -- so you can tell the difference
<somlo> all that can be done w/o physically touching the board
<somlo> now, getting it physically reset so that it does the "factory default led thing" again might be tricky
<somlo> if you have a way to power-cycle it remotely, that would be one way to take care of that portion :)
<somlo> e.g., some sort of "managed" USB hub where you can turn off power to a port through some software API
<CarlFK> I do - PoE to the pi, Arty is hooked to Pi, so it all goes down
<somlo> so once the board is in factory default mode, openocd to send a bitstream to it will get it to do the litex led demo thing again
<somlo> rinse and repeat
<somlo> you can probably use an even simpler and smaller led blinky bitstream than LiteX, if you want to optimize for bitstream size :)
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<_franck_> CarlFK: which Arty do you have ? I can give you a blinker (or something else) for a Arty-A7 35T
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<CarlFK> _franck_: A7 - blinker is fine
<_florent_> tnt: if the Xilinx Platform Cable is FTDI based, it should work for JTAG Bone. I'm personnally mostly using JTAG HS2 cables
<tnt> _florent_: I don't think it is. It has a cpld inside IIRC.
<tnt> and a FX2 (it needs a firmware loaded)
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