_florent_ changed the topic of #litex to: LiteX FPGA SoC builder and Cores / Github : https://github.com/enjoy-digital, https://github.com/litex-hub / Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/litex
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<jevinskie[m]> _florent_: I seem to have found an issue (or misunderstanding) in the Verilog generation. https://gist.github.com/jevinskie/a896250dab9467d66ad9df0683dbddd0#file-deca_leds-py-L64-L71
<jevinskie[m]> If I use `request_all`, only user_led7 is wired up right: https://gist.github.com/jevinskie/a896250dab9467d66ad9df0683dbddd0#file-opt-request_all-v-L1502
<jevinskie[m]> If I use `request` in a loop, I get all wires hooked up as expected: https://gist.github.com/jevinskie/a896250dab9467d66ad9df0683dbddd0#file-opt_request_loop-v-L1471-L1478
<jevinskie[m]> Here is the yosys script to optimize the slice builders out and see what the direct wirings are. https://gist.github.com/jevinskie/a896250dab9467d66ad9df0683dbddd0#file-opt-tcl
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<_florent_> ilia__s: thanks, happy to have you prepare the link test yes.
<_florent_> ilia__s: on the Acorn, https://github.com/enjoy-digital/liteiclink/blob/master/bench/serdes/sqrl_acorn.py can probably be used
<_florent_> ilia__s: with just the right transceiver.
<_florent_> ilia__s: on the ECP5, this can be adapted from https://github.com/enjoy-digital/liteiclink/blob/master/bench/serdes/versa_ecp5.py
<_florent_> ilia__s: if you have a SFP loopback module or another board with SFP, I would also be interested that you had a look at testing this on the SFP connector. Last time I tried I had prbs errors when testing a loopback and would be interested to know if you reproduce this.
<_florent_> ilia__s: once we have the SFP loopback working, we'll also be able to test 1Gbps Ethernet on the Acorn with https://github.com/enjoy-digital/liteeth/blob/master/liteeth/phy/a7_1000basex.py
<_florent_> jevinskie[m]: I'll have a look. platform.request_all is used on targets for similar purpose, so there is probably something different in your code.
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<ilia__s> _florent_: ok, will do it
<_florent_> ilia__s: thanks!
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