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<CarlFK> _florent_: thanks. got that file. will get to it shortly.
<CarlFK> ValueError: CSRField "btn_ev" name is already used in CSR register
<CarlFK> time python -u ./make.py --platform=arty --target=net --cpu-type=mor1kx --iprange=192.168.100 \
<CarlFK> Compat: SoCSDRAM is deprecated since 2020-03-24 and will soon no longer work, please update. Switch to SoCCore/add_sdram/soc_core_args instead...........thanks :)
<CarlFK> is that this?t
<tpb> Title: debian Pastezone (at paste.debian.net)
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<_florent_> CarlFK: SoCSDRAM is now fully deprecated, so you'll won't even have the warning. I'm not sure it's worth using upstream LiteX with litex-buildenv if the project is not maintained.
<_florent_> CarlFK: I'm personnally maintaining LiteX-Boards and making sure other derivated projects are also maintained, but I can't say for litex-buildenv
<_florent_> The equivalent of what you are trying to do with LiteX-Boards would probably be: python3 -m litex_boards.targets.digilent_arty --cpu-type=mor1kx --with-ethernet --eth-ip= --build --load
<cr1901> Wow... there's 125 platforms in litex-boards now
<cr1901> That's... really cool.
<_florent_> cr1901: Applying minor changes to platforms/targets is now a good way to listen to podcasts since doesn't require too much concentration :)
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<cr1901> _florent_: I go through my "Watch Later" on YouTube while e.g. getting back down to inbox 0
<cr1901> But yea, I can definitely understand the multitasking :D
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