_florent_ changed the topic of #litex to: LiteX FPGA SoC builder and Cores / Github : https://github.com/enjoy-digital, https://github.com/litex-hub / Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/litex
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<cr1901> Well, LiteX is more about putting cores together and providing an integrated environment for SoCs... the HDL used in principle shouldn't matter (as long as all the components can be connected)
<cr1901> Anyways, LiteX will still be incredibly useful even if it moves away from Migen
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<_florent_> cr1901: The idea is still to allow Migen use (as it is possible with VHDL/Verilog, etc...), the limitations with Migen are not really technical (since can be worked around without too much difficulties and in LiteX (& cores) 75% of code is probably Python / 25% logic description through Migen) but having the control on the HDL generation can offer more flexibility, so that's why I'm exploring this.
<_florent_> cr1901: There are also some regular critisims about the fact that LiteX still uses Migen vs nMigen/Amaranth and I'm a bit bored about this so just want to explore a solution that will be the more convenient for my projects and allow me have full control of the HDL generation.
<_florent_> shorne: the kind of regression that is not easy to track... :( I hope it won't take too long to figure out. Do you think we should use a fixed sha1 for mor1kx in litex_setup until you figure it out? (https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/blob/master/litex_setup.py#L97)
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<cr1901> _florent_: Well, I'll just have to wait and see what you have in mind. I think a better question I want to ask is: How will the process of creating a new/out-of-tree LiteX design change with your new plan?
<cr1901> With the process of building the in-tree examples change at all, or will that process be user-invisible (i.e. the arguments to build a litex-board SoC won't change?)?
<_florent_> cr1901: The idea is to make it transparent to users (otherwise this should probably be a different project than LiteX) and I'm not expecting to change the SoC parameters (and if so for some also provide a compatiblity layer).
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<jevinskie[m]> By traceability do you mean something like source to source debug maps? That would be fantastic
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