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<angle> is still infected with js tracking too.
<midfavila> yeah theres that ad for like
<midfavila> karaoke software or something
<midfavila> lmao
<midfavila> i have to wonder why they went after specifically
<midfavila> speaking of ads, man, protonmail has gone down the shitter over the past year or so really fast
<midfavila> every time i log in i get hit with 3-4 "upgrade now" ads
<midfavila> alright there got my fork ported
<midfavila> binutils is still being finnicky but everything else is solid
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<Doomking> sewm: I actually did that using the kernel command line in the linux kernel along with efibootmgr copying vmlinuz to /boot/efi/bootx64.efi
<Doomking> but i'm going to try out sad_plan way with adding the boot entry via uefi menu
<Doomking> technically i could cp bzImage as well to bootx64.efi as both are the same thing but just different name
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<sewn> Doomking: efibootmgr doesn't copy anything for you
<sewn> it simply creates an EFI entry
<sewn> if your kernel is already at a bootloaders location ($esp/efi/bootx64.efi) no entry is needed and the bios will boot it automatically
<angle> midfavila: I say this because I care about you.
<angle> leave proton asap.
<angle> unless you wanna deal with years of your personal emails being locked up behind protonmail bridge when you start using an epic email client.
<sewn> angle: what's wrong with proton?
<sewn> I want a company handling my emails for years to come, and a company I know can't go down
<sewn> self-hosting or vps was cool but uptime + I'm not living in my house forever + maintenance
<angle> even google or yahoo is more open than proton is with accessing your emails from something other than webmail or a trash android client.
<angle> you can pick a nice, stable provider that gives you privacy.
<sewn> so I should go back to google?!
<angle> no, I just mean proton is uniquely evil.
<angle> I have all my old gmail emails from when I was a kid easily accessible through my email client and my own filesystem.
<angle> proton and tutanova lock you out.
<angle> use fastmail or migadu or purelymail or whoever else if you wanna support the little guy that doesn't spy on you.
<sewn> I dont feel like paying a lot of money per month just to have emails
<angle> but proton is a massive company that spies on you too but also buts up a really weird technical wall between you and your data.
<angle> sewn: then don't pay and use disroot like you already do. use fastmail's free plan or purelymail's $10/year plan.
<sewn> I can't really trust disroot with my government and banking can i
<angle> no, but you can't even with proton either.
<angle> any company can go under.
<angle> so use your own domain if you really wanna keep things safe.
<sewn> aaaggghhhh
<sewn> angle: proton is funded by a corporation while disroot is funded by the community
<angle> another privacy focused email company that got bought out and is sunsetting its email services.
<angle> the only guaranteed safe option is to use your own domain for your email.
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<angle> so you can switch providers without losing the email you have.
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<angle> someone from my local pc store emailed me recently, so I ran `dig MX <domain.tld>` on them.
<angle> and their server wasn't gmail or outlook or something evil! it was their own server they were running! I got so excited and was thinking they were running opensmtpd or something.
<angle> ...till I checked their site and saw they were runnig this:
<angle> a godless, proprietary email server program run by a blackberry subsidiary.
<angle> but it was still cool to see a pre-gmail relic of proprietary windows email programs out in the wild.
<angle> kinda unrelated, but it's cool to share.
<angle> anyways, aerc email program was the thing that pilled me against proton, so check that out if you wanna see how cool email can really be.
<sewn> angle: I dont really need SMTP for proton tnh
<sewn> its only because I dont use proton for many things, only personal accoumts
<sad_plan> angle midfavila phoebos ok, I belive you, but then do i still get pointed to dylans site? faulty dns records?
<sad_plan> s/then/then why/
<phoebos> do you mean why does the content look the same? or are you redirected to
<phoebos> there's no CNAME record
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<Doomking> sewn: so i just need to copy bzImage over to $esp/efi/bootx64.efi and it should automatically boot? i guess i never tried that, i ran the efibootmgr command and assumed that was what allowed me to boot in
<sewn> Doomking: make sure you have the integrated cmdline
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<Doomking> are you referring to the kernel cmdline right?
<sewn> he
<sewn> yea
<Doomking> oh okay, i was worry it was something else then i wouldn't know
<Doomking> sounds good
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<sad_plan> phoebos: i end up at dylans site, not the ad site. theres no redirection that I can see
<phoebos> but what do you mean by dylan's site?
<phoebos> dylan's site is
<sad_plan> i get, but the content is dylans
<phoebos> yes, it looks similar, but notice there is javascript and a section advertising a "vocal remover" tool lol
<sad_plan> i noticed the js and cloudflare. didnt see the ad in a hurry. but ok, so things are still the same.
<sewn> sad_plan: can you really trust it if it has an ad in it?
<sad_plan> i didnt say that. use the official instead. more trustworthy. also no JS is best JS
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<midfavila> angle: im just going to migrate my personal stuff to SDF
<midfavila> the cornerstore under my apartment has a crypto-ATM so im just gonna send some cash to membership and get ARPA status and then switch everything over
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