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<midfavila> fuck
<midfavila> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<midfavila> i shouldnt have bought the reform
<midfavila> now i want like
<midfavila> other things that arent completely dogshit
<midfavila> fuck
<midfavila> there
<midfavila> new pants new socks new shirts new undergarments and a uconsole
<midfavila> i have consoomed sufficiently
<sewn> midfavila:
<angle> got has less perl but a more cringe license.
<sad_plan> whats wrong with isc angle ?
<angle> luke smith is very cringe, but this is one of the few things he's cool about.
<angle> git is one of those few gpl products so big even corpos have to adopt it.
<sad_plan> ok, so luke rants about freedom being important, yet when minix dev chose to license minix under mit, so that is has maximum freedom, its all of a sudden wrong. i disagree with this. i get his point about gpl forcing it to remain open source, but what he doesnt take into consideration is that if minix was licenced under gpl, intel would just use something else. they got the funds to do so,
<sad_plan> they just didnt have to.
<angle> "If they wouldn't want to do that, they'd have to just write an operating system themselves. Tanenbaum is right, they obviously could've taken the time and money to write an OS themselves if they had to, but they didn't have to, because a BSD license cuck wrote it for them. Thanks a lot, sucker!"
<angle> luke does go over it.
<angle> mit, bsd et al are lame in a world where you've got capital incentive to keep things closed source.
<angle> they just give you the freedom to screw over users, that's it.
<sad_plan> my point still stands. minix dev wanted freedom, so he exerciced his freedom and made it MIT licenced. this is just a result of that. I see no harm here. intel wouldve made ime regardless.
<angle> it's sooo much harm.
<angle> what are you saying.
<angle> Intel ME is evilll
<sad_plan> and thats their freedom to do so. if we robbed them of using our code to violate us, theyve just wrote their own code
<angle> great satan of NSA monitoring.
<sad_plan> lol, sure ime is evil, but my point is, with or withour minix, ime would still exist
<angle> sure, I guess that you could say that Intel would've written their own if it was GPL'd.
<sad_plan> the situation wouldve been the same
<angle> but it was tanenbaum that wrote the code that monitors all of us now.
<angle> it was the nuremburg guys that said "if I didn't do it, someone else would've"
<sad_plan> no, he wrote the baseline for that code. minix isnt spyware
<angle> sorry for the dramatic rhetoric.
<angle> this is only really half serious.
<angle> but usually you wanna make something good with code, not the eye of sauron.
<angle> if he had gpl'd it, he wouldn't have been responsible.
<angle> because he didn't he _is_ responsible in some way for his own code.
<sad_plan> how is he responsible for what intel did? the licence even states he isnt responsible
<angle> legally sure.
<sad_plan> he has no morall obligations of feeling guilty about ime. as I said, intel wouldve just made it anyway.
<angle> it would've taken them more time and resources to spy on people if he had just gpl'd it.
<sad_plan> is it unfortunate that they used his project? perhaps. but he made that choice, and gave others the freedom to use his code for w/e they like.
<sad_plan> sure
<angle> if he had just gpl'd it (a license around right at the same time with the start of linux), he would've guaranteed that his own code would not be used for proprietary evil.
<angle> a lot of inventors don't get the same luck.
<angle> Nobel invented dynamite to help with mining.
<angle> he could not control people using it in war.
<angle> Curie helped develop a ton of ideas that led to the nuke. She had no control over that.
<angle> but we get a teeny bit of power to make our weird libraries or hobbyist operating systems to not be used for spyware or awful paid services.
<angle> at no detriment to any other hacker around too.
<sad_plan> look up tesla, and tell me he did it all wrong, because he didnt close it all up. there are numerous people who invented or discovered something good for humaity, and decided not to close it down, so we could all benefit. and not just the creator
<angle> I don't think your point lands.
<angle> cause the GPL means that you're _not_ allowed to close it down.
<angle> that it can spread to everyone for the sake of "progress"
<angle> if you prefer an article by a less far-right guy, read drew's blog post if you want:
<angle> that's all I have to say on the topic though.
<sad_plan> my point is, if everyone kept theyr inventions closed off, they would probably be richer, but we wouldve came out worse because of it. iirc penicilin is also one of those things that benefited us all to not been closed off
<sad_plan> > It is a common misunderstanding to construe copyleft licenses as more “restrictive” or “less free” than permissive licenses.
<sad_plan> but this is true. it restrict users freedom to make it proprietary
<sad_plan> which was what I wanted to point out.
<sewn> sad_plan: are you trying to say that it is the project author's choice to ensure the software can be used however way the consumer wants? eg. make it propietary?
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<sad_plan> yes. you choose the licence when you publish it, so its up to you how you licence it. be it propriterary, mit or gpl.
<sad_plan> or w/e else licence you conjure up
<sewn> right.
<sewn> why would people want their code to be stolen from them?
<sad_plan> do you make all your code proprietary? im guessing no. but surely, no one wants their things stolen. but is it stealing really?
<sad_plan> does he not still have his code?
<sad_plan> if so, surely its not stolen, is it?
<sewn> sad_plan: its not literal
<sewn> imagine due to your project's license, a company goes ahead, forks your work, and then makes money off of it, not sending any money or contributions, or even gratitude back to you.
<sewn> have you not read the article angle sent?
<sad_plan> then thats on me for giving it away for free.
<sad_plan> i have read it
<sewn> i see
<sewn> interesting point of view
<sad_plan> if I gave you a lottery ticket free of charge, and you won $1M, do I have the right to be mad at you?
<sewn> no but i need to split it with you
<sewn> you were the one that gave me the oppurtunity to win $1M
<sad_plan> no you dont, you won the money, not me. you might feel obligated to share it with me, but im in no way entitled to any of it
<sewn> dont care you still deserve my gratitude
<sad_plan> thats besides the point
<sewn> if you want your code to be used by corporations and then make money off of YOUR work, then feel free to do so
<sad_plan> I do. all my current code is licenced under MIT. do as you wish with it. I code because I enjoy it, not because I wanna make money off of it. atleast not atm. if I wanna protect it, I would choose another license
<sewn> ya
<sad_plan> now I would ofc like for people publicly using my code to credit me for my work. im not going to deny that. everyone wants that
<midfavila> sad_plan the problem with open source licenses vs free software licenses is that open source licenses only guarantee the freedom of the individual
<midfavila> at the expense of the collective
<midfavila> conversely free software guarantees the freedom of the collective at the expense of the individual
<midfavila> in a sense the witholding of distribution and modification rights to the end user is a form of oppression
<midfavila> anyway re: tanenbaum being guilty for the ME, that depends on whether not stopping someone from doing something shitty is the same as helping someone do something shitty
<midfavila> unless youre a psychopath its pretty easy to argue that the ME is shitty
<midfavila> given minix plays a central role in its operation and there were no protections in place to prevent minix from being used to do something shitty, the creator is responsible indirectly for the end result
<midfavila> if i write GPS drivers and release them under the MIT license and they end up being used by the americans and israelis to bomb small brown children in hospitals, im indirectly responsible in some small way for that end result
<midfavila> i dont think that means you should do the whole "muh ethical source" bullshit because thats just flipping the dynamic and creating another oppressive hierarchy where you can have your legal right to use something revoked merely because of some trendy shit
<midfavila> but its important to recognize that technology is inherently political and that software licensing isnt just silly obscure nerd shit
<midfavila> not to be that guy but sometimes you have to be that guy
<midfavila> also im pretty sure nobel was a weapons dealer
<midfavila> like he was known as the angel of death and when his obituary was released prematurely people celebrated
<midfavila> ultimately this all comes down to the collective versus the individual
<sad_plan> Im not sure I agree with the indirect responsibilty thing. if a car manufacturer could in any possible shape or form be held responsible for other people stupidity and reclessness, there would be no cars. period. it just wouldnt be worth the risk. so no
<midfavila> tesla is absolutely responsible for their cars going out of control
<midfavila> ford is absolutely responsible for their early vehicles using non-safety glass in windshields which tore people to shreds in a crash
<sad_plan> tesla is a different matter alltogether, because their cars is so massivly more sophisticated than what I was refering to as a car. but sure
<sad_plan> perhaps ford to
<midfavila> if a manufacturer fucks up a part that gets used in an airplane and that airplane crashes because the part failed, that manufacturer is responsible
<sad_plan> thats because its their fault. im talking about reclessness
<midfavila> im usually someone whos more of a consequentialist so i dont care what your intent was per se
<midfavila> i would argue its reckless to create dangerous conditions
<midfavila> when an alternative exists
<sad_plan> if I make a knife, and you kill your neighbour with it, im not responsible for that, in any shape or form
<midfavila> if you make a knife and you dont do due diligence and you sell that knife to someone knowing theyre likely going to use it to commit a crime, yes, actually, you are
<midfavila> you directly enabled a criminal act that resulted in material harm to another person
<sad_plan> however, if I make a faulty product, and you hurt yourself because of it, or someone dies, thens ure, maybe thats more on me
<midfavila> like you cant wash your hands of something the second its not directly you committing the act
<midfavila> unless youre some kind of hyper libertarian egoist in which case i just have an a priori objection to your worldview
<midfavila> to be clear you arent solely or even primarily responsible for the consequences
<midfavila> i dont think thats a productive worldview either
<sad_plan> my worldview has nothing to do with this :p
<sad_plan> right.
<sad_plan> I get that if I hand someone a knife that is likely to stab someone, sure thats my fault, atleast partially
<midfavila> im not going to go around and scream at someone for shopping at walmart's clothing section for contributing majorly to climate change even though fashion is one of the largest contributing industries because there are material circumstances that may compel that person to act in that way, and even then, theyre only minorly guilty. so minorly they basically arent
<sad_plan> but if I make knives at a factory, I cant be held responsible for what some dude does with it. I had no say in who gets a knife or not
<midfavila> but im absolutely going to bitch at the companies that perpetuate the systems that cause climate change even if they dont directly contribute to it
<sad_plan> that I could agree with
<sad_plan> also, vote with your wallet.
<midfavila> lmao no
<midfavila> vote with your actions
<sad_plan> if you dont like how a business operates, dont shop there
<midfavila> your wallet doesnt mean shit
<midfavila> like you are literally a gnat in the eyes of wall street
<midfavila> and everything is owned by the same five megacorps anyway
<midfavila> you dont have options unless you shop local products
<sad_plan> you missed my point. a shop will go bankrupt without customers, or lose sales. but sure, its a drop in the ocean if youre the only one in 1M
<midfavila> yes and so unless you reach critical mass literally nothing will happen
<midfavila> again
<midfavila> unless youre just looking at this from a matter of being not guilty
<midfavila> and therefore from an egoistic perspective
<midfavila> you arent actually achieving anything
<midfavila> if you want to prevent a company or entity from harming, say, the environment, not shopping there wont do shit
<midfavila> you have to attack the root of the problem
<midfavila> not by consooming or by vooting but by going out there and actually doing shit
<midfavila> showing up at city hall, writing to your representatives, protesting, etc
<sad_plan> hm, this reminds me of a few discusions ive had about vegans. they use some of the same arguemtns. *I dont like how the meat industry works, thus me no buy meat. also saves the world*. which is total bs
<midfavila> like im not going to divest from ford or whatever because i want to have fewer cars in my city because thats not going to do anything
<midfavila> yeah vegans are retards
<midfavila> they ignore the root cause
<midfavila> again its about individualism vs collectivism and egoism vs consequentialism
<midfavila> if you dont eat meat because you want to feel like youre doing your part youre a piece of shit
<midfavila> theres nothing wrong with eating meat. its how that meat is produced and the cumulative consequences of its production that matter
<midfavila> real, objective, measurable, material conditions
<sad_plan> but if you do eat meat, arent you contributing to the problem?
<midfavila> not abstract bullshit
<midfavila> sad_plan what if someone needs to eat meat?
<sad_plan> sure, but that was besides the point. take wallmart for example. say walmart is evil. but you still shop at walmart. you are then contributing to the problem
<midfavila> and even if you are one of those hippie dippie types who lives off of the morning dew rolling off of grape leaves, you still contribute to the problem
<sad_plan> which was my point
<midfavila> yes i get that
<midfavila> your logic is sound
<midfavila> fundamentally you are contributing
<midfavila> but material conditions compel you to
<sad_plan> exacly
<midfavila> theres no way to not
<sad_plan> but if you stop shopping at wallmart, now you dont, and youre one step ahead of the rest. even if this change is miniscule
<midfavila> in that case your guilt is minimal and can be easily absolved so long as you make moral choices when possible
<midfavila> for example
<midfavila> if you need to eat meat
<midfavila> which contrary to vegans' opinions you do
<midfavila> you should probably buy local produce from a small farmer
<midfavila> because they often treat their animals better and you arent contributing as much in the form of transport
<midfavila> not to mention supporting your local industries is just the moral thing to do imho
<sad_plan> that I can agree with. supoprt local businesses and shops
<midfavila> of course when it comes to businesses worker cooperatives are much much much better than private ownership
<midfavila> and when there is private ownership consumer cooperatives are even then still much better
<midfavila> im lucky to have a not-for-profit consumer cooperative grocer in my cityt
<midfavila> city*
<midfavila> i can go get a weeks worth of organic local produce for like ten bucks
<midfavila> its sick
<sad_plan> we have little to none over here. its almost only big corperate shops here.
<midfavila> rip
<midfavila> my new city (saskatoon) is pretty much built on small business
<midfavila> there are a few corporate big boxes but like
<midfavila> nobody shops there
<sad_plan> so everyone goes out of town to shop?
<midfavila> no
<midfavila> the town is just full of local businesses
<sad_plan> oh, I misread
<midfavila> that non-profit grocery store i mentioned is like 1.5km from my apartment
<sad_plan> I skipped a line
<midfavila> its right next to a general store and refillery
<midfavila> and a butcher-baker
<sad_plan> thats within walking distance really
<midfavila> so every sunday i go up and grab all my stuff
<midfavila> and its super comfy
<midfavila> and i save a shitload of money too
<sad_plan> everybody wins. except big corps
<midfavila> like i can usually get a months worth of good quality food now for under 150$
<sad_plan> which is still a win
<sad_plan> thats insane compared to what we use
<midfavila> thats multiple kgs of pork, chicken, some fresh produce, some frozen produce, all my household chemicals, etc etc
<midfavila> yeah i spent a lot of time thinking about what city to move to
<midfavila> saskatoon is probably one of the least awful places in canada right now
<midfavila> saskatchewan is one of the most agriculturally important places in the world food-wise
<midfavila> so everything is super cheap here
<midfavila> like the food you eat probably came in part from saskatchewan
<midfavila> we out-produce india when it comes to like, lentils and shit
<midfavila> kind of a big deal
<midfavila> most uranium comes from sask etc
<midfavila> but anyway point is theres a shitload of land and a shitload of people growing stuff on that land
<midfavila> and because theres so much land and it gets so cold here in the winter nobody wants to live here because they suck
<midfavila> so housing is really cheap comparatively speaking too
<midfavila> you can get a little bungalow on the outskirts of town for 20k
<midfavila> a condo in downtown for 40-60k
<midfavila> i pay 600 all in for my apartment and im so downtown my downstairs neighbor is a general store
<midfavila> and because there are so many small businesses in almost every industry you almost get to choose your employer so they cant treat you like complete ass
<midfavila> when i applied for my current job i asked for sixteen bucks an hour and my boss kind of laughed at me and said he'd give me 17.5 to start
<midfavila> ive been here maybe four months and now hes talking about a raise
<midfavila> ive never even gotten a raise before
<midfavila> not to mention saskatchewan has a strong history of socialism so theres a lot of government operated programs and government owned companies that mog the everloving shit out of the private sector
<midfavila> like,
<midfavila> even if you dont have a job, right
<midfavila> you can still afford to pay rent buy food and have a little left over if you need to go on assistance
<midfavila> thats *wild*
<midfavila> in nb if you lose your job for any reason ever you just kind of die
<midfavila> also sask has some of the lowest taxes in canada?
<riteo> nice
<midfavila> its wild
<riteo> I'm really happy you managed to get back on track
<midfavila> saskatchewan is like, almost a developed part of the world
<riteo> and with style if I might say so
<midfavila> and with the ndp twisting the arm of our PM we're going to have public dental too
<midfavila> theres even a public pharmacare program thats started to roll out
<midfavila> so like, if youre diabetic, you dont have to put 40% of every paycheque towards insulin and shit
<midfavila> you just use your health card now
<midfavila> contraceptives are public too
<midfavila> no more 30$ for a morning-after pill or 10$ for a pack of condoms or w/e
<midfavila> its wild
<sad_plan> sounds like you really made the right choice of city to move to
<riteo> indeed
<midfavila> like i said, i spent a lot of time deliberating :p
<midfavila> the only problem is that SK is insanely conservative on the whole
<midfavila> like conversion therapy was only just outlawed a few months ago and that was like
<midfavila> a big hurrah moment
<midfavila> "wow we're so progressive for not preventing people from torturing the gays!!!"
<midfavila> smdh
<midfavila> s/not//
<midfavila> but *on the whole* its mostly pretty good
<midfavila> i mean the cops suck here but theyre also cops so like
<midfavila> cant expect too much
<riteo> oof, well, yeah, you can't ask for perfection
<midfavila> i was riding my bike on the sidewalk the other day at like 5km/hr, walking speed
<riteo> it still sounds like a way better life for the majority of people than other countries
<midfavila> literally nobody in either direction for 100m
<riteo> so that's a win still in my book
<midfavila> cop screams at me from the other side of the street that i need to walk on the sidewalk and that its THE LAW, *as im getting off*
<midfavila> but yeah its a win
<midfavila> im just butthurt about a few things
<sad_plan> I agree with riteo. I was also under the impression that your last city sucked terribly, so im happy for you that you figured it all out
<midfavila> fredericton is really bad
<midfavila> its not even fair to compare fredericton to saskatoon
<sad_plan> cops can be real dicks at times
<midfavila> the institution of policing in canada is a problem
<sad_plan> but atleast they didnt just toss you in jail though :p
<midfavila> they cant lmao
<midfavila> its just a local bylaw
<sad_plan> is it better or worse than the us? :p
<midfavila> but with how the cop acted youd think it was handed down from yhwh by moses
<midfavila> sad_plan well our cops dont execute brown people on streetcorners every day
<midfavila> so like
<sad_plan> im under the impression that in the US, it varies drastically from city to city and state to state
<midfavila> slightly better?
<midfavila> i guess?
<sad_plan> thats a win atleast
<midfavila> like you *probably* wont get shot for wearing a hoodie
<midfavila> *probably*
<sad_plan> here cops dont have guns, so cops wont shoot you at all
<midfavila> uk?
<sad_plan> uk cops have guns
<midfavila> do they? i thought regular patrol officers only had their baton
<sad_plan> in london they do atleast, but no, i dont live in uk. I live in norway
<midfavila> omg wow another copenhagen country :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
<midfavila> so wise
<sad_plan> copenhagen is denmark. wdym
<midfavila> i know, im just being stupid :p
<sad_plan> but I belive danish cops dont have guns either. swedish cops now do, and has done for some years now iirc. I do belive not all of them do though
<midfavila> svedeen
<midfavila> meanwhile in NA they can shoot you with impunity lmao
<midfavila> gotta love it
<sad_plan> nah, I was wrong, denmark has armed cops. but uk does not, according to wikipedia
<sad_plan> ireland also has no guns, same with iceland
<midfavila> nooooo i thought denmark was supposed to be based >:CCCCCCCC
<sad_plan> theyre among the happiest population on the planet though
<midfavila> you wouldnt know it talking to some of my danish friends lmao
<midfavila> its so funny
<midfavila> they talk about like, these minor inconveniences
<midfavila> and meanwhile in NA it feels like youre in mad max every time you go out of your apartment
<midfavila> dodging bullets and SUVs and shit
<sad_plan> I know. it feels so wierd when I talk to people in NA in general, and hear how terrible things is, and im here like, is this even a thing?
<sad_plan> its like we live on a completely different planet sometimes
<midfavila> working 80hrs a week no breaks just to make ends meet
<midfavila> its wild
<midfavila> i was talking to a friend of mine in bulgaria and he said that in most countries in the EU you get a fifteen-minute sitting break every hour or something in most industries
<sad_plan> i think I work on avarage less than 35hrs a week, and I still have a really good pay. my work is also really relaxed
<midfavila> and everyone gets like 20 days of pto per year minimum
<sad_plan> here its 5 weeks
<midfavila> meanwhile in NA you can be forced to work 24hr straight no breaks by yourself and youre lucky if you even get regular time off let alone paid
<sad_plan> or atleast 4. my workplace has 4 iirc
<sad_plan> im glad I dont live in NA tbh
<midfavila> and then you still have to take out a loan to pay for your shitty little cockroach-infested shoebox
<midfavila> i would love to move to europe but unfortunately im an autist
<midfavila> and generally that kind of preemptively disqualifies you from moving to other countries :^))))))))))))))))
<midfavila> gotta love that
<midfavila> i also dont have a masters or a shitload of money
<midfavila> my current job is pretty good though
<midfavila> i make... not good money, but enough to live somewhat comfortably, and its also pretty relaxed
<midfavila> ngl most days i just sit here and watch the news and drink coffee for eight hours
<midfavila> maybe answer 2-3 phone calls
<midfavila> boss buys lunch for everyone most fridays
<midfavila> no benefits though
<midfavila> and no PTO
<midfavila> but at least i get unlimited regular time off
<midfavila> my last job would make you come in even if you had a broken leg or something
<midfavila> xwx
<midfavila> and you *still* had to stand for your full eight hour shift
<midfavila> "you dont understand mid we cant give bob time off if we gave everyone time off when they were sick or injured the company wouldnt be able to operate"
<midfavila> direct quote from corporate
<midfavila> i hear germany has special immigration requirements for IT professionals tho
<midfavila> maybe thats an option
<midfavila> i think theyll give you a blue card as long as you have a certain amount of work experience
<midfavila> i already know a little french, between that, english, and german i should be able to work in most parts of the EU
<sad_plan> how does being autistic even matter? I dont get it. if I broke my leg, I would get paid time of for, 6 weeks or something? untill the cast is off.
<sad_plan> if a workplace cant operate when people break their legs, they dont even deserve do run at all if you ask me..
<sad_plan> if you know frensh. alot of africa is also open, due to a lot of african countries speak french nativly
<midfavila> sad_plan it shouldnt
<midfavila> lots of people stereotype everyone with autism as low-functioning
<midfavila> not that low-functioning autistic people should be barred, either, but when immigration is often seen as a way to poach the best and brightest citizens of other nations...
<midfavila> you see the issue
<midfavila> even something as comparatively minor as ADHD can get you disqualified on medical grounds
<sad_plan> strange. it all depends on the degree. some might be fully functioning, while others would be complete non-functioning in most enviroonment
<sad_plan> even adhd too? wtf
<midfavila> if youre going to run immigration programs as they are then thats the least awful way to place values on people
<midfavila> unfortunately that requires you treat people like people and not like numbers
<midfavila> which isnt economically efficient
<midfavila> re: africa im also pale as fuck
<midfavila> so i dont know how well that would work
<sad_plan> immigration isnt suppose to be economical
<midfavila> i have a friend in SA and hes not even white hes just an albino
<midfavila> and he cant like
<midfavila> get a job
<midfavila> or go to school
<midfavila> or anything
<sad_plan> south africa then. lots of white people with strange dialects
<midfavila> hes like thirty and he still has to live with his parents because nobody will give him the time of day
<midfavila> idk if thats just his part of SA but
<midfavila> ehhhhhhh
<sad_plan> so they discriminate him because his albino?
<midfavila> because hes pale yeah
<sad_plan> not supprised, but still awefull
<midfavila> like if you look at him hes absolutely african
<midfavila> but hes pale
<midfavila> so hes a hwhite crackah
<midfavila> or something ig
<midfavila> its almost funny because the rest of his family is like, super dark
<midfavila> but anyway yeah i also dont know if africa would have better QoL than canada
<midfavila> possible i suppose but idk
<sad_plan> it would probably be worse, as most african countries are rather poor tbh
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<sad_plan> europe is likely better. atleast northern europe
<midfavila> maybe i'll move to italy
<midfavila> riteo im going to sleep under your bed
<midfavila> theres nothing you can do to stop me
<midfavila> im en route to your location as we speak
<sad_plan> great plan mid
<midfavila> i'll scavenge for pizza crumbs and spilled coffee at night
<midfavila> before scurrying back to my hiding place before morning
<midfavila> i actually got a deal on some coffee imported from italy recently
<midfavila> good shit
<sad_plan> i dont even like coffee
<midfavila> im north american sad_plan
<midfavila> im 50% corn syrup 50% coffee 50% stress
<midfavila> theres a lot of bad coffee though
<midfavila> especially here
<midfavila> i prefer a medium or a light roast from a french press or moka pot
<sad_plan> I dont really relate to all of this stress. I consider myself a pretty calm person, whos never late, even when i am late
<midfavila> unfortunately its a symptom of the dysfunction that is north america
<midfavila> you have to grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind
<sad_plan> I get that
<midfavila> stop for even a second for any reason and someone else will outcompete you and youll lose your job and now you cant pay for rent or medicine or food or anything
<midfavila> and then you just die
<midfavila> xwx
<sad_plan> I wouldve never been able to hold a job there, cause im too lazy, and I would argue about anything, so I would probably get fired on day 1 or something
<midfavila> yes probably
* sad_plan shrugs
<midfavila> i kinda wish the commonwealth was more like the EU
<midfavila> like why the fuck is my government still accountable to the british monarchy yet i cant even
<sewn> grind :3
<midfavila> go to the UK
<midfavila> like what the fuck
<midfavila> let me go to buckingham palace and harass the royal guards
<midfavila> that or restructure the government so we arent dependent on the crown
<midfavila> total bullshit
<midfavila> should be like, a tribune of the plebs sorta thing made up of citizens that are randomly selected from across the country with weights given to ensure that each province and territory has a voice
<midfavila> or, well, region
<midfavila> and no laws should be able to be passed without majority support from them
<midfavila> make terms short, like 1-3 years
<midfavila> cant apply, have to be randomly selected, like jury duty
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<riteo> midfavila: great, I'll put my pizza boxes under my bed then
<riteo> you're more than welcome :3
<midfavila> i will soon transition from north american mid to southern italian mid
<midfavila> change my last name to lombardi
<midfavila> be completely indistuingishable
<midfavila> then again i was told a while ago that favilla is apparently latin/italian for something along the lines of "ember" so maybe thats good enough
* midfavila shrugs
<riteo> yeah it will do