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<sewn> i wish i could go to a convention
<fultilt> I did, a month or so ago, SCaLE in Pasadena. But I just spent an afternoon in the exhibit hall, didn't go to any talks. I meant to fish around to see if anyone could give me a invite but forgot.
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<sewn> you should have spent that time wisely brah
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<angle> the closest one to me is a really weird sounding one in ohio.
<angle> not sure if I trust it...
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<macewentoo> are there guns and blackjack involved?
<sad_plan> macewentoo: no, both are illegal
<sad_plan> no hookers either
<sad_plan> and no coke
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<macewentoo> count me out then
<macewentoo> pretty sure ohio legalize those things, no?
<sad_plan> I have no clue. but im guessing coke is at the very least still not legal. neither is hookers :p
<macewentoo> i mean no drugs fine, but outlawing hookers is too much, a riot is required
<macewentoo> at least we will always have our future robot hookers
<sad_plan> by hookers, I mean prostitues. not strippers
<sad_plan> or is it some strange thing like you can sell, but no purchase?
<macewentoo> so onlyfans is allowed still
<sad_plan> my goverment did that years ago. you can sell, but no purchase. which is just silly if you ask me..
<sad_plan> I havent seen anyone outlawing onlyfans, so im guessing yes
<macewentoo> its almost as if the law is rigged
<sad_plan> right
<sad_plan> isnt it always?
<macewentoo> do you think Hammurabi broke his own laws
<macewentoo> The 282 edicts are all written in if-then form. For example, if a man steals an ox, then he must pay back 30 times its value. The edicts range from family law to professional contracts and administrative law, often outlining different standards of justice for the three classes of Babylonian society—the propertied class, freedmen and slaves.
<macewentoo> A doctor’s fee for curing a severe wound would be 10 silver shekels for a gentleman, five shekels for a freedman and two shekels for a slave. Penalties for malpractice followed the same scheme: a doctor who killed a rich patient would have his hands cut off, while only financial restitution was required if the victim was a slave.
<sad_plan> I cant help but feel like this is flawed. the slave obviously had less value here. which I dont agree with. Ive however not heard of this guy untill now. so I havent really had time researching this guy
<sad_plan> but im guessing, maybe he did. people are inherently flawed
<macewentoo> heres where i got the quotes, has a nice intro
<sad_plan> hypochritical was more the right word
<sad_plan> hm
<sad_plan> I was reading at wikipedia
<sad_plan> how did you stumble upon this guy anyway?
<macewentoo> its taught in most western classrooms
<macewentoo> part of basic world history for most
<sad_plan> I see
<sad_plan> I didnt have that in school when I went to school. maybe im too old, or its because I dont live in the west
<macewentoo> its flawed in our eyes
<macewentoo> but the law makes sense politically
<macewentoo> the rich hold power, they have wealth, are traders, make ur country rich
<macewentoo> you dont want to punish them
<macewentoo> you are destroying your base of support and power if you do
<macewentoo> the poor, on the other hand, are replaceable
<macewentoo> by punishing them harshly, you are also rewarding your rich supporters by saying, you get much better treatment from me than these poors
<sad_plan> sounds like yet another system which benefits only the rich, and make the poor more poor, while the rich gets richer.
<macewentoo> pretty much every society does it
<sad_plan> yep
<macewentoo> the funny part is that this isnt a human trait
<sad_plan> also systematically making some people less worthy, or have less value, is outrageous. but thats just how it was back in the day..
<macewentoo> its more of a law og nature
<macewentoo> strong always eats the weak
<macewentoo> humans should actually treat each other better than animals do
<macewentoo> but we haven't gotten there yet, one day maybe
<sad_plan> sure, but we are also animals none the less.
<macewentoo> right, for now we are far from ideal
<sad_plan> what even is ideal? whats ideal for someone, wouldnt be ideal for someone else
<macewentoo> not saying everyone needs to be equal, just treated fairly and nicely
<macewentoo> id say ideal is humanity plus nature
<macewentoo> follow the laws of nature mostly, but mix in some humanity
<macewentoo> whatevr that may be
<macewentoo> people should know when the ideal human appears, they will be willing to follow the ideal without regard for their own life
<macewentoo> unless you have that kind of natural devotion then we not there yet, excluding blind faith