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<illiliti> thank you all for kind words
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<testuser[m]1> Hi
<wael[m]> Hi
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<jhuntwork> hi
<virutalmachineus> hi
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<wael[m]> rust is coming to Linux 6.1
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<Ogromny> hi
<Ogromny> linux is becoming a shit hole
<wael[m]> frfr ong why tho
<Ogromny> praise the BSD lord
<Ogromny> wael[m]: linux requires rust
<testuser[m]1> doesn't
<wael[m]> i dont get what they mean by 'coming' like rust code or compiler to kernel
<wael[m]> > Rust language for new Linux inline code
<Ogromny> Linux will not require rust in the futur?
<ioraff> linux will have the option for new code to be written in rust
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<virutalmachineus> <Ogromny> "linux is becoming a shit hole" <- "It took a while to convince the top Linux kernel developers of this. There were concerns about non-standard Rust extensions being needed to get it to work in Linux. For instance, with the new Rust Linux NVMe driver, over 70 extensions needed to be made to Rust to get it working. But, Torvalds had told me in an earlier interview, "We've been using exceptions to standard C for decades.""
<virutalmachineus> lol
<virutalmachineus> We really need rust, how else are we going to have stable and secure code in the kernel?
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<testuser[m]1> Apparently, Rust's backwards compatibility is extremely good. Rust uses editions which allows you to run any code that was written for Rust 1.0 (from 2015) or later even on the latest compiler version. New editions (like 2018 and 2021) may introduce breaking changes, but you can just keep using previous editions. You can even use crates from 2015 in 2021 edition code without any problems. IMO that's ideal: Rust is not stuck with bad
<testuser[m]1> design decisions of the past but still maintains perfect backwards compatibility.
<noocsharp> so like c++
<testuser[m]1> Truly! A year or two ago no one probably thought this could ever be done in Rust. It's come a long way.
<Ogromny> So soon we will need rust to compile the kernel ?
<testuser[m]1> there seems to be a certain kind of person who has just been driven entirely insane by Rust's success, and veers into almost conspiratorial territory: the Rust is a cult, that the adaptation of Rust is dangerous to communities like Linux, that the idea of memory safety itself is some scheme to promote Rust adoption. What is going on here? Technology choices can often be contentious and unfortunately tribal, but I have never seen people
<testuser[m]1> get so, so bent out of shape about a new language.
<Ogromny> yeah that's right, idk for the others, but for me rust is just a big shit hole, it's fat, compile time is slow like cpp, the syntax is not bad tho, I hate the bottow checker, I hate the lifetime thing, I hate his macro system, I HATE A LOT his community, but yeah except for his community I don't see a real reason why
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<virutalmachineus> Don't worry guys rust will take care of guys real good, with rust innovative compiler we have nothing to worry about.
<virutalmachineus> Don't forget it's super secure, I did even say it's 100x more secure!
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