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<sad_plan> why does sometimes kiss fail to build something that I can build manually?
<sad_plan> I keep getting an error abot /lib/crt1.o has undefined reference to main in _start_c function..
<illiliti> which package?
<sad_plan> dropbear
<sad_plan> I can build it regularly, but when i try to build the multi binary, I get that error
<illiliti> post build file
<sad_plan> not building wit MULTI=1 works fine, but not when its enabled
<sad_plan> ive also tried to build it shared, but iirc its the same result
<illiliti> people seem to build it this way
<sad_plan> yeah, dropbear lets you select which programs you wish to include. the user can specify this like this: make PROGRAMS="foo bar"
<sad_plan> and if they want the multi binary, just include MULTI=1 at the end
<sad_plan> which will build a bin like busybox's
<sad_plan> which is what I wanted to do here :p
<illiliti> i see
<sad_plan> yeah. as I said, I can create the dropbearmulti bin by manually building it in the sourcetree, but kiss for some reason will error out on the above issue. which is strange
<illiliti> sounds like a bug
<sad_plan> somethings up for sure
<sad_plan> ive encountered the issue before, but ive never really been sure as to why its acting like that..
<sad_plan> testuser[m]1: any input on this?
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<sad_plan> hm. github requires openssh formated keys, but converting dropbear keys doesnt seem to be accepted by github-cli anyway. strange
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<testuser[m]1> hi
<testuser[m]1> sad_plan kiss isnt doing anything
<testuser[m]1> just run make again and see that error
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<testuser[m]1> Stop asking me for versions of OpenSSL that have security vulnerabilities in them! That would be any version of OpenSSL prior to the absolute latest build. This is a security product and yet people regularly ask me for a version with security vulnerabilities in it! Oh the irony. Please punch yourself in the face to knock some common sense into yourself. Thank you.
<testuser[m]1> let's rewrite kiss in
<testuser[m]1> illiliti: is there a posix wg-quick ?
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<testuser[m]1> [#] ip -4 route add dev wg0 table 51820
<testuser[m]1> ip: invalid argument '51820' to 'table'
<testuser[m]1> wtf is thiw
<illiliti> no idea if it still work
<testuser[m]1> works after enabling that kernel stuff
<testuser[m]1> but it needs iproute2 stuff
<testuser[m]1> busybox doesnt work
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<sad_plan> o/
<sad_plan> testuser[m]1: kiss will error out on it, I can still build it like I want manually. its just kiss that doesnt seem to wanna do it.
<testuser[m]1> you cant build it manually
<testuser[m]1> just re run make and it'll show the error
<sad_plan> itll error out on the same
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<testuser[m]1> bruh i mean re run make in your non-kiss build which seems to work
<sad_plan> but it works just fine when not using kiss. rerunning make will just return make: Nothing to be done for 'all'.
<testuser[m]1> make dropbear
<testuser[m]1> look
<testuser[m]1> wait
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<sad_plan> same error as im getting with kiss.
<sad_plan> or not fully, but partially
<sad_plan> i only get the one at the botom
<sad_plan> git would require scp to push/pull right? in that case, scp needs to be included
<sad_plan> so the correct call would then be; make PROGRAMS="dropbear dropbearkey dropbearconvert dbclient scp" MULTI=1
<testuser[m]1> wat
<testuser[m]1> why would git use scp
<sad_plan> to push/pull? but if it doesnt use it, its no matter :p
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<sad_plan> I got dropbear working with github though.
<sad_plan> signing however seems to error out on missing ssh-keygen for some reason
<testuser[m]1> sad_plan: what did u put in signingkey =
<testuser[m]1> I put the key signature instead of the file path and it kept creating junk in /tmp
<testuser[m]1> So that's probably why keygen is being called
<sad_plan> git config --global user.signingkey 'ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3(...)
<sad_plan> so yeah, the signature I suppose
<testuser[m]1> change it to file path
<testuser[m]1> = ~/.ssh/
<testuser[m]1> = ~/.ssh/bla
<testuser[m]1> Not pub
<sad_plan> I was just going to mentioned that I was going to try that
<sad_plan> dropbear doesnt generate anything but one key
<testuser[m]1> What
<sad_plan> dropbearkey generate just one key
<sad_plan> it doesnt generate a pair like openssh
<sad_plan> still complains about ssh-keygen
<testuser[m]1> Send gitconfig
<sad_plan> wait, gpg program should be ssh, whouldnt it?
<sad_plan> didnt matter
<sad_plan> any thoughts testuser[m]1 ?
<testuser[m]1> no
<testuser[m]1> what if u remove the gpg section
<testuser[m]1> Oh nvm
<testuser[m]1> U need it
<testuser[m]1> But just format = ssh
<testuser[m]1> program = gpg not required
<sad_plan> git still cals ssh-keygen though
<testuser[m]1> link ssh-keygen to true
<testuser[m]1> PATH=/tmp/junk:$PATH; echo | install -Dm 755 /dev/stdin /tmp/junk/ssh-keygen
<sad_plan> according to mcf, git call 'ssh-keygen -Y sign -m git' or something
<testuser[m]1> Then u have to install it
<sad_plan> dropbear doesnt have it though
<sad_plan> isnt openssh the only one that got ssh-keygen? or what other options do I got?
<sad_plan> I mean, I dont strictly need commit signing, but would be nice to have
<testuser[m]1> openssh isn't even that fat that u need to replace it lol
<sad_plan> well.. dropbear can be less than 1mb, and openssh is around 30. but sure, its not thaat big, but compared to dropbear, is rather big
<sad_plan> im mostly doing it because I find it abit fun to do. I would be fine with having openssh instead, but using dropbear is more fun imo
<testuser[m]1> Bruh it's 7mb
<testuser[m]1> openssl is 30mb
<virutalmachineus> nice
<sad_plan> kiss si will return openssh is 23mb on my system, and dropbear is 1mb
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