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<sad_plan> why does not escaping the space with sed work? should a simple sed 's/ /\\ /g' work? when I print it out, it looks fine, but for whatever reason, when mpv is trying to play it, itll complain about the same as before. seperating the words..
<sad_plan> s/should/shoudnt/
<phoebos> there are other things that should be escaped, did you try the sed I linked to
<phoebos> what's the filename giving an error
<sad_plan> all of them currently, but Ive not had any issues with it before really. never had to escape anything
<sad_plan> Learning\ Awk\ Is\ Essential\ For\ Linux\ Users\ [9YOZmI-zWok].mp4
<sad_plan> Ryzen\ 7000\ is\ NOT\ what\ I\ Expected!\ [c0hv8h2a4Tk].webm
<sad_plan> Why\ Pay\ $1000\ for\ a\ 25\ year\ old\ PC!\ [CTIpNtHWVtQ].webm
<sad_plan> their names is initially without the backwards slash though. ls just seems to escape them
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<ioraff> sad_plan: var="(find . -type f | awk -F '/' '{print $NF}' | dmenu)"; mpv "$var"
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<ioraff> s/(/$(/
<sad_plan> yeah, I just figured that out. mid gave me the idea :p
<sad_plan> and it worked
* midfavila dabs
<midfavila> helpgang represent
<sad_plan> always great to have someone to ask for help when your stuck at some bs problem :p
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<midfavila> woot
<midfavila> networking and graphics are both working in the new system
<sad_plan> great. so now youre up and running all built with tcc? except the kernel though
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<midfavil1> everything coming through okay?
<midfavil1> connecting via SDF on the new system, haven't set up an IRC client locally yet
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<sad_plan> that depends on what messages you sent between you mentioning graphics and network is up and running, and you setting up sdf :p
<sad_plan> fucking hell. why does kiss bork up my alternatives? if I switch all alternatives to toybox, suddenly alot of them suddenly isnt owned
<sad_plan> ive had issues with that earlier too, but it seems to be most previlent when doing everyone at once
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<virutalmachineus> <sad_plan> "great. so now youre up and..." <- when is the tcc kernel patch coming?
<virutalmachineus> can i use tcc to run every program as a script without compiling?
<testuser[m]12> Bruh
<testuser[m]12> Hi
<virutalmachineus> oh even needs compile programs when i can run c scripts
<testuser[m]12> "Script" is literally $CC file.c -o /tmp/; /tmp/
<virutalmachineus> i'm joking......
<wael[m]> tcc -run
<virutalmachineus> it's time to give up graphics and embrace the tty
<wael[m]> tell us how it goes
<virutalmachineus> graphics is bit overkill
<virutalmachineus> next up i'll be living in a uefi shell.
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<testuser[m]12> illiliti: lol the bug is still there cuz we explicitly set rpath in firefox build so running ldd will fetch from /usr/lib/firefox even with system nss
<testuser[m]12> this time it's not a kiss bug tho
<testuser[m]12> I'll just remove that flag
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<testuser[m]12> o shit apparently its required on musl
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<testuser[m]12> I think we can safely set rpath to $ORIGIN
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<midfavila> do any of you know of a vi clone that's akin to this in spirit?
<midfavila> i need to package an emacs and a vi or people will yell at me
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<testuser[m]12> bruh
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<midfavila1> okay cool, got an IRC client running natively now
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<wael[m]> midfavila: have you looked at nextvi?
<midfavila> it's far too large
<midfavila> almost an order of magnitude larger than zep
<wael[m]> i mean, emacs based or vi based editors
<midfavila> i don't understand your question in this context
<midfavila> i have an emacs: zep
<midfavila> i'd like a vi that has a similar spirit: bare minimum implementation of vi, instead of bare minimum of emacs
<midfavila> oh, wait, might have just found one
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<wael[m]> i just want an editor that has visual block and syntax highlighting
<midfavila> then use vim or gnu emacs
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<wael[m]> i would say vis
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<illiliti> testuser[m]12: you can make a symlink to nss at /usr/lib/firefox/gmp-clearkey/0.1/
<testuser[m]12> Yeah but the point is to fix it globally instead of ad hoc solution per package
<testuser[m]12> Not that anything other than firefox relies on rpath
<testuser[m]12> But still
<illiliti> this mess only proves how bad dynamic linking is...
<illiliti> create a symlink and drop a wrapper for now
<illiliti> or it does not work without wrapper?
<testuser[m]12> Wdym wrapper?
<testuser[m]12> Ah
<testuser[m]12> I'll drop it
<testuser[m]12> wrapper is only needed if not setting an rpath
<illiliti> ok
<illiliti> i'll look into a proper fix
<testuser[m]12> I can think of a logic that involves a ton of if statements but should work
<testuser[m]12> I forgot
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<illiliti> hm
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<testuser[m]12> btw any idea how genpoo deals with it if a package gets an extra dependency due to automatic dependency check in configure script? I don't think they have resolver like kiss
<testuser[m]12> So it doesn't
<testuser[m]12> ~~we could use patchelf to set rpath=$pkg_dir/rpath~~
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