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<mcrod> hi
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<gorgonical> first time having sauna sausages
<gorgonical> what a concept. 10/10, finland never disappoints
<zid> battered sausage > sauna sausage
<zid> RACE WAR
<gorgonical> what is a battered sausage
<gorgonical> do you mean a corndog
<zid> god no
<gorgonical> you haven't lived if you haven't hav a corndog painted with mustard tho
<zid> top tip, not everything has to be fed, made from, and then coated with, corn
<gorgonical> in america this is non-negotiable
<gorgonical> except pizza. if you put corn on your pizza you deserve a fate worse than death
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<bslsk05> ​img.rasset.ie: Attention Required! | Cloudflare
<zid> sausage, not a hotdog, battered
<gorgonical> this looks suspiciously british
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<zid> It's the lack of corn that does it.
<gorgonical> there could be and might be cornstarch in the frying batter
<gorgonical> it makes batters crispier
<zid> thereis not
<geist> cooooooooorrrrrnnn dog
<geist> sounds like a great OS name
<gorgonical> spelled just like that huh
<gorgonical> "how many fucking r's were in that github repo name???"
<geist> cornholos
<geist> oooh corn dos
<zid> I had food from a random stall the other day and I want it again but it will never happen :'(
<gorgonical> what did you have that has left such an impression?
<gorgonical> was it a battered sausage
<zid> I had one of those directly after
<zid> It wasn't amazing or revolutionary or anything, I just have a craving for it
<zid> it was lamb spring rolls
<zid> with dippy sauces
<zid> I was at an event and it was just a one guy stall and he'd come from london, so I'll never see him again
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<geist> also to rewind, what is a sauna sausage?
<geist> it's not the obvious interpretation of the words?
<zid> like a shower beer
<geist> like eating a sausage while in the sauna?
<zid> sauna has a hot bit
<zid> sausages are nice when cooked
<geist> yeah but wouldn't that get grease n shit in the sauna hot bits?
<zid> wrap sausage in foil
<gorgonical> yep
<gorgonical> then place upon hot rocks
<geist> huh. okay. makes sense
<gorgonical> eat while extremely sweaty for maximum sensation
<zid> (the sausage)
<gorgonical> (and you also)
<geist> the redneck version i remember from childhood was place food in tin foil on engine block of truck/tractor
<gorgonical> lol yep
<geist> kinda wish i had a sausage or a corn dog about now... wonder if anyplace nearby has corn dogs
<zid> I've been unreliably informed that america has very poor sausage access
<zid> it's a forest of hotdogs
<gorgonical> zid: I corroborate. Aldi has unironically the best supply of real sausage here
<gorgonical> I was in a wonderland when I went to a German grocery store in Berlin. Maybe edeka?
<geist> well, sure i wouldn't pretend to compare with like german sausages or whatnot
<geist> we have lots of Salmon up here though, salmon is yum
<geist> and cats love salmon. gog would probably like
<gorgonical> and you have the orangier salmon, right?
<geist> it seems pretty orange
<gorgonical> I had lamb bologna when I was in iceland, which is pretty novel I think
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<gorgonical> that waws the last straw huh
<geist> hmm that might be good. most things i've had made out of lamb is good
<geist> hah
<geist> gog is on a flight to PNW now
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<zid> stoop now I want those lamb spring rolls even more
<kof123> there are even some PNW subway's that offer salmon lol
<gorgonical> I am often angry that while drunk I can't get a durum doner
<kof123> *ways
<gorgonical> Why Germany gotta have superior street food huh
<geist> i wouldn't have thought of germany and street food, but i guess why not
<geist> i've never really visited, except a layover day in Dusseldorf
<zid> I had too much kebab meat last week
<zid> had family over and they always order from the turkish place because they like it
<geist> not a bad choice
<gorgonical> if salty meat didn't make me extremely bloated I could and probably would live off gyros/doner
<zid> So I get asked what I'm having and I just get a donner wrap, or donner and chips etc
<zid> but we ended up doing it twice >_<
<zid> I had the stuff coming out of my ears, they give you about half a dog's worth
<zid> so I was making my own tortilla wraps, eating it with oven chips, etc
<gorgonical> that phrasing suggests there's dog in it
<zid> for like 4 days
<zid> are you sure there isn't?
<gorgonical> i don't know about english food standard
<bslsk05> ​imgur.com: The British Kebab Shop - Imgur
<gorgonical> it's not a proper kebab if you don't get full salad tho
<gorgonical> this is heresy
<zid> "heady mix of rat, greyhound and eastern european girls who aren't very good at holding their breath" is one of the best lines commited to.. internet.
<gorgonical> knoblauch sosse mit KRAUTER
<zid> knobsauce with cabbage?
<gorgonical> nailed it
<zid> german cuisine smh
<gorgonical> geist do you visit that famous pnw burger place
<gorgonical> the one that bill gates likes in that famous photo
<geist> hmmm wich one?
<geist> now i'm curious
<gorgonical> dick's
<geist> oh shit yeah, Dicks
<zid> I thought they sold sporting goods
<geist> i figured it might be dicks but had to verify
<geist> it's like the in n out of seattle
<zid> Apparently there's a five guys near me
<geist> yeah those are all over
<geist> pretty good, not bad
<zid> not here they're not!
<zid> american chains are slowly creeping in because there's a lot of brand recognition now from like, memes
<geist> well, they're not regional in the US anymore, so not surprised they hvae expanded to other countries
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<zid> the kids know what five guys is now and would want to try it
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<zid> the last big import was domino's
<gorgonical> I was in the pnw recently and forgot to go and instead went to burgerville
<geist> next thing you know you'll get a Tim Hortons
<zid> and papa john's is new
<geist> i was surprisewd to see one in NYC last time i visited
<zid> I can name like 30 american chains despite never having set food in the place, it's kind of sad tbh
<gorgonical> we have nando's now
<zid> foot*
<gorgonical> does that count?
<zid> nando's is south african
<gorgonical> but it is good
<zid> it's mediocre, but that's got its own appeal
<zid> it's a cheap place to get coated chicken
<gorgonical> and we have the scourge on taste that is jollibee
<bslsk05> ​'David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (Official Music Video) [4K Upgrade]' by David Bowie (00:04:27)
<zid> KFC is wildly inconsistent in quality here and expensive as hell, something to do with how it's franchised
<gorgonical> welcome to how it is in america, lmao
<zid> mcdonalds is MUCH more consistent, but corp wants it that way
<zid> there's still variation, but it's nothing compared to KFC
<gorgonical> i love the trent reznor cameo in that video geist
<gorgonical> i have always wanted to go to the uk to try the famed and lauded tesco meal deal
<geist> yah totally. every time there's some discussion about american culture invading or whatnot, i cant not think of this song
<gorgonical> and to buy a can of beans for 0.24
<zid> it's not just tesco
<zid> everybody jumped on that band wagon
<zid> even petrol stations and shit do them
<gorgonical> you have no idea how cheap food is there compared to here
<geist> and then i get a little sad because david bowie
<zid> It can be, or it can be stupidly expensive
<zid> hence everybody going nuts for meal deal action
<gorgonical> It actually blows my mind that if you are set on it you can get a can of beans for less than a quarter
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<zid> do you not know about the BEAN WARS gorgonical
<zid> They sell them at a loss.
* geist imagines giant Warhammer 40k style mechas made of a giant bean can
<gorgonical> The shittiest can of showboat pork n beans here is maybe 0.80 or $1 for a standard ~400cal can
<zid> It's considered such a vital part of a weekly shop, that the places with expensive baked benas were losing out on £100 shopping refills because the beans were 8p more expensive
<zid> so there was a race to the bottom
<gorgonical> u wot m8. Is this for real?
<zid> they were at one point selling beans for *negative* money
<zid> 100% true, try bean wars in wikipedia
<gorgonical> geist: isn't the ork killa kan basically that already?
<geist> see, games workshop is already ahead of us there
<zid> no wikipedia article :(
<gorgonical> there was a pork n beans war in maine in 1838
<gorgonical> which is very on-brand for that part of maine
<bslsk05> ​professionalmoron.com: The Great Baked Beans Price War of July 1994 – Professional Moron
<zid> Monday 15 April 1996, "Britain's biggest supermarket chains have introduced baked bean rationing because of a 3p-a-can price war."
<zid> Shoppers at Tesco, Asda and Kwik Save were yesterday limited to four tins each to prevent other retailers from stocking up and re-selling them.
<gorgonical> 3 pennies? THREE??
<zid> Yea, it was just some meme that if the beans were expensive, the rest of the shopping would be too
<zid> so they just kept reducing the price of the beans
<gorgonical> do you like the branston
<zid> I don't eat baked beans :p
<gorgonical> the pickle?
<geist> i think i got some branston pickle because someone here recommended it years ago
<zid> oh branston pickle, not branston beans
<gorgonical> branston makes beans?
<zid> yea branston p ickle is nice
<geist> and... i do not like it, but my dad liked it so all was good
<zid> they make a bunch of tinned/jar'ed shit
<zid> it's like "Princes" or "heinz"
<gorgonical> geist: do you wish ketchup was a socially acceptable condiment to put on cheese and crackers?
<gorgonical> then get branston pickle
<gorgonical> I love it
<geist> honestly i'm not a huge ketchup fan really
<geist> i kinda prefer stuff like mustard on things in general
<zid> I love ketchup, any excuse to eat garlic
<geist> if i do get ketchup i like less sweeter varietie
<zid> It's basically just garlic puree it's legal to lick
<gorgonical> if I get hashbrowns they are gonna be swimming in ketchup if i have my way
<geist> but in general i like tart and salty things instead of sweet
<zid> branston pickle is nice but I don't really have much use for it
<geist> so like mustard, or vegemite, or whatnot
<zid> I end up just putting it in cheese sandwiches
<zid> or even just.. sandwiches by itself, occasionally, if feeling lazy
<geist> oh hey, random thing i bumped into on a discord yesterday that i found interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diminutives_in_Australian_English
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<geist> a NZ friend confirms that they do more or less the same thing
<zid> -o?
<zid> it's normal english but au/nz use it a lot more often
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<geist> yeah, i dot think that shows up in american english that much. obviously it's not like 'wtf is this' but it's not as common
<zid> jello!
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<geist> bill cosby commands you
<zid> (No idea where the jelly<->jello thing happened, could have been pre or post amerixit)
<geist> well, that's just a brand, because jello is not jelly at all. it's basde on gelatin
<zid> A lot of the things americans "do" are just things we stopped doing 200 years ago
<zid> so is jelly
<zid> you're thinking of jam probably?
* geist shrugs
<zid> jelly is the english word for jello
<geist> a detail that i do not know much about. i think americans use jam and jelly interchangeably
<geist> ah, okay that's the confusion
<zid> jam is smashed fruit with pectin
<zid> boiled with sugar
<zid> then left to set
<geist> jelly we usually refer to jam, like flavored stuff you put on toast
<zid> yea PB&J
<zid> is such a stronk meme that we know both
<geist> yah. jell-o is basically the name for gelatin uh, whatever that is
<zid> jelly.
<geist> i dont think there's a not brand name for it in the us, frankly
<zid> jello is the name for jelly.
<geist> yes, except we dont use jelly the same way in us, so there's no other word for it
<zid> Right
<zid> jello is the name for jelly though, I don't mind if you use the word jello.
<zid> But the translation is still jelly
<zid> You also don't really have a word for chips either
<zid> you have fries, but that isn't what chips are
<geist> we are a sad sad people
<geist> the world has moved on it seems
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<geist> we dont even use 'whilst'
<geist> i love that word, it sounds so.... formal
<zid> not even whilst whistling whilst working?
<geist> i have an au cow-orker that uses whilst
<zid> it's a useful word
<zid> fortnight too
<zid> useful word that americans don't use
<geist> occasionally
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<geist> but yteah lots of folks might not know what you mean if you say it
<geist> so it's one of those, 'use when around fancy and/or educated folks'
<geist> i do have to admit after having worked at google for so long now i definitely have elevated my speech a bit. too much to be honest
<geist> i hae to turn it down a bit when talking to non -orkers
<gorgonical> what
<gorgonical> "non -orkers"?
<geist> chiken butt?
<geist> oh, cow-orkers
<zid> amongst is the other -st word I was trying to think of
<zid> cat ass trophy
<Hammdist> hi all I have made a tiny bit of progress on my device driver for ethernet. I compared the mii register values from my os to those of linux (obtained with mii-tool). one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the "power on" bit which refuses to switch from power off -> power on in my os but is in the power on state in linux. any ideas what the
<Hammdist> problem might be? is there possibly a power supply that needs to be turned on from software? the dts does list a regulator for the ethernet but it is of "fixed" type with no gpio - do those need to be enabled somehow? https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3328-roc-cc.dts
<bslsk05> ​github.com: linux/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/rk3328-roc-cc.dts at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub
<geist> oh i'll definitely use amongst, but it's an example of fancy speak i might tone down a bit depending on who i'm talking about
<gorgonical> geist when you say elevated you don't mean tone, right?
<gorgonical> you mean register of speech, vocabulary, etc?
<geist> mostly vocab
<geist> yeah not pitch
<zid> Code switching!
<geist> kinda, yeah. code switch away from nerd talk
<geist> i think it's because non nerds i think find it annoying and a bit condescending
<gorgonical> this is when zid reveals he's a scouser with a ridiculous accent no one else in england can understand
<geist> so you have to watch their body language, etc
<zid> no
<zid> I live in the east of england
<gorgonical> swamp folk, i see
<zid> you'd probably consider to me to have an esturay accent because I glottalize my t sounds
<geist> Hammdist: hmm, do you have a shcematic?
<geist> maybe you literally do need to tell the pmic to bring up another rail or whatot
<geist> though i kinda doubt it
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<geist> generally PHYs are super dumb and just work out of the box
<geist> unless this thing is a bit weird
<Hammdist> no schematic is available - just phy datasheet and u-boot source code
<geist> which board is this btw? I have one of those rk3328 based boards too with a few 2.5gb nics on it
<geist> been meaning to hack on it
<Hammdist> it's the renegade board (rk3328)
<geist> hypoehtcally it's a decent low end router
<gorgonical> My experience with rockchip boards has made me angry
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<geist> oh hrm, actually its a 3399
<bslsk05> ​www.friendlyelec.com: NanoPi R4S
<gorgonical> the 3399 is a cursed board
<gorgonical> I hate it
<gorgonical> soc, whatever
<geist> actually https://www.friendlyelec.com/index.php?route=product/product&search=nanopi&description=true&category_id=0&sub_category=true&product_id=289 this one
<bslsk05> ​www.friendlyelec.com: NanoPi R6S
<gorgonical> I'm having issues with secure/non-secure mode and I'm bitter
<geist> that's a 3588
<geist> yah honestly i didn't look close enough at the rockchip stuff to see if a real TRM is available
<kof123> if you mix fancy words with non-fancy words then you piss them both off
<gorgonical> there's a trm for the 3399, but certain parts of the board i have, the rockpro64, are not in the trm
<gorgonical> e.g. my earlier comments about secure/non-secure mode and the exact semantics of res0
<gorgonical> It is unexpected that res0 is seemingly just "please behave and don't write to these bits, or else badt things will happen"
<Hammdist> ah there is a schematic after all - looking through it now
<zid> Language thing americans do that keeps pissing me off while reading my trashy light novels: Not know the difference between venemous and poisonous, and fewer and less.
<zid> the latter is universal
<zid> the former is unconscionable
<gorgonical> I have just re-re-read the manual and now it makes even less sense. "Hardware must ignore writes to this field" for res0
<gorgonical> Wtf yo
<zid> That sounds like a complicated way to write "read only"
<gorgonical> There's extra language that makes it worse
<zid> oh god, is it a telnet MUST
<zid> IAC MUST ignore writes to res0 IAC
<gorgonical> "If software has read the field since the PE implementing the field was last reset and initialized, it must preserve the value of the field by writing the value that it previously read from the field. Otherwise, it must write the field as all 0s"
<gorgonical> Which means what exactly?
<zid> PE?
<gorgonical> processing element, I think
<gorgonical> yes it's that
<zid> so you must do a writeback if it has a value you care about
<zid> otherwise you must clear it after reading it
<zid> reading corrupts it, basically, it seems
<zid> so either set it back to what you read, or set it to 0, but don't just leave it
<gorgonical> but then doesn't that implicitly mean the modification pattern is: read, reconstruct, write-back?
<zid> reconstruct?
<gorgonical> If you want to change a bit from 0 to 1
<gorgonical> You can't
<zid> I mean technically by the letter of the law
<gorgonical> Because the only valid modification is to zero
<zid> you would do a = *p; *p = a; a |= 3; *p = a;
<zid> but I imagine you can skip the middle write in practice
<zid> it doesn't say you can *only* write to it after reading it in what you pasted.
<zid> Just that if you read it, you must write it.
<gorgonical> It seems like you actually have to do a = *p; *p = 0; a |= whatever; *p = a
<zid> yes, I just said that
<zid> well no, *p = a; not *p = 0
<zid> unless you're doing it off a reset
<gorgonical> I guess for res0 values you aren't allowed to be writing them to other values, anyway
<zid> after a reset it wants you to read garbage, then write a 0
<zid> otherwise it wants you to put back what you found
<gorgonical> yes
<gorgonical> I was getting hung up on how this is for individual bits in a register, not the whole register
<gorgonical> Well if hardware *must* ignore writes to these fields, either my hardware is non-conforming or Linux is performing a secure access
<gorgonical> Or maybe a third option where linux can read all sorts of wacky nonsense from the register and because those fields are res0 that's "allowed"
<zid> Couldn't possibly comment, as I have no fucking idea what this device is.
<gorgonical> I have a rockpro64 that has a rk3399 soc on it, fwiw
<geist> gorgonical: res0 generally means exactly that
<geist> as in, 'in the future these may be used but if you write 0s to it it probably will fall back to whatever default it is'
<geist> that's specifically different from say 'doesn't matter' or 'ignored'
<geist> these bits may be used in some future version of a thing, or they're undocumented features that they dont want you to use
<gorgonical> can you share your thoughts on this gic thing? My secure kernel Kitten configures the gicd to set up a timer on core 1, then linux comes up on core 0, reconfigures the gicd which causes me to lose my timer. But the timer is configured as a secure interrupt so Linux shouldn't be able to see the bits to turn it off
<geist> is linux explicitly running not in secure mode?
<gorgonical> I *should be*
<geist> double check that
<gorgonical> I'm trying to but I can't fucking figure out who handles the smc calls when Linux is running
<geist> probably ATF
<gorgonical> I have uboot and arm tf-a running but I can't figure out which handler linux gets into
<geist> TF-A for almost certain
<geist> it leaves around the EL3 thing that traps it
<geist> and if linux is in secure mode then it has full access to the GIC
<gorgonical> It should be, right. Kitten clearly uses it when it does PSCI discovery as the TF-A printfs show up
<gorgonical> But I never see TF-A issuing any printfs
<gorgonical> for linux on core 0
<geist> what do you mean?
<geist> why would it?
<gorgonical> Because I added debug printfs to make sure certain things were happening
<geist> ah
<geist> what calls do you expect it to make?
<gorgonical> And I see the top-level smc handler (or at least what I *think* is the top level) printfs showing up when Kitten makes PSCI smc calls
<gorgonical> But when Linux makes PSCI smc calls I do not see that same handler's printfs
<zid> oh *that's* what res0 was, that makes 100% sense as a requirement now.
<zid> atm it's all 0s, so reset it to 0s, but in future the high bit might be an interrupt acknowledge that clears when read or something, so write it back if you read it without understanding wtf you're doing please.
<gorgonical> zid: right. it's like a "just leave this the way it is if it isn't 0, please"
<zid> why you would read it in the first place is the mystery
<gorgonical> well if you read a double word from gicd_ctlr and like 55 of the bits are res0
<zid> oh it's various bits? fair
<gorgonical> yeah
<zid> Now there are 0 mysteries.
<geist> yah in general ARM does that pretty consistently. they'll define unused bits in a register as res0, and then future versions of the spec will strt to use the bits
<gorgonical> slightly different from intel. Usually bits for x86 are just "reserved"
<geist> but they prett much always default the 0 value to mean 'feature disabled' or 'the way it used to be' such that if old software uses it and wriets zeros to it it is safe
<zid> tell is telling you not to do a = *p; flag1 = a & FLAG1; flag2 = a & FLAG2; ... *p = flag1 | flag2;
<zid> but ... *p = a;
<geist> right, it's ARM being much mroe precise aobout what resserved means
<zid> s/tell is/
<geist> there are a few places of res1
<gorgonical> I wonder if maybe tf-a knows to go quiet on the output under certain circumstances?
<gorgonical> the thing that makes me sad is that this whole arrangement worked really well on qemu. I had an interkernel channel that userspace programs were using to communicate across the trustzone/secure boundary
<gorgonical> But then the actual hardware fucked everything up
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<geist> ah i was gonna suggest trying it all out on qemu but sounds like you're already well ahead of me
<geist> i dont really know how TF-A does all the handoff between secure and nonsecure mode
<geist> i suspect you're not really supposed to futz aournd with the gic from secure mode, so it's just blasting over your changes
<gorgonical> I am coming up to a lot of architectural difficulties that arise from arm's notion of this "globalplatform" api and the underlying system that supports it, yes
<gorgonical> an availability probem is one thing and if I have to patch linux to make it cooperative then that can go in the paper, but I have to understand wtf is happening first, you know?
<gorgonical> from QEMU to hardware the tf-a/uboot configuration is a *little* different so probably something there is to blame (or qemu being sloppy, not unheard of)
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<Hammdist> so I'm trying now to get i2c working, in order to communicate with the pmic. I noticed the clock divider has a wrong value. however, it is resistant to attempts to set it. I noticed one of the i2c clocks was off so I enabled it in the gate register, but still the clock divider cannot be set
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<Hammdist> so I ended up simply bulk clearing all the clock gates and managed to set the divider
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<Hammdist> well I managed to read some of pmic registers through i2c. however according to the pmic everything is on already by default, so I hit a bit of a wall there
<Hammdist> the pmic is an rk805
<Hammdist> am I correct in assuming that if I can talk to the pmic via i2c, it is not in the so-called "sleep" mode
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<Ermine> heat: please remind me: do I need minimal sysroot for onyx?
<heat> Depends
<heat> what are you doing'
<heat> you need the minimal sysroots if you're building a toolchain, else no
<gog> hi
<Ermine> Ah, I'm going to use prebuilt toolchain
<heat> (you can also build the minimal sysroots yourself through a bespoke process that involves building another toolchain with --no-libc)
<Ermine> hi gog
<heat> grog
<gog> heet
<heat> bayzonger
<gog> bazel
<gog> heat
<gog> do you like
<gog> the large explosion hypothesis
<gog> the great noise thought
<heat> i dont know what that is
<gog> bazing
<gog> bongsmoka
<bslsk05> ​'Laugh Track' by HollywoodLaughTracks (00:00:13)
<gog> i wanta laugh track where the audience starts chuckling a little, then gradually goes to uproarious laughter, then into coughing and sneezing fits, then being violently sick
<gog> and then the sounds of madness as reality crumbles into meaninglessness
<heat> u ok gog
<kof123> there was kind of an ancient duckman where he joins the cast of friends and then they end up choking eachother, something like that
<kof123> which probably was not that great, but any sitcom is just begging for that
<kof123> *they are all ancient
<Ermine> heat: I guess I can specify toolchain dir as $SYSROOT ?
<heat> Ermine: bad idea, make clean clears that
<heat> install it to a separate location and add it to PATH
<Ermine> Ok
<heat> (except for clang, clang doesn't need to be added to PATH for REASONS)
<zid> Ring ring, ring ring.
<Ermine> So, if toolchain is prebuilt, is it ok for sysroot to be empty?
<Ermine> Also, kernel.config.example where
<Ermine> Well, anyway, will just do the thing from gh workflow file
<heat> Ermine: sysroot gets filled by the build
<heat> cp one of https://github.com/heatd/Onyx/tree/master/kernel/configs to kernel/kernel.config
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Onyx/kernel/configs at master · heatd/Onyx · GitHub
<heat> (whatever instructions you're looking at may be outdated)
<Ermine> doc/building.md
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* heat makes a mental note to improve that
<Ermine> now it chokes at missing usystem/core/toybox/BUILD.gn
<zid> heat: Ring ring, ring ring.
<gog> kof123: duckman was good i don't remember that ep tho i'll have to find it
<Ermine> I guess I should fetch submodules
<zid> Why does nobody answer the damn phone in this god forsaken place
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<heat> Ermine: oh shit yeah you need to fetch submodules lol
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<Ermine> also touch: setting times of 'dash/compile': Operation not permitted
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<Ermine> Also seems like everything ignored $SYSROOT
<Ermine> Yay I have an iso
<sham1> Yay
<heat> Ermine: $SYSROOT isn't an actual env var
<heat> it just sets shit up at Onyx/sysroot
<heat> during the toolchain build process, etc you're supposed to use $SYSROOT as the path to that dir
<heat> also yay iso
<kof123> gog: i'm sure you are also aware of "too many cooks"
* kof123 zzzzzzzzzzzzz
<gog> yes
<gog> it takes a lot to make a stew
<gog> especially when it's me and you
<ChavGPT> so did someone create AsbestOS yet?
<gog> yes and now i have mesothelioma
* gog cough
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<ChavGPT> gog's cat: has mesothelioma.... and does not
<Ermine> error mounting root: no such file or directory
<gog> no the cat has radiogenic anemia
<Ermine> (at make qemu)
<Ermine> Ah nvmd
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<heat> Ermine: ok so you probably want one of the livecd targets that don't need a disk image
<heat> ci-test-qemu packages up all the shit in sysroot/ into your initrd, that gets put into a tmpfs
<heat> (liveiso is the actual live iso target)
<zid> heat coudln't build onyx on my machine
<zid> maybe one day onyx will be buildable
<Ermine> Yeah, ci-test-qemu worked!
<heat> noice
<heat> the hard part of onyx is building it, really
<heat> the hard part of freebsd is using it
<zid> No the hard part of onyx is the keyboard layout
<Ermine> Sooo, how do I install it on the disk
<Ermine> So I can save shit
<heat> oh no
<heat> !
heat is now known as mjg_
<mjg_> omg pessimal pessimal!!
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<zid> bye
<Ermine> hey!
heat has joined #osdev
<heat> Ermine: srsly though you can't really do that
<Ermine> Okay
<heat> there are multiple stability problems barring that atm
<heat> plus no actual install path
<gog> pessimal
<heat> installing to disk is PESSIMAL
<Ermine> Also, qemu complained at my processor not having bunch of features
<zid> rip, would you like to buy my E5-1650? or E5-1620?
<heat> that's ignoreable
<heat> just cuz it does -cpu Haswell
<zid> -cpu lolwell
<heat> pretty sure you can have an actual haswell and it'll complain anyway
<zid> who targets such a non-generation as haswell
<heat> haswell? more like hadwell am i right lads
<gog> haswell was good
<gog> it was cheap
<gog> haswell refresh was kinda pointless
<gog> that said
<gog> RYZEN
<Ermine> My processor is more ancient
<gog> o
<gog> dang haswell was like 10 years ago now
<gog> what are you running?
<Ermine> haswell is when you need some special fuckery to get coreboot working
<Ermine> ivy bridge
<gog> i see
<zid> nothing happened between sandy and skylake
<zid> It goes p4, core2, sandy bridge, skylake, ryzen 5
<Ermine> It's going to be 10 years of service next March
<zid> I'd still be using my sandy if the mobo hadn't given up
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<sham1> RYZEN!
heat43 has joined #osdev
<heat43> you motherfuckers scream ryzen as the CPU leaks your password through AVX registers
<zid> good
<zid> butt computing is a scam
<zid> the sooner some technical issue kills it the better
<zid> we can go back to cpus with at most 8 cores, because nobody wants to run their shitty web apps on a machine with 256 cores bought by amazon
<Ermine> Tried to rebuild, uapi/cred.h got lost for some reason
<heat43> Ermine: the fuck?
<heat43> that's pretty bizarre, wdym "got lost"?
<Ermine> Ahh, forgot RUN_CLANG_TIDY=0
<heat43> that's 0 by default dawg
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<heat43> for good reason - i haven't used it in ages
<Ermine> Well, I'll try to log the build process
<heat43> if you can improve the docs that would be great
<heat43> it's hard 2 documents thangz
<heat43> your --sysroot looks borked
<heat43> did you clone to "src"?
<Ermine> yes
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<heat43> ls sysroot/usr/include/uapi
<Ermine> No uapi dir
<heat43> confused.gif
<heat43> oh, i see
<heat43> on line 92 of the makefile
<heat43> musl:
<heat43> replace that with musl: install-headers
<Ermine> Maybe I've borked that with make clean
<heat43> i have no idea how I've never hit that
<Ermine> Now it works
<heat43> yep
<Ermine> so, PR?
<heat43> sure lgtm ok heat@ reviewed-by heat <heat@yourmom.org>
<Ermine> Hahahaha your mom joke lol l mao
<heat43> hilarious shit
<heat43> funniest shit i've ever said
<gog> hahahaqhaqhahaha
<heat43> gog go gog o gog gog gog
<heat43> 420 69
<gog> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
* Ermine dies of laugh
<gog> funny weed sex number
<ChavGPT> 690 42 LMAO
<ChavGPT> give me upvotes
* gog upchavs
<heat43> epic redditor moment
<Ermine> Are u using bsd init?
<heat43> give him internet points
<ChavGPT> bsd is unused innit
<heat43> Ermine: me?
<Ermine> yes, in onyx
<heat43> no
<heat43> im using my own borked init
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<ChavGPT> lmao
<Ermine> Well ok
<heat43> very loosely systemd unit file inspired
<ChavGPT> for (;;) { wait(); }
<heat43> but bad at everything
<ChavGPT> heat init innit
<ChavGPT> besides wtf is this shit 18:34 < heat43> sure lgtm ok heat@ reviewed-by heat <heat@yourmom.org>
<heat43> heat innit
<ChavGPT> on this channel you 'ok heat@' only
<ChavGPT> this is not linux
<ChavGPT> !
<heat43> short succinct commit messages
<ChavGPT> fix prev
<ChavGPT> ok heat@
<heat43> if you need to convert something from K&R to C99, just name it 'ansi'
<heat43> everyone understands what that means
<Ermine> So there are -Wframe-larger-than= warnings
<heat43> yea
<gog> ansi ansi ansi
<heat43> most of them are benign some of them are worrying
<ChavGPT> ryzen is the bomb
<ChavGPT> [unless you actually handle mitigations]
<gog> who does that
<ChavGPT> not freebsd
<heat43> openbsd
<ChavGPT> they do some work around it, i don't know if it qualifies as handling
<heat43> horrendous parallelism is a feature not a bug
<Ermine> So, how do I make a disk image?
<heat43> there's a script for it
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Onyx/scripts/create_disk_image.sh at master · heatd/Onyx · GitHub
<Ermine> Noice
<ChavGPT> wait you contributing to onyx?
<Ermine> Why not
<ChavGPT> watcha doin
<Ermine> ?
<ChavGPT> what is the nature of your contribution sir
<Ermine> Some cleanup for the beginning, then memory management stuff you that you guys like to discuss here
<Ermine> Maybe networking
<zid> I have networking but no memory management
<zid> cus I am cool like that
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<zid> neat, youtube is broken for me
<GeDaMo> Broken in what way?
<GeDaMo> I use mpv / yt-dlp for watching YT
<zid> half of it doesn't load
<zid> just grey boxes
<ChavGPT> are you on linux
gog has joined #osdev
<zid> oh, gog is here, hide the silverware
<gog> too late i sold it for drugs
<ChavGPT> even the hot knife?
<gog> no
* kazinsal leaves a trail of silverware to lead gog around the room in a circle
<gog> have to keep the hotknife
<ChavGPT> aight
<ChavGPT> will be there soon
<zid> good drugs at least?
<gog> no
<ChavGPT> open source coke
<zid> I'll take soe ibuprofen
<zid> and maybe a lemsip
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<zid> I have burger king whopper flavour doritos
<zid> they were reduced from £2.00 to £0.20, I can tell why.
<kazinsal> eugh
<kazinsal> they had poutine flavoured lays here a while ago and they were... alright
<kazinsal> less poutine flavour and more just gravy flavour
<gorgonical> what kind of crimes against the palate are they committing over there
<zid> big ones, it turns out
<zid> stupid american companies using us as guinea pigs
<gorgonical> I have noticed that the american market is pretty uninventive for flavors
<gorgonical> Like the most notable new flavor in the past few years has been voodoo flavored chips, which are just everything flavored
<gorgonical> They are great, but you get to canada and then: ketchup chips
<kazinsal> yeah we have some fun flavours here. ketchup, all dressed
<gorgonical> Japan has shrimp flavored chips, and I heard that roast chicken was available in the uk
<kazinsal> not sure if dill pickle chips are common in the US
<gorgonical> they can be occasionally found based on your region. I see them where I live sometimes
<zid> we've had ketchup walkers before
<zid> (lay's)
<zid> japan goes nuts for weird flavours
<zid> kitkat is a big brand that does novelty flavours constantly
<gorgonical> such as mayo on pizza
<gorgonical> I could and should write a novel about food crimes against pizza
<kazinsal> there's a website that details food crimes against poutine and it's lovely
<kazinsal> trying to find it
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<zid> damnit, I wanna finish the last few pages of my book but now I can't see
<zid> stupid eyeball migraines
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<gog> hi
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* kazinsal pets gog
* gog prrr
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