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<mcrod> heat
<geist> dat heat!
<mjg> mon i got another flame to write about linux
<mjg> at this point i may just want to take a break
<mjg> bsd-level breakage
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<heat> mjg you should take software less seriously
<mcrod> i just made a powerpoint of 22 slides
<mcrod> i'm super corporate now
<heat> yes you are
<heat> hail corporate
* mcrod bow
* heat spear
<mcrod> :(
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<Mondenkind> mcrod: just put a hammer and sickle logo in the bottom corner of every slide and you're good
<Mondenkind> mjg: come on you can't blue ball me like this
<heat> kinky
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<sham1> I think you'll find that he can
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<ddevault> well, it's a start https://l.sr.ht/AIRa.png
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<mjg> heat: 90% of real world software development is writing rants about it
<mjg> heat: a trade secret
<ddevault> this look familiar to anyone?
<ddevault> don't know much about C++ tbh
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<Mutabah> the top of the backtrace is `abort`...
<Mutabah> at a guess, something threw an exception when it wasn't expected to - or with no unwind support
<sham1> Some kind of an exception from a destructor
<sham1> Because from the stack trace it looks like it's destructing global objects
<sham1> Although it could also be the unwind code
<ddevault> yeah, it's in unwind-dw2-fde.c
<ddevault> hits a gcc_unreachable in base_from_object examining what looks like DWARF bits?
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<ddevault> meh, binutils expects a rather posix system
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<phoooo> question, does qemu (riscv) with bios none fill the fdt entries?
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<phoooo> i am just getting the root entry and anything else
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<phoooo> nevermind, solved it!
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<dzwdz> is it possible to use gcc's default limits.h while also extending it with my own defines?
<dzwdz> assuming it even comes with a default limits.h, which i think it does?
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<osdever> hello, here i am, i am working on my OS
<heat> yes it is
<heat> dzwdz, add a limits.h to your sysroot that does #include_next <limits.h>
<osdever> heat: thanks, you are doing the same?
<heat> the compiler stops giving you a limits.h when your target isn't bare
<heat> osdever, what?
<osdever> heat: working on your OS
<heat> yes
<dzwdz> error: no include path in which to search for limits.h
<heat> what's your target?
<osdever> dzwdz: it sounds like your GCC has no sysroot support, you have erred
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<dzwdz> heat: i have a custom toolchain, this seems to only occur when compiling with -ffreestanding
<dzwdz> but i'm yet to verify
<heat> custom toolchain? custom target you mean?
<dzwdz> yes
<heat> because yes those will not have a compiler-supplied limits.h anymore
<heat> this is where you write your own, congrats
<dzwdz> that sounds suboptimal
<heat> nope
<heat> its the solution
<heat> entirely OPTIMAL
<osdever> you may use one of the libcs which are popular
<osdever> for example: Dietlibc, uclibc, ulibc, pdpclibc, pdlibc, mlibc, musl, or glibc
<dzwdz> the compiler knows the sizes of the types it uses better than i do
<heat> actually no
<dzwdz> brb
<heat> the sizes are pretty constant
<heat> the limits are also pretty constant, basically 2's complement shit
<heat> the big thing that varies is that size of long and thus its limits
<heat> the size*
<heat> for like anything linux supports, char is 1 (as it must be, per the spec), CHAR_BITS is 8 (as it must be, per POSIX), short is 2, int is 4
<osdever> sometimes is int 8, or even 2
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<heat> >for like anything linux supports,
<osdever> i do not run linux, no no
<gog> hi
<gog> is int ever 8? depends on the target and the compiler
<gog> i've never seen it be 8
<heat> no
<gog> i don't even know what it tastes like
<heat> not on LP64 at least
<gog> heat
<gog> do you see what i did there
<heat> gog
<gog> do you C what i did there
<gog> heat
<heat> haha
<gog> haha
<heat> hilarious
<gog> ikr
<heat> gog comedy gog comedy
<gog> i'm having a not great day :|
<heat> why
<Cindy> mew
<gog> because i suck at my job
<heat> waz wrong
<heat> you dont
<gog> we're deploying a long-delayed feature of mine
<gog> and i had to rush because the requirements changed last minute
<gog> i think it's ok now
<gog> but it's been so delayed and it's my fault
<heat> sounds like
<heat> sounds like its not your problem
<gog> it is though
<heat> >the requirements changed last minute
<heat> boohoo bitchez, not ur fault
<gog> they wouldn't have changed if i had finished it sooner
<gog> nobody is mad at me
<gog> my boss is excited to get this released because it eliminates about 2000 lines of bad copypasta code
<gog> and it's a critical feature
<gog> but i'm like
<gog> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<gog> we've been dogfooding it for a month
<gog> i've fixed so many bugs and refactored it twice
<dzwdz> i think i'm going insane
<gog> me too
<dzwdz> limits.h was working for me on a custom target as long as i had a dummy sysroot with an empty /usr/include/limits.h
<heat> so
<heat> erm
<dzwdz> i was reworking the build system and it broke
<heat> you didn't have a limits.h
<heat> >i had a dummy sysroot with an empty /usr/include/limits.h
<dzwdz> yup
<heat> no shit
<dzwdz> wdym?
<heat> you're saying you had a dummy limits.h in your sysroot and include <limits.h> worked
<heat> no shit
<dzwdz> and i got LONG_MAX etc
<heat> but you weren't including the real thing
<heat> no way
<dzwdz> the limits.h was because gcc was including include-fixed/limits.h
<dzwdz> which has an #include_next <limits.h>
<heat> >include-fixed
<heat> yikes
<heat> yikes
<heat> yikes
<heat> can you just roll your own kthxbye
<osdever> yes gcc also fixed my includes from newlibc
<osdever> although i had to butcher newlibto make it fit my kernel respective
<osdever> i don't design a linux clone
<osdever> i read Windows Internals and do similarly but not the same
<bslsk05> ​edk2.groups.io: [RFC PATCH 1/1] MdePkg: Add a libc implementation
<heat> you can yank my shit from limits.h
<heat> should be fairly portable
<osdever> LibcLibc is a new portable libc like dietlib, newlib, musl, mlib?
<heat> just replace #if defined(MDE_CPU_X64) || defined (MDE_CPU_AARCH64) with #if defined(__x86_64__) || defined(__aarch64__)... etc
<heat> osdever, no
<heat> and musl isn't portable
<dzwdz> that will make two files i've ripped off people here
<dzwdz> thanks
<osdever> heat: i don't use it, but i read it is top choice of osdever
<osdever> at first i considered it but i chose newlibc instead
<osdever> but newlibc doesn't satisfy me fully because it is small, lacking, and it is much posix-oriented
<heat> dzwdz, aktshually
<heat> i think there's a better define for that
<heat> __LP64__?
<heat> yeah LP64 is what you want here
<heat> __LP64__
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<osdever> does anyone else write an os more like windows than like linux and bsd?
<gog> i don't write an OS
<gog> but also there's reactos
<gog> which is specifically a reimplementation of the NT kernel
<Ermine> I write atrocities rn
<sham1> Yeah, bold of you to assume that I do osdev
<Ermine> gog: may I pet you
<gog> i write sins, not tragedies
<gog> Ermine: yes
* Ermine pets gog
<osdever> i like to look at reactos
* gog prr
<osdever> but i don't want to imitate NT precisely, it's just inspiration
<Ermine> There's also NeptuneOS which does NT but they use seL4
<osdever> i will even use a good idea if it comes from linux
<sham1> Well the reason that people do more POSIX-oriented stuff is because, well, POSIX exists. We know how that looks like
<gog> they implemeted NT as a service running on seL4?
<gog> neat
<gog> kinda like mklinux almost
<osdever> i think it will be nice if i can implement linux style Remote Copy Update
<sham1> While if you get inspired by NT... well, what does that look like?
* kingoffrance .oO( developers! developers! developers! )
<gog> ZwDoTheThingButKernelMode()
<heat> ah yes, remote copy update
<heat> the RCU!
<gog> i'm trhowing away my rcu, jojo!
<osdever> sham1: everything is an object controlled by the object manager which is also the underlying "file system", the io is done by request packets, devices are treated like files, there is dpcs to realize deferred processing of work
<Ermine> I also heard of XT architecture which claims to be derived from NT
<kingoffrance> i will basically end (or rather, start, then build atop) up like that: "Burroughs Large Systems", wikipedia: No Assembly language or assembler; all system software written in an extended variety of ALGOL 60 named ESPOL. However, ESPOL had statements for each of the syllables in the architecture.
<kingoffrance> however, there will be "instructions" to point to functions that implement new instructions, meta all the way down
<kingoffrance> 1960s hardware, in software, today!
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<osdever> heat: yes
<osdever> i think it is smart
<heat> the joke is that you butchered the name
<heat> also no you cant haha its patented!
* gog patents heat
<osdever> has the patent really not runout yet
<heat> there are dozens
<heat> capitalist gog
<gog> 5442758 is still valid
<sham1> kingoffrance: but that's just assembler but Algol
<gog> or maybe not idk
<Ermine> socialist heat?
<gog> anyhow it's 5 im gonna go home comrades
<gog> arise ye workers from your slumbers
<gog> and go home to tak ea lil nap
<GeDaMo> There are processors where the assembly language is just Forth
<heat> arise ye works from your office chairs
<osdever> hopefully most of the patents are outdated
<sham1> Choppers
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<osdever> then they will be useful to study to learn about rcu
<heat> no
<Ermine> google claims 5442758 is outdated
<heat> studying from patents is death by 1000 cuts
* kingoffrance awards sham1 magical double vision points
<kingoffrance> blessed are though sham1, for you have seen through the word games
<kingoffrance> *thou
<sham1> yes
<kingoffrance> https://forum.amiga.org/index.php?topic=25333.0 They allegedly made over $50 million out of that patent.
<bslsk05> ​forum.amiga.org: Commodore and XOR patent - Page 1
<heat> mjg, oi bruv you around mate?
<osdever> i just read that FreeBSD now having their own rcu style
<osdever> they call it EPOCH
<osdever> but i didnt read about it yet so maybe the phoronix guy is a liar and it has nothing todo with rcu
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<Ermine> Phoronix guy definitely can't into osdev
<osdever> yes alot of people who talk about operating systems know nothing about them
<osdever> especially me
<osdever> but aslo so many phoronix forum ppl
<sham1> Moronix
* sham1 runs
<Ermine> Phoronix forum ppl are even worse, so they spread bullshit and disinformation
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<Ermine> sham1: this is correct denomination
<mjg> heat: well ofc mate
<heat> i was going to ask you wtf kind of shit SCHED_4BSD is doing
<heat> does it have a huge lock?
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<heat> sched_tdcnt is just an int
<heat> nothing else, just an int
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<Ermine> 4BSD scheduler?
<heat> freebsd's scheduler
<gog> meow
<Ermine> SCHED_GOG would be better ide
<Ermine> idea
<gog> SCHED_GOG ignores all tasks and plays video games instead
<Ermine> Nah, that's SCHED_ERMINE
<gog> dang
<mjg> heat: it has one global lock
<heat> cheers mjg, im crying
<mjg> heat: it is the legacy scheduler. interestingly the one global lock is not ultra tragic at a handful of cores in a real workload
<mjg> i profiled it out of curiosity
<mjg> in fact it got me wondering if per-cpu locking for schedulers is way too far
<mjg> if you could have info about, say, 4 cores under one lock you could make more informed decisions
<mjg> without a tradeoff
<mjg> not that sched_4bsd is making them
<heat> >be mjg >profile something that looks stupid just be upset and say its PESSIMAL >its not PESSIMAL >its not PESSIMAL?
<mjg> what?
<heat> it's a meme
<heat> anyway that's cool
<mjg> sorry mate, i don't hang out in fortnite
<mjg> but now that i mention it, i think BFS had a global or close to it lock?
<mjg> anyway don't look at 4bsd, it is CRAP
<mjg> people like to claim the old stuff was fit for the period or whatever
<mjg> but that's rarely true
<heat> i was just trying to understand how loadavg work
<heat> s
<heat> because fuck maths
<mjg> lmao
<mjg> loadavg is another lol metric
<mjg> lolled into oblivion on linux
<heat> just a sec rebooting into a superior loadavg-less operating system
<mjg> to thep oint where one of i think scheduler devs referred to it as "silly"
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<gog> get a load of this average
<gog> 17:56:39 up 20 min, 3 users, load average: 1.68, 1.12, 0.69
<gog> 3 users?
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<mjg> you, your wife, cat?
<gog> oh it has me logged in on pts/1 and /2
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<Ermine> I've read about thise numbers but idr what do they mean
<gog> they don't mean anything
<gog> they're nonsense numbers like bogomips
<heat> they mean something
<heat> count of runnable + UNINTERRUPTIBLE sleep processes/threads over 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins
<mjg> aight mofo here comes a quiz
<heat> quiz me bitch
<mjg> you have load of 1
<dzwdz> doesn't linux count processes waiting on io too?
<dzwdz> or is that also uninterruptible sleep
<mjg> you kill the task, wait a minute
<mjg> what's the load now
<heat> yes, uninterruptible
<dzwdz> ok
<heat> mjg: not 0 but not 1
<heat> some moving average of that shit
<mjg> maybe half then?
<gog> 0.69
<gog> 4.20
<mjg> gog: close!
<mjg> it is about 0.75
<heat> no, not half, ofc not
<dzwdz> so does read() on linux never return EINTR?
<heat> dzwdz: wrong IO there
<sham1> O_YESBLOCK
<nikolar> Isn't it some exponential decay type od thing
<heat> dzwdz: when they measure IO, they mean block IO
<mjg> bottom line on linukkkz la can be through the roof and there is no real problem
<mjg> i don't even know if DEVOPS KURW^W even look at it today
<mjg> seems like an old timer metric
<heat> GNU make does
<nikolar> In a steady state, it's supposed to be the count of active processes, but anything other than it is mystery
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<sham1> Stop cursing out devops
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<gog> hi
heat has joined #osdev
<nikolar> hello
<zid> gog, curse out devops with me
<gog> heck you devops
<gog> so dang devoppy
<zid> Those bastards and their vops they keep de- ing
<zid> why not be PRO vops
<bslsk05> ​redirect -> www.reddit.com: Reddit - Dive into anything
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* kingoffrance obligatory waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaterfall
<heat> yay i got load averages
<zid> I think one of the major charactrs in my book is doing a lelouch
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<phoooo> hi! just out of curiosity, what happens if i rewrite the dtb/fdt?
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<phoooo> technically it is loaded in normal memory (not mmio) so it should be fine
<clever> phoooo: i believe its just normal ram, so you can modify parts of it or just reuse it as regular ram, once your done extracting data from it
<phoooo> yeah, that's my conclusion too; but i was afraid to have some *side efects*
<zid> well some code would have to run that read it, for that to happen
<zid> so.. do you believe you have spooky ghost code running, like an x86?
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<phoooo> no, no
<phoooo> it's just me and my code
<heat> you could have the side effect of crashing the whole machine if its read-nly or something
<phoooo> it's just regular ram, i map it rw later
<phoooo> at least in the virt board
<heat> exactly
<heat> you can't be sure
<heat> and AFAIK nothing guarantees you that
<phoooo> i mean, if for some reason it is not regular ram, i wont be able to access it whatsoever
<heat> no
<heat> could be MMIO, could be write-protected
<phoooo> yeah, of course, but i was referring to the fact that if it is regular ram, my allocator just marks it free
<phoooo> and therefore gives it to whatever asks for memory
<phoooo> but if it is mmio, that wont happen
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<heat> you should be reserving that range anyway
<phoooo> alright
<phoooo> will do so then
<heat> also consider libfdt uses it continuously throughout the kernel's runtime
<heat> it never dynamically allocates
<heat> so even if you're not using it, being able to reclaim that space is pretty unexplored space
<phoooo> okay
<phoooo> thanks!
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<bslsk05> ​github.com: lk-overlay/app/inter-arch/inter-arch.c at master · librerpi/lk-overlay · GitHub
<clever> heat: when i wrote some custom FDT parsing code, i used fdt_next_node() to walk the tree, and as i encounter interesting nodes, i copy the values off to global vars
<clever> once this loop has finished, the dtb in ram no longer serves any purpose, and nothing points to it
<clever> so i can just treat it as free ram
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<phoooo> clever: is that guaranteed to always work?
<clever> phoooo: when the dtb is in regular ram, yeah
<clever> its just binary data, nothing makes it magical
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<phoooo> okay okay
<gorgonical> Turns out trying to use Linux's spinlock interface for a cross-kernel shared lock is a bad idea
<phoooo> but that's in case I don't use libfdt
<phoooo> that is, if I just get the desired data and don't care about the binary representation anymore
<phoooo> anyway, thanks for the info
<heat> gorgonical, lol what
<gorgonical> heat: who knew that the kernel implementation of spinlocks has extra semantic information? lol
<gorgonical> not me, apparently
<heat> ticket locks should be pretty safe apart from preempt_disable/enable
<heat> i know their qspinlocks are a bit fucked
<gorgonical> anyway, I am using a spinlock to coordinate between my kernel and linux and if you acquire a spinlock linux forbids you from sleeping
<heat> really need percpu
<heat> yep
<gorgonical> But in my case I still think it'
<clever> gorgonical: ive made the mistake of using a mutex (will sleep when a conflict is found) from within an irq handler
<clever> but that wasnt setup as a fatal error
<clever> so instead, it only blew up when a thread tried to grab a mutex its already owning
<gorgonical> hmm
<heat> you just need to use one of the many options that help you debug that
<clever> the irq handler temporarily borrows whatever thread it happens to interrupt
<heat> including lockdep
<heat> and classic may_sleep(); calls around the kernle
<gorgonical> heat: I know what the problem is and exactly where it happens, just I need to change how the driver works
<gorgonical> But this didn't happen with my QEMU kernel so I must have changed some config
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<gorgonical> What's the "correct" lock to use here then, from Linux's perspective?
<heat> none
<heat> they all require coordination
<gorgonical> How do you mean?
<heat> mutexes require shared threads (task_struct*)
<gorgonical> Or you mean that I need to reimplement a lock thing here
<heat> spinlocks sometimes require shared percpu areas
<heat> and dont allow sleeping if you *really* need to sleep
<heat> semaphores work like mutexes, rw sems work like mutexes
<heat> you should really state your problem
<heat> not the crash :)
<gorgonical> Okay yes. I have an inter-kernel channel that is just implemented as two one-way buffers between the two kernels
<gorgonical> I have a state machine in my driver that coordinates the protocol between them, but I need a single bit of information to indicate state, which in this case is who has the write lock
<heat> have you tried seqlocks?
<heat> seqlocks sound perfect here, maybe
<gorgonical> I haven't heard of them but I also have little experience in careful smp grounds
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<heat> but like, a manual seqlock
<heat> so the idea is that you have a shared u32 or something
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<heat> when reading, you check if the sequence counter is even (if not, someone's writing, and you wait for that), then you do your read, and then you check if no one wrote in the meanwhile
<gorgonical> I guess a seqlock does encode part of what I've got in my protocol
<heat> writers take a lock (need to serialize against any other writers, skippable here), bump the sequence, do the write, end the write
<heat> ending the write means bumping the seq again
<heat> i've seen seqlocks (as an idea) be used across user <-> kernel or KVM <-> kernel barriers
<gorgonical> So the value is that by reading the sequence number before and after data read you can tell if someone changed the data
<gorgonical> Because otherwise I don't see any more information in this than a write lock
<heat> yes, and if someone is changing it you just actively wait
<gorgonical> Because what i have now is A takes lock, sends notification to B, B reads, sends ack to A, A releases lock
<gorgonical> The general probl
<gorgonical> This protocol is really dumb and lockstep, but it's easy
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<gorgonical> Because with this lockstep I don't need a queue. You can be either idle, reading, or writing, and you cannot transition between reading and writing
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<dzwdz> gcc reads $SYSROOT/usr/include/ during the build, right?
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<mcrod> hi
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<heat_> dzwdz, yes
<heat_> pass -v and you'll see include search paths, including those gcc sees don't exist
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<dzwdz> whoops, i phrased that badly
<dzwdz> i meant when building gcc itself, after ./configure --sysroot=/whatever/
<dzwdz> i'm wondering what happens if said sysroot is empty
<heat> nothing
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<heat> it just can't build against those headers it's expecting, so IIRC (but im really not sure) it'll fail the build
<heat> when build libgcc, or libstdc++, or libsanitizer, whatever
<heat> building*
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<zid> libgimple-dimple
<heat> PIMPL
<zid> peep it mimple pupid, loser
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