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<peepsalot> teepee: i think i've mostly got it, but that change of additional input buttons seems like its messing up translation update which does fuzzy matching. e.g. "Button 17" -> "按鈕 1"
<peepsalot> looking at it closer, a lot of these fuzzy matches are obviously wrong. seems not very effective
<teepee> yeah, the fuzzy stuff is pretty bad, but it's not active normally
<teepee> but why would it even change? if it picks up all the files, it should not change much except for the comments
<teepee> button 17 is probably just new, so that's unrelated to the file move
<teepee> yep, old count was 16 https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4074
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<peepsalot> what do you mean why would it change? I'm running translation-update.sh, which updates the .po files.
<peepsalot> teepee: how can you tell if fuzzy is "active"? so do the "fuzzy" sections in .po files get ignored anyways?
<teepee> I think they are ignored in the application, they are only used as hint in the editor to easily activate / fix
<teepee> I mean moving files around should not impact any translation, only the comment in the po file showing where the text is coming from
<peepsalot> ah, yeah it just hadn't been updated since those button changes though
<teepee> yep
<teepee> concern would only be lots of completely commented out translations
<teepee> those would mean it did not pick up the files having those texts anymore
<peepsalot> progress! less than 300 files in flat /src now :P
<peepsalot> if we move "*cgal*" into its own subdir, we can get below 250
<peepsalot> just thinking how else we could organize the file structure... like putting all (im|ex)port.* into an "io" dir might be nice, then maybe a (render|graphics|gl) subdir for all graphical things
<peepsalot> not sure what else could/should be done beyond that. i think organizing scad language files in some way would be helpful, like putting all AbstractNode related files in one place
<InPhase> Well what do we have... gui, command line, language/parsing, computation, geometry processing.
<InPhase> IO
<InPhase> I guess a lot of the command line logic is just in the main file, and then calling things processed elsewhere, so that might not be suitable for a directory.
<InPhase> Geometry processing has a big cgal chunk, but is not all cgal, but only some of that has good file division.
<peeps[win]> InPhase, yeah, the thing is most of those are already pretty muddied command line functionality is everything that's not gui. parsing/computation are practically the same step.
<InPhase> Really shouldn't be. ;) But yeah.
<InPhase> It is hard to arrange into divisions that aren't really there.
<InPhase> Ideally we'd have a libscad that the command line and the gui both utilize.
<peeps[win]> i'm also hoping that, as the file/dir structure gets more organized, it will help show pain points where files should arguably be split up or refactored in some way
<InPhase> There are maybe some utils, like degree_trig.h, version.h, ... others maybe
<InPhase> memory.h is a utils
<InPhase> I feel like function.*, value.*, module.* should share a home, perhaps with some things that make heavy use of them.
<InPhase> Or well... If module.* goes all the node stuff goes too? Not sure.
<InPhase> Maybe not. I guess that's output from instantiate in modules, so separable.
<InPhase> So function.*, value.*, module.*, exceptions.*, localscope.* ...
<InPhase> This is clearly a family of stuff.
<InPhase> func.cc with that
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<InPhase> expression.h and expr.cc which should be co-named go with that.
<InPhase> I would be okay with "compute" as a subdirectory name for that set. It might have a few other members I missed.
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<InPhase> I think the more you can pick off some to subdirectories, even if incomplete, the clearer the rest will become to see.
<InPhase> Absolutely make an "export" subdirectory. In it, put export_* :)
<InPhase> and export.h
<InPhase> We have 13 files with csg in the filename, 36 files with cgal in the filename, before we even think about contents of the rest.
<peeps[win]> InPhase: what, if anything, do you think is appropriate to stay in top level src ? openscad.cc ?
<InPhase> builtincontext.*, context.*, contextframe.*, evaluationsession.*, modcontext.*, parameters.*, and primitives.* also belong with that "compute" set I identified.
<InPhase> peeps[win]: I would say we start with "what's left"...
<InPhase> peeps[win]: openscad.cc obviously, although there should be MUCH less in that file at some point.
<InPhase> But realistically I see the future here. There will be some mixed up intermediate files that just don't fit into categories. Those stay top level until a smarter organization is apparent or possible.
<InPhase> In fact there will probably be a lot of them.
<InPhase> But it would be great if it were... dozens or less.
<peeps[win]> i have no idea why there's so many [xxx].cc but the header is [xxx]node.h
<InPhase> lol, yeah. Mismatched .cc and .h files is a mess in this project. I don't think I've ever seen quite so much of it before. :)
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<InPhase> Okay. Want an example of that node thing going really wrong? import_* and import.h belong in an "import" subdirectory. importnode.h does not. import.cc is an implementation of importnode.h and not import.h
<peeps[win]> yeah, not good
<InPhase> The subdirectory agenda helps identify that. I never spotted it before, and I've looked at many of those imports.
<InPhase> A rename is also a fair choice.
<peeps[win]> also confusing: render.cc rendernode.h
<InPhase> I see that some of these .cc files have more they implement than just in the node.h file, namely the things like builtin_render. But this is still too messy. I'd rather have separate .cc files for the separate parts than have mismatched files.
<InPhase> The only header files without name-matched cpp files should be header-only components.
<InPhase> peeps[win]: Maybe if you agree with the general suggestions already discussed, try some relocating and pastebin the output of running "tree".
<InPhase> peeps[win]: That will make the evolved state of things clearer.
<peepsalot> InPhase: ok, i'm taking a stab at it right now. btw, the gui changes are already in this pr if you didn't see https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4159
<peepsalot> InPhase: what do you think about things that legitimately belong in two categories at once? CGALRenderer.cc seems like it could go in a src/render but also src/cgal. should there be a top level src/render (for lots of Offscreen.* and other gl things) but also a src/cgal/render ??
<InPhase> So a cluster analysis should depend on how separable they are I guess. First-order check with where the headers are used says that these should be fine in separate render/ and cgal/ subdirectories.
<InPhase> Or if anything maybe render/cgal
<InPhase> I suppose cgal is properly a subset of rendering, even if it's used for a non-render step.
<InPhase> You can theoretically also overly divide things with overly aggressive hierarchies.
<InPhase> So I'm somewhat indifferent I guess to exactly how those end up. But I'd say cgal stuff could be off by itself.
<peepsalot> btw i'm referring to a "render" subdir for graphical render on GPU, OpenGL, to png. but not as in render to STL
<InPhase> Oh... Maybe a different name for that.
<InPhase> I missed that distinction.
<InPhase> Yes, I see it now when I actually look at the file contents. :)
<InPhase> GLrender maybe, or something that distinguishes it. "render" is a reserved keyword. :)
<InPhase> imagerender
<InPhase> Anything that direction
<peepsalot> maybe a whole "glview" dir, even though GLView is also a class
<InPhase> That could work.
<peepsalot> or just "display" ?
<InPhase> I appreciate glview I guess. This is probably used for some non-gui processes, right?
<InPhase> Like image output by command line?
<InPhase> Whereas "display" might be misinterpreted as more of the gui than just the image portion.
<peepsalot> yeah, command line, so all the offscreencontext stuff will be going in there too
<peepsalot> i'll go with glview then
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<peepsalot> InPhase, teepee: here's what I came up with as a first draft proposed file layout: https://bpa.st/5HZQ
<peepsalot> src/ext is unchanged, src/gui is same as my PR above. the few things remaining in top level src either seemed appropriate there or I couldn't figure out a place
<peepsalot> most of the language processing stuff ended up in "core"
<peepsalot> i left all the filenames the same so they can be more easily compared with existing tree. but would still want to fix all the core/*node.h to have matching .cc files, etc.
<peepsalot> a few other things I wasn't sure about like src/glview/preview/csgnode.* and src/glview/preview/CSGTreeEvaluator.* are maybe more "core" and not preview/OpenCSG specific. I don't know, its hard to say since the code flow kind of mixes it all together
<peepsalot> "geometry" holds files related to the data structures AND computation of output geometry
<peepsalot> should i copy all this into a github issue for discussion?
<InPhase> Well, that structure looks like a good upgrade.
<peepsalot> rewriting all the include paths will be a chore
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<buZz> whats a easy way to make a 'reprap teardrop' ?
<buZz> the , eh, round at the bottom. point at top, like the reprap logo
<J2228> square and a circle ?
<J2228> square(5);
<J2228> circle(5,$fn=36);
<J2228> buZz
<buZz> ah, just flat you mean, or rotate the square?
<buZz> hmm
<buZz> i guess i could just do a 0.1 square and hull() ;)
<J2228> you need that in 3D  .. just cut and rotate extrude
<buZz> i guess nopscadlib has it ;)
<J2228> $fn=36;
<J2228> rotate_extrude()
<J2228> intersection(){
<J2228> rotate(45)
<J2228> union(){
<J2228> square(5);
<J2228> circle(5);
<J2228> }
<J2228> translate([0,-50])square(100);
<J2228> }
<J2228> if you need them for holes .. i have them with flat top
<buZz> well, this printed a bit sad; https://i.imgur.com/uzrytMd.png
<buZz> just want to make it a bit more carefree before i share it ;)
<J2228> the Tdrop() in my lib auto calc the flat and angle from nozzle and layer
<J2228> you also could just scale the arc a bit
<buZz> only real motivation was just saving material, so maybe i could just make rectangular without losing too much strength
<buZz> +it
<J2228> bridging works better .. or  do a 60° angle
<J2228> (or use supports) Ü
<buZz> nooo
<buZz> :P
<J2228> you could do some tree/ voronoi   but  in the end this will use more material
<buZz> https://imgur.com/a/I5JTAZU <- getting that top to print -at all- required me to fix the print while printing with a ruler :P
<J2228> keep in mind that 3D prints are hollow so all that weight saving by using holes doesn't apply here as it is not solid and you increase surface ⇒ hence walls
<buZz> this print was 100% filled :) most often my prints are
<J2228> well the Tdrop exist for that reason
<J2228> a bridge is also not looking perfect
<J2228> printing flat with a hinge
<buZz> hmhm
<buZz> well i want it to survive the abuse thats my backpack plus random throwing around, just a solid stand for the 3ds (but works for a lot of others)
<J2228> with a hinge it would store flat .. so less volume and less force
<J2228> but a hexagon for the opening looks  also nice and print clean
<J2228> minkowski(){circle(20,$fn=6);circle(3,$fn=36)}
<buZz> yeah kinda cool aswell
<buZz> maybe i'll just do a couple for looks
<J2228> https://ochafik.com/openscad/#%7B%22source%22%3A%7B%22name%22%3A%22input.stl%22%2C%22content%22%3A%22linear_extrude(5)minkowski()%7Bscale(%5B2.5%2C1%5D)circle(20%2C%24fn%3D6)%3Bcircle(3%2C%24fn%3D36)%3B%7D%22%7D%2C%22autorender%22%3Atrue%2C%22autoparse%22%3Atrue%2C%22maximumMegabytes%22%3A1024%2C%22features%22%3A%5B%22fast-csg%22%2C%22fast-csg-trus
<J2228> t-corefinement%22%2C%22lazy-union%22%5D%2C%22showExp%22%3Atrue%2C%22camera%22%3Anull%7D
<buZz> not sure whats supposed to happen ;)
<buZz> doesnt seem to work for me
<J2228> hmm  ..  renders linear_extrude(5)minkowski(){scale([2.5,1])circle(20,$fn=6);circle(3,$fn=36);}
<buZz> wait, no, works in chromium :)
<buZz> just not in firefox
<buZz> projection() ? hmm
<buZz> fancy :D
<teepee> it reacts on angle too
<teepee> if you lay it flat it becomes a circle I think
<buZz> linear_extrude(2) projection() rotate([15,33,0]) cube(10);
<buZz> i never played with projection() before :P
<buZz> seems cool, gotta fine me a use :P
<J2228> projection need to render first ..
<buZz> wtf it even works on import("bla.stl")
<buZz> :D
<J2228> with cut=true  you get a profile
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<peepsalot> teepee: any thoughts on the source tree organization? would you rather the gui relocation be merged separately from the rest or just do all the changes in one PR?
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<teepee> peepsalot: gui separately would probably help by not conflicting with all the open cgal changes
<teepee> in most cases git catches simple file moves, but there's quite some stuff open right now
<teepee> if it's not too messy or too big a change it would be nice to find a separate place for libsvg with it's own CMakeLists.txt
<InPhase> peepsalot: Rather than rewrite the include paths, the other directories can just be bundled into CMakeLists as include paths. That centralizes it, and facilitates later reorganizations.
<teepee> not hugely critical, but it originally was intended to be a "separate" library and has different license
<peeps[win]> teepee, ok, sounds good.
<peeps[win]> for libsvg, are you looking at the pastebin? i put libsvg under io there. that is original code from our org though right?
<peeps[win]> what about as another git submodule, with its own repo?
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<teepee> yes, that's mostly written by me
<teepee> hmm, submodule, not sure. I guess we started that already :-)
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<teepee> but then we don't know if anyone would ever be interested in using it separately
<peeps[win]> what is the reasoning for being "separate" library? i guess it helps have a more clearly defined interface? would you want to keep it statically linked?
<teepee> yeah, fully separate parsing code, and also the more relaxed license
<teepee> kintel always considered making openscad itself MIT or something, but I guess that ship has sailed some time ago
<teepee> so we discussed having some of the bigger spearate parts maybe as MIT where we have the control
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<teepee> wait, what's svg.cc
<teepee> is that the 3d export code?
<peeps[win]> not sure, header says its for debugging? https://github.com/thehans/openscad/blob/organize_src/src/svg.h
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<teepee> yeah, not sure I've seen that in action
<teepee> I vaguely remember having some code that does 3d isometric export to SVG
<teepee> but I think that was different code
<teepee> this is 10 years old code from Don
<peepsalot> sounds like dead code, I'll try removing it from #include's and CMakeLists and see if there's any build complaints
<peepsalot> teepee: if libsvg is given its own CMakeLists, where would you place it ideally?
<peepsalot> it seems like it should go outside of /src in some other top level dir. I'm thinking either /libsvg (similar to /winconsole), or something like /libraries/libsvg (except libraries has MCAD so i've always interpreted as scad libraries)
<teepee> libraries is pretty much gone for scad libraries I guess, even though I don't expect we want to add more
<teepee> I would not mind /libsvg or we find a good name to move both libsvg and winconsole to
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<peepsalot> ok, i'll probably try /libsvg then, when i get to that. for now I'm just trying to get a build working after all these other moves
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<peepsalot> question about how we prefer to handle #include paths. I guess the simplest thing would be to just add any new paths to the compiler's include dirs "-I", but that kinda seems like bad practice / error-prone
<peepsalot> so for example, some files in src/gui/input would include headers from src/gui. I did some search and replace like: #include "foo.h" #include
<peepsalot> like: #include "foo.h" --> #include "gui/foo.h"
<peepsalot> but this sort of unnecessarily changed some files in src/gui which include other src/gui headers. they could have kept relative path since in same dir
<InPhase> The risks are basically just from using the same filename twice. Of course we haven't done that since they all came out of the same directory very recently.
<peepsalot> InPhase: ok, so you would vote for minimal #include edits in source, and just add all paths to compiler include dirs?
<peepsalot> another question, is it ever acceptable to include relative parent dir: "../foo.h"
<InPhase> peepsalot: I do endorse it that way. On relative directories, I try not to do that outside of testing code. It feels fragile.
<InPhase> I think there is, indeed, a small theoretical risk to putting a bunch of includes. But it should be fairly easy to recognize from the compiler errors when it happens.
<InPhase> s/of includes/of include directories/
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<InPhase> But on the pro-side, the maintenance and flexibility to move things around goes up substantially.
<InPhase> I'm not sure if there's any agreement on a standard best practice out there for this, but those are my thoughts, and I think the conclusion holds true for this size scale of program up through at least a bit larger. It might stop holding true if it were extremely large.
<InPhase> Putting the locations in CMakeLists seems to me to be about reducing interdependency between the files, which is usually a plus.
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<peepsalot> well... time to go undo all my gui source edits :P just putting all paths as include dirs definitely makes maintenance easier. it just felt kinda wrong to me
<peepsalot> gui pr fixed up, much less edits of renamed files now.
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<peepsalot> i can basically comment those out and then it builds fine without svg.cc and svg.h. seems like another candidate to move into dev-support repo?
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<peepsalot> InPhase: are there any particular cases where you DO prefer to explicitly #include a subdir? #include "subdir/file.h" as opposed to having "subdir" in the compiler incdirs
<peepsalot> just curious... btw, i got the compile to finish locally after all those moves, with just a few added include dirs in CMakeLists. so my ignore comment from before of how it would be such a "chore" ;)
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<InPhase> peepsalot: Well for external libraries I like the subdirectories approach from the base directory. But I think there's a logic to this, in that you do not control the filenames of external libraries.
<InPhase> peepsalot: Dropping a whole lot of externally managed subdirectories is likely to give you a surprise "namespace" collision even when nothing internal has changed.
<InPhase> It depends on the library of course, but some libraries have a ton of files with a lot of common names.
<InPhase> time.h, utils.h, standard sorts of hazards. :)
<InPhase> It's easier to not shoot yourself in the foot, than to avoid getting shot in the foot by a bunch of monkies firing randomly.
<teepee> peeps[win]: I'd tend to keep the svg.cc for now. I'm not sure what it does and if it's work keeping, might be something for a later cleanup
<InPhase> peepsalot: Looks like OlivierChafik[m] just added this high quality function last month. ;) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/blob/master/src/CGALHybridPolyhedron.cc#L247-L252
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<teepee> yeah, that's all debug stuff copied from the old class I think
<InPhase> Ah, copy/paste?
<teepee> most likely, I have not checked :)
<teepee> well, the commented out part is from CGAL_Nef_polyhedron.cc
<InPhase> Ah, I see there was a working unused dump_svg in CGAL_Nef_polyhedron previously.
<InPhase> So yeah, it looks like testing code.
<teepee> lets call it compiled, no idea about degree of working ;-)
<InPhase> Fair. :)
<teepee> it probably produces something, question is who knows what it means
<peeps[win]> teepee, ok, i can save it for a later change. does the gui organize PR look ok to you? https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4159 once I merge that, I can open new PR with the rest of the file moves
<teepee> uff, 166 files :)
<teepee> give me a minute :)
<teepee> but it's probably fine, compiling and green tests should be pretty much the guards needed
<teepee> none of the file moves should affect the install process, right, it's either code or stuff that goes into compiled resources
<teepee> so I'd say it looks good
<teepee> InPhase: no image support unfortunately, you have to vote it into unicode 14 first
<teepee> or whatever the next version is
<teepee> ah, 14 is out already
<teepee> uh, oh, more hand gestures
<gbruno> [github] thehans pushed 145 additions 21 modifications 145 removals (Merge pull request #4159 from thehans/organize_src Organize gui source files.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/d62b8c0cc4ac952b8edc0d9b8936da58006c8483
<teepee> right, adding troll emoji, most important unicode release for the internet as a whole
<peepsalot> so, if we are keeping svg.cc for now, where is a good place for it? src/utils ? it seems to be just for debug dumping of geometry data
<peepsalot> or leave it in io where I originally put it?
<peepsalot> before i realized it was separate from libsvg etc.
<teepee> yeah, maybe src/utils
<teepee> the general stash for stuff we don't know much about :D
<teepee> ok, so I'm not going to claim I understand all the remesh code, but if there's no objects, I'll merge that :)
<teepee> ahem, s/objects/objections/
* teepee checks dictionary
<peepsalot> no objections, but I also haven't really looked at it :P
<teepee> :)
<teepee> I'll merge it, should not impact the file moves I hope
<peepsalot> here's a PR with 299 files changed this time https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4161
<teepee> aww, 2 conflicts
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 12 additions 5 modifications (Merge pull request #4117 from ochafik/fast-csg-remesh3 [fast-csg] Custom remeshing after corefinements.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/03e4edbaa8a736da36e6a468fdfc241a9877eb44
<peepsalot> oh yeah, forgot about libsvg, its still under src/io/libsvg for now
<peepsalot> btw here is "tree --dirsfirst" output for latest revision in case anyone cares: https://bpa.st/BIEQ
<peepsalot> I moved a few files around, but mostly the same
<peepsalot> another 3 cgalutils files to move
<teepee> hmm? CsgInfo is used in export_png
<teepee> strange
<peepsalot> i just noticed my latest local build (Release build type) resulted in a 20MB openscad executable on linux. wonder how its getting so bloated. seems like it was <10MB not too long ago
<teepee> hmm, stripping my debug build gives 15mb
<peepsalot> what's the command to strip symbols?
<teepee> for stripping everything, just "strip openscad"
<teepee> for just the debug stuff --strip-debug
<teepee> but that probably only makes a difference for libs or so, not sure
<peepsalot> hmm, my release build went from 20655056 to 16474832 bytes from just "strip openscad"
<peepsalot> i didn't realize strip was its own command thought there was some binutils objdump or something
<peepsalot> what is it stripping if its already a release build?
<teepee> no idea if it can detect some unused stuff or if there's other non-debug sections even in release mode
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<peepsalot> teepee: if i --strip-debug it only reduces size by about 6K
<peepsalot> i don't even understand what symbols are, if not for debugging
<teepee> shared libs have some stuff that breaks with full strip, IIRC
<peepsalot> well, i ran "nm openscad > nm.dump" and got a 4MB file of symbols, fwiw