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<mmiscool-Autodro> Ahoys
<mmiscool-Autodro> Recently set up OpenSCAD.cloud and wanted to reach out and see what kinds of collaboration might be possible with the primary OpenSCAD project.
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<mmiscool-Autodro> Whats that?
<J2246899> an algorithm to create cities
<J2246899> iirc  OlivierChafik[m] has  scad.cloud registered
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<mmiscool-Autodro> fun
<J22> mmiscool-Autodro  do you plan to integrate  libraries like  on https://ochafik.com/openscad
<mmiscool-Autodro> So the editor available on openSCAD.cloud allows for multi file projects. You could add what ever files you want including libraries.
<J22> sure i always can add the library on top of a project file -  the nice thing is if some are already available .. like the MCAD or standard libraries
<mmiscool-Autodro> I need to make a list of the common ones and look at the licences.l
<mmiscool-Autodro> Would probably add some thing that would allow you to pick libraries to be added to a project. Not just include them all by default.
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<Guest46> ciao
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<setpill> Hi all, running into a recurring issue that is always a pain to deal with; infinitely thin walls.
<setpill> Often happens when taking difference of 2 shapes that share a wall
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<setpill> It creates lots of visual glitching in previews
<setpill> Is there something that I can do to fix this?
<InPhase> Yes, follow the overlap rule in the manual.
<pingufanGH> Hello. I want to create a NUT matching the trapezoid thread of an old SodaStream bottle. I try to understand "threads.scad", but I totally stuck. It should work with " thread_polyhedron(), but I didn't get any thread generated yet.
<InPhase> pingufanGH: Well there are multiple threads.scad files, but perhaps you can try this one? https://github.com/rcolyer/threads-scad
<pingufanGH> Can somebody help me, please? This Sodastream thread is a bit exotic. It is a thread with two starts, the upper shoulder is 45 degreed, the lower shoulder 7 degrees.
<InPhase> Oh, a double-start.
<InPhase> Well that's trickier.
<pingufanGH> I already have this script. I don't know how to call thread_polyhedron() correctly.
<InPhase> J22: Can your UB.scad pile resolve this scenario?
<pingufanGH> It allows/requires a lot of parameters, but there is no real example I can start with.
<InPhase> pingufanGH: Well you could also try putting some code in a https://bpa.st link, along with a paste or a link to the threads.scad being used.
<pingufanGH> are you familiar with threads.scad?
<setpill> InPhase: Hrm, I see, thanks. I was hoping that there would be something "smarter", like an operation to remove walls/gaps of a thickness under a certain threshold value. I suppose I could write something like that myself.
<InPhase> setpill: Well scroll up and read the note under union for why this is not something you can automate in general.
<InPhase> setpill: You can of course automate specific situations for convenience, but there's nothing that will always work right.
<setpill> I understand the intrinsic problem with floating point numbers
<setpill> Hm
<pingufanGH> This are the thread dimensions: inner diameter: 35mm, outer diameter:38mm, Pitch 8mm, 2 starts, bottom side of trapezoid = 2degrees, upper side 45 degrees
<InPhase> setpill: I too heard it, disbelieved it, and spent good brain time trying to find a more generalized solution that will always or almost always work. But it's a very fundamental sort of problem. :)
<setpill> I was thinkin of something along the lines of outset + inset
<InPhase> Every solution sort of just moves the problem around when there are arbitrary inputs possible.
<setpill> Ie. "grow" the shape with a certain value, then "shrink" it again
<InPhase> pingufanGH: As I said, there are multiple threads.scad files. I wrote one of them, but I think not the one that you are using as I don't recognize that module call name.
<pingufanGH> InPhase: if you cound show me at least a raw set of parameters I can refine, this would be very kind.
<pingufanGH> may I show you mine? I found it in the Internet.
<setpill> The "grow" stage would remove gaps under the threshold size. Though I guess it'd have to be grow + shrink + shrink + grow to also remove walls under the threshold size
<InPhase> pingufanGH: Yeah, that would probably help.
<InPhase> setpill: At which point the amount of the grow becomes the new problem.
<setpill> That'd just be a parameter the user gives
<InPhase> setpill: That's similar to an overlap offset, but in all directions.
<setpill> Yes, it's nothing worldshattering
<setpill> Just a convenience function
<setpill> Unless I have overlooked an existing one
<pingufanGH> InPhase: Here it is: https://bpa.st/WIJQ
<pingufanGH> At the end you find module thread_polyhedron()
<setpill> Is there something like negative minkowski?
<pingufanGH> What O want to do is more or less the same I do with metric threads: I generate the thead, exportit as STL, import that one in FreeCAD and continue working there.
<InPhase> pingufanGH: thread_polyhedron(8, 1, false, 2, 0.5, false, false, false, 30);
<InPhase> pingufanGH: Well that produced a thread segment. At the moment I'm thinking this module just makes one segment.
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<pingufanGH> So it meeds another "shell" producing many segments in series? I never understood how openscad works.
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<InPhase> pingufanGH: This produced an internal double-start thread for me with that library you found: https://bpa.st/G5IQ
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<InPhase> pingufanGH: But! Note that to get it to be a decent thread that you could actually turn smoothly, I had to modify that threads.scad file. In particular I changed this line as such: function segments (diameter) = min (360, ceil (diameter*8));
<InPhase> pingufanGH: That library hardcoded itself to low-poly threads. But threads are mechanical parts and need to be smooth to turn well. Those settings should obtain it.
<pingufanGH> Is there any library available, already including trapezoid threads in addition?
<J22> inPhase duals threads are included in ub.scad
<InPhase> J22: Perhaps you can demonstrate for pingufanGH. This found library does have trapezoidal threads, but they're a little inflexible.
<InPhase> Double-starts are so rare that I never bothered to implement that it mine.
<J22> https://pasteboard.co/MvTLgG7qHhOQ.png   this fits the SodaStream CO₂ cylinder
<pingufanGH> The double start is not the problem, it can be done by combining two copies, one rotated 180 deg.
<J22> Double-start is easy .. just put 2 Threads onto  with 180° offset
<J22> and pitch is 2×
<pingufanGH> The major problem is: No library I found allows to define the size of one "tooth",
<J22> this is how the ub.scad  thread module is used to make trapezoid threads
<pingufanGH> Perfect would be inner diameter, outer diameter, center height of ine "tooth", and pitch of helix.
<J22> dn is outer  and kern (core) is the inner
<pingufanGH> Luxury version of this couls allow different angle for upper and lower seide-wall of "square shape"
<InPhase> pingufanGH: The "which things does the user want to control" question is always the tricky part, as it varies wildly, and any choice to support problem X risks making problem Y harder. Hence, many libraries arising. :)
<InPhase> pingufanGH: Try J22's solution.
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<J22> you can define bothe angles .. but a normal trapezoid thread would use 30° for both
<pingufanGH> I.e. imagine a vacuum cleaner hose (Staubsauerschlauch). This is actually a rounded thread, where the thread-tooth is very thin and pitch is wide.
<J22> rounded is an option for  the Gewinde() module
<pingufanGH> But as I said, currently I need this extraordinary thread for SodaStream.
<pingufanGH> Is this UB.scad working with my "OpenSCAD version 2015.03-2 "
<J22> oh 2015 is outdated .. sorry
<J22> if you like i can upload the geometry anywhere
<InPhase> pingufanGH: It's definitely worth upgrading from 2015.03-2. That's missing a ton of features.
<J22> inPhase  .. can you check https://bpa.st/FZ6Q  .. my version has a problem with render()  ..
<J22> 2022.02.18
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<pingufanGH> New version is a little new problem: My Linux is a bit old (openSUSE Leap 42.3). Since some AppImages assume new gcc, even some AppImages dont work on my weekend machine any more.
<J22> maybe the thread module would work with 2015  so you would need to copy this with some functions and modules
<pingufanGH> Another thing: I use openscad only in that cases where FreeCAD has no workbench. So it is with threads (as an example), there is one, but with focus on V-shaped profile. And Timing belts and ...pulleys is the next.
<J22> ( i have a module for GT2 timing belts and pulleys)
<pingufanGH> FreeCAD is definitely my favorite, I immediately see what I doo, and I mostly combine or subtract primitives.
<pingufanGH> I have a .scad genertating wonderful pulleys also with T6 profile (my favorite one, still.)
<J22> your favorite is always what you are used to use and familiar with
<pingufanGH> I would immediately switch to a Freecad workbench if one with similar possibilities would exist. This workaround from scad -> atl -> Freecad -> Make volume part is a nightmare and often problematic.
<J22> the libraries i know of just use a profile as dataset  (which is ok)  i calculate the profile
<pingufanGH> Butt Freecad will never end its Pre-Beta status (so it appears to me)
<pingufanGH> ...to me from user side).
<pingufanGH> So I actually live with a series of workarounds.
<J22> pingufanGH  you can use a chained hull for the thread .. that should work with 2015
<pingufanGH> You are talking with an openscad novice
<J22> you create the tooth profile  in 2D ..  linear_extrude(.1,scale=0);   and then loop and hull them together  (which works for short threads)
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<J22> as you are not dealing with polyhedra  this is much easier to grasp
<pingufanGH> I am happy that I managed to use threads.scad and pulley.scad
<J22> .. just trying to find a solution for your problem
<pingufanGH> I thankfully know.
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<J22> pingufanGH  try this https://bpa.st/4HGA
<pingufanGH> My primary problem is that I know almost nothing about scad. It appears to be very powerful, but I miss a GUI. My parts are relatively complex (often) and non-repetative (i.e. spokes of a gear), so programming such parts in scad is almost impossible. This lead into the situation that I do almost everything in FreeCAD and only do that outside what it has not implemented and is too complex for manual designing (gears, ...)
<J22> replace the square with your trapezoid.. and add a cylinder/ tube  in the end
<J22> other CAD programs doing the same like scad .. but the math is just not visible to the end user
<pingufanGH> Yes, I see many similarities.
<J22> and FreeCad can use openScad scripts and convert solids into curves
<pingufanGH> THIS I never got working.
<pingufanGH> So instead of square() I use polygon() ?
<J22> pingufanGH  here https://bpa.st/VSOQ  made you an trapezoid profile
<pingufanGH> J22: So I use polygon() instead of square to define the shape in X/Y plane. Lower-left is [0,0], - correct?
<J22> yes did that for you
<pingufanGH> has this + in line 17 some special meaning?
<J22> i used 5 for x  .. but this would be  outer (diameter - inner diameter )/2
<J22>  no ignore that .. it comes when changing values with  "alt+arrowUp"
<pingufanGH> I think I understand how this works now.
<J22> Ü
<J22> if you add offset(.5)offset(-.5) polygon();  your edges are rounded
<J22> (what you want for bigger thread profiles) .. also use $fn=36; on top
<pingufanGH> I often used $fn=100 without understanding what it really does. I only see that everything is smoother then.
<J22> fn ⇒ fragment number .. how many edges a a circle (for 360°)
<J22> when printing you will turn this upside down as the shallow angle should be  on top
<pingufanGH> Ok. This script generates now one helical thread. I need two starts, I do it twice and rotate the second one 180 deg around "Z" with translate ?
<pingufanGH> But this is really useful to me now.
<J22> pingufanGH  and here with degree and h https://bpa.st/SHOA
<J22> you use rotate(180)
<pingufanGH> Whow. I would like to be so good with scad...
<pingufanGH> Really, what you did now --- I would have spent hours on this with almost no success.
<J22> https://bpa.st/BH6Q  pingufanGH  this
<J22> i just use this a lot
<J22> so i have some anticipation what to do to get a certain result
<InPhase> J22: Your FZ6Q example is working fine for me in release and my latest master branch build.
<InPhase> J22: I don't recall exactly the 2022.02.18 state, but that sounds like maybe it was in the middle of some of the fast-csg bugs? Perhaps just go before or after that.
<J22> InPhase so no transparent back faces ?   so i need to update
<J22> Thanks for testing
<InPhase> My latest master build had some preview convexty issues that I didn't see in release, but that happens sometimes. They weren't present in a full render.
<J22> i am worried a bit as by designs doesn't work on 22.3  ( WASM )
<J22>  oh i am not talking about the F6 render .. it is when using render() parts in preview
<pingufanGH> J22: Does the first code (with coordinate points) use relative or absolute coords (related to first point)?
<J22> pingufanGH  absolute  and relative for the last
<J22> the coordinates are always absolute .. but by adding the .75  i make this relative to the point before
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<InPhase> J22: Well if that convexty issue (weird transparency effect based on camera angle) then yes, I did see that. But those are display issues only.
<J22> pingufanGH https://bpa.st/RI6Q  here with better parameter
<J22> InPhase yeah  but my design look shitty in preview Ü
<J22> it seems the render() ignores the convexity
<J22> (which is probably not true as i made test where the problem is worse with convexity >1)
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<pingufanGH> J22: Look here, please. Making a double start thread. https://bpa.st/O4QQ
<pingufanGH> Did I do it correctly?
<J22> yes looks fine . .but  it is fn not fm  (which is not importand as your design is not using rounded things)
<pingufanGH> I moved the initial main code into a module and call this module twice. Once I rotate it 180 deg.
<InPhase> J22: Yeah, the render is newly ignoring that convexity I think.
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<J22> check my last paste  where you have everything set including the correct angles
<InPhase> J22: Note that you have an overlap issue on the difference, which makes it a bad testcase example. But fixing that with a negative translate before the cube(5) preserves the issue you found.
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<pingufanGH> J22: You know ... doing my first baby steps now...
<J22> pingufanGH and you are doing fine
<poisond> fast-csg really is a great improvement :) Some of my designs that took 10+ minutes to render now "only" take one ^^
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<J22> just a 45 angle  on x=1.5 mm is y=1.5 mm  (not 1.15)
<J22> äh 1.6 mm is what you used
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<pingufanGH> My absolute coors code gives almost the right shape.
<J22> the last point is [0,2.9] not 3
<J22> but that probably doesn't matter
<pingufanGH> Where in this for() loop is the number of turns hidden? Is it this 720 (degrees perhaps) ?
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<J22> yes exactly .. and in my latest paste you see that i convert a h (höhe) into the rotations by dividing through p and times 360
<J22> and then in the loop  2 is removed as the second hull part is  +2 .. so the threads ends exactly
<J22> j=i+2;
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<InPhase> poisond: Agreed. :) It's a big change, so it still needs hammered with testing, but it will be great to be able to roll that out as stable.
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<InPhase> I think it's at least getting pretty close.
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<pingufanGH> J22: How do I move something i.e. 4 mm downwards along Z ?
<J22> translate([0,0,-4])
<J22> maybe you would enjoy the nice tutorial!
<pingufanGH> Ah, I missed the square brackets.
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<J22> !tutorial
<pingufanGH> This is really a very unusual syntax to me. :)
<J22> pingufanGH  i made a module where you can use Tz(-4) .. just to avoid the brackets and 0,0,
<poisond> InPhase: got another ~15% improvement with a PGO build :)
<pingufanGH> Heavy mix of pascal syntax...
<J22> i think it is more haskel
<pingufanGH> ... whatever that is... :D
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<J22> or lisp
<pingufanGH> Ok. I moved now the threads down 4 mm. Then I also created a cylinder, wider than the outer thread diameter, height 20mm.
<pingufanGH> I want to get thepart of the threads enclosed by the cylinder.
<pingufanGH> I remember List from AutoCAD times. I didn't like it.
<pingufanGH> something like common() {} ?
<J22> https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haskell_(Programmiersprache)   .. you will notice the difference of a functional language at one point
<J22> you talking  intersection()?
<pingufanGH> cut off what exceeds the cylinder.
<J22> yes get the intersection of cylinder and thread
<J22> (or difference a tube - hollow cylinder)
<poisond> are there any plans to make variables in the module scope accessible? It would make writing generic libraries so much easier
<J22> poisond only works for children
<J22> like special variables $var
<pingufanGH> Yeppeeeeeee - A Double-start thread with flat ends on top and bottom...
<pingufanGH> Look here! https://bpa.st/WQ6A
<J22> congratulations!  .. always more satisfying when doing by oneself not just using a lib
<pingufanGH> It needed a while to figure out that I have to union() both starts first ...
<J22> btw it is not called trapezoid thrad .. its a sawtooth / sägezahn gewinde
<pingufanGH> Would be soooo wonderful if FC would have a flexible workbench for such stuff...
<J22> sägengewinde  or buttress
<pingufanGH> Blödes Gewinde tut's auch...
<J22> there are probably addons available for FC
<pingufanGH> Everything (or most of it) only "half done" things. Look into pulleys.scad. It is excellent. Tothing like that for FC.
<pingufanGH> Nothing .....
<pingufanGH> I have to close now. Have to return to Vienna vow from weekend.
<J22> .. good voyage
<pingufanGH> Thanks so much for your kindly help. I will possibly have to slightly modify the polygon, but now I understood the process...
<J22> btw try  ochafik.com/openscad/  ..  lastest scad with autocomplete editor
<J22> works on mobiles (webbrowser)
<pingufanGH> Thanky for this hint.
<pingufanGH> Bye.
<J22> pingufanGH  you can use my lib there Ü
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<peeps[zen]> noot noot!
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<teepee> ha, yes, I've seen that before, very strange bird
<J22> they move funny
<J22> Waldschnepfe
<J22> teepee have you seen the VW beetle msg?
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<teepee> of course, very cool stuff
<teepee> just back home now :)
<teepee> getting a stable link for the gallery would be nice
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<J22> i thought it may only be temporarily unstable
<J22> i mean seems that server hosting a company website
<teepee> I've seen it broken like 80% of the time, so eventually I removed it
<teepee> but it's such a great project, it would be nice to have it back in the gallery
<J22> maybe there is an archive.org link (like WP using all the time)
<teepee> we can just ask
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<teepee> I mean what the situation is, maybe there's some way to help
<teepee> seen Junxter
<othx> Junxter was last seen in #openscad 8 days, 7 minutes, 6 seconds ago saying 'i use iterative re-mash to help design with lots of gears'.
<J22> (hope it was that link)
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<Claws61821> Is there a way to configure the console to NOT hide repeat errors from one pre-render to the next? It makes it very difficult sometimes to troubleshoot my scripts.
<teepee> no, it's not a console problem, but the cache returning an empty result without the error
<peeps[zen]> Claws61821: only thing you can do at the moment is click "Design -> Flush caches" between runs.
<Claws61821> Thank you both.
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Merge pull request #4184 from aidtopia/readme-fix Update sample git clone command in README to use https: instead of git:.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/df927c4b3b41a78a856a7ba03ad49a90c6491733
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