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<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: I've failed to reproduce the CI hang locally so far (tried a stock ubuntu docker image - not sure if github's images are available? - and beefed up its apt installed packages until it could build and run tests). Do you have any idea how to get closer to the same running conditions as github workflows? (might try capping ram or cpu next)
<teepee> I don't know what specs those runners have.
<teepee> I think the mac runner dumps some system information at the start
<teepee> hmm, only the circle-ci run seems to do that :(
<teepee> it's strange, the macos run was stuck in a totally different place, like 2 tests before the end
<teepee> maybe we just re-run tomorrow to see if it's a system issue
<OlivierChafik[m]> hah, thanks! and err... realized I was testing another branch, trying again :-(
<OlivierChafik[m]> that would be nice if it were. I'll push a couple of minor changes anyway (e.g. probably putting the predictible-ordering remeshing behind a feature if tonight's benchmarks show that the extra comparisons slow things down)
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<peeps[win]> OlivierChafik[m], for corefinement, calling scadGeom.getSurfaceMesh() would return a pointer to const Surface_Mesh, and you'd need to copy construct to get something mutable
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<gbruno> [github] willtel opened issue #4152 (Willtel) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4152
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<J228372> looks promissing
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<teepee> the version from OlivierChafik[m] seems quite a bit more robust, but the main issue is the numerical problems still
<teepee> but it's nice to see it's being picked up. maybe someone could help with the issues
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<Scopeuk> yeh that linked version seams a bit awkward (if you muck up syntax it appears to lock up forever on the processing screen)
<Scopeuk> cool to see the wasm stuff showing in a few places, as you say it would be great to see it gain traction and that to lead to more development/support arround it
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: I wish we could find out the main cause of exceptions, but I start advertising the web demo? (maybe with bigger warning signs that it *will* crash in ways not representative of OpenSCAD itself)
<OlivierChafik[m]> * teepee: I wish we could find out the main cause of exceptions, but should I start advertising the web demo? (maybe with bigger warning signs that it _will_ crash in ways not representative of OpenSCAD itself)
<teepee> yeah, I think it might catch some people who could help too. I suppose there's quite some WASM knowledge out there by now
<teepee> and it might be useful for some people too
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: Added some red warning + a link to the exception issue https://twitter.com/ochafik/status/1499370626829762564
<InPhase> :)
<InPhase> OlivierChafik[m]: Alpha bug fix: s/a STL/an STL/
<OlivierChafik[m]> InPhase fixed, thanks ;-)
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<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: would you be able to retweet from @openscad's account?
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<teepee> OlivierChafik[m]: no, I don't have access to that, I could ask via mail
<OlivierChafik[m]> Btw, https://ochafik.com/openscad works again on Firefox for me (I reverted to the last openscad-wasm release)
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #4152 (Willtel) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4152
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<gbruno> [github] nickeeey opened issue #4154 (Customizer Presets don't save) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4154
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 9 modifications (Merge pull request #4153 from luzpaz/typos Fix various typos.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/493dcac3bab46817c2dcf5de31f2e618b4851b94
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<teepee> aha, retweet by mail works :D
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<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: yay, thanks!
<teepee> OlivierChafik[m]: I'm open for anything repo related, so much options :)
<teepee> we could as the upstream repo to become part of the openscad org, or yours could move there
<OlivierChafik[m]> Hehe! I was thinking maybe some separate repo in the same org would make sense
<teepee> right now I just have a clone which I want to use for ci-builds
<OlivierChafik[m]> It also depends on how quickly we think we can compile the entire UI
<OlivierChafik[m]> maybe the web demo will just mostly disappear once we get the OpenGL working
<OlivierChafik[m]> building for emscripten is veeeery slow so may not want to slow down all the presubmits
<teepee> the separate gui probably still makes sense, I'm not even sure we want to start Qt on wasm
<OlivierChafik[m]> up to you
<OlivierChafik[m]> hahaha I'm sure it will look lovely
<OlivierChafik[m]> or cute
<OlivierChafik[m]> currently separate release schedules are completely possible between demo & real openscad. I would however make sense to compile the wasm port at the same time as the main repo
<teepee> so maybe I keep the clone of upstream wasm just for the ci pipeline to build the wasm binary
<OlivierChafik[m]> (the demo even parses the result of openscad --help to know what features are available, hopefully with a future-proof regex haha)
<OlivierChafik[m]> yes if github workflow can handle it
<myosotis> lmao @ future-proof regexp
<OlivierChafik[m]> myosotis: ikr?? lol
<teepee> and we have a second one for the demo?
<teepee> no idea what a good name would be :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> yes, can probably even have the demo switch between different releases with some dropdown
<OlivierChafik[m]> ugh name is the toughest part
<OlivierChafik[m]> openscad/openscad-playground
<OlivierChafik[m]> openscad/openscad-web-playground
<myosotis> what's the purpose of this repo?
<myosotis> if you're talking about other UI's it might not be a web playground
<teepee> playground sounds good to me
<OlivierChafik[m]> just to have a small web app
<myosotis> tech-demo, sandbox, experiments?
<OlivierChafik[m]> I mean if we get things right, it will eventually be a full-fledged port of OpenSCAD, maybe swapping some bits (editor) with native JS ones (monaco)
<teepee> yep, catching up with 2013 finally \o/
<OlivierChafik[m]> the releases of the playground app can be autopushed by CI, and so can be the WASM builds (different folders but probably hosting both at openscad.org/playground
<teepee> might be easier on the file server as we would have control over the actual webserver
<OlivierChafik[m]> omg omg I wanna find a good keybinding to cycle the *, %, ! operators on the current statement
<teepee> openscad.org is also a github site
<OlivierChafik[m]> mmmmh the problem with the file server is the mime types it sets. Not sure if I can override them properly with the service worker (and I'm gonna hate learning how to do that)
<teepee> so if you like we could move the repo to the github org
<OlivierChafik[m]> look at me, coming here to take a break frmo web development
<teepee> that's possible to configure
<myosotis> service workers were not good last time I checked. cross-browser incompatabilities were incredibly bad. Was a couple years ago though
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<OlivierChafik[m]> yes, I mean my fork of the repo is probably good to start from scratch anyway (And the fork doesn't have its own issues section), but maybe DSchroer's repo could move without change
<OlivierChafik[m]> myosotis: guess what: they still are a massive pain. That's why FF doesn't work until after the first reload (if at all) and I had to inline a modified version of the emscripten output into the FF-specific service worker for it to accept it
<OlivierChafik[m]> also any syntax error in any kind of worker (like, await outside an async fn) became a massive head-scratcher
<myosotis> yeah, and regular simple debugging can become a nightmare
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<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: if you can create openscad/openscad-playground I'll try and seed it with a more sane JS build layout
<OlivierChafik[m]> myosotis: it hasn't been a happy learning curve for this demo haha
<OlivierChafik[m]> > openscad.org is also a github site
<OlivierChafik[m]> Ohhh! Mmmh... should the web app just be developped there then?
<OlivierChafik[m]> (or we develop it in openscad-playground, then the push consists in uploading / committing just the minified outputs
<myosotis> github-pages sets Cache-Control: max-age=600 idk how much serving this app from there will be, but their tiny non-changeable expiration policy might be an issue with these large wasm files.
<teepee> we need a new server anyway, for now we can just deploy to files.openscad.org
<OlivierChafik[m]> myosotis: but... we have a service worker so we can change whatever we want ;-)
<OlivierChafik[m]> (if we care to learn how... ugh)
<myosotis> aws lambda would be very cheap for hosting like this
<myosotis> *something like this
<OlivierChafik[m]> oh, http://openscad.cloud redirects to https://autodrop.cloud/openscad/
<teepee> fine by me, we pretty much have control over *.openscad.org
<OlivierChafik[m]> (and I thought I was a bit cheeky to buy the scad.cloud domain :-D)
<teepee> well, kintel has
<teepee> so at some point we could have playground.openscad.org
<OlivierChafik[m]> yup, or openscad.org/play
<teepee> but for now files.openscad.org/playground would not be too bad I suppose
<OlivierChafik[m]> whatever works w/ the serving
<teepee> well, that's the github site again :)
<teepee> it probably could just http redirect or so
<OlivierChafik[m]> > but for now files.openscad.org/playground would not be too bad I suppose
<OlivierChafik[m]> eeeeesh... that... will do
<myosotis> check out AWS Amplify, it's basically just a frontend for hosting static sites on s3
<teepee> I think we need to move some of the donations into a good server
<teepee> and then watch in horror how the expenses rise when people start downloading stuff
<OlivierChafik[m]> (on a slightly different topic, I've mostly finished my URL shortener for scad.cloud, *just* need proper hosting and some productionization)
<teepee> I've seen that happen with retroarch
<OlivierChafik[m]> hahaha
<teepee> current file server is 20gb I think, getting one with a bit more cpu power and quite a bit more storage should be good
<teepee> might even host a forum eventually
<teepee> the official discourse hosting seems a tad expensive for what it provides
<OlivierChafik[m]> how much does it cost?
<teepee> $100/month @ 20gb / 100k mails / 100k page views
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<OlivierChafik[m]> Wow!
<myosotis> I don't want to stick my nose where it doesn't belong, but I do web dev / hosting / ops all day professionally and have done a lot of research into a lot of option in case you guys need a second opinion
<OlivierChafik[m]> Sounds... weirdly expensive for 2022, but I guess it depends how reliable this is
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<OlivierChafik[m]> (I'm renting a VPS for just over 1 gbp / month to serve as a Wireguard VPN for all my devices haha)
<myosotis> but $100/mo seems pretty absurdly expensive... what's that server doing right now for that much?
<teepee> no, that's the official prices for discourse hosting
<teepee> no idea what the current file server costs, it's payed by someone for lots of years, I think it's a small digitalocean droplet, not sure
<myosotis> do is pretty cheap. that's likely not a bad one.
<teepee> we had a DO $20 droplet in addition but that got dropped last year as the owner was not doing openscad anymore for many years
<OlivierChafik[m]> could we get recognized as an educational institution? haha https://www.discourse.org/pricing
<teepee> probably not, no legal entity at this point
<teepee> not sure if the open source cad foundation ever happens, that would probably work
<OlivierChafik[m]> (or free)
<teepee> 50% is still crazy expensive for just a forum @ 20gb
<myosotis> do you have the resources to administer self-hosted version?
<teepee> that 50€ netcup server is 64gb ram, 2Tb SSD
<OlivierChafik[m]> we probably qualify for their free + SSL offer too
<OlivierChafik[m]> > Head over to free.discourse.group and click Apply on the “Open Source” form. Fill out the details on it and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
<teepee> have resources, not really, but not the money for like $300/mo for various services
<teepee> somewhere around $20 - $40 a month is probably quite reasonable
<myosotis> in the last 5 years, self-hosted apps have been getting MUCH better. We use a couple self-hosted services at work that update themselves from freshly built docker images from the project, and they're practically maintenance free
<OlivierChafik[m]> how many monthly pageviews does the site get?
<teepee> no idea, but there's a google token in there :P
<myosotis> SSL is free everywhere now. If not you should look elsewhere
<OlivierChafik[m]> hahaha indeed, letsencrypt FTW!
<teepee> oh, crap, already Friday :)
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<OlivierChafik[m]> ugh, this week went too quickly here too
<OlivierChafik[m]> btw, do you guys sometime do virtual meetups, like remote coffee / beer over video?
<OlivierChafik[m]> would be good to put a face on IRC aliases haha
<OlivierChafik[m]> (and/or, when conferences irl resume, we should send a good OpenSCAD contingent with 3d-printed teeshirts or something)
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<teepee> we have not yet
<teepee> I met a couple of times with kurt and some other people from cadhub, but that's not going on anymore
<teepee> and we met at the last irl fosdem 2020
<OlivierChafik[m]> hah cool!
<OlivierChafik[m]> not sure what timezone could work for everyone, but I'd be keen to setup something if there's interest
<teepee> we'll find something. I guess we can try with my company jitsi, it's not a huge install, but a couple of people are probably fine, not getting much load normally :)
<teepee> but first some sleep...
<OlivierChafik[m]> haha cool, have always wanted to try jitsi! good night!
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