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<cr1901> xobs[m]: If I connect valentyusb to a host (and nothing else), is it normal for the host to not talk to it at all (i.e. only SOF packets) until I open the device?
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<xobs[m]> cr1901: I'd imagine so, at least until you connect the pullup resistor.
<cr1901> But the device enumerates
<cr1901> After enumeration, it just... sits there doing nothing. Contrast to a random Prolific USB serial chip I have, which opens EP 01 at least and does the IN-NAK dance
<cr1901> Anyways, I'm trying to add some functionality to valentyusb. It's 3am, I'll try again tomorrow or something
<cr1901> xobs[m]: (Note: When I open the device in say Tera Term, valentyusb starts doing the IN-NAK dance on the Bulk pipe. But when I close the device, the host stops sending IN packets)
<xobs[m]> Oh, then yes, it's normal for the host to not do anything. There's a flurry of activity and then silence.
<cr1901> Okay, interesting to know, thanks. I prob knew this then forgot
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<zyp> cr1901, it depends on the driver, the driver can either start requesting data right away or wait until the user is actually interested in the data
<zyp> but what is the driver supposed to do with the data it receives before the user wants it? it could buffer some, but eventually it'd have to either stop requesting more or discard it
<cr1901> Well I'm trying to debug "the USB serial connection hangs the BIOS boot until I connect to the device, and the autoflush logic I added does not appear to be running at all"
<cr1901> But good to know
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<zyp> cr1901, I've discussed the same issue with _florent_ before and he added this: https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/commit/ad1fe143cc32017589976b0934ffe73e696af9e4
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