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<ehawkvu> illiliti: emacs 29.1 for community -
<illiliti> what does esources file do?
<illiliti> > # Determine whether we are the -nox package or not...
<illiliti> i wouldn't do it
<illiliti> also isn't ./configure script smart enough to make all these pkg-config checks without assistance?
<ehawkvu> the esources file is my own thing - i can rm that
<ehawkvu> and the configure script does *not* check for libgccjit automatically so that option at least has to stay
<ehawkvu> and fair enough on the -nox check, i figured if i could share the build script i should
<ehawkvu> i've been using it to much success over in kiss-xorg
<illiliti> i'm kinda against using kiss in build scripts, so if there is a more agnostic way to check for it please remove kiss in favor of it
<ehawkvu> hmm
<illiliti> esources file - sorry but non standard extensions are definitely no go
<ehawkvu> illiliti: figured that
<illiliti> if there is no better way to check for libgccjit don't bother. i won't block your patch because of that
<ehawkvu> I have a hacky solution -
<ehawkvu> When you compile and run that it'll tell you whether or not libgccjit is installed
<ehawkvu> but I really don't like it lol
<illiliti> me too
<illiliti> i feel it could be simplified but not sure how
<ehawkvu> Here's the manifest of libgccjit -
<ehawkvu> also should -nox be committed? I don't mind adding it but i think most ppl will be using the gui version anyways
<illiliti> yeah we shouldn't rely on the fact that it's exists in /usr/lib
<illiliti> personally i think that -nox is redundant because we have kiss-fork which can be used to tweak package how you like
<ehawkvu> right
<illiliti> case $("$CC" in */*)
<illiliti> basically if $CC produces output with path, then library exists. if no, then doesn't exist
<illiliti> we use this trick in main repo, so there is nothing wrong to use it in community as well
<ehawkvu> sweet
<ehawkvu> should I just check for the exit code?
<illiliti> no, you should check output. exit code should be ignored
<ehawkvu> ok
<ehawkvu> new patch -
<ehawkvu> also ty illiliti
<illiliti> merged, thanks!
<illiliti> btw why emacs is so prone to segfaults as you noted in build script?
<ehawkvu> that is something I have been trying to find out myself tbh
<ehawkvu> based off of what ive read in the repo & my own testing, all of the segfaults
<ehawkvu> happen with the executable `temacs'
<ehawkvu> which, from what I understand, is the pure C version that is used to bootstrap the full elisp version
<ehawkvu> but for some reason, that C version is very picky with how it likes to be built
<ehawkvu> i remember reading the ASLR stuff in etc/PROBLEMS
<ehawkvu> apparently they don't know either
<ehawkvu> lmao
<illiliti> amazing shit
<ehawkvu> what's even better is that you can build with -O3 -march=native if you use clang
<ehawkvu> I haven't tested trying to use -flto though
<ehawkvu> that may be the breaking point
<ehawkvu> and iirc it doesn't require the -no-pie flag
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<zlib> hi my favorite people i have a really niche question about kexec and heads if anyone knows about it? i tried asking in coreboot but nobody knew at all
<zlib> never mind the lovely reddit man helped x
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