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<illiliti> if that mdev rule won't make any difference, you can go nuclear and load modules by hand
<illiliti> set -- $(find /sys -name modalias -exec sort -u {} +); modprobe -qa "$@"
<illiliti> add this to /etc/rc.d/load.boot and it will load modules at boot
<illiliti> but i don't think you will need this. mdev should handle this itself
<illiliti> also consider building your own kernel that does not use modules. it will make things simpler for you
<ERROR_404_NULL> So does the mdev rule just need to be appended to the end of the /etc/mdev.conf?
<ERROR_404_NULL> Because it doesn't seem to be doing anything
<ERROR_404_NULL> Also, is $MODALIAS supposed to stand in for something else, or do I just put it in as written
<illiliti> it should be added to the beginning of the config. i forgot about this nuance, my bad
<illiliti> just put it as is, yeah
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