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<ruivlea> i haven't asked in suckless channel or mailing list about crash related to surf.
<ruivlea> beacuse is not surf itself that have problem.
<ruivlea> It something related to dependenies of webkitgtk in my system. I maybe missing something.
<ruivlea> surf and webkitgtk works well in alpinelinux. I have tested open canva and godaddy website and it loaded without crash.
<ruivlea> So, i asked here is this crash can be reproduced by users of kisslinux?
<ruivlea> if other user of kisslinux can reproduce this crash, then it makes me more sure the problem is in dependencies of webkitgtk.
<ruivlea> in alpinelinux, canva not crash if gst-plugins-good installed
<ruivlea> in my system, that i use repositories of kisslinux-community core, community, and kiss-xorg as my reference. even i have gst-plugins-good installed. webkitgtk still crash when open canva website
<sad_plan> works for me, atleast the frontpage, and canva opens, but complains about outdated browser, so cant really access the site
<sad_plan> thats with vimb
<sad_plan> ill check with surf aswell
<sad_plan> godaddy worked, but seemed to crash
<ruivlea> sad_plan: thanks for the information. seems like the problem isnot webkitgtk dependencies directly. Maybe it because i use sbase and ubase instead of busybox. I will check it later.
<sad_plan> I too use sbase/ubase, so perhaps. I get alot of crashes were webkit crashes when going to alot of sites. browser doesnt crash though. just gives you an error on the webpage, and id just have to refresh
<sewn> Hi
<sad_plan> hi
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<ruivlea> sad_plan: because you also use sbase/ubase, you have some modification on webkitgtk build script right?. Do you publish your repository?. It will be helpful to see other sbase/ubase user's repository as reference.
<sewn> ruivlea:
<ruivlea> thankyou
<sewn> noproblem
<ruivlea> is sad_plan, sewn, hovercats same person?
<sewn> no we are all completely separate people
<sewn> trust me bro
<ruivlea> sewn: oh i see, is yours? or sad_plan's?
<sewn> hovercats is hovercats
<sewn> sad_plan is just his friend
<sewn> source:trust me bro
<ruivlea> okay, i see
<ruivlea> sad_plan: do you use sbase/ubase source from or other source?
<sewn> sbase ubase from michaelforney
<sewn> its in kiss-dumpsterfire/[su]base
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<ruivlea> i wonder why there is no stty and vmstat in but have
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<sewn> because michaelforney's forks is simply better
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> ruivlea: im sure mcf has his reasons. its initially his personal fork, but its used for Oasis linux anyway. I choose to use it because it was more worked on. seemed to be recieve more.. attention in a lack of other words
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<ruivlea> sad_plan: do you need to sed 's/ln -sfh/ln -sf/g' some files in your webkitgtk build script?. seems like sbase ln doesn't have -h. And i fail to build webkitgtk without doing it.
<sad_plan> the -n flag is missing from sbase, and for w/e reason, webkit will break if you try to bypass it by simply removing it. its why the switch is there
<sad_plan> switching to busybox ln that is as you can see in the buildscript
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<sad_plan> ruivlea: the -n flag is used in the file, if you use ninja to build. removing it will just make the build fail. if you have a better solution that doesnt require the use of busybox ln, im very interested in knowing that
<ruivlea> i also use -G Ninja. i sed 's/ln -sfh/ln -sf/g' Source/WebCore/Scripts/
<ruivlea> also sed 's/ln -n -s -f/ln -sf/g' these files: Source/JavaScriptCore/GLib.cmake Source/WebKit/PlatformGTK.cmake Source/WebKit/PlatformWPEDeprecated.cmake Source/WebKit/PlatformGTKDeprecated.cmake
<ruivlea> without those sed, build fail. cause i don't use busybox at all.
<ruivlea> eventhough build success using those sed, i still experiencing so
<ruivlea> me crash, and oftenly need to refresh some heavy website that not
<ruivlea> eventhough build success using those sed, i still experiencing some crash
<ruivlea> and oftenly need to refresh some heavy website that not crash.
<sad_plan> aah. very nice. that would be swell if I didnt have to bother with busybox at all
<sad_plan> how do you unpack webkit tarball though, and rubys? sbase tar is broken with long paths.
<sad_plan> I initially use otools though, so im not using sbase tar at all to begin with
<ruivlea> i wonder if those sed is the cause of crash when visitting godaddy.
<ruivlea> i also not using sbase tar. i use mircpio.
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<sad_plan> seeing as I didnt really have those, I dont suppose so.
<sad_plan> ah ok
<sad_plan> what version of webkit are you using? 2.40.1?
<ruivlea> yes, 2.40.1
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<sad_plan> how did you get rid of the gettext requirement? the sed which removes it dont work on 2.40.1. only on 2.40.0
<ruivlea> i have gettext-tiny installed
<sad_plan> ah, so its the same as me. I also installed that to be able to update it
<sewn> hi @depressed_pigeon
<sewn> are you new here
<depressed_pigeon> Yes
<sewn> how's it like using kiss
<depressed_pigeon> I love it
<sewn> using wayland?
<depressed_pigeon> No, i like x better for now. Maybe later
<Ogromny[m]> Any news of Dylan btw ?
<sad_plan> nada
<sad_plan> not a single word or anything. he just up a disappeared on us really
<sewn> you guys have similar names
<sewn> are you two brothers
<Ogromny[m]> sad_plan: damn
<sad_plan> sewn: no, dunno who he s
<sewn> he dylan'd as we say
<sewn> sad_plan: he is your lost brother
<sad_plan> Ogromny[m]: yeah, his old domain is also been down for a while.
<sad_plan> sewn: perhaps
<Ogromny[m]> quite sad
<sad_plan> yeah, I dunno what hes on about. maybe he got fed up with all of it. you could send him an email though
<sad_plan> I mean, if youre really interested in figuring this stuff out
<sewn> dilyn told us to leave him be
<sewn> and its best that way
<Ogromny[m]> I don't think that a good idea, maybe he just wanted to disappear tbh
<sewn> the knowledge we get if he told us he's fine or that he's taking a break won't help us all that much
<sewn> people would still ask
<sewn> btw what your name Ogromny meaning
<Ogromny[m]> btw, since linux will now have rust code in it, do you plan to switch to any other unix os ? bsd, plan9 or whatever ?
<Ogromny[m]> sewn: Fat barking cock
<sewn> What
<Ogromny[m]> Nah it means "Enormous" "Gigantic", something very very big in Russian but it's written in Polish
<sewn> oh of course
<sad_plan> sewn: not really, but we would know he status. instead we sit here and wonder what happened. not that I use any energy on it, but im still curious initially
<sewn> he could be any one of us
<sad_plan> Ogromny[m]: ill just dont use rust drivers for now. Im on lts anyway, so its a looong way untill rust gets to that kernel
<sewn> why use lts
<sad_plan> I had some issues with a patch I used on mainline for amdgpu being throttled as hell permformance wise
<Ogromny[m]> Yeah, you're right
<Ogromny[m]> * sad_plan: Yeah, you're
<sewn> I'm eating a grape
<Ogromny[m]> Damn
<ruivlea> linux 6 throws me error about ACPI related stuff on boot, so i back using lts.
<sad_plan> and its not config related?
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<ruivlea> i don't know, i use config from my lts then make menuconfig on newer kernel. that issue not exist in lts.
<ruivlea> i tried using artix iso with linux 6 and it shows the same issue
<sewn> is it harmful
<sewn> if not just use it
<ruivlea> but when i use linux 6 from linux libre, that issue not exist.
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<sad_plan> should be a 6.x.x issue then if its reproducable on artix aswell
<sad_plan> ruivlea: do you use gkiss? seeing as you used mircpio, it requires fts.h, which musl doesnt have
<ruivlea> no, i don't use gkiss. i use musl-fts from . with custom Makefile
<sad_plan> ah, I stumbled upon that one, so I was curious if that was what you possibly used
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<Vova> Anyone here tried sabotage Linux ?
<Vova> POSIX SHELL package manager, small, statically linked ...
<vulpine> how can a shell script be statically linked?
<Vova> Not the shell script but the base system is statically linked
<sewn> sad_plan:
<sewn> they have
<sad_plan> ive only bootstrapped it, but not booted it
<sewn> j
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<midfavila> welp time to die
<midfavila> was a good run
<midfavila> you guys have fun
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