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<sewn> --user
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<sewn> Hi
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<Guest46> Hi
<Guest46> sewn I indeed  used --user: $ run --user org.gimp.GIMP
<Guest46> sewn I indeed  used --user: $ flatpak run --user org.gimp.GIMP
<Guest46> I think flatpak should be looking in ~/.var because there is ~/.var
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<iceman[m]> Hello There!
<testuser[m]> o/
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<sewn> \o
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<iceman[m]> Doomking
<iceman[m]> mmm
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<rohan> yo guys
<rohan> someone here have a nvidia rtx card?
<iceman[m]> hi rohan wassup
<iceman[m]> rohan: what do you want to ask about it?
<rohan> iceman[m]: how i can handle using kiss with newest NVIDIA graphic carda
<rohan> i wanna buy a new PC and in my country the AMD graphics cards is too expensive and missing
<rohan> só the way is NVIDIA
<rohan> but NVIDIA and wayland dont work well
<rohan> and also a think nvidia and musl dont work in the proprietary graphics card
<rohan> so what can i do?
<rohan> i don't wanna leave kiss
<testuser[m]> just get an APU if gaming is not a priority
<shokara> "in my country the AMD graphics cards is too expensive and missing" what about a used amd card?
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<iceman[m]> Hi, I'm packaging os-prober for myself, and I'm going through <>
<iceman[m]> where the custom environment is passed various envvars along with a DESTDIR, what can I expect this variable to be? Is it just `/` or `/usr` or `/usr/bin` ?
<iceman[m]> s/os-prober/something/, s/<//, s/>//
<testuser[m]> iceman: DESTDIR is set to that path in the temporary build directory which is tar'd up after the build finishes
<testuser[m]> Eg /tmp/kiss/1234/pkg/firefox
<testuser[m]> the generated by tarring up this dif
<testuser[m]> dir
<iceman[m]> what can I expect in that location? directories like $DESTDIR/usr/lib, $DESTDIR/usr/share $DESTDIR/usr/bin etc?
<iceman[m]> I'm sorry for asking too many questions about DESTDIR but the wiki page is quite abstract and doesn't have specifics
<iceman[m]> thats it
<iceman[m]> testuser:
<testuser[m]> No that directory is empty
<testuser[m]> The build script is what fills it
<testuser[m]> eg make DESTDIR="$1" PREFIX=/usr
<testuser[m]> In most cases the makefile would make /usr/bin and install a binary there, similarly for /usr/lib
<testuser[m]> then kiss install literally just unpacks this directory on /
<testuser[m]> basically it just contains new files to be added to the filesystem
<SdVb> testuser[m] any news on dylan?
<iceman[m]> oh so say, DESTDIR="whatever"
<iceman[m]> then my build can create directories and place binaries and library files and other pages etc in the local directory along with setting all user permissions
<iceman[m]> kiss is going to archive DESTDIR into a tar and extract it in `/`
<iceman[m]> just rephrasing to make sure I'm understood it right
<testuser[m]> lol i don't know him personally, maybe he setup a farming business or something SdVb
<testuser[m]> iceman: build script doesn't set perms
<testuser[m]> But other stuff is correct
<iceman[m]> post-install then?
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: what if I just use `install` to copy and set perms, is that non-conventional?
<testuser[m]> what perms? execute bit?
<testuser[m]> 755
<iceman[m]> yep
<testuser[m]> that's done by default by most build systems, otherwise you can do chmod +x; cp
<shokara> yeah you can use the install(1) program instead, I think it's only non-conventional when the program doesn't have a build system with an equivalent "make install"
<iceman[m]> `install -Dm755 xyz $DESTDIR/usr/bin`
<iceman[m]> if I did this in `build` script, does it matter?
<testuser[m]> install -Dm755 works too but some people are anal about posix compliance and install command isn't specified by posix
<testuser[m]> so it might break for that 1 guy rolling his own coreutils lol
<shokara> that 1 guy can replace it with cp and chmod
<testuser[m]> it's fine imo, it's used by many packages anyways
<iceman[m]> shokara: I'm packaging os-prober and it doesn't have the install target
<iceman[m]> * have the `install, * install` target
<shokara> yeah install(1) wouldn't be non-conventional then
<testuser[m]> btw be sure to quote variables
<testuser[m]> And lint scripts with shellcheck
<iceman[m]> yeah
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: i did not know about this
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: i learned this the hardware some years ago
<testuser[m]> BTW the build scripts don't even have to be in shell you can write them in js if you want
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: ik
<iceman[m]> shell is easy
<iceman[m]> cuz familiarity
<iceman[m]> and I read the wiki page
<iceman[m]> it says DSL instead of specific kind of shell
<iceman[m]> i'm going through dylan's pure sh bible, and is the [[ ]] non-posix? I can't find anything like it, only [ ]
<iceman[m]> ok read some manuals apparently it's bash/zsh stuff
<iceman[m]> test or [] is the way to go
<testuser[m]> Shellcheck will point this out
<rohan> testuser[m]: if i wanna use my NVIDIA card just for gaming in kiss i can use it?
<rohan> i mean using steam with flatpak and a NVIDIA card for it
<rohan> or i will need a dual boot?
<testuser[m]> You could but your host would be running wayland anyways
<testuser[m]> also you'd still need atleast the kernel module for nvidia
<iceman[m]> is this what you mean testuser?
<testuser[m]> kiss build shellcheck
<testuser[m]> that's just a web frontend for it
<iceman[m]> don't think it's in grepo or community
<testuser[m]> shellcheck-bin
<testuser[m]> it's a binary cuz haskell stuff
<iceman[m]> ok yeah
<iceman[m]> interesting that kiss search only works for specific name
<testuser[m]> you can use globs
<iceman[m]> imagine if there's something called os-prober-bin and I'm packaging my own lmao
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: ohh
<iceman[m]> explane
<testuser[m]> kiss s 'shellcheck'
<testuser[m]> kiss s '*shellcheck*'
<iceman[m]> hmm
<sewn> testuser: what if kiss had a baby package finding mode where it would try globs to a package not found and let the user know if they meant it
<testuser[m]> that's against kiss philosophy
<sewn> what if
<iceman[m]> hmm I just built the package, now just wondering if it actually works cuz it can't find stuff in /sys
<iceman[m]> whether sharing /sys possible
<iceman[m]> or do I just wing it and run os-prober on live system
<testuser[m]> iceman: for such stuff do Stace
<testuser[m]> strace
<iceman[m]> wdym
<iceman[m]> os-prober is just a shell script 🤔
<testuser[m]> you can easily figure out what it's looking for and what it's not able to find, with strace
<iceman[m]> it literally tells me that /sys is empty, it can't find filesystems
<iceman[m]> and indeed it is
<testuser[m]> no i meant this for the case where errors are ambigous
<iceman[m]> oh
<iceman[m]> yeah sure
<iceman[m]> 👍️
<testuser[m]> you can just mount a sysfs
<testuser[m]> mount -t sysfs sysfs /sys i think
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<iceman[m]> hmm
<iceman[m]> i try
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<iceman[m]> ok i need logger as well
<iceman[m]> implicit dependency huh, didn't find it in the debian package
<testuser[m]> what's logger
<iceman[m]> logs stuff the system logging thing
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<iceman[m]> like stuff that shows up in journalctl
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<iceman[m]> * logs stuff into the system
<iceman[m]> bro rohan stop using champani jio sim, it bad internet right now
<sewn> do you mean syslog
<iceman[m]> sewn: yeah sure
<testuser[m]> iceman: lol that's the name of some anime character, he's not Indian
<iceman[m]> LOL
<iceman[m]> stupid moment
<testuser[m]> iceman[m]: There's no default system logging in kiss. there's a syslog service you can enable tho
<testuser[m]> but there's no standard interface for that
<iceman[m]> hmm
<iceman[m]> `CONFORMING TO top
<iceman[m]> The logger command is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2 ("POSIX.2")
<iceman[m]> compatible.
<iceman[m]> `
<iceman[m]> * ```CONFORMING TO top
<iceman[m]> The logger command is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2 ("POSIX.2")
<iceman[m]> ```
<iceman[m]> compatible.
<testuser[m]> I'll give trick
<testuser[m]> just sed 's|logger|echo|g' in the file that calls it lol
<iceman[m]> patch os-prober to use printf lmao
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: KEKW SAME
<testuser[m]> logger command is probably disabled in busybox
<testuser[m]> maybe it should be enabled
<iceman[m]> I haven't generated proper patches
<iceman[m]> time to learn
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<testuser[m]> cd dir; git init; git add -f .; git commit -am init; /* changes */; git diff HEAD > /tmp/patch.patch
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: wtf that's it?
<iceman[m]> bruh shithub makes generating patches seem like a mystery
<testuser[m]> you could manually do it with diff and patch but using git is easier
<testuser[m]> iceman: just replace all logger -... calls with `echo`
<iceman[m]> hmm
<sewn> echo -t os-prober
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: bruh that's the one I know, diff and patch
<sewn> remove the logger calls entirely imo
<iceman[m]> sewn: yeah
<sewn> since the I assume logger just logs stdout of command to syslog via pipe
<testuser[m]> remove -t too
<sewn> you can just do a sed for | logger* d I think
<iceman[m]> -t, --tag tag
<iceman[m]> the user logged in on the terminal (or a user name based on effective user ID).
<iceman[m]> Mark every line to be logged with the specified tag. The default tag is the name of
<iceman[m]> hmm
<iceman[m]> sewn: there's only 1 line in entire codebase i think
<testuser[m]> No there's more
<testuser[m]> grep -r logger
<iceman[m]> ok i check
<testuser[m]> grep -r logger .
<testuser[m]> btw switch trash busybox grep to gnugrep
<iceman[m]> yeah okay 3 lines instead of 1
<iceman[m]> hmm
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: soon
<sewn> testuser: thoughts on the silver search34
<sewn> s/search34/searcher/
<testuser[m]> Another tool to learn
<iceman[m]> <testuser[m]> "cd dir; git init; git add -f..." <- also, I think it's supposed to be `HEAD~1` there
<testuser[m]> no
<testuser[m]> because you didn't make a commit after the changes
<iceman[m]> ah
<iceman[m]> -am
<iceman[m]> and then doing changes
<iceman[m]> I just looked at last part
<testuser[m]> Ye
<iceman[m]> anyway I made commit lmao
<iceman[m]> doesn't matter
<iceman[m]> point was patch, thanks!
<iceman[m]> lemme see how to supply patches and shit in kiss
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<testuser[m]> btw the patches/ directory is just by convention you can put it right next to the build file if you want
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: i saw your linux package in repo
<iceman[m]> has patches dir
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<iceman[m]> iceman[m]: > <> and then in build it's... (full message at <>)
<iceman[m]> huh it does not seem to work which means this is false
<iceman[m]> :thonk:
<testuser[m]> patches/xyz.patch in sources means that xyz patch is copied
<testuser[m]> If you did patches/ only
<iceman[m]> yeah I did
<testuser[m]> Then did would be present
<testuser[m]> dir*
<iceman[m]> dir or the file ?
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<testuser[m]> dir in latter case
<testuser[m]> file in former
<iceman[m]> wdym by former btw?
<iceman[m]> i did ls . and only the sources are present
<iceman[m]> no dir or file
<iceman[m]> package source tree in case want btw... (full message at <>)
<iceman[m]> <iceman[m]> "and then in build it's..." <- > <> and then in build it's... (full message at <>)
<iceman[m]> huh lmao wtf did I just get an error about modprobe being unable to find headers
<iceman[m]> interesting, efibootmgr says EFI variables are not supported on this system while non-chroot (host) efibootmgr dumps proper info as it should
<iceman[m]> iceman[m]: and kiss modprobe is looking for host kernel version directory instead of local
<iceman[m]> I'll try and fix tomorrow
<iceman[m]> gn
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<testuser[m]> iceman[m]: /sys/fs/efivars has to be mounted separately from /sys
<testuser[m]> iceman[m]: That's how it is
<testuser[m]> <iceman[m]> "wdym by former btw?" <- Add lines to `sources`
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: did not know this
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: oh like `patches/file.patch`?
<testuser[m]> Ye
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: wdym that's how it is? I've got the LTS 6.1.28 version compiled and installed
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: interesting that kiss-chroot does not automatically do this
<testuser[m]> iceman[m]: system could be uefi bios kiss doesn't assume
<iceman[m]> iceman[m]: I'm assuming that's due to host stuff being mounted
<testuser[m]> iceman[m]: you can't load modules built for a different kernel it would crash the kernel
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: hm
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: yeah
<iceman[m]> i still don't understand why kiss modprobe is looking for host kernel version directory
<iceman[m]> and complaining it doesn't exist
<testuser[m]> same reason why uname -r returns host kernel
<iceman[m]> ofc it doesn't exist
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: ah
<testuser[m]> if you wabt depmodO
<testuser[m]> Do depmod 6.1.28
<testuser[m]> * if you wabt depmod
<iceman[m]> I'm doing `grub-install` tho
<iceman[m]> didn't know I could specify depmod
<testuser[m]> Then it means that grub install needs a certain driver but it isn't loaded or present
<testuser[m]> What is it trying to modprobe?
<iceman[m]> testuser[m]: don't know, not on PC rn
<iceman[m]> lemme see wait
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<iceman[m]> ok still don't know what but mounting efivars seems to have fixed the problem
<iceman[m]> found similar issue
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<testuser[m]> iceman: it's running modprobe efivars
<testuser[m]> If efivars aren't built into the kernel, it would load the module
<testuser[m]> Eg nouveau is built into my kernel so modprobe nouveau does nothing other than return 0
<testuser[m]> If they're built in, it simply returns 0
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<phoebos> > oh so say, DESTDIR="whatever"
<phoebos> iceman[m]: to be explicit, you shouldn't set DESTDIR, only read
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