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<iceman[m]> Hi, I was going through the wayland package and checked the depends file. There's some dependencies which have make suffixed after them, are they supposed to be build time dependencies or something indicating that it is provided in the package's source and they need to be made from there and then subsequently build the actual package need?
<testuser[m]> Hi
<testuser[m]> iceman: make means build deps
<iceman[m]> Oh i c
<iceman[m]> well I went to wayland's website and check dependencies and drew the correlation later, but thanks for confirming 👍
<iceman[m]> was looking at some utilities, noticed many use `ninja` to build, but `ninja` doesn't exist in the repos and I seem to have it. Went through the kiss repos and noticed that it might have been build and installed (not as a KISS package) with wayland.
<iceman[m]> So anything that I package now can technically use `ninja` that's available on my system tho I can't put `ninja make` in the `depends` file. What would be the best course of action to fix this for me?
<iceman[m]> - package ninja myself and find every occurrence of pre-existing `ninja` and get rid of it
<iceman[m]> - just yolo it cuz it `ninja` already exists on system
<illiliti> ninja is provided by samurai
<illiliti> kiss-owns /bin/ninja
<iceman[m]> illiliti: owh
<iceman[m]> i c
<iceman[m]> hm hm, so meson, nodejs and swaybg on my machine need samurai
<iceman[m]> illiliti: would it be fine for me to list `samurai make` as a dependency just because I want ninja?
<illiliti> yes
<iceman[m]> LOL
<iceman[m]> I just realised I can do kiss help xyz
<iceman[m]> saw samurai readme page, i c
<sewn> Hi
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