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<sewn> Hi
<iceman[m]> oh hi sewn
<sewn> Hi iceman
<sewn> Where's flameman
<iceman[m]> idk
<iceman[m]> anyway
<iceman[m]> found problem with community/kakoune
<iceman[m]> * found problem with community/kakoune
<sewn> Elaborate to Mr. Kakoune aka testuser:
<iceman[m]> ik
<iceman[m]> it's a compilation issue, gonna report the findings to upstream
<iceman[m]> do we know how many people use KISS ? 👀
<iceman[m]> <iceman[m]> "it's a compilation issue..." <- ok so upstream compiles fine, so I'm assuming this is only an issue until kakoune releases a new version
<iceman[m]> I've forked the package in my personal repo and pointed the source to git 😂
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