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<testuser[m]> Hi
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<sewn> 🐈
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<GoatAvenger> does 'kiss b suchandsuch' build with multiple-threads by default, or does it only build with a single thread? and if only a single threads, is there some way to have builds be multi-threaded?
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<davidgarland> GoatAvenger: put "export MAKEFLAGS=-jN" into your ~/.profile, where N is the number of threads your CPU has
<davidgarland> I think cargo might use multiple threads by default, unsure
<davidgarland> but for C that's what you need
<GoatAvenger> davidgarland, that will cover ninja builds and cmake builds as well? (if I'm making sense)
<davidgarland> yeah, I believe so-- haven't had any builds that seemed like they were running single threaded under those
<GoatAvenger> sweeeet, thnx a lot
<davidgarland> it looks like samurai (the library that supplies ninja) just always uses the max number of available threads when deciding how many jobs to do?
<davidgarland> well, there's some more complicated "load average" thing they mention but basically it seems like it might just ignore MAKEFLAGS and always run multiprocess
<davidgarland> either way no cause for concern
<testuser[m]> davidgarland: SAMUFLAGS=-jN
<davidgarland> aa nice
<davidgarland> does that make a difference in your experience?
<testuser[m]> It uses that lol
<testuser[m]> i use ti for chromium
<davidgarland> what I mean is
<davidgarland> is it noticably faster than the default number of jobs it picks
<davidgarland> because the bit I linked seems to suggest they try to auto detect that
<testuser[m]> i use it. To limit not increase
<davidgarland> gotcha
<GoatAvenger> I did look into it previous; if my understanding is correct, ninja uses max by default. Thnx for extra info testuser[m]; that helps too.
<GoatAvenger> Many thnx testuser[m], davidgarland.
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