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<k-man> zmatt: out of interest, do you work with beaglebones in your work?
<zmatt> yup
<k-man> are you at liberty to share what you use them for in your work?
<zmatt> they handle dsp programming, streaming, and network-based control for these https://dutchdutch.com/
<k-man> nice
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<AKN> zmatt: Thank you, Solved the issue with brcmfmac43430 the external oscillator was not properly placed on the board which caused the issue. After changing it to internal oscillator the firmware loaded without issue.
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<Guest17> Hey, I just have received my beaglebone AI-64. I connected a display, keyboard, mouse.
<Guest17> nothing happens
<Guest17> only a couple blinking led's.
<Guest17> my keyboard and mouse are wireless each with their own usb dongle; known to be working on raspberry pi
<Guest17> Any tip & tricks for me?
<Guest17> (I use a 5V DC adaptor to supply the SBC)
<k-man> check the power capability of your 5v adapter?
<k-man> does it need an sd card to boot? (sorry i have no expeirnce of the BB AI
<k-man> )
<Guest17> It's 2A
<Guest17> no, it has eMMC...
<k-man> and it comes pre-flashed?
<Guest17> also the little note says that it is suppose to boot in my above conditions
<k-man> i see
<k-man> does it have a serial port? could you connect to that and watch the boot process? that my give you more clues
<Guest17> >Zero-download out-of-box software experience with Debian GNU/Linux
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<Guest17> well it has a 3 pin connector which is way too small to connect with a counter female connector
<Guest17> UART0 and WKUP UART0
Guest17 is now known as Karel
<Karel> just put my name here
<k-man> Karel: oh shame it's such a tiny header
<k-man> did it not come with a connector for that?
<Karel> no, it was just the board; I thought I was clever, as I ordered a mini DP to HDMI convertor.
<Karel> the LED1 is blinking at a heartbeat rhythm, while LED6 is always on. But I don't know what it means
<k-man> heartbeat sounds encouraging
<Karel> I cannot test my mini DP adaptor; it's new so I suppose it works :-)
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<k-man> sorry i haven't got much more of a suggestion for you
<k-man> get the serial connector
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<Karel> I connected usb-C of the AI-64 to my laptop, there is a 17MB drive, it contains a driver directory with "BONE_D64.exe". However this does not install on my laptop... after a quick google this seems a common issue for all bb's... Is there a solution for that?
<Karel> is that to me?
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<k-man> Karel: That link talks about the connector required. You can probably get the connector off aliexpress already wired up
<Karel> Thanks k-man, I reboot my PC, so I cannot see the history
<k-man> imo you should always have a way to connect to the beaglebone ovecserial
<Karel> do you mind to resend that link?
<Karel> thanks
<Karel> I will order...
<Karel> Thanks k-man, much appreciated.
<k-man> Karel: another thought. is there an iso image for this? you could write it to an SD card and try booting off that instead of the internal emmc
<k-man> oh, element14 have them
<k-man> where are you located?
<Karel> USA, west coast
<Karel> Now I connected to my LAN (wired)
<Karel> ssh to it works
<Karel> and dmesg give me:
<Karel> [ 148.037462] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: Failed to read receiver capabilities
<Karel> [ 148.108473] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: Failed to read DPCD addr 0
<Karel> many of the 2nd line, time to time the first line
<Karel> maybe my mini DP to HDMI adaptor does not work for linux?!
<Karel> Now I disconnect the mini DP to HDMI adaptor
<Karel> [ 262.984224] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: Failed to read receiver capabilities
<Karel> [ 269.409275] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: get block[0] edid failed: -22
<Karel> [ 269.416146] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: Failed to read EDID
<Karel> When I plug again
<Karel> [ 345.828371] cdns-mhdp8546 a000000.dp-bridge: Failed to read DPCD addr 0
<Karel> Note: I have this adaptor: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08DJYRW7L
<k-man> great! you can ssh in?
<k-man> this is great
<k-man> sorry i don't know about that
<k-man> but at least you know the board is working now
<k-man> sounds like an issue with your cable or adapter or how it plugs into the monitor
<k-man> "Failed to read receiver capabilities"
<k-man> does your monitor have a displayport input?
<Karel> no, but I might later try another monitor, maybe I will find one with DP... it is just a bummer for the adaptor I have...
<Karel> thanks for your support k-man
<Karel> Bye for now
<k-man> bye Karel
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<SAESP> I need help with the Beaglebone Black, i require use the port UART as serial port, but when i use the command setserial -g /dev/ttyS[012345] in the terminal Debian los tty1,2,3,4,5 have in the value port 0x0000, undefined. As conclution i need defined this ports, i attach a image.
<SAESP> ??
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<k-man> Screenshot?
<k-man> You are on a Debian machine?
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<azarubkin> Hello everyone, is it possible to install a custom deb package during image creation process (with https://github.com/beagleboard/image-builder)?
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<Guest38> Hi there. I am looking for BeagleBoard cad models which include the traces and footprints information. Do you have anything in mind? Maybe .step files or .kicad_pcb files?
<zmatt> Guest38: for the original BeagleBoard ?
<Guest38> Hmm I would prefer for the Beaglebone
<zmatt> which?
<Guest38> But anything related could be usefull.
<zmatt> they're not particularly related, which is why I asked
<Guest38> Beaglebone BLACK ARM based MCU
<Guest38> https://cpc.farnell.com/seeed-studio/102110420/beaglebone-black/dp/SC16434?mckv=s_dc|pcrid|605262956803|kword||match||plid||slid||product|SC16434|pgrid|138313687415|ptaid|pla-896874292965|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&s_kwcid=AL!5616!3!605262956803!!!network}!896874292965!&gclid=CjwKCAjwwdWVBhA4EiwAjcYJEB2XIOJF9CASG5JRh-Zif2ATP2AFls5r_T5Mqb8-ot9Gb6Ur7W
<Guest38> REnhoCxtcQAvD_BwE
<zmatt> https://beagleboard.org/black on the bottom right are links to design files
<zmatt> which all point to files in this repository: https://github.com/beagleboard/beaglebone-black/
<zmatt> (similar repositories exist for the other boards)
<Guest38> Hmm...I see. Thank you a lot.
<Guest38> Do you know if I can use FreeCAD to edit these files?
<zmatt> no clue, I'm not familiar with FreeCAD nor do I have any idea what format these files are
<Guest38> Hmm... I see. I asked because these files do not seem the common format (.step files, or gerber files). But I have to take a more detailed look.
<Guest38> Thanks
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<keesj1> perhaps even kicad import?
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<Guest38> I am afraid these files cannot be opened through kicad. I just tested
<Guest38> Kicad could open the gerber files. However instead of gerber files there are .brd and .art files.
<Guest38> Still searching for a solution/
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<zmatt> the green isn't the black though
<keesj1> :P
<zmatt> they're significantly different
<Guest38> yes they are but thanks a lot.
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<Guest38> The thing is that I am looking for kicad_pcb projects that I can open through FreeCAD and incorporate all the components including the traces.
<keesj1> why the traces?
<zmatt> the BBB wasn't designed in kicad so presumably conversion may be non-trivial
<Guest38> because I need them to run a full x-ray tomography simulation.
<keesj1> OMG :P
<Guest38> haha yeah. SOunds pretty complex.
<zmatt> care to elaborate on that? :D
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<keesj1> Olimex has some complex open source boards designed with kicad but .. that .. sounds crazy :P
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<Guest38> So I have developed a code that exports the point cloud of .step files (parametric modelling) and then I convert the point cloud files to volumetric datatsets (volume grid).
<Guest38> with this way I can use x-ray simulation software to run the simulation of the x-rays on the electronic boards.
<Guest38> The thing is that I need detailed geomtric information of these boards (traces, pcb board, pins, ports, etc.)
<zmatt> if it doesn't matter what specific board, then the easiest would be to just look for one that has the data you need
<keesj1> do you also need to model the components like .. well eletronic components or can you do something usefull with just the wires?
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<Guest38> I am more focused on the cad files of the pcb board and traces at the moment.
<Guest38> If I would find these then I can find cad components and synthesize the board.
<Guest38> Modelling of components also needed but I can do it like I described above.
<keesj1> Consider have a look at https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXino/A20/open-source-hardware for example https://github.com/OLIMEX/DIY-LAPTOP/tree/master/HARDWARE (Beagle is pretty cool) but I think that for your project starting with a kicad based design will safe you a lot of time
<keesj1> I guess you also already kow about kicad/freecad integration https://wiki.freecadweb.org/KicadStepUp_Workbench/it
<Guest38> yeah I have already worked on this. Thanks though.
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<Guest38> Olinuxino seems like a good choice. DO you know how I could have access to kicad olinuxino files?
<Guest38> I figured it out...no need of reply :)
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<agrue> Fedex just dropped off an AI-64 from Digikey
<aussetg> It’s a nice little board even if ridiculously hot.
<aussetg> Barely had time to flash it and boot it yesterday
<agrue> ha! the first thing I noticed is that it was quite hot
<agrue> the second thing I noticed is that the cheap portable screen I end up using for SBCs a bunch these days doesn't support 1024x768
<zmatt> pretty sure 1024x768 is still a mandatory resolution in every relevant spec
<zmatt> though, why does it matter? linux should just pick a resolution that the display supports
<agrue> oh maybe my dp->hdmi adapter went out then
<agrue> default beaglebone doesn't have the edid kernel config I think
<zmatt> "the edid kernel config" ?
<zmatt> linux will query and use edid by default, no beagleboard.org image overrides this by default
<zmatt> does the ai64 have DP or DP++ (aka Dual-Mode DisplayPort) ? because if it's the former, a passive adapter to HDMI will not work
<zmatt> (a DP++ port will detect a passive adapter and send a HDMI signal instead of a DP signal)
<aussetg> The ai 64 documentation explicitly says you need an active adapter
<agrue> Oh I just searched briefly and saw an old article that said the default beaglebone kernel was compiled w/ CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE disabled, which I figured was also why it was defaulting to 1024x768 and presenting no other modes on my 4K monitor currently
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<zmatt> agrue: CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE is used to _disable_ EDID probing and manually provide EDID information instead, for displays that do not support EDID probing
<zmatt> agrue: so obviously that option is not enabled in _any_ kernel by default
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<agrue> aah I see, didn't know LVDS for HDMI over DP was DP++ only
<zmatt> the TDA4VM has no integrated HDMI support, so implementing a DP++ port would be quite a hassle probably
<agrue> oh cool, ty
<zmatt> (ah, even the adapters for DP++ to HDMI are technically not passive, they contain level shifters)
<agrue> I've noticed on nvidia gpus some strange behavior when using DP adapters
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<aussetg> On the beaglebone ai 64 the pcie lines are Gen1 only ( I don’t understand how to read the schematics ) ?
<aussetg> And what is the max power they can provide ?
<zmatt> TRM says the PCIe controller supports up to Gen3
<zmatt> based on the AI64 schematic it seems they've budgeted 1A for the 3.3V supply to the M.2 interface
<zmatt> (the power tree on page 5 appears outdated but page 25 of the schematic where the M.2 interface is located says the same)
<zmatt> what made you think it's PCIe Gen1 only? Gen1/2/3 is the signalling that's going over the lines hence not something that can be determined from the schematic anyhow)
<zmatt> M.2 is such a bizarre mess, it's like a whole bunch of utterly incompatible pinouts each with a different random mishmash of interfaces
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<aussetg> zmatt: I saw "PCIe1(2L)" on the schematic and because I have no idea what I'm reading I read it as PCIe1x2
<zmatt> PCIe1 as in PCIe interface 1
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<Z4Tech> Is it possible to flash bone-debian-9.9-lxqt-armhf-2019-08-03-4gb.img on eMMC? I followed in instruction to uncomment the flasher line in /boot/uEnv.txt, but I cannot get into the system after rebooting
<zmatt> it might not fit, or fit with so little space left that the system fails to boot properly
<zmatt> but debian 9 is ancient and obsolete anyway
<Z4Tech> What is a good image with graphic desktop for BBB now?
<Z4Tech> The lastest images with graphics seem mostly for BB ai
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<zmatt> well, running a desktop environment on an AM335x-based beaglebone is not recommended, but if for whatever reason you insist on doing so anyway I guess you could maybe try the latest bullseye snapshot: https://forum.beagleboard.org/t/debian-11-x-bullseye-monthly-snapshots/31280#debian-11x-bullseye-xfce-desktop-snapshot-13
<Z4Tech> Thx!
<zmatt> the AM335x is an industrial SoC with extremely basic display capabilities that are mostly meant for simple touchscreen interfaces... it doesn't even have hardware mouse cursor support
<zmatt> combined with 512MB of RAM (on a 16-bit DDR3-800 interface) and 4G of eMMC, a modern desktop environment is not going to run particularly comfortably
<Z4Tech> I just want to connect it to a 7'' touchscreen and have control of several step motor drivers
<zmatt> that doesn't sound like it needs a desktop environment
<Z4Tech> Yaaa...A full desktop might be too much for this
<zmatt> or even X11 for that matter... e.g. you can run single-window-fullscreen Qt5 applications directly on the framebuffer
<Z4Tech> Thx for the advice! I'll try it!
<zmatt> https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/embedded-linux.html#linuxfb has some details... using the "DRM dumb buffer" feature as described there sounds like a good idea and will prevent flickering
<zmatt> (the legacy fbdev interface doesn't support double-buffering)
<Z4Tech> Cool. I'm not very familiar with this but seems helpful!
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<zmatt> I haven't tried this feature of qt5 yet, last time I used qt5 on a beaglebone was before this was implemented (so we ended up using the eglfs backend, which was quite a pain to get working)
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<zmatt> there are basically two kernel APIs for displaying graphics: fbdev and DRM. fbdev is the legacy interface, does not support changing resolution or pixel format, does not support double-buffering. DRM is the modern interface and does support all these things.
<zmatt> with DRM, framebuffer allocation used to be driver-dependent, but there's also a newer "dumb buffer" API that's driver-independent
<Z4Tech> Ok. DRM. I'll keep that in mind.
<Z4Tech> Thank you so much!
<zmatt> if you set the QT_QPA_PLATFORM=linuxfb and QT_QPA_FB_DRM=1 environment variables then qt5 should render graphics directly via DRM
<Z4Tech> I wonder if there is a light-weight web renderer, so I can use the same GUI on the touchscreen and in the web app
<zmatt> "light-weight" and "web renderer" are mutually exclusive
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<k-man> is there a beaglebone black format device that has a usb-c interface?
<zmatt> that's a weird question
<zmatt> like, if you want to stick a usb-c cable into a BBB, just use one of those things -> https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51hZ8HoiKxL._AC_SX522_.jpg
<zmatt> and what exactly do you mean by a "beaglebone black format device" ?
<zmatt> the beaglebone AI and beaglebone AI-64 have USB-C and are considered beaglebone-family devices and have *some* degree of compatibility though at the same time they're also very different from the rest of the BeagleBones
<k-man> i mean the same physical size
<k-man> isint the ai-64 a larger board?
<zmatt> the ai-64 is larger yes, the bbai isn't, unless you include the heatsink you'll probably need to keep it from overheating ;)
<k-man> ah ok
<zmatt> neither is entirely pin-compatible or software-compatible with the BBB
<k-man> i love the BBB board. not sure what it is about it but i like it more than the Rpis
<k-man> i kind of wish there were more up to date ones
<zmatt> I don't like the RPi particularly because they use a custom SoC you can't buy and is pretty much undocumented
<zmatt> I get that a type-c connector is more hip these days, at the same time it's just a connector and a mini-B cable is included with every BBB
<zmatt> it's not a change worth making
<zmatt> or you can use a cheap passive usb-c to mini-b adapter
<zmatt> some later beaglebones use micro-USB, and the most recent ones use USB-C
<zmatt> but I'd pick a device based on the SoC and connectivity, not what particular usb connector it uses
<zmatt> the AM335x would in many cases have my preference... it's not a speed monster but perfectly adequate for many applications
<k-man> zmatt: oh yeah agreed
<k-man> whats the am335x? is that the soc?
<zmatt> and it doesn't have the heat-issues that the AI and AI-64 have... the big downside of putting a lot of power into a small package
<zmatt> the AM335x is the SoC on all BeagleBones except the AI and AI-64
<zmatt> AM3358 specifically
<zmatt> the BeagleBone-AI and BeagleBoard-X15 use the AM5729, the BeagleBone-AI-64 uses the TDA4VM
<k-man> ah ok
<zmatt> the former of which is the broadmarket version of an automotive infotainment/ADAS SoC
<zmatt> the latter is a even bigger/newer automotive vision SoC for ADAS and autonomous vehicles
<zmatt> both of them, the AM5729 and TDA4VM, are hideously complex compared to the AM335x :D
<zmatt> nicely illustrated by the size of their Technical Reference Manuals: 5118 pages for the AM335x, 8063 pages for the AM572x (though that doesn't include the EVE chapter which is another 422 pages), and 18155 pages for the TDA4VM (which some chapters still missing and to be added in a future revision)
<zmatt> I'm actually surprised the page-ratio between the AM335x and AM572x isn't bigger
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<k-man> blimey! that's massive
<zmatt> the TDA4VM is nuts.. I used to think the AM572x was nuts, but that was before I met the TDA4VM (or J721e as the SoC-family is called)