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<set_> eek.
<set_> This is highly unlike me but...
<set_> If there was a way to put Klipper on the BBGW and use the Motor Bridge Cape for two, um, stepper motors...
<set_> Right.
<set_> Would it be possible to set up a 5.0v PWM module on the BBGW w/ some type of circuit?
<set_> The reason I ask is this...
<set_> Klipper seems to be used by other boards w/ less to offer. So, I figured since they have an older build script(s) for beaglebone from Stretch days, I could try to port it once more. Who knows?
<set_> Has anyone else tried it recently?
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<Guest6> is the BBONE-AI still an active product and what is the expected life?
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<set_> Where is my BBAI?
<set_> For instance, where are the lessons of the AI? My Tuts!
<set_> Just fyi, I have put the mower on hold. Geaux, Geaux, Gadget-machines.
<set_> Once it is done, no one laugh.
<set_> XY and some type of fixed z. I am slow on this effort. I know.
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