<Pete90> That isn't too bad
<Pete90> Hold on, web-viz seems like its its own framework?
<zmatt> looks like it's a browser-side thing
<zmatt> for live data it needs a "rosbridge server" whatever that is
<Pete90> I really hope I didn't dig myself into a hole here
<zmatt> apparently that allows web applications to directly interact with the ros api via a websocket
<zmatt> ?
<Pete90> Okay that does help, I'll need to give instructions to the device via a webpage
<Pete90> Thank you
<zmatt> but it seems like when using webviz, it will handle that part
<Pete90> I am sort of getting concerned about memory(512MB feels like very little), are there efficient ways of switching so tasks remain operational? Or should it be fine even when hosting a webpage and navigating a map?
<zmatt> I mean, hosting a webpage does not use significant memory
<zmatt> 512MB is really not "very little" except for working with very large media files (e.g. large size video) or running some extremely resource-intensive application, like a modern web browser :P
<Pete90> Gonna scale my video down to 480p :')
<zmatt> you think you're going to get 480p :D
<zmatt> I mean, you can get whatever size you want, at an... appropriate... frame rate
<Pete90> I'll take 144p if it has to, luckily video isn't a core requirement to my project, but smooth operation and navigation is pretty integral
<zmatt> a single uncompressed 32bpp 1920x1080 frame is still only 8MB
<Pete90> Using openCV or is something else recommended?
<Pete90> I'm only gonna go with a 720p webcam so
<zmatt> I'm just pointing out that resolution itself doesn't really create a ram problem unless you have to keep a lot of frames in ram
<zmatt> I've never tried to work with a webcam on a beaglebone, so I don't really have any advice to offer
<Pete90> Ahh okay, I'll definitely take that into consideration, it'll be some fine tuning but we'll cross that bridge later
<zmatt> my first concern with a webcam would be the crappy usb driver and dma being disabled for usb, i.e. how much usb bandwidth can you get the cam to even utilitize, and how much cpu load will it cost
<Pete90> Ohh shoot yeah, should dma be enabled then? The webcam I'll use is on the list of recommended peripherals so I'd hope for an alright driver but everything is a bit outdated
<zmatt> well iirc dma is disabled because having it enabled caused problems with isochronous transfers (due to either driver bugs or hardware bugs, dunno which)
<zmatt> and a webcam uses isochronous transfers
<Pete90> Seems like a step I don't want to take soon, but I guess I'll have to find a workaround
<zmatt> you'll just have to do some testing
<Pete90> Still have quite some time for that at least
<zmatt> on the bright side, you probably want to use the least amount of video bandwidth (resolution * framerate) that suffices for the task anyway, since the higher the data rate from the camera, the higher the rate of data you somehow have to manage to process in real-time ;)
<Pete90> I didn't even think of that, a lot of playing around and seeing what the sweet spot is
<Pete90> According to this http://wiki.ros.org/rosbridge_suite/Tutorials/RunningRosbridge I need my distro of ros, but checking the distro just returns "Debian" because I followed the debian binary install, now I'm really confused about getting this to work cause I can't seem to locate rosbridge in the Debian packages
<set_> Build it!
<zmatt> it looks like rosbridge is pure python anyway, but yeah I'm not sure why debian hasn't packaged it
<Pete90> Seems like it melodic, ROS version number is 1.16
<zmatt> anyway, I'm off, zZ
<Pete90> Thanks for the help
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<set_> zz!
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<set_> Well, I am getting into encoders now. Beware!
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<pink_floyd> hello all did any one managed to work with framebuffer drivers on 5.10-rc7 kernel ?
<pink_floyd> for an ili-9341 spi display
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<zmatt> pink_floyd: why are you using a prerelease version of kernel 5.10 ? o.O
<zmatt> also, don't send private messages to people
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<zmatt> (unless you've got their permission, know them personally, or if it's about something important that really can't be discussed in public)
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