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<calrama> Hey, so using the device tree to enable a (pwm) timer on the beaglebone ai seems a bust. Using the devicetree suggested by zmatt ( ) just gives me dmesg errors for any timer I try it with ( ).
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<zmatt> huh, that's weird
<zmatt> based on that kernel log I'm guessing you added declarations for all three?
<zmatt> calrama: lemme take a quick peek at the driver
<calrama> zmatt: yeah, I did that for debugging^^
<calrama> What I'm currently trying is setting the registers manually via /dev/mem
<zmatt> and you were using 4.14-ti kernel series right?
<calrama> Correct.
<zmatt> please don't
<calrama> Yeah, it doesn't work, either.
<zmatt> like, if you want to go the manual register setting route, use uio instead of /dev/mem
<calrama> I can select the clock.
<zmatt> don't try to mess with PRCM (power/reset/clock management) behind the kernel's back
<calrama> But when I try configuring the timer itself, the kernel throws `Data Access in User mode during Functional access` errors.
<calrama> I just tried the /dev/mem route since I found an old example for beaglebone black and tried adjusting that.
<calrama> I don't really want to use it, either.
<zmatt> yeah, because the module is disabled. uio allows a module's registers to be exported to userspace with the kernel's knowledge, so it'll keep the module enabled while the device is open
<zmatt> but yeah it shouldn't be needed for this obviously
<calrama> If you want, I can give you ssh access to the device^^
<zmatt> I don't think that's useful right now... I first want to check the pwm driver ... if git ever finishes checking out this branch
<calrama> No worries, I'm grateful for any help.
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<calrama> I found this old kernel patch:
<zmatt> oh that may very well be it
<calrama> But if that's the issue, that means I'd have to backport that patch to 4.14 and compile the kernel myself...
<zmatt> or ask rcn to include it
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<zmatt> building customized kernel packages (with custom patches and/or config) is relatively easy thanks to rcn-ee's build scripts though
<calrama> How would one contact him preferably? With my previous issue I tried GH ( ) but there has been no reply so far.
<calrama> Could you point me to those build scripts?
<zmatt> well, the problem there is also with the issue itself... like, obviously it's desirable to get TIDL to work on a newer kernel, and if it were easily done then the TIDL images would already *have* a newer kernel ;)
<zmatt> my notes on building a custom kernel: (in your case you'd want the ti-linux-4.14.y branch of the ti-linux-kernel-dev repo)
<calrama> Well, there was no official word on if it's even still being worked on or not, hence the issue. If I got a reply like "nope, we don't have time to ever realistically suport that" I'd be fine at least knowing that^^
<calrama> Thanks for the notes
<zmatt> rcn-ee: can you backport this patch to the 4.14-ti series to un-bork the dmtimer pwm driver?
<zmatt> it cherry-picks cleanly
<calrama> I'm setting up a cross tool rn to try building and see if it fixes the issue.
<zmatt> calrama: no need, the build script downloads a toolchain
<calrama> Ah, ok
<zmatt> if you're missing any packages it needs installed, it'll tell you
<calrama> Let's see, I'm on Funtoo Linux, so that'll be fun ;p
<zmatt> ah okay its powers may not apply to all distros equally ;)
<calrama> yeah no worries, if it crashes with a missing command I'll figure it out.
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