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<Pete90> When using a proxy server on the BB Blue do I configure my own port number or is there a specific one I should use? The command curl on a github .yaml link returns the error "curl: (5) Unsupported proxy syntax in 'https://[user:password@]proxy_server:port/'". And I want to setup the proxy syntax (?) to work I guess.
<zmatt> ehh
<Pete90> Doesn't sound like it'll be a simple fix :')
<zmatt> more like it's not really clear what you're doign
<zmatt> *doing
<zmatt> didn't you have normal internet access previously? why suddenly the need for a proxy?
<Pete90> So still trying to install ros, switched to Ubuntu 20.04 because the install has support for armhf, on the final step it fails with a long error message, one of the proposed "solutions" is making sure you can curl the the first link. I can't it returns that error.
<Pete90> Switched to ubuntu because the rosbridge didn't have a build method to actually host the website and I thought I might as well try the other method
<zmatt> "the rosbridge didn't have a build method to actually host the website" ... nothing in that sentence makes sense
<zmatt> also what instructions are you following?
<Pete90> I am aware that my speech is all over the place, what I mean is the rosbridge doesnt't have clear instructions on how to go further, I don't really know how to phrase it
<Pete90> this guide, fails on the last instruction
<zmatt> were you able to build it?
<zmatt> rosbridge?
<Pete90> yes techinally, you helped with the catkin environment but the command to "run it" (I guess) didn't exist
<Pete90> This command "roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch" just throws all kinds of errors with little ways to fix them
<zmatt> (as usual ignore the "source /opt/ros" thing)
<zmatt> ... namely being?
<Pete90> I can't remember the errors it was at 2 this morning, I've already switched(I did save the Debian image) and I'm trying to get a form of ros running on ubuntu
<zmatt> as for your ubuntu issue... ubuntu is not officially supported on the beaglebone and rarely used/tested hence not recommended unless you're good at solving problems yourself. e.g. if something works fine on debian and not ubuntu, I probably can't really help you with it
<zmatt> are you actually trying to use a proxy? what did you configure where to set this up?
<rcn-ee> It gets random feedback from users on usability..
<rcn-ee> (daily build)
<Pete90> rcn-ee: thanks I am using an image from May (2022-05-22), would you recommend changing from that?
<zmatt> rcn-ee: debian has native ros packages though
<Pete90> zmatt: I initally added lines to /etc/environment but I have since removed them
<Pete90> @zmatt
<Pete90> These lines, unsure about the port though
<zmatt> ???? that is indeed syntactically invalid (the [] in the syntax description just indicate an optional part, not literal characters) ... but why are you trying to go through a proxy running on the same machine?
<Pete90> Its one of the solutions they suggested, it didn't work for me so I removed the lines
<zmatt> solutions for what? suggested by whom? where?
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<Pete90> The first issue for "rosdep init" not working having an error of website may be down, the solution is here
<zmatt> that person explicitly said they were behind a proxy
<Pete90> It first didn't work without the edit on /etc/environment , I then added the lines and it still didn't work, removed them and then it worked
<zmatt> (i.e. they do not have direct internet access)
<zmatt> the error sounds like you just didn't have internet access when you first tried it (i.e. it wasn't connected to wifi)
<Pete90> as far as I know there was internet access, it could successfully ping websites
<zmatt> also, try to work on how to present your questions... when you're trying to get help with something... present the actual goal and the original problem, i.e. "I'm giving installation of ros on ubuntu 20.04 (2022-05-22) a try, but "rosdep init" is giving me this error: "..."
<zmatt> your opening question today was a classic example of
<Pete90> Okay, fair, my presenting of the problem wasn't sufficient, I'll work on it. Do I need to give a full description of the problem over again?
<zmatt> is there still a problem? you just said you removed the lines "and then it worked" ... unless the "it" is something else
<zmatt> if you're still giving a rosdep error, pastebin the command and the error it produced
<zmatt> or better yet, go back to debian since it seems to me you were further along there than you are here :P
<Pete90> Yes there is still a problem, the previous problem of "rosdep init" was present this morning and after trying numerous solutions of other people at some point it worked. The problem now is updating rosdep, the command "rosdep update" return the following long error message , I only found one other person experiencing
<Pete90> the same error, with no solution posted. One person suggested trying to curl the first link to see if it works otherwise the problem lays there. Curling the link presents this error: .
<zmatt> since there's clearly no port "port" in the url shown I'm guessing there's still some nonsensical proxy config somewhere
<Pete90> Technically ros was working on Debian, however I had no way of working with it since there were no guides or explanations on working with upstream distributions and integrating other packages. Thus I want to give it a try on Ubuntu as porting the drivers may be a problem later but the main objective of my project is working with ROS to build a map
<Pete90> of the environment
<Pete90> Could be yeah, like I said I'm not even sure at which point it started working, but it was after cleaning /etc/environment
<zmatt> you may need to reboot after cleaning your nonsense out of /etc/environment
<zmatt> and ROS mostly seems its own environment (own build tool, own installation tool, etc) ... so I really don't think there should be significant differences between debian or ubuntu after initial installation
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<zmatt> but that's up to you
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<Pete90> I'll try it again, like I said I do still have the image, but it seemed like a mission to get operable as there isn't much support for upstream ros especially from their forums
<Pete90> They do complain about it alot though
<zmatt> they're free to maintain their own packages for debian, but they seem to have neglected to do so :P
<zmatt> ubuntu is just a weird choice for this application, it's primarily a desktop OS
<zmatt> not an embedded one
<Pete90> Neglected is the right word yeah
<Pete90> At the moment I'm behind on my project so I want to get a form of mapping working, I have my LiDAR and I have my webcam but nothing to use it with at the moment
<rcn-ee> Last I looked.. ros on debian, was a random snapshot.. ros only supports a you build src for debian.. with Ubuntu, every release has a matching Ubuntu version...
<zmatt> so did reboot fix the lingering issues caused by your proxy nonsense?
<Pete90> zmatt its a bit slow but it has it's first hit, seems like it definitely fixed most of the problem, thanks for that
<Pete90> just finished and seems like its working, I'll try a tutorial now and check
<Pete90> There are full install guides for Debian, just not supported for armhf chips
<zmatt> why would architecture matter?
<Pete90> BB Blue is and armhf chip no? Does that not actually matter when installing programs?
<zmatt> in some rare cases, but usually not no
<Pete90> mmmm, I thought it would have more of an impact
<zmatt> like, binary packages are of course architecture-specific, but armhf is relevant enough that typically if people provide binary packages for x86_64 they'll also have armhf packages
<zmatt> this is certainly true for debian native packages (except those rare packages that are intrinsically architecture-specific)
<Pete90> Like theres no binary package of noetic for debian 10 on armhf and building from source failed last time, kind of why I've been jumping around otherwise I would ahve used the iot images provided by beaglebone
<zmatt> yeah really weird, especially since they do have armhf packages on ubuntu
<zmatt> pure laziness I guess
<zmatt> they just don't care
<Pete90> Wouldn't surprise me, still weird that building from source kept failing, maybe I'll revisit it during my holiday but for now I just need to make some progress
<zmatt> what originally failed anyway? like, I remember you running out of memory while trying to compile cmake for some reason, but there shouldn't be a reason to compile cmake from source anyway
<zmatt> btw their debian repo metadata does actually list armhf:
<Pete90> I think it was in building the workspace, somewhere there it just didn't want to work anymore, came here and asked and you guys said to use Debian 11 so I started there :')
<zmatt> I'm pretty sure I didn't "say to use Debian 11" ... at most I said that debian 11 included a newer version of the native ros packages, but that's obviously irrelevant for the topic of building from source
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