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<Pete90> zmatt: Hey, yesterday you mentioned installing through binaries directly from Debian, on pages like these the dependencies are installed automatically right? Installing this installs all the "Other Packages Related to ros-robot-dev" marked by a pink dot?
<zmatt> Pete90: so, those webpages are just a way to see what packages exist using a web browser... to install them use apt (and yes, dependencies are automatically installed)
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<Pete90> Okay cool is there something I need to add to the sources.list file if so, how to I find it?
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<zmatt> Pete90: no, why?
<zmatt> sources.list is where you configure repositories, which is something that's obviously very rarely needed
<Pete90> Yeah I saw it's already in, just installing it now
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<Pete90> Is the Robot Control Library still useful on Debian 11? I see it isn't really there anymore and wondering if I should install it
<zmatt> no idea, I know it exists and that's about it
<Pete90> And also since cloud 9 doesn't work anymore is there anything similar that allows you to run multiple terminals, have file trees and open files and edit directly
<zmatt> I mean, to open multiple terminals just open multiple terminals ;) I know there are also IDEs that provide these things via ssh integration
<zmatt> e.g. vscode has such a feature:
<Pete90> Yeah fair, I use putty mostly but having the file trees for home directory is just a big bonus
<Pete90> Will definitely check it out thanks
<zmatt> what a weird link google gave me, this ssems to be the primary url
<zmatt> anyway, I'm sure many other IDEs have similar thigns
<zmatt> putty also ships an sftp client
<Pete90> The same website though, first one may be an ad
<zmatt> (but that's just file transfer, not quite the same as direct remote editing)
<Pete90> I see NodeRed support so I may begin there
<zmatt> ?
<zmatt> node-RED support for what?
<Pete90> In the Debian image var/lib theres a folder node-red, but nothing in, and the snapshot explains how to disable node-red
<zmatt> I'm not super familiar with node-RED other than that it's some kind of visual programming language written in nodejs that uses a browser-based editor
<zmatt> and I know there's a package bb-node-red-installer (both for buster and for bullseye) that takes care of installing it
<zmatt> it should be installed by default on IoT images
<Pete90> Ohhh I see, yeah I'm not always fond of visual programming, so I'll need to check before going that way
<zmatt> (that's why the bullseye forum post includes instructions on how to disable it if you don't want it, which implies it's enabled by default)
<zmatt> ditto for the browser-based vscode IDE
<zmatt> (the cloud9 replacement)
<Pete90> Okay yeah I see, I'll maybe go fr the vscode, didn't know it was browser based but regardless, handy thing is putty always works
<zmatt> vscode exists as standalone version, cloud version, and (I think experimentally) as local browser-based version
<zmatt> I'd suggest the standalone version... it seems rather likely that will perform better and use less resources than a browser-based version served from the beaglebone :P
<Pete90> That'll definitely help, thanks again for the suggestions man
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<zmatt> and visual programming languages can be neat, but as complexity of what you're trying to do increases you're always fighting the tendency for things to start to look like this -> ;-)
<Pete90> That image just scares me :') , especially because mine will start to look that, It does seem cool but reminds me too much of Scratch
<zmatt> this is labview btw
<zmatt> and scarily it looks like this ball is spaghetti is responsible for some kind of process control, based on the labels I see
<zmatt> *ball of spaghetti
<Pete90> Can you imagine trying to find an error in that at like 2 in the morning
<zmatt> iirc labview did have some nice features to trace what's going on, but yeah
<zmatt> this thing badly needs some refactoring
<Pete90> Looks like there'll be a lot of learning this year '=D
<zmatt> google found another image of supposed labview spaghetti, but honestly this looks like someone put effort into organizing things and making it easy to follow where lines are going
<zmatt> I haven't worked with labview myself in like... two decades or something
<Pete90> The block are a nice touch and at least it seperates it
<zmatt> the blocks are actually control structures
<zmatt> like loops and cases
<Pete90> Didn't even know it's been around for that long tbh
<Pete90> Ohhh okay that makes alot more sense
<zmatt> like, in the center of the image see those small orange boxes with downwards arrows in them?
<zmatt> attached to the left edge of a fairly large thin-lined box with a blue [N] in its topleft
<zmatt> that's for(i = 0; i < N; ++i) loop, and those arrow-boxes pass values from one loop iteration to the next... simpler example:
<zmatt> that would be something like x = 0; for( i = 0; i < 10; ++i ) { x = x + i; } ... (and the terminal on the right would yield the final value of x after the loop)
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<Pete90> What would be the easiest route to take if I want to host a website on my local network to display info from my BB Blue? Is nginx necessary or can it be done easier with low overhead? Would like it to be dynamic in the future but at the moment just focusing on having it up and running displaying static data
<Pete90> Not looking for a full scale web server accessible from anywhere in the world, just a method of displaying critical data
<zmatt> I mean, nginx is not particularly heavy
<demirok> Pete90, I recommend to build a small Flask app.
<demirok> It wont need a separate web server
<zmatt> or some other web service framework of choice
<zmatt> if you want to make it dynamic in the future, your preferred choice of programming language for that will be a relevant factor
<zmatt> in most cases such a thing will be more resource-intensive than nginx however
<Pete90> Okay yeah that makes sense, haven't heard of flask but will look at it. Using SLAM and ROS I'm going to want to integrate webviz into it for map viewing but I'm unsure which framework to look at then