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<Guest97> Im trying to use a custom cape ontop of the hdmi cape for my beaglebone green just so i dont have to take it on and off, is there any config i need to do?
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<set_> Guest97: Hello. I thought the HDMI Cape for the BBG was obsolete. I could be wrong but maybe asking in the forums could shine some light on this subject.
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<Guest97> thanks
<Guest97> it only works with certain versions of the bbg linux images
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<Guest9883> I tried to put new firmware on my beagle board which bricked it. Is there any way to revert it to factory settings?
<rcn-ee> Guest9883: does it boot? Just reflash it..
<Guest9883> How do I go about doing that?  I tried with the sd card and nothing happened.
<rcn-ee> Which Board? Which Image did you write to the microSD with, did you hold the "boot" button before pluggin in power?
<Guest9883> I have a beagle bone black and I tried to flash it with "AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB SD IoT".
<rcn-ee> so, that is standalone image, your board should now be 'booted' on the microSD...
<rcn-ee> are teh led's flashing..
<Guest9883> The LEDs are not flashing and when I removed the sd card nothing changes.
<rcn-ee> "standalone" image... once you removed the SD card, i'd expect it NOT boot...
<rcn-ee> Stick it back in, hold the "Boot" button, and wait for it to boot..
<Guest9883> Nothing happened.  The boot button is S2 correct?
<rcn-ee> its' the one next to the microSD connector...
<rcn-ee> plug in microSD, hold S2 down... Insert power... Wait till led turns on.. lift up finger on s2..
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<Guest9883> I tried that.  Nothing again.  I will try to rewrite the image to the sd card and see if that fixes it.
<rcn-ee> did you use ?
<Guest9883> I used balenaetcher
<rcn-ee> same thing..
<Guest9883> ok
<Guest9883> I reflashed the card and it worked this time.  Thanks for your help.  I was quite confused.  Best
<Guest9883> Thank you.
<rcn-ee> zmatt: 2022-04-01 images are out, it has 5.10.x with the uio optional: uboot_overlay_pru=AM335X-PRU-UIO-00A0.dtbo in /boot/uEnv.txt
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