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<set_> Well, the mechanics of it all are pitiful at best so far. The place I visited today was closed. In one lane and out the other. Sheesh. Anyway, I will keep on trying.
<set_> BBB rover mower! I am on it. This is a good project for me. Simple, hard to understand why, and oh so needed in the US. Green grasses do not stop.
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<mattb0ne> do we still have chat logs the internet crap out on me for a few hours
<mattb0ne> never mind
<mattb0ne> see it in the welcome message
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<ds2> always build a robotic roundup sprayer...that'll stop the grass :D
<set_> Ha.
<set_> Not kill, finely slice its blades down to a mushy, soft plush THANG.
<ds2> then you still got to water and feed it
<set_> I know now! Sheesh.
<set_> Why not throw money at it and watch the cloth be eaten in time?
<set_> or...a BBB dollar bill hider for future Bunnies in EasterLand.
<set_> Speakin' of...I saw a system making a easter egg nut. Man, if I only had the link. It is a beaut.
<set_> Sitting here thinking of it is making me want to build something ordinary and nice.
<set_> Did I? Did I ever tell you guys/gals about how much this project is doing for my learning skills? If not...
<set_> I am learning more than usual b/c of you guys/gals. Thank you. Happy Easter!
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<set_> Do not front. I am being serious. You guys? I would have never learned about projectiles in Python3 w/ formating in f-strings.
<set_> Also. I would not even know what formating looks like in print statements in C/C++, Python, and etc.
<set_> I had a talk w/ a person today. I reached out to let him know about my ramblings in the chat room and the forum(s). Thank you for having me. Anyway, that is all. I will go back to solitude now!
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<Siegurd> HI! Can someone share a bash script for debloat PocketBeagle so that boot process took 20-30 seconds instead 2 minutes on new installed image?
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<mattb0ne> dumb electronics question but if I set up a voltage divider can I just drive one side to ground?
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<rcn-ee> Siegurd: grab the "minimal" it has the least amount of stuff installed and enabled on startup..
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<Siegurd> wow, thanks! Finlay small image for embedded proposes! Installing
<zmatt> years ago when I put some effort into optimizing boot time, this is what I ended up achieving:
<zmatt> but, well, now our startup time is dominated by a big fat nodejs application :P
<Siegurd> 5.146s - that's incredible! Was it boot from SD card of eMMC?
<zmatt> eMMC
<zmatt> but it was a long time ago so it may have been slower eMMC than current BBBs
<Siegurd> Startup finished in 14.526s (kernel) + 25.320s (userspace) = 39.846s
<Siegurd> reached after 24.977s in userspace
<Siegurd> NICE!!!
<zmatt> does that image still use initramfs ?
<zmatt> if so, getting rid of that should make things faster still
<rcn-ee> first boot still does ssh key generation...
<rcn-ee> so 2nd boot will always be faster..
<rcn-ee> if you remove the initramfs you'll gain a little bit more..
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<zmatt> rcn-ee: why is initramfs installed by default anyway, are there still configurations that need it?
<Siegurd> it was for 2nd boot time
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<Siegurd> login prompts at 32 seconds after power apply!
<zmatt> look on the bright side, I recently power-cycled our ethernet switch and discovered it has a boot time of more than 2 minutes
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<Siegurd> i mean that 32 seconds is 4 times faster then usual booting time of PocketBeagle with large image.
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<Guest93> Wow. I'm the guest who tried 3 different pocketbeagles and three different cables and two computers and still couldn't connect to any of them, even though they were booting. Well, yes. I tried a FOURTH cable, and everything works.... Heavy sigh....
<zmatt> Guest93: time to ritually burn three usb cables?
<rcn-ee> awesome, cut them up!
<Guest93> I'm thinking they may be OTG cables that got mixed up with the Pocketbeagle cables.
<zmatt> Guest93: an OTG cable would have the wrong plug on the other end and can't plug into your laptop
<zmatt> also, OTG uses micro-usb, not mini-USB
<zmatt> (and technically should be a micro-A connector rather than micro-B although that's unfortunately often violated)
<Guest93> Hmm. Yes.
<zmatt> Guest93: sometimes you can encounter "charge only" cables lacking data lines, although you should dispose of those as well since proper charger detection uses the data lines
<Guest93> Although I have female USB to USB-C OTG cables.
<zmatt> that's not OTG
<Guest93> They are sold as that.
<Guest93> 385286500280&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4140900648287644191&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9019559&hvtargid=pla-833314958350
<zmatt> yeah that's just misinformed
<zmatt> USB-C is inherently dual-role, the term "OTG" does not apply to it
<Guest93> Didn't know that about it being inherently dual-role.
<zmatt> well USB-C has no separate plugs for the two sides (host vs device)
<zmatt> so roles are instead determined by a simple negotiation protocol using the CC lines
<zmatt> this is different from OTG, where the plug tells the device whether it should assume host role (if the plug grounds the ID pin) or device role (if the plug leaves the ID pin floating)
<Guest93> Can a pocketbeagle or beaglebone black micro-usb or mini-usb connect to a USB-C port?
<zmatt> any usb device can connect to a USB-C host port with a suitable passive adapter (such as the one you linked)
<zmatt> ("USB-C host port" here meaning a USB-C port that supports host role)
<Guest93> I know it's several years old, but I'm still learning about USB-C.
<zmatt> usb-c is a complicated hot mess
<Guest93> For instance, my first phone had a USB-C to headphone adapter cord. But that cord doesn't work with my new phone, which requires the iPhone version of that cord.
<Guest93> But I really like the form-factor.
<zmatt> the usb-c spec defines a standardized passive adapter to run analog audio over usb-c... but I guess one of them didn't follow the spec
<Guest93> Moto Droid vs. iPhone&Samsung
<Guest93> Are there any plans for pocketbeagle protocape like the one for beaglebone black?
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<Guest93> I'm getting my pocketbeagle to properly serve webpage on Windows 10, but not getting on my linux laptop. When I run "ip a" I can see new interfaces enx6064054c2952 and enx6064054c2954 when the pocketbeagle is connected. They don't get resolved to usb0 it looks like.
<zmatt> interface naming depends on distro
<zmatt> and is mostly irrelevant
<rcn-ee> sudo dhclient enx6064054c2952
<zmatt> I wouldn't just do that, configuring an ip address on the interface is the job of your network manager
<zmatt> going behind its back seems ill-advised
<Guest93> I've tried restarting networking service
<Guest93> Those interfaces show as down.
<zmatt> ifupdown (i.e. networking.service) requires manual configuration per interface, it's not really for typical end users
<zmatt> (manual as in, you need to add something specific to its config file, not in the sense of having to configure a static ip of course)
<Guest93> Yeah, I'm running ifupdown2
<Guest93> I suppose I could go through the ip link set dev.....
<zmatt> no you shouldn't
<Guest93> Just wondering why the udev rule doesn't work.
<zmatt> udev has nothing to do with this
<zmatt> if you chose to use ifupdown2, then configure it appropriately to bring one or both of these interfaces up using dhcp
<zmatt> (via /etc/network/interfaces )
<zmatt> or use a user-friendly network manager that automatically brings up interfaces it detects
<Guest93> hmm, well running ip link set dev enx6064054c2952 up and then dhclient enx6064054c2952 gives me on that interface.
<zmatt> yes but now you're manually doing the job of your network manager, behind its back
<Guest93> But this is a pain.
<Guest93> Yeah.
<zmatt> why are you using such a weird linux system, if I may ask?
<Guest93> You mean not using systemd networking?
<zmatt> like, a non-systemd distro with some obscure reimplementation of debian's mediocre network manager sounds like a very... opinionated choice, yet you don't seem to be familiar enough with how the stuff on your system works to justify being highly opinionated about it
<zmatt> and no I wouldn't suggest systemd-networkd on a desktop/laptop linux system either unless you already happen to be comfortable with systemd-networkd
<Guest93> Hmm. Well as professional system engineer designing and managing Ceph/Openstack/Proxmox production systems I guess I should learn my job better. =D
<zmatt> that certainly sounds like you ought to be familiar with the network manager on your system yes
<Guest93> But I'm not really all that opinionated tbh.
<zmatt> I personally switched from ifupdown to systemd-networkd on my laptop a long time ago and never looked back
<Guest93> I'm sorry, I don't really work with embedded systems that much.
<zmatt> or more precisely, I use systemd-networkd on every type of linux system - laptop, server, embedded
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<Guest93> I appreciate the advice and didn't come for a flame war.
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<zmatt> yeah I don't care what you use, but as long as you're using a network manager that doesn't auto-configures network interfaces for you, I would certainly recommend getting familiar with how to actually configure it
<zmatt> typical desktop linux systems use gnome network manager (even if not otherwise using gnome)
<Guest93> Thank you for your advice.
<zmatt> for reference, systemd-networkd can be configured to automatically configure all ethernet interfaces that show up like follows:
<Guest93> Got it.
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<mattb0ne> how can I change a pin value from the PRU
<ds2> systemd isn't an embedded thing.... that's a desktop abomination
<ds2> write to the register...either r30 or r31 (one's in and the other is out, check the manual for which is which)
<mattb0ne> what is systemd is that comment for me as well?
<zmatt> no that's just ds2 doing a greybeard rant ;-)
<zmatt> mattb0ne: for pru direct I/O, if a pin is muxed to "pruout" mode using config-pin it will output a specific bit of r30 of one of the two cores, hence that pin can then be updated simply by writing to r30... see for a summary of pins supporting pru direct i/o
<zmatt> when writing in C, I think there's some intrinsics to read/write r30
<zmatt> (similarly, muxing a pin to pruin mode allows it to be read directly via r31, which is used by the quadrature decoder program you're using)
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<mattb0ne> thanks
<mattb0ne> let me find your magic sheet
<mattb0ne> actually can you link that to me again
<zmatt> my pins spreadsheet?
<mattb0ne> yeah
<zmatt> I did just link to a pastebin specifically for the pru pins, but sure
<zmatt> is the full spreadsheet
<mattb0ne> wanted to rebookmark it
<mattb0ne> would there be an issue if I reference a pin that was set by an overlay. I am using P9_13 which is set to gpio by an overlay
<mattb0ne> can I still use R30 to interact with it
<zmatt> no, you'd either need to change the overlay or control the gpio by using the gpio controller's registers rather than r30
<zmatt> I think I already once sent you this header: that defines convenient wrapper functions for doing the latter
<mattb0ne> how do you find these snippets so fast!
<zmatt> I go to pastebin, click "my pastes", and enter a suitable keyword into the search field?
<mattb0ne> oh you have an account
<mattb0ne> makes sense
<zmatt> creating an account is free
<mattb0ne> that would help tremendously
<mattb0ne> I am going to do so
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