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<NevilShute> USB Serial Problem: I have a 1500000 baud 8N1 serial that works perfectly on any Windows terminal I run, E.G. Putty, TeraTerm...but when I boot into Linux I get garbage on any terminal I use, E.G. cutecom, kermit, picocom. With picocom, I have tested every baud rate, all 5,6,7,8 data sizes, odd even and none parity. I have also tried it on several
<NevilShute> other Linux machines and none of them work, but on windowz there is no problem. Any ideas?
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<zmatt> hmm, weird baudrate
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<Guest35> hi boys, is there a forum to expose a problem with my BBB?
<rcn-ee> sorry wrong link..
<Guest35> thank you
<Guest35> maybe could I ask why my BBB is only blue led fix on power on no other led when powered to an usb from the wall?
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<mattb0ne> would the networking be confused if I have both the ethernet and usb plugged into one of those 4 in 1 hubs
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<mattb0ne> getting network unreachable
<mattb0ne> my internet connection is shared but the beaglebone doesn't seem able to get an ip address
<mattb0ne> ipv4 addres
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<mattb00ne> hmmm
<mattb00ne> probably a bad sign when ip route returns nothing
<mattb00ne> =(
<mattb00ne> is my eth0 from ifconfig
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<zmatt> ifconfig is a deprecated utility, use 'ip addr'
<zmatt> what do you mean "one of those 4 in 1 hubs" ?
<zmatt> anyway, I'm not too familiar with the output of ifconfig, but it looks like ethernet has link up but no address, which suggests to me you've not successfully shared your internet connection to ethernet
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<mattb0ne> hmmm
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<mattb0ne> this is that hub
<mattb0ne> so i have that and an ethernet to usb3 adapter
<mattb0ne> that should not cause problems in theory right
<zmatt> uhh, why would it?
<zmatt> I'm not even sure what you imagine the relevance of this usb hub is
<mattb0ne> i dunno not sure what else it could be I shared my wifi connection with the board that was sufficent last time i was doing this
<zmatt> what do you mean by "with the board" ?
<zmatt> you need to share it with the ethernet interface specifically
<mattb0ne> right i am in windows 11 I see my wifi and I have another ethernet connection which I shared the wifi with
<mattb0ne> that is all I had to do previously and I had connectivity
<mattb0ne> now for some reason that is not working
<mattb0ne> differences are the bullseye image
<zmatt> well you should see two "ethernet" connections right, the usb-ethernet adapter and the bbb's usb-networking
<mattb0ne> and the extra adapter
<zmatt> ?
<mattb0ne> to make it simpler i just have the usb going to wall power adapter and just the ethernet plugged in
<mattb0ne> that usb hub
<zmatt> there's no networking on this usb how, how or why would it show up as network interface?
<zmatt> *usb hub
<mattb0ne> it doesn't now I just have the ethernet USB GbE Family controller
<zmatt> so you don't have the bbb connected via usb? you're able to log in via ssh via ethernet?
<zmatt> (which I guess should indeed work even if it doesn't have a proper IP address, if link-local ipv6 works correctly on windows)
<mattb0ne> right
<zmatt> or, how were you checking things on the bbb side?
<mattb0ne> I just have the ethernet cable plugged in usb powering the BBB
<mattb0ne> i use putty to ssh
<mattb0ne> and try and update apt
<zmatt> to beaglebone.local ?
<mattb0ne> or ping
<mattb0ne> yes
<mattb0ne> that works fine
<mattb0ne> cannot ping anything
<zmatt> share output of 'ip addr' and 'networkctl status eth0'
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<rcn-ee> what's on the other side of the ethernet cable? is it running an dhcp server?
<mattb0ne> my laptop
<mattb0ne> which is connected to wifi
<rcn-ee> laptop... Windows/Mac/linux...
<mattb0ne> sorry win 11
<rcn-ee> Do you have Internet Connection Sharing enabled?
<zmatt> mattb0ne: yeah I can't draw any conclusion other than that internet sharing is not enabled correctly
<mattb0ne> yeah I did that... went in shared my wifi with that connection
<mattb0ne> it is just stuck on identifying
<zmatt> the bbb is not getting an IP from your laptop
<mattb0ne> ok
<rcn-ee> another possible issue. not all "ethernet" ports support auto switch tx/rx... so might need a cross over ethernet vs patch cable... but isn't auto tx/rx pretty much normal now days?
<zmatt> rcn-ee: then you wouldn't even get link up
<zmatt> it has link up, and in fact he can ssh via ethernet (thanks to link-local ipv6 + mdns)
<rcn-ee> ah perfect... so that takes it out..
<zmatt> (and yes, everything supports auto crossover)
<zmatt> mattb0ne: can you make a screenshot of the internet sharing setting?
<zmatt> or something
<mattb0ne> ok
<set_> is this a live debug?
* set_ pays attention w/ two eyes!
<set_> and a nice pointer finger!
<zmatt> mattb0ne: ehm, what's this supposed to be a screenshot of?
<rcn-ee> mattb0ne: what did you configure for this...
<rcn-ee> EwimjovTu4X3AhXRJzQIHSxNDPAQ_B16BAhVEAE#imgrc=2x-ZVYu8J8vvPM
<rcn-ee> (the home networking connection)
<mattb0ne> connection details
<zmatt> mattb0ne: I asked specifically about internet *sharing*
<mattb0ne> that is what did rcn-ee
<mattb0ne> i pretty much followed what was in rcn-ee's link. there really is just a check box
<rcn-ee> nothing else? did windows 11 change what it looks like again?
<rcn-ee> wait.. is it Windows 11 Home?
<zmatt> mattb0ne: and then selected the ethernet interface from the popup?
<rcn-ee> (haven't upgraded any Windows 10 test machine to 11 yet..)
<mattb0ne> yeah win 11 home
<rcn-ee> wonders... windows 11 home...
<set_> I got Win 11 now! I can help.
<set_> Plug me in and watch me go.
<set_> So, what should I do first?
<mattb0ne> well it does not have the pop up in there to select. but I can click the check box. If I have the usb connected as well I have three connections and I would have the drop down presented
<mattb0ne> set_: see if you can share your internet connection with your BBB
<zmatt> (via ethernet)
<vagrantc> wow, windows finally caught up to debian on release versions?
<zmatt> mattb0ne: well, everything (both the output on the bbb side as well as the properties screenshot you showed from windows) confirms that the internet sharing just isn't working
<zmatt> so the options for that are basically it's either not configured right or it's broken
<rcn-ee> Looks like they changed the gui...
<zmatt> rcn-ee: looks same to me?
<rcn-ee> the drop down is gone.. ;)
<zmatt> apart from the popup, which mattb0ne says only shows up if there are actually multiple choices
<mattb0ne> so frustrating
<mattb0ne> all this effort to get a working pyqtgraph
<mattb0ne> any chance it is the image
<zmatt> mattb0ne: yeah it's weird that it doesn't just work
<zmatt> no
<mattb0ne> ok
<zmatt> you didn't do any weird settings on the ethernet interface?
<rcn-ee> if you got wifi, why can't you stick a random wifi dongle in it..
<set_> done.
<set_> It shares.
<set_> Oh.
<mattb0ne> what did you do
<zmatt> rcn-ee: well, random wifi dongles are kinda hit-or-miss on linux
<rcn-ee> Striking out with Windows. ;)
<set_> Oh. you mean for internet sharing by USB w/out WiFi dongle?
<mattb0ne> i did try putting something in etc/network/interfaces
<zmatt> mattb0ne: please don't
<mattb0ne> lol
<set_> hint, hint. I saw something.
<rcn-ee> mattb0ne: that newer image uses systemd-networkd... classic etc/networking/intefaces just makes things more fun.. (legacy)
<set_> Oh.
<zmatt> rcn-ee: why not remove ifupdown entirely?
<mattb0ne> I deleted
<mattb0ne> now it is blank
<set_> I got what you guys are doing. Dealing w/ older images/kernels?
<mattb0ne> what is weird is I do not even get a time out
<zmatt> set_: no
<mattb0ne> and ip route
<mattb0ne> is blank
<zmatt> mattb0ne: timeout of what?
<mattb0ne> dev usb1 proto kernel scope link src
<mattb0ne> actually this is what ip route has
<set_> is for Win.
<set_> That is for Linux.
<rcn-ee> That's teh usb gadget driver...
<zmatt> mattb0ne: your ethernet interface didn't get any IPv4 address from your PC, hence there's also no route
<set_> Oh.
<set_> What. You guys are just pluggin' in and nothing works?
<zmatt> mattb0ne: but even the PC side of the network configuration looks wrong
<set_> Is this a specific image I should know about currently?
<zmatt> mattb0ne: it should pick some IP range to use (from which it can hand out IP addresses), your screenshot showed it hadn't done that
<zmatt> set_: nah this is a Windows-side issue
<set_> Get rid of bone- and use am335x-. I had multiple...oh.
<zmatt> I don't know how to debug this, Windows networking is pretty opaque to me
<rcn-ee> and it's windows 11... I know Windows 10's works..
<zmatt> like, a simple checkbox "and voila it works!" is great... except when it doesn't work
<mattb0ne> yeah I think when I was doing this I had win 10
<set_> Did someone pay those people at Kitware or whatever they are called these days for pyqt?
<mattb0ne> got to love microsoft
<set_> Anyway, things change in their organization currently and a lot I noticed. One day, PyQt_blah_blah works well b/c of one of the functions and then they change it. So, importing PyQt_blah_blah does not do what it once did.
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<set_> I think it is called Security/Hardening.
<mattb00ne> ok
<mattb00ne> got a old laptop with Win10 home
<mattb00ne> see if just MS broke something
<set_> Me?
<set_> Or you?
<zmatt> dunno if that has any influence
<zmatt> but it's worth a shot
<set_> If they are private, sharing is still possible.
<zmatt> I meant making sure it's set to Private and not Public
<set_> Oh.
<zmatt> it's a long shot anyway
<zmatt> but like I said, I'm finding almost nothing about internet connection sharing on windows 11
<mattb00ne> lol it worked
<zmatt> \o/
<set_> YOu have to be jokening me?
<rcn-ee> what did? ;) take a screen shot! and post it! ;)
<set_> Yes!
<mattb00ne> did the same steps in win 10 home and it worked fine
<zmatt> ahh
<rcn-ee> ahh..
<mattb00ne> now i ran sudo update
<set_> Oh.
<mattb00ne> and i am getting release file is not valid yet
<rcn-ee> clock is off..
<zmatt> system date didn't sync yet apparently
<set_> I got the hint.
<set_> have fun!
<set_> bbl!
<mattb00ne> what do you mean
<zmatt> I'd expect systemd-timesyncd to fix that once the connection comes up, assuming it's enabled
<mattb00ne> oh oh
<rcn-ee> I just fixed that Debian's dev split out systemd-timesyncd from systemd only caught it a few days ago..
<rcn-ee> Just do: `sudo date --set="2022-04-08"` to get in the ball park..
<zmatt> and then "sudo apt update", which should work successfully, and then "sudo apt install systemd-timesyncd"
<mattb00ne> i still have some that are less than a day out
<zmatt> ?
<mattb00ne> 20h 13h etc
<zmatt> some what?
<rcn-ee> ah utc time... do '09'.. vs '08'...
<zmatt> I mean, the date being off by a day shouldn't matter to be able to do apt update
<rcn-ee> just close enough for it to not complain
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<set_> sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata used to work. Ha.
<rcn-ee> that's the goal..
<set_> Now, I cannot tell the BBB the truth any longer.
<zmatt> ohh maybe being off by a day can matter indeed,
<zmatt> yeah, that
<mattb00ne> lol
<zmatt> stuff signed today
<mattb00ne> so how do I set the clock to get around that
<set_> rcn-ee says to use sudo date --set="some_date"
<set_> If you lost connection as some of us do...
<zmatt> sudo date --utc --set='2022-04-08 10:35'
<zmatt> once systemd-timesyncd is installed it should take care of this automatically in the future (as long as there's an internet connection)
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<set_> Oh. Latest-Greatest again? I tried the last images supported already and failed. I could not figure it out either.
<set_> Good on you guys. Keep it up!
* set_ bows out for now b/c I say enthusiasm is next to blah...
<mattb00ne> ok now it works
buckket has joined #beagle
<mattb00ne> finally
<mattb00ne> as always thanks for the assist. I hate networking
<set_> Yes! Another satisfied network.
<mattb00ne> what are you up to these days
<mattb00ne> set_
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Me, nothing much. 3D Printing, Lasers, and non-networking stuff.
<set_> I like motors still.
<set_> I was going to try something else but it is like LEDs are motors. So, why not have both?
<set_> I mean...
<set_> They are not exactly the same but they both listen to the same peripheral tech.
<set_> For instance, I can tell the LED to do things. The motor listens just the same but w/ movement instead of light.
<set_> Light is nice. I like light. But motors are more rewarding to me. The movement and dance of it all makes me feel warm inside.
<set_> Like yes. I just commanded you damn motors. Now, obey to the source and dance, dance, dance.
<set_> It is like an old western movie where the dude from the city thinks he is hot stuff. Then, the country fellow says w/ his weapon to dance.
<set_> Well, not exactly but close and now w/ source!
<set_> mattb00ne: I was going to try other things like more programming of the motors but that takes an enormous amount of time. I cannot do everything.
<set_> Luckily, some person or his group of people that are close to him/her/whomever makes it done and i can add if necessary.
<set_> Outside of that, I made a nice sinter and a horrible nut via 3D printing.
<set_> Done did it again...yes. All for fun...priceless.
<set_> Now, if I can only chat w/ this fellow about fixing his gate. It has an IR sensor and 12v motor.
<set_> That would be a nice start for me and this BBB fiasco I invested in!
<set_> in a good way. Not as though it is detrimental to my health or others.
<set_> Well, there you have it. In a nutshell!
<set_> Speakin' of BBBs, where are they now?
<set_> Send guidance!
<set_> Hello?
<set_> echo, echo, echo!
<mattb00ne> is wayland better than xserver
<set_> No/yes/maybe. I think the other fellows will have a more precise answer.
<set_> I would say wayland is better now b/c it is what is available for beginners like me on Debian 11 Bullseye.
<set_> For instance, I would not need to make, cmake, ./configure, or whatever a binary installed and updated constantly by me.
<set_> So, simply put, it is easier for me and that entitles me to say, "better", is yes.
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<set_> mattb00ne: Are you there in userland w/ a keyboard still? If so, do not reply to me. I am a tell-all!
<set_> I will tell you things that only I know you want to here. Buy more BBBs.
<set_> ha.
<set_> Speakin' of BBBs, where are they now?
* set_ forgets to stay patient. Sorry again I am, again, and again...
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<set_> Just to say, the new blog post rules. Compare and Contrast and more!