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<sakasama> Impressive. For most people the gross is negative.
* sakasama chops down programmers randomly.
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<zid> I am highly gross.
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<immibis> bnchs: you don't EARN money either. You get paid money. The amount of money you get paid has VERY LITTLE to do with how much you actually deserve - perhaps even a negative correlation.
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<sakasama> You can also steal money, or equivalently, invest.
<sakasama> Mining cryptocurrencies fits in there somewhere, but is rather ecologically unfriendly compared to old fashion fraud and market manipulation.
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<immibis> proof of stake has a much more understandable model there
<immibis> in terms of economics. staking crypto is not dissimilar from betting on the continued solvency of a bank by keeping your money in an interest-bearing account
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<clever> while proof of work just incentivizes wasting electricity
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<clever> if you put in more work, you get short term gains, but if everybody puts in more work, the difficulty goes up, and then everybody makes the same as before
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<clever> so now your blowing more energy to get the same result as before
<clever> and the only cap on things, is electricity costs vs selling what you mined
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<heat> mjg, is kgmon the old crap you were talking about?
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<geist> oh man i broke one of my fingernails last night and that hurs like a mofo
<sham1> Rectangles are the bane of my existence right now
<Ermine> gog: may I pet you
<gog> yes
* Ermine pets gog
<gog> geist: oof owie'
* gog prr
* kof123 hands sham1 copy of ecstatica ("Voxel" graphics IIRC)
<geist> eyah torn my little pinkie nail about halfway down the nail bed, across
<geist> but not enough to completely break off the nail. so it'll be like this for months probably until it can completely grow back
<kof123> *ellipsoid "Somebody should really remake the wacky ellipsoid voxel engine"
<heat> i hate grub i hate grub i hate grub
<heat> it's like they piss me off on purpose
<gog> grub is made from everything
<Ermine> Who doesn't hate grub
<gog> sing to the tune of "i like dirt" by RHCP'
<gog> i hate grub
<Ermine> i hate grub
<heat> i hope yall realize most distro GRUBs are patched to shit, because upstream GRUB is even more super borky
<gog> yes
<Ermine> yes
<GeDaMo> For a second I thought you were talking about food :P
<gog> i prefer systemd-boot but i cba to install it and make it work right
<heat> my problem 2day: efi handover protocol for mb2
<gog> write your own efi
<heat> my own efi??
<gog> do weird things with it like me
<heat> nooOOOOOOoooooOOOOooooo
<gog> yers
<Ermine> Gotta read that standard
<gog> i'm writing efi right now and loving it
<heat> the gang rewrites tianocore
<gog> yes
<Ermine> Still on section 2...
<heat> GogServicesLib
<heat> GogServicesDxeSmm
<geist> hmm not my favorite RHCP album, but it did have Fruciante in it
<geist> he's great
<Ermine> Finally, with EFI_GOG_PROTOCOL support
<heat> and then the PEI variant, GogServicesPeim
<heat> everybody shits on protocols but no one seems to enjoy good ol PPIs
<Ermine> PEI = ?
<geist> prince edward island?
<heat> pre-efi environment
<heat> it's covered by That Whole Other Efi Spec
<heat> i do like PEI a lot, I find DXE/UEFI way too bloated
<Ermine> prince edward island was before efi, so PEI is PEI
<Ermine> heat: do you mean UEFI Platform Initialization Specification?
<heat> yes
<zid> I had a realization about libgcc
<zid> libgcc contains code, code that you compile when you build gcc, that code goes into an .a which you splat into your project
<zid> so your CFLAGS for building gcc change the binaries that your gcc produces
<heat> basically your whole PEI is composed of PEI modules (PEIM), and they communicate using PPIs (PEIM-to-PEIM interface)
<heat> which are protocols but way simpler and more direct
<zid> unless their makefile deliberately ignores CFLAGS for libgcc and hard-builds it with -O2 -march=generic or whatever
<heat> you find the PPI and fuckin call it
<Ermine> Holy shit, another 1146 pages. Is it useful for bootloader writers?
<heat> no
<Ermine> nice
<heat> it's for firmware people, everyone before UEFI proper
<zid> bootloader writers, also known as the osdev discord
<gog> i'm a bootloader writer
<heat> so SEC, PEI, DXE, BDS(?)
<Ermine> FreeBDS when
<gog> OpenBDS will be secure by default
<heat> like, actual EFI incorporates both specs, but bootlegged EFI just implements the actual spec
<heat> zid, it ignores CFLAGS
<heat> there's another var you can try and poke to influence it
<zid> TARGET_FOR or whatever?
<heat> hmm no I don't think it's that simple, IIRC it's something internal
<heat> not just CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET
<heat> which is why forcing libgcc to -mcmodel=<whatever> is a PITA
* Ermine wonders why llvm doesn't use compiler-rt by default
<heat> compiler-rt does not implement all of libgcc
<heat> that's a slightly separate project: see the efforts behind making glibc build with clang
<Ermine> Given that this is GNU I'm not surprised it isn't trivial
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<zid> heat: it was for_target
<zid> make all-target-libgcc CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET='-g -O2 -mcmodel=kernel -mno-red-zone'
<zid> from osdev wookie
<heat> ah ok cool my bad then
<zid> It recommends hand editing the makefile to mess with the PIC settings though :P
<heat> i remember having to dig into libgcc makefiles to figure that out, maybe i was doing things wrong
<heat> ... yeah
<heat> cmpl $MULTIBOOT_TAG_TYPE_EFI64, (%rdi)
<heat> cmove 8(%rdi), %rdx
<heat> cmpl $MULTIBOOT_TAG_TYPE_EFI64_IH, (%rdi)
<heat> cmove 8(%rdi), %rcx
<heat> cmove 8(%rdi), %rsi
<heat> how eww is this?
<geist> for my toolchain patches i have a whole MULTILIB thing to build no-red-zone variants fwiw
<geist> if you want a cleanerish way to do it
<bslsk05> ​github.com: toolchains/gcc-patch-000 at master · travisg/toolchains · GitHub
<heat> no-red-zone isn't enough, you need mcmodel=large or mcmodel=kernel
<geist> oh?
<geist> i didn't real the full scrollback, is this for EFI stuff?
<heat> what is?
<geist> this building of libgcc w/no-red-zone talk
<heat> no idea, that's zid, not me
<heat> given it's zid, probably not efi
<heat> :p
<heat> ... but I'm faaaaaaiirly sure I've ran into mcmodel issues with that approach
<geist> ah. FWIW i haven't but then i dont think my code ends up needing much libgcc anyway
<heat> i just have a version of compiler-rt with my kernel now
<geist> for zircon we just dont link with it in the kernel, which we can generally get away with because 64bit and not doing fancy bits
<heat> it's much superior to trying to convince llvm or gcc to compile it the way I want it
<geist> reminds me i need to finish getting the toolchains script up to date with 13.1
<heat> anyway how eww is my assembly snippet?
<heat> i think it's fairly clean? I don't know if a compiler would gen this though
<geist> seems legit to me
<geist> i mean, honestly any assembly that works is pretty good
<geist> unless you're tyring to microoptimize it, but this does not need microoptimization
<geist> wont work on pentiums, of course because cmove
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<heat> yes, i just want something clean-ish that won't pain me to look at
<geist> but i dont remember the syntx of cmove. where is the third arg? is it implicitly rax or something?
<heat> there's no third arg
<geist> oh if condition is met replace A with B?
<heat> cmov - eq condition (Z flag) - mov 8(%rdi) to %rsi if Z
<geist> oh the 'e' is the 'equals to zero' part
<geist> forgot abou that. i'm used to something like 'eq' or 'ez' from arm and riscv respectively
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<heat> cmpeq also works if you're working with 64-bit lol
<geist> mean anything else or just an alias for it?
<heat> q = qword
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<heat> cmpe with 64-bit arguments is implicitly cmpeq, cmpe with 32-bit is cmpel
<heat> erm, sorry
<heat> brainfart?
<heat> s/cmp/cmov/ in these last few messages
<heat> so cmoveq also works. that's what I meant
<geist> ah eq makes more sense
<zid> Yea my solution is just 'amd64'
<geist> my x86 asm foo is not that strong. i can read it pretty well, but when i write it i tend to use the same 20 instructions and write it risc-like
<gog> haha weird code go brrr
<geist> which nowadays is probably what you're supposed to do anyway
<zid> I was moaning about this in the gcc channel and they were like "why the fuck would you want gimple libgcc?" I explained and they were like "oh, right"
<zid> That's just how programs work now geist, more than anything
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<zid> once you've got add/sub/mul/inc/jmp/call sorted, there isn't a lot left your program *needs* to do
<zid> you're not hand-writing BCD code
<zid> using special bcd instructions
<heat> geist, isn't the tendency for risc to be more cisc-like?
<zid> yea, and that too
<geist> it's like there's some sort of ideal middle ground that everything moves towards
<geist> but it's generally easier to add than take away
<zid> (just a general convergence on 'things that are easy and fast')
<geist> ie, x86 still has all the trashy shit, but at least arm and riscv can add till they achieve some sort of ideal state
<heat> x86 is still super CISC IMO. like all the SIMD instruction stuff they keep adding
<zid> as you're probably sick of hearing me say: risc doesn't make sense as a design once you have cache
<geist> i can see, for example, riscv adding a lot of the zbx instructions because the lack of bit twiddling instructions is kinda a pain
<gog> still cisc tho
<geist> and i see the difference in codegen (been piddling wit it at work)
* gog fingerguns
<heat> "take these 2 two AVX-512 registers and shuffle them according to this mask im giving you kthxbye" is exactly the kind of shit they keep adding
<heat> they = x86, not riscv (not yet anyway)
<geist> yeah, though honestly to be fair i tend to consider vector and those sort of things to be basically a specialized subset of the whole thing and not really the general ISA
<geist> in those case evyerhting seems to be converging on more and more specialized things for specialzied situations
<bslsk05> ​www.felixcloutier.com: GF2P8AFFINEQB — Galois Field Affine Transformation
<zid> yea turns out hardware accel makes things faster
<geist> but kinda makes sense there because the vector bits are big ass piles of ALUs so the speicalized instructions to maximize their use are more okay
<heat> or aes or crc32 extensions, etc
<zid> risc is a compromise we don't need anymore
<geist> it's more like it's a design pattern you start from and then follow to where you want to go
<geist> and i think it's generally easier to start with simpler to decode instructions, load/store arch, and then add your exceptions
<geist> than the other way around
<geist> for example it's pretty trivial for apple to decode 8 instructions simultaneously on M1 silicon because it's all nicely 32bit aligned
<geist> same with bigass POWERs
<geist> no x86 has gotten to that point yet. 5 or 6 on the most recent ones i think
<zid> (m1 actually decodes x86 faster than real x86 cpus do though)
<zid> so they clearly are just good at it
<geist> riscv is going to be interesting when the big cores come along. are they going to allow 16 bit compressed or go 32bit only?
<geist> m1 does not decode x86 at all
<zid> m1 was specifically the rosetta cpu was it not
<heat> hm?
<geist> no. there's a software transcoder
<zid> wow how did I miss that
<heat> yeah m1 only has a couple of extensions to make it easier to transcode
<geist> the hacks that M1 has for x86 is a) it has a strongly ordered mode you can toggle between
<geist> b) it has a few extension instructions that compute x86 style flags
<geist> and c) has enough registers to easily hold the entire x86 state
<geist> and d) is fast as fuuuuck
<heat> fast as fuuuuuuuuuck
<geist> have seen some writeups on the rosetta thing and it's relatively simple. mostly a straight transcode
<zid> I wonder how well an orthogonal cisc would do
<GeDaMo> I think Rosetta translates the whole program ahead of time
<geist> yah i read that basically it decodes a parallel text segment next to the x86 part that reaches into the same rodata/data segment, etc
<geist> so it ends up loading alongside the binary
<geist> also to help arm64 is basically the same from a little endian, alignment of stuff, ABI point of view
<geist> which is almost certainly not by accident. every other major new(ish) arch basically needs to be 100% x86 compatible from the basics point of view. riscv is no exception
<heat> also big endian sucks?
<zid> also big endian sucks
<geist> i'm sitll constantly surprised at how fast M1s are. was running one of those cinebench benchmarks the other day
<heat> and windows does not support big endian anyway I think
<geist> and my M1 3.2Ghz mac mini (first gen) is like 90% as fast as my 5950x at 4.5Ghz core
<heat> yeah
<geist> which lines up precisely with what i had seen in the past. out the gate the first gen M1s were very competitive with top of the line x86s at a much slower clock rate
<heat> also heats up way less
<geist> very wide and with lower clock rate and crazy memory bandwidth == less power
<geist> yah
<heat> versus the fucking intel mbp that try and make you sterile
<geist> and that very wide probably has sme help from the arm64 arch: you can decode 8 instructions in parallel, lots of regs, etc
<heat> seriously, how is "warm up to 97C, then turn on the fans, when its at 88C turn them off, repeat" a cooling strategyyyyyyyy
<geist> yeah the newer zen 4s also do precisely that. slam right into their thermal limit and back off instantly. and that's just by design now
<heat> oh gosh
<geist> so now you really do actually get better performance if you have bigger beefier heat sinks or cooling
<heat> but I think these are just firmware/platform policies though?
<Ermine> One problem with m1: expensive af
<heat> apple moment
<geist> also one limitation all of the M1/M2 cores have is they still have the plain 128 bit NEON/ASIMD vector stuff
<Ermine> yeah
<geist> so they will still get trounced on use cases where you compare with some avx512 thing
<geist> apple hasn't yet started implementing SVE. I'm curious when/if they will
<heat> you'll get this macbook with a lower-powered CPU and a tiny screen and a whole 256GB! of disk space for 2K and you'll enjoy it!
<Ermine> 2k what
<heat> 2000 europes
<geist> i mean i'm typing on my mbp14 right now and its a fantastic experience. but then i always get highish end macbooks and then hold onto them for like 6-8 years
<geist> my 2014 was due for an upgrade when i got this a year or two ago
<heat> ok, exagerating. it's more like 1700 europes here
<zid> 2k urops is like 1990 more europs than I have
<zid> heat wehn is my piss4 controller shipping
<heat> the shitty normal non-pro macbooks are 1300-1400 for the lower end shtuff
<geist> zid: honestly i would ship you random things if you didn't live in another country
<heat> sorry, no piss4 control
<geist> where shipping is more than the value of the thing
<heat> WTF
<zid> I'll pay shipping but it has to be random. A twig, the third button down on your dress shirt, a dog brush, an unused envelope
<zid> 1 spaghetto
<geist> kk, i'll send you a bill
<geist> i have a lot of pinecones here
<heat> i'm here to announce i'm moving to seattle, washington, united states of america
<heat> you know what I really need? stuff. send me stuff.
<zid> seattle isn't one of the awful bits at least
<geist> i'd rather have old pieces of stuff go to use than just sit around
<zid> I think canada has a calming effect on us americans
<zid> the more north you are the better it is
<geist> it's really pretty here too
<heat> the tech bros are moving to austin, texas
<zid> 47 degrees north
<heat> it's perfect!
<geist> once i moved to the pacific northwest and then go travel to otherplaces you kinda realize, gosh PNW is nice
<zid> so technically, south of me
<geist> yeah level with about the north coast of france
<zid> uk weird, it's up here with moscow
* Ermine is looking for the way to get stuff shipped in $country
<zid> but relatively mild and warm
<heat> Ermine, cuz of sanctions?
<zid> just north enough that we don't get night in summer
<geist> i ship stuff relatively frequently wihtin the us with a postal service flatrate box. easy to do, $10
<geist> but... past that it gets complicated and i'm a noob
<Ermine> heat: it's one part of problem, and I think it's the tractable one
<zid> heat how far north are you, should I put lisboa into calculato
<geist> zid: yeah north enough here that in the peak of summer the sun goes down like 9:30?
<geist> it's about 2030 right now, which means it's twilight till like 2200
<geist> but we still get a few hours of proper dark
<heat> zid, i don't remember how north I am, like maybe boston-level?
<zid> midnight, geist
<geist> also fun thing with the US map. seattle is farher north than maine
<heat> portugal kinda fits in with the atlantic east coast of the US
<heat> tectonic plates mofos!
<zid> 3 hours of astronomical twilight, 2:30 of nautical twilight, 1:30 of civil twilight, then 16:30 of daylight
<zid> no night
<geist> also the presence of water to the west in the northern hemisphere to control your weather
<zid> so until 3am it's as dark as dawn is
<geist> ie, europe seems unusally warm compared to NA, and/or NA seems unusually cold due to the presence of cold-ass pacific ocean to the west
<zid> europe is just warm
<zid> we get nice warm tropical water and wind
<geist> the US west coast has a nice climate as a result because of the calming effect of the ocean
<zid> france hit 45C last year
<geist> otoh the water here is also pretty cold. it's 'warm' now at about 10-11C
<Ermine> And we get arctic air sometimes
<heat> does europe include the UK here?
<zid> and you're level with france
<zid> shut up ehat :(
<heat> "grey, but a country"
<zid> hate
<geist> OTOH the other 9 months of the year it's gloomy and rainy. which i honestly like
<zid> It's not grey, it's muted green
<geist> i think there are a lot of UK ex-pats here, it's closest to their country
<zid> UK but colder
<zid> australia is UK but warmer
<geist> yah also vancouver
<Ermine> Well some people manage to make vineyards in UK
<geist> lots of vineyards around here
<zid> Ermine: i've had locally made hotsauce
<geist> on all this note i need to go mow the lawn before it warms up any more. we have a heat wave here
<geist> it's about 22C
<geist> oh the humanity!
<bslsk05> ​www.justchillies.co.uk: Reaper Habanero – Wiltshire Chilli Farm
<zid> This stuff, it was pretty good but not amazing
<geist> then when i get back in i need to look at finalizing the toolchain repo to gcc 13.1
<geist> built it yesterday but haven't tested the toolchains
<heat> it'll be 24-28C this week, here
<bslsk05> ​www.peterboroughweatherwatch.com: Peterborough Weather Watch - Real Time Weather Data
<Ermine> We had 0C previous week
<zid> 16C, 0 rain, 76% humids
<heat> is that background the average day in peterbrah
<zid> May 24th is when night stops happening
<zid> I've never seen that much snow in my life actually
<zid> That is the most snow I've ever seen
<geist> lame site you need something like https://weatherishappening.com/
<zid> just enough that you can't always see the floor in all places
<zid> Like someone falling over when walking home with their shopping that consisted entirely of flour
<Ermine> Huh, this is not a lot of snow
<heat> 66 celsius???
<zid> well yea, it's the UK
<zid> not norway
<zid> well, england
<zid> scotland gets good snow
<FireFly> don't die
<heat> ok i promise i wont die
<zid> my scottish friend says the most snow he's seen is "man height"
<Ermine> heat: oh those Fahrenheit people
<heat> it doesn't actually snow here, at all
<Ermine> There was someone from Ireland
<Ermine> or was it Iceland?
<heat> yes
<geist> for you that cant translate there's a C button
<zid> we have two icelands
<geist> because counting to high numbers is hard
<bnchs> >a C button
<zid> I can translate to like, the nearest 30F
<heat> c
<bnchs> i wish i had that for rust projects
<heat> it doesn't work geist!
<Ermine> c
<zid> -30 is 0
<bnchs> like pressing the C button converts it to C
<zid> 100 is like.. 40
<zid> interpolate
<geist> yeah. tht's what i do: 10C == 50, 20C == 68, 30C == 86... you see the pattern
<zid> I know it's 5/9ths
<geist> and since most of my life i'm between 0 and 30C is pretty ez
<zid> but I don't know in which direction
<geist> yah 18 for every 10
<Ermine> Hell, just drop Fahrenheit
<geist> hey that aint my call.
<geist> i gotta deal wit the cards i is dealt
<zid> because like, every bad C tutorial in the world does C-32*(5/9) or whatever and I have to explain to people why that's wrong
<geist> zid: yeah that just makes it hard
<geist> it's roughtly 2:1 with the 32 offset
<zid> I have 0 practical use for F or I'd have just memorized it
<zid> when I was a small child, the weather was in F, but by the time I started caring about the weather, it was all in C
<geist> right. being here means stuck between a silly unit and then a good one, but <shrug>
<Ermine> So the transform is not linear ???
<zid> It's linear but +c
<geist> it's linear + the zero intercept being offset
<zid> mx+b or mx+c or whatever you want
<zid> c is 32, m is 5/9ths
<geist> but at least it's precise. somewhere in the last 150 years or so they re-standardized F to be precisely 32 == 0C, etc
<zid> The crossover is -40
<geist> and recisely 5/9s
<geist> so it's at least not slightly offset or some dumb thing like that
<geist> original scale was temperature of nearly frozen brine water (0F) and human body temp (100F)
<zid> (note the cross of the x axis at 32)
<heat> i think they also re-standardized SI units to be a lot more fundamental
<geist> ie, something a local dude could do on their own without any instruments when making a thermometer
<zid> yea, NIST does a lot of good work
<geist> make a themometer, do these two measurements, make a mark on the themometer, then make 8 more marks to divide it by 10s
<zid> istr a story that he fucked it up
<heat> like a kg was just defined as "the weight of this weird thing we have lying around", meaning it was just losing weight over time
<geist> yah
<zid> and the original F scale was off by a fair margin because he didn't do what he thought he did
<zid> " Fahrenheit determined his scale based on three points: He set the point at which water, ice, and ammonium chloride (a salt) stabilized as 0°F."
<zid> so not a useful salt, but salt
<Ermine> heat: afaik there is another definition of kg right now
<geist> human body temp varies a bit too, so it was already fairly silly, but yo uneeded something so that a local could reproduce it basically
<heat> Ermine, yep, they're a lot more fundamental now
<heat> related to physics and shit
<geist> yah so F is now defined in terms of SI units, so it all lines up
<zid> heat: You have to count that caesium *really* fast though
<geist> just a silly unit. *OTOH* it is kinda nice to have an expanded number set once you're used toit. i think most folks that use F natively think in terms of tens
<zid> I've seen marc explain his atomic clocks
<geist> ie, 'it's gonna be in the 50s tomorrow'
<geist> which i think is kinda nice, though obviously not required
<heat> "The kilogram, symbol kg, is the SI unit of mass. It is defined by taking the fixed numerical value of the Planck constant h to be 6.62607015×10−34 when expressed in the unit J⋅s, which is equal to kg⋅m2⋅s−1, where the metre and the second are defined in terms of c and ΔνCs."
<zid> geist: the UK does the same for a bunch of other units
<geist> oh no it's going to be in the 90s tomorrow, eek!
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<heat> since 2019
<zid> C has enough granularity
<geist> but once you get around freezing and bleow the F stuff is silly
<zid> but we tend to switch to inches instead of using fractional meters or decimeters, until it's small enough for cm
<zid> and other weirdness
<geist> yah. and UK still uses miles like the US
<zid> also fractional inches turn into mm
<geist> which i could take or leave. for long distances they're equivalently useful as far as i'm concerned
<zid> we never do fractions
<zid> I've seen american engineers they're fucking wizards with fractions lol
<heat> at least miles to kms are pretty simple to convert
<zid> "That's two and seven sixteenths too long so I'll take 3 inches off and have 8 sixteenths lef.."
<zid> just rattle that shit off
<geist> miles have the slightly nice property that if you drive about 60mph (about 100kmh) you get precisely a mile a minute
<zid> you know
<zid> that works in kph too right
<geist> so yo ucan quickly guesstimate how long it takes to get somewhere
<geist> 18 miltes from here? about 18 minutes
<zid> oh like that
<zid> if you're assuming the 60mph is fixed
<zid> nobody drives anywhere at 60mph here
<geist> sure, but it's based on the average that that's about how much you get
<zid> we don't have a 55 (plus 5) interstate system
<heat> oh gosh google says 1 mile = 1.60934 km
<zid> you're either in a city doing 12, or you're on a motorway doing 90
<heat> this has ruined miles for me, congrats
<geist> well, it's more like even if you drive 75 most of the time there will be periods where you have to slow down, and it all averages out
<zid> yea it's the golden ratio thing at least though
<zid> so 1 mile = 1.6, and 1 km = 0.6 mile
<heat> i thought it was legit 1 mile = 1.6000000000
<zid> 1.6 best number
<geist> the nice thing about km is when you're within it then 100m, 500m, etc makes total sense
<geist> vs 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, etc
<zid> we had to have special satnav firmware
<zid> that did miles and meters
<Ermine> Stop doing imperial units, they make me upset
<geist> Ermine: there there
<zid> instead of miles and yards or km and meters
<zid> we're special snowflakes
<geist> but yeh, could go either way. when i visit canada i just switch over and doesn't bother me at all
<heat> if you want to sound tactical, say "klicks" instead of km
<zid> "Turn left in one mile" "turn left in 400 meters" "turn left in 4 feet"
<geist> within like an hour you kinda forget the others
<geist> zid: that's the hardest part to internalize about distance honestly. you get a feel for about how far 1/4 mile is when your satnav is telling you that
<zid> Not a joke, that's probably how a brit would naturally explain it
<geist> like 'oh i should really be starting to slow down or look for it'
<geist> but when its tarts telling you 300m you're like, uh...
<geist> but that you just get used to
<zid> miles -> meters -> feet -> inches -> cm -> mm
<zid> The inches and feet stuff is dying out now though, I'm a weird awkward millenial
<geist> one of the annoying things is you always have to have two sets of wrenches in your toolbox
<zid> you have to in europe still
<geist> at least in the US half the things are using 1/2 nuts, etc
<zid> because of how much shit is designed in the US
<geist> yay, okay, so we've at least inflicted that on everyone
<zid> and because of old stuff using imperial fittings
<geist> it pleases me when it's a nice solid 10mm socket
<zid> plus pipe wrenches
<zid> are always random ass nonsense
<zid> there's no metric pipe threads
<geist> i was surprised to see circuit layout stuff mostly still using mils
<Ermine> The most annoying thing is that Wii starts using imperial units when I set it to region with WiiConnect24
<zid> oh god, mils
<geist> i think that's a case where mils are just more useful because they have more resolution
<geist> sinc eit's something liek 30ish to one for mils to mm?
<zid> mils is double annoying because they're the same way we say mm
<Ermine> So I couldn't leave it so
<zid> 254 I'd assume
<zid> 25.4 even
<heat> Ermine, wii lol
<zid> mil is thousandths of an inch isn't it
<geist> yah, actually i guess that's it. 25.4
<geist> right
<Ermine> heat: yeah
<geist> so that's a more useful unit, you'd have to go to 10thousanths of a m or 100thousandths
<Ermine> Well, at least WiiConnect24 is dead now
<geist> which there's no name for that
<zid> 2.54mm is still standard pitch for a lot of components
<Ermine> heat: do you know it has both PowerPC and ARM processors?
<heat> i never had a wii
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<zid> I have a wii
<heat> i had a psp, then an xbox 360
<zid> I still use it
<heat> also a nintendo ds
<geist> okay gotta go mow now. the sun is coming out more
<zid> I need to plug it back in but I'd have to reboot my PC
<zid> master system -> megadrive -> psx+n64 -> ds -> wii
<heat> then after the xbox i fucked off and got a PC
<zid> oh, ps2
<zid> forgor ps2
<zid> I need to play final fantasy 8 steam again
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<geist> yah i got most of the new pixel remakes of 1-6 too, i approve they're good
<geist> been slowly working through those
<zid> I played most of the way through iv then forgot about it for a couple of months
<zid> now I don't know where to go :D
<zid> I own FF1 on like.. 8 different platforms
<zid> FF2 I never actually beat, ff3 I have the DS remake for somewhere but didn't finish that either, oops
<zid> the rest I've beaten a few times each
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<Ermine> gog: do you have double name?
<zid> what like, a double-barreled surname? like a posh bint?
<Ermine> first one
<zid> they're both the same thing
<zid> only middle-class people take both names here
<zid> or royalty
<moon-child> whatever you say, peter johnson
<zid> see, single surname
<zid> I am dole scum
<zid> qed
<zid> also if you had not done that on a publically logged channel I'd have been happier
<moon-child> ah sry
<moon-child> it is publicly posted on your github page, so I assumed it was fine
<zid> just easier to correlate now
<zid> for le stalkers
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<Ermine> is it ok to copypaste code snippets from efi spec?
<zid> depends if you get caught or not
<zid> do you intend to get caught
<Ermine> so no
<Ermine> okay
<zid> It's like, would you get sued for linking a meme
<heat> Ermine, probably
<heat> what are you trying to copypaste?
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<moon-child> I don't see any license terms that would allow you to do that
<moon-child> but examples are generally trivial
<moon-child> so, meh
<moon-child> I wouldn't worry about it
<heat> it entirely depends. like the API is totally copypastable
<zid> It's literally the same level of evil as linking a meme
<Ermine> heat: guids, typedefs, etc
<moon-child> yeah you can definitely do that
<zid> Those you can argue are reference information for making it function
<zid> in the billion dollar lawsuit vs SCO
<heat> that's fine, API
<zid> that you're apparently expecting
<heat> you can't copyright API
<zid> is 2003 too new for Ermine
<zid> err old
<zid> and 2007 sco vs novell
<heat> Ermine was probably still googoogaga'ing in 2003
<heat> gen Z remember?
<heat> heck, i was barely alive in 03
<zid> "We own errno.h you can't write your own"
<zid> was the crux of their argument in a lot of these cases
<CompanionCube> see also: oracle's argument vs google
<CompanionCube> and SAS's argument against a competitor in europe
<zid> yea that was the other one I couldn't remember
<Ermine> heat: probably I was
<zid> That took until 2021 to resolve? wow
<zid> US courts can get fucked though, generally
<Ermine> NO
<zid> Ermine what's your favourite song
<zid> or genre
<heat> baby shark doo doo dood ooo baby shark doo do do dod o bbaby shark doo doo do do do baby shark, moooooooommyyyyyyy
<Ermine> No favourite song
<heat> he's secretly an infant
<bnchs> heat: me after a concusison in the hopital
<Ermine> And no favourite genre
<zid> cheater
<zid> heat what's yours
<zid> "lack eyed peas, let's get it started in here"
<heat> hip hop
<Ermine> It depends on the mood
<heat> *sometimes* russian doomer music
<heat> or gulf war music
<zid> name a random track you loved but haven't listened to in a while
<heat> hard q
<Ermine> Used to listen power metal
<zid> anything it doesn't have to be emblematic of your taste
<heat> what's your favourite comedian
<zid> rn probably
<zid> james acaster
<zid> his netflix specials have some godlike writing
<heat> i like pre-late-night stephen colbert
<heat> and jon stewart
<heat> older john oliver was also pretty fucking funny
<heat> now he's way more insightful but way less funny
<heat> well, just less funny, maybe not "way"
<zid> jon stewart is funny?
<zid> or even was?
<heat> yea
<heat> i also find him less funny now, but I really like his old stuff
<zid> My single favourite standup performance was probably simon amstell's do nothing live for some reason, not sure why
<zid> now answer the damn question
<zid> I'll even go first, chop suey
<heat> i don't know
<zid> you can't name a single song
<zid> that you remember liking a while back
<heat> i can name songs that I liked a while back but I still tend to like them
<heat> and/or listen to them
<gog> Ermine: sort of
<zid> I didn't say you don't have to not like them..
<zid> gog: name a random song you used to love
<heat> ok let me open my 2015 spotify playlist
<gog> uhh
<heat> march madness by future was pretty good
<heat> all of these 2015/2016/2017 playlists are nostalgia fuel to me
<gog> thank u - alanis morissette
<zid> gog was born in 1988 then
<gog> close
<zid> I don't make the rules, that's just what they say
<heat> who's they
<zid> heat born in 2004
<heat> wrong
<zid> If it's inaccurate, you failed the directions (but we already knew that)
<heat> why did I fail?
<zid> You failed to remember a single song, overthought it, then used an external reference to name a random song
<heat> fair
* CompanionCube answers the 'random song i used to love' (but that really was a long time ago): amarillo, i guess? there's probably others and much more recent ones, but that one popped into my head and i haven't thought or listened to it in a long while
<zid> by tony christie!?
<CompanionCube> apparently so, i thought it was by peter kay :p
<zid> That'd make you born in 1960
<gog> who the fuck would write a song about that place
<gog> i used to live there
<zid> the peter kay version would make you born 1994
<zid> god, peter kay was a bit of a flash in the pan
<zid> he's terrible but we still quote "Garlic bread? It's a taste sensation" to each other
<CompanionCube> lmao at the idea of boomer CompanionCube
<zid> CompanionCube: What year actually born?
<CompanionCube> zid: 1994 is *much* closer :p
<zid> what's the margin?
<zid> My guess has +- 4 errobars
<zid> probably -2 +4
<CompanionCube> the right answer is in your margin :)
<zid> gog seemed close too
<gog> you were very close
<gog> +1
<Ermine> gog: which question did you answer?
<gog> Ermine: about my name
<Ermine> Ah ok
<gog> formally i use both, informally just the first
<gog> and legally both taken together are my first name
<gog> just how it is in iceland
<zid> ermine gogsdottir
<zid> actually I don't know what ermine is
<Ermine> same as stoat
<zid> no
<zid> I know what *an* ermine is
<zid> I don't know if you're a daughter or a son
<zid> never had occasion to find out
<zid> I need to know what to buy for christmas
* Ermine ...
<gog> what are the first 16 digits of your credit card number, the expiration and the numbers on the back??
<gog> why does ovmf insist on having a gdt layout that doesn't help me
<gog> y'all are gonna hate my latest experiment
<zid> it saw you coming
<heat> because they're weird
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<heat> brace thyself for a new 8086 instruction question
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<bslsk05> ​i.imgur.com <no title>
<gog> behold this abominaation
<Ermine> please paste direct image link next time
<heat> i hate you and I'm not sure if this is well defined
<gog> it's totally not
<zid> That is direct image link
<gog> the gdt is the wildcard here
<heat> also
<gog> secret purposes
<heat> fun fax: you can totally switch paging structures if you're careful about it
<heat> it's even well defined in the spec
<gog> ok but here's the thing
<gog> what about interrupts
<gog> there's a little blurb about it in the spec
<heat> which ones?
<gog> timer i guess
<heat> tiano does not use anything apart from the timer IRQ
<heat> HOWEVER
<heat> the timer is pretty crucial
<gog> yes
<gog> there's a little blurb that if i handle any interrupts and pass them on to the firmware handler
<gog> then it's cool
<heat> yep
<gog> but i can't find any code that actually does this
<heat> because WHY
<heat> NTUS
<heat> NUTS
<gog> YES
<bslsk05> ​'it's time to stop' by TooDamnFilthy (00:00:19)
<bslsk05> ​i.imgur.com <no title>
<Ermine> NTUS sounds like windows thingie
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<gog> heat
<gog> i'm a fucken lunatic
<gog> and i need to know
<gog> how i can make a uefi application pretend to be a kernel
<gog> just for a few minutes
<gog> just while i go to the shop
<heat> define kernel
<gog> ok
<gog> it has to respond to a specific subset of system calls
<gog> with a limited set of accepted parameters
<gog> i suppose
<gog> i could switch out the gdt but i don't know what happens behind the scenes, if there are any compatibility mode codes happening
<gog> i suppose
<gog> i could COPY the gdt and extend it to be the right layout for syscall
<gog> i don't set sysret
<heat> you can't switch out the gdt as long as interrupts are enabled
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<gog> i guess i don't strictly need interrupts then
<heat> what are these system calls you'll handle?
<heat> EFI calls will actively malfunction without interrupts
<gog> shit
<heat> USB keyboard input will be deaded for instance
<gog> then my plan is for shit
<gog> i'm exploring an old idea where the bootloader does a bunch of stuff and then ends up stepping out of the way and becomes a user mode program
<heat> it's possible there's some hack where you can indeed handle interrupts magically
<gog> the uefi part is a "kernel" for a hot minute
<gog> while i load the real kernel and get it situated
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<gog> anyhow, the system calls will be like open() and read() and write() and ioctl()
<heat> all of that sounds annoying to get to work
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<gog> it's all just implementing an interface loosely-coupled by syscall
<gog> i guess i could get weird with it and make a sort of vdso thing
<gog> i'm already getting weird with it anyway
<gog> i went to oftc and asked in #edk2 but nobody answered me
<gog> the whole network is a ghost town
<heat> is anyone relevant there?
<heat> pls post users
<bslsk05> ​i.imgur.com <no title>
<heat> cute
<heat> not a lot of relevant people there
<gog> except me
<heat> yes
<heat> and leif, he's a badass
<heat> you could try and post to edk2-devel and hope you don't get ghosted?
<heat> you *may* be under moderation atm, though
<heat> i think they slap it on you if you're not subbed
<gog> i get the feeling the devs are gonna have the same reaction as you
<gog> everybody thinks i'm a crazy person
<heat> absolutely
<zid> omg leif erisson is there?
<gog> leifur eriksson takk
<gog> visamlega
<heat> but the key question is "is there a way to passthrough interrupts to EFI?"
<heat> and if so, you're ok
<gog> but i need them to know my brilliant plan to do a thing that's totally unnecessary and already a solved problem
<heat> you do not