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<heat> ebpf is remarkably nuts
<heat> it's sooo much more powerful but damn it solely relies on the verifier to not screw up
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<kazinsal> classic bpf is neat because it's straightforward, does exactly what you'd need a virtual machine for packet filtering to do, and real easy to JIT
<kazinsal> ebpf is neat because it's the complete opposite, in a fascinating yet terrifying way
<heat> ebpf is even easier to JIT
<heat> it's very much like a 1-to-1 of x86 assembly or so
<heat> which is like the scary bit
<mjg> hue, libreoffice calc crapped out on intel pcm output
<mjg> gnumeric took it like a champ
<mjg> also i just learned gnumeric exists
<heat> is gnumeric the gnu plot of excel
<mjg> :]
<mjg> you are an asshole and that bodes well
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<heat> ouch
<heat> i love you too man
<mjg> i'm trying to decide whether total ipc of about 1.5 from *both* threads is o
<mjg> k
<mjg> 0.75 each
<mjg> i'm gonna go with crap
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<AmyMalik> if a kernel doesn't expect the idle instruction to blow up the TLBs, will anything bad happen if it will? (context: I'm trying to fix a power virus that's good for most of 1 watt on a Kabylake quad core in FreeBSD)
<AmyMalik> I'm probably just kinda chatgpt brain at the moment (no I haven't actually used chatgpt) - so if the question makes sqrt(-1) multiplied by sense, feel free to tell me so
<moon-child> what do you mean by 'idle instruction'?
<mjg> is it pause?
<mjg> you mean the idle loop in general?
<AmyMalik> "the idleinstruction" could be hlt or mwait, since I'm on x86
<AmyMalik> (it's mwait, as configured)
<AmyMalik> ok I'm just going to blindly change how it does it and let you know how it goes
<moon-child> oh like the address you wait on is stale wrt tlb?
<mrvn> if it throws an exception then the kernel would panic since you can't kill the idle thread.
<AmyMalik> eph
<AmyMalik> idk
<mrvn> Do you mean it simply doesn't sleep, always just wakes up again?
<AmyMalik> uh, pass
<mrvn> Have you asked on the freebsd channel?
<AmyMalik> I have asked in their dev chat if anything bad will happen if the idle thread blows away the TLBs (which it is claimed that deeper C-states will do so)
<heat> answer: no
<heat> the tlb is mostly transparent to the x86 execution state unless you dun fucked up
<AmyMalik> no what? no nothing bad will happen? or no you won't be able to do this without your dog getting shot?
<heat> nothing bad should happen
<AmyMalik> alright
<heat> like, relying on the TLB being stable is a shit idea because that's not really realistically going to happen
<AmyMalik> I'll add a tunable to directly adjust which hint to pass to mwait and I'll let you know how it goes. I'll let you know if my (imaginary) dog gets shot.
<heat> but ofc this assumes whatever tlb thrashing logic that mwait does properly marks the "tlb entries" as "unused" instead of a random dontcare
<heat> because that will obviously shoot your dog
<heat> mjg, what happened to the ebpf on freebsd movement
<heat> is it ded
<mjg> no idea
<mjg> resurrecting the effort would be most welcome tho
<heat> but is it tho?
<heat> what place would ebpf ever take in freebsd?
<heat> is anyone ready to ditch dtrace or something?
<mjg> ditch? no, but it is a more powrful thingy
<heat> it might encourage psychotic uses of in-kernel bytecode if that's what you're looking for
<mjg> :]
<mjg> i'm interested in not having to reinvent a bunch of scripts
<mjg> some of which may not even be possible to do in dtrace due to lack of loops
<bslsk05> ​git.kernel.org: open.c « fs - kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree
<mjg> linux in all its glory
<mjg> hsit on freebsd all you want, it had transparent huge pages years before linux, including for regular files
<mjg> and it defo does not have the problem with writes either
<mjg> [it does have other problems thoguh :>]
<mjg> that smb_mb in there is cherry on top
<AmyMalik> if you want to put ebpf into your own private branch of freebsd I won't stop you
<mjg> thank you for that reassurance
<AmyMalik> I will warn you that the netlink invasion isn't warmly welcomed
<heat> AmyMalik, what netlink
* AmyMalik sighs
<heat> SIGHS
<heat> but seriously what are you on about with netlink
<AmyMalik> it is apparently being added to freebsd
* sakasama sighs in triple agreement.
<heat> oh
<heat> cool?
<AmyMalik> oh dealr
<AmyMalik> anyway
<AmyMalik> yeah I'm gonna figure out this mwait thing
<heat> "Netlink has been committed to HEAD. The code implements a subset of the NETLINK_ROUTE subsystem and NETLINK_GENERIC framework."
<heat> this is a poggers moment
<mjg> netlink as a general idea was implemented
<heat> the important bit to understand here is that sockets that control networking stuff etc is nothing new and basically AFAIK originated from 4.XBSD
<mjg> no code was ported afaics
<heat> with AF_ROUTE
<mjg> i have no opinion on netlink itself, but i do note the networking stuff likes to use it
<mjg> bird et al
<mjg> in fact *not* using it is some legacy code in various demons which quite frankly threatens its removal
<mjg> in all the not-written-for-freebsd-stuff
<heat> i have the opinion that it's horrifically complex but it's probably For Good Reason
<mjg> so i think that smp_mb can be whacked
<mjg> on assumption that write count is bumped with an atomic, which it is
<mjg> the real fix tho would be to not have this wtf problem
<mjg> i wonder if they do this only to avoid having to write entire 2MB chunks on mmap
<heat> there have been great strides in IO with page orders > 0
<mjg> ignoring bigger sizes :p
<heat> no
<heat> i'm /fairly/ sure that dirtying is per-page and not per-folio
<heat> folio being the newish thing they use to represent collections of pages
<mjg> instead of talking shit you better tell me where is the O_DIRECTORY bug rport
<heat> what bug report?
<mjg> you said you gonna sort it out
<heat> for net?
<mjg> linukkz?
<heat> linux has no bug m8
<mjg> open("/tmp/lolcrap", O_CREAT | O_DIRECTORY | O_RDONLY, 0644);
<mjg> this bit
<heat> it's fucking bizarre behavior
<heat> but it's not a bug
<mjg> it should be reported at least?
<heat> they know
<mjg> got a url?
<mjg> you recently tod them?
<heat> i've seen several attempts at fixing this shit in like early 2000s
<mjg> :p
<mjg> ok i believe you
<mjg> wtf shit presisting is not new over there
<heat> the linux vfs has a bunch of really weird behavior that must not be touched
<mjg> see mount --bind ignoring all mount otps
<heat> like rename() is not POSIX compliant
<heat> rename is supposed to not deref the last symlink *unless* you end the path with a /, but linux thinks that last bit is optional
<heat> hence that hacky workaround I linked a few days ago where you need 2-4 extra fstats
<mjg> still do you haven url to a discussion
<heat> give me a second, i'll see if I can find it
<bslsk05> ​spiegelmock.com: Fixing the spelling of O_CREAT – Mischa Spiegelmock
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<mjg> lol
<mjg> like twice over
<mjg> next he is gonna do not-martian mknod? :]
<mjg> i'm sure it is lack of E in the flag which holds unix back
<bslsk05> ​lkml.org: LKML: Andrew Morton: Re: [PATCH] open: O_DIRECTORY and O_CREAT together should fail
<bslsk05> ​lore.kernel.org: [PATCH] open: O_DIRECTORY and O_CREAT together should fail - Miklos Szeredi
<heat> oh look, same link
<bslsk05> ​lore.kernel.org: [PATCH] O_DIRECTORY|O_CREAT handling - Ulrich Drepper
<heat> also, drepper saying it's stupid as well: https://lore.kernel.org/all/3FE56A97.3060901@redhat.com/
<bslsk05> ​lore.kernel.org: O_CREAT|O_DIRECTORY on nonexisting file with ext4 not posix-compliant - Fiedler Roman
<heat> the weird thing here (which I haven't been able to test) is that there may have been a regression with the return values
<heat> because the weird return value stuff is documented nowhere it seems?
<mjg> i think one can make an argument this is all bullshit
<mjg> in that the syscall returns an error but it created a file
<mjg> how is that supposed to be considered sane
<heat> right
<heat> i have a sneaking suspicion it might be a regression
<heat> i need an old linux vm
<mjg> even if it is a regression, this is clearly tkaing place for over 20 years now
<mjg> with that age it is the expected behavior, if you will
<heat> no, the "create file with O_DIRECTORY" is very documented
<heat> the return value? not so much
<mjg> return value: Lol
<mjg> freaking linux man
<mjg> they will uoptimze the shit out of one bit and slap a turd next to it
<mjg> or will roll with wtf semantics
<heat> downloading ubuntu 8.04 for a quicc test
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<heat> ubuntu 8.04 livecd, like a good UNIX, includes cc
<mjg> :]
<mjg> which kernel is dat
<heat> 2.6.24
<heat> it doesn't speak a recent enough SSL for github :v
<heat> .. it also includes strace
<heat> waht the fuck
<heat> does not include, ofc, libc headers, the thing I really needed
<heat> haha! found a fucking regression here
<mjg> 2.6 is liek 2011 or so
<mjg> way too new?
<heat> this is 2009
<heat> i could pastebin the strace but this is more interesting
<heat> you can feel the 2009 UI vibes
<AmyMalik> I miss the days when it was a live _CD_
<AmyMalik> and it could run what we now call MATé
<heat> the gang does ubuntu release bisecting
<AmyMalik> like... what, happened?
<heat> what happened where?
<AmyMalik> how did linux distros get so big, and lose so much on the disk
<heat> when they started to get more usable
<heat> spoiler: they're still not usable
<heat> ok trying 15.04 now (my first linux installation actually)
<AmyMalik> I always thought usability went downhill
<AmyMalik> I also miss the ubuntu netbook edition launcher
<AmyMalik> was pwetty :plead:
<heat> 2015 still behaved properly
<heat> (kernel 3.19)
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<heat> git bisect bad 5.8.0
<heat> git bisect good 5.4.109
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<bslsk05> ​lore.kernel.org: [PATCH] do_open(): Fix O_DIRECTORY | O_CREAT behavior
<heat> covid's a piece of cake compared to linux namei logic
<geist> heat: oh wow, did it get accepted?
<geist> or did they jump down your throat yet?
<heat> no i've just sent it
<geist> you should have rewrite namei in RUUUUST
<heat> you know I found the real issue like immediately and then spent an hour or so tracking down an issue that turned out to be "I get -EROFS because I forgot to mount root rw"
<heat> geist, is "and %eax, %eax" the best method to zero the upper 32 bits of something on x86_64?
<geist> hmm, good question
<geist> movsx maybe? i honestly dunno
<heat> well movsx won't zero
<heat> and $0xffffffff, %eax is an option, but it's a 3 byte opcode (imm8)
<heat> and %eax, %eax is 2 bytes
<heat> mov %eax, %eax is also 2 bytes
<heat> even something silly like add $0, %eax works
<heat> wait, is there no way to do a partial 32-bit register store?
<geist> hmm, mov eax eax may e it
<geist> also could just run it through godbolt and see what it does
<moon-child> I don't think self-move will eliminate
<moon-child> but I would do that rather than anything else
<heat> it does mov %eax, %eax yeah
<bslsk05> ​godbolt.org: Compiler Explorer
<slidercrank> why not xor eax, eax?
<bslsk05> ​godbolt.org: Compiler Explorer
<heat> xor eax, eax zeroes everything
<heat> i guess or eax, eax also works, for the weirdos
<geist> might be worth checking the optimization manual to see if there's a special case for it
<geist> though obviously there is for xor reg, reg
<heat> ooooh, or imul $1, %eax
<geist> or at least the cpu sees that as a zero cost zeroing op
<heat> i stan the imul way
<geist> shl 32; rhl 32
<geist> shr
<heat> using div would be funny but i'm not unreasonable
<moon-child> vmovd xmm0, eax; vmovd eax, xmm0
<moon-child> it's advanced vector xtensions, so you know it must have advanced performance
<geist> push/pop
<heat> wrmsr; rdmsr
<heat> i won
<heat> oh yeah have you guys seen the soon to be new intel instructions to read and write lists of msrs?
<heat> you will also be able to do non-serialized writes to MSRs
<heat> (found out from the llvm release notes)
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<geist> oh huh no
<AmyMalik> progress
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<AmyMalik> I manually diddled the mwait settings, and didn't achieve anything the OS itself had not already achieved with ACPI
<Clockface> how long do I have before they start not bothring with legacy bios mode
<Clockface> *bothering
<AmyMalik> Clockface, about minus two years
<Clockface> if i go to walmart and pick up a laptop, do the brand new ones still have CSM mode?
<AmyMalik> probably? but a lot of things likely won't work
<Clockface> will they get rid of x86's legacy mode someday?
<Mutabah> Unlikely
<Clockface> seems kind of pointless since UEFI dumps you into long mode
<Mutabah> but possible
<Clockface> i dont see why it would stay, they dont seem to care about people running windows XP or DOS crap anymore since CSM is dying
<Clockface> real mode seems a bit pointless without bios
<AmyMalik> the legacy modes are still important to the x86 processor strapping itself into long mode
<AmyMalik> until that changes, it's here to stay
<Mutabah> That, and the legacy modes have a lot of fingers into places
<Mutabah> e.g. segmentation - that's part of long mode (slightly, but still there)
<Mutabah> And iirc SMM is effectively unreal mode
<Mutabah> Removing the other modes likely won't simplify the architecture enough to be worth the engineering time
<kazinsal> they tried selling an embedded systems version of the 386SX back in the day that booted directly into protected mode and it was a commercial failure
<Clockface> i thought intel quark did something like that, am i remembering wrong?
<Clockface> some guy told me it dident boot into real mode, and i never touched it so i have belived him ever since
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<zid> fucking RAF woke me up, did ww3 start yet
<GeDaMo> Wouldn't that be more likely if you'd been woken by another country's airforce? :|
<zid> depends where the war is
<Ermine> zid: RAF?
<zid> royal airforc
<GeDaMo> Yes, air fork :P
<Ermine> Ah ok
<zid> someone was doing laps over my house with the afterburners on
<Ermine> GeDaMo: air exec when
<Ermine> zid: jerks
<GeDaMo> I have helicopters going over my house multiple times a day
<GeDaMo> Back and forth from the rigs
<zid> helicopters are the least cool transport somehow
<zid> trains? Lots of people like to watch trains. Fighter jets? obviously very cool.
<zid> Helicopters? Just noisy.
<zid> no respect for something that just awkwardly claws its way through the air with brute force in a stupid way, I guess
<nortti> I get the healthcare circuit's helicopter passing overhead every few days where I live, as I live pretty close to the hospital
<nortti> but weirdly enough it's not the only helicopter you get here, every once in a while the border guard flies over the river doing something, and I've also seen a light-framed blue helicopter do laps several different occasions
<GeDaMo> When the helicopters fly over the river here it's usually because someone fell in :|
<zid> and they want to rescue the shortbread and heroin before it gets damp
<gog> we have an airport right in the middle of town and basically everywhere downtown is under the main runway's heading
<Ermine> helicopters above the water look cool
<nortti> < GeDaMo> When the helicopters fly over the river here it's usually because someone fell in :| ← for that I'd expect them to use the healthcare circuit's helicopter. dunno about the one here, but the one in oulu is literally named the acronym of 'extinguishes [fire], searches, rescues, and provides first-line medical care'
<nortti> (SEPE; sammuttaa, etsii, pelastaa ja ensihoitaa)
<Ermine> gog: my granny's house is under glide path, so there is a plane descending every few minutes
<mrvn> GeDaMo: Helicopter - beating the air into submission until it agrees to lift you up
<mrvn> zid: Helicopter are noisy? Did you ever watch Airwolf?
<Ermine> Well airplanes are prohibited to go supersonic under certain altitude for a reason
<mrvn> Anyone looked at the ThunderBerry5 board? RPi form factor but with a Qualcom Snapdragon QCS610 (+ RP2040 for GPIO). The SoC is nearly the width of the board, the GPIO and HDMI connectors barely fit next to it. :)
<mrvn> Ermine: broken windows come to mind
<zid> I've heard a sonic boom
<zid> I assume the guy who did it got a bollocking
<mrvn> It's fun to model what happens when you fly at mach 10 or 20 through New York above street level.
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<mrvn> Wow, this was an odd breakdown. When /tmp is full then suddenly slurm drops all accounts and all slurm users have "" as default account.
<mrvn> No errors in the logs or anything. Clean up /tmp, restart slurmctrld, problem fixed.
<heat> late stage web dev is frightening
<heat> just did an angularjs tutorial for a uni course
<mrvn> remote code execution 101?
<heat> several hundred megs of garbage node modules just for a stupid hello world webpage
<mrvn> I made an android app the other day. 2+ hours of installing androidstudio and fiddling with bits to get a hello world displayed on my phone.
<mrvn> GB of garbage and I haven't even gone the x86 emulator on ARM way.
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<zid> sounds correct
<Ermine> heat: same thing goes for React
<gog> saægljaæ
<gog> i'm currently fighting with a React component
<gog> i have no fucking idea what i'm doing
<zid> do I gott dig out that 10 year old js comic
<gog> yes
<gog> yes you do
<gog> this is what i do for money ok
<heat> gog, can i make u do things for money too
<zid> heat does things for money all the time, he loves it
<heat> 💯
<mrvn> GRRRR, typical Monday. Now the server rebooted for no reason.
<mrvn> can I do both?
<gog> heat: sure
<Ermine> Can I get ice cream help?
<gog> price schedule is on my onlyfans
<heat> gog, how much for writing an enterprise application in java
<mrvn> heat: smile $1, boobs $10, moan $100, java $1000/h
<Ermine> how about writing it in scala?
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<gog> lmao
<gog> yeah that's about right
<heat> i don't even like enterprise nor java
<heat> i'm in it for the degradation of capitalism
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<immibis> mrvn: last time I tried it (back when eclipse was used) the IDE insisted on adding this library I didn't need every time I opened the project, that was 20x bigger than the rest of the project (<20kB)
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<mrvn> immibis: Android Apps are java or kotlin with the GUI designed in xml and it takes 2 minutes every time to compile all that crap (1 hour the first time on the ageing laptop I used). And then when you selected "C++ App" the java has defines for an external function(s) and your C++ code gets compiled into a lib linked to the GUI to provide the functions. And you have to take and return java/kotlin types as
<mrvn> arguments / return types. So lots of fun there too.
<gog> yay my react component mostly works now
* gog smashes keyboard
<mrvn> don't react that way, it's supposed to be a moment of joy and happyness
<gog> declarative stuff mystifies me
<gog> idk how any of this works but it does
<mrvn> isn't it more event based?
<gog> i guess? idk
<mrvn> attempts to be functional too
<gog> it's declartive
<gog> but also event based
<gog> and the javascript it compiles to is atrocious
<gog> (that's all javascript tho kekeke)
<mrvn> Looks also like you just mix in html and java code any which way you like. How is it keeping that straight?
<gog> the markup is mostly contained to the render() method
<gog> and any objects that have events that a component cares about are passed as properties
<mrvn> return (<button onClick={handleClick}> Click me </button>);
<gog> you can do that
<gog> but you can also keep it a little more orderly
<mrvn> Looks like any time you want to switch back to code you have {...}
<gog> yeah
<mrvn> Is html output always in (...)?
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<mrvn> Or is that just to make it multi-line?
<gog> it's always in ()
<gog> afaicty
<gog> idk i am not a react understander
<mrvn> Anway, my point was the "onClick" That's an event handler. What's declarative about it?
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<gog> you can do taht for any property of a component or html element
<gog> i have one that's like value={this.state.level}
<mrvn> gog: that's straight out imperative.
<zid> javascript understanders are called hostages
<gog> and if i call this.setState({this.state.level = whtaever });
<gog> all components or elements that refer to that state variable will be updated
<gog> i don't have to bind anything else to make that work
<mrvn> And there goes firefox. Suddenly my desktop feels empty and my CPU spins down.
<zid> istm the main problem with js is that it's impossible to structure anything
<zid> everything has near infinite scope and loads in a random order etc etc
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<gog> all of our in-house JS code is an absolute disaster
<gog> especially our analytics
<zid> I don't think JS can't be a disaster
<zid> that's my point
<gog> yeah
<zid> It's not like .c where I can make TUs, then turn TUs into libraries
<gog> i've tried to come up with ways to make it cleaner but it'd be a massive undertaking
<zid> and then main a simple main that includes a couple libraries
<zid> and does go()
<gog> and every page has custom JS bits stuffed into the View
<zid> THE VIEW
<zid> which in itself, is an organizational system pressed upon the lack of one
<gog> yep
<gog> all web applications are a disaster
<gog> it was a mistake
<gog> but i make money from it so
<gog> and i'm an OK programmer i guess
<mrvn> event driven programming isn't that nice for computing something
<zid> Js either needs replacing with something proper, or deleting entirely, and tbh I'm leaning towards the latter, given what the web is like
<gog> bring back java
<zid> even if the pages used 1/10th the memory, space and time to run, that'd just make them do 10000x as much dogshit
<gog> bring back applets
<zid> applets were cool, I wanna play sodaplay
<mrvn> zid: good old hypertext days where the best :)
<bslsk05> ​panoramx.ift.uni.wroc.pl: We loved Soda Constructor
<mrvn> What is that modeling? Now I want to build one for real.
<zid> it's not as good :(
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<zid> Now, as we have 2018 and I am after more than 15 years of my studies in physics doing stuff like simulations I realized that it would be funny to show this app to my kids. And what? Nothing. There is nothing left in the internet - the app dissapeared same as the Java applet technology
<gog> rip
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<mrvn> Hah, I managed to turn it on it's back and now it can't right itself.
<mrvn> zid: Does anything from the web 2.0 days still work?
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<pitust> mrvn: it's not in () unless you want to do `return (LN<p>paragraph</p>LN)` where LN is a newline
<pitust> you need it after return because of the definitely totally sane idea some js people had called "automatic semicolon insertion"
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<mrvn> pitust: so "return \n <p>..." would turn into "return; \n <p> ..." and fail?
<mrvn> i.e. to make it multi-line, just like you would in python
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<pitust> mrvn: yes
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<ilovethinking> hey, how's everyone doing
<pitust> hello are you still refusing to use limine for literally no reason?
<ilovethinking> maybe
<ilovethinking> not refusing i just don;t want to use it
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<ilovethinking> jmp GDT.Code:kentry
<ilovethinking> is this translatable to GAS
<ilovethinking> cuz i couldn't find anything online
<mjg> heat: hue
<mjg> i have difficulty parsing the response tho
<heat> hue
<heat> which response?
<mjg> both
<heat> why? I understood both replies
<mjg> what exactly are they trying to do and how it differs from your patch
<mjg> maybe i'm missing context
<heat> they want to fix the stupid semantics here
<heat> because O_DIRECTORY | O_CREAT only opening existing directories but doing regular file creation is STUPID
<mjg> that is nto under question
<heat> yes, that's what they want to fix, cuz I restored the old behavior
<mjg> so they plan to make what happen spexifically
<heat> that... i'm not too sure of
<mjg> i refer you to my initial reaction
<mjg> 19:46 < mjg> i have difficulty parsing the response tho
<heat> that's what I was going to ask, plus explain the situation on the other relevant unices at hand
<mjg> totes check ILLUMOZ
<mjg> you can probably join #illumos and ask someoen to run the prog for you
<mjg> this network
<mjg> alternatively just get a vm
<mjg> good greif i wish i knew how to use a spreadsheet
<heat> gnuplot effectively inhibits your office suite skills
<mjg> rly tho, how does one only show rows which match an expression
<mjg> say column S has values < 1
<mjg> i'm this close to doing it in awk instead
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<geist> ilovethinking: yes. look at examples of kernels hta thave had to do it
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<heat> mjg, ok replied to the BDFL
<ilovethinking> geist: any example lol?
<ilovethinking> what kernels are the best for reference
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<ilovethinking> all kernels use intel syntax
<mjg> genz through and through
<mjg> here is how you do it old school: [ ] true [x] false
<ilovethinking> mjg: what gen are u
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<mjg> my age defies easy classification like that
<ilovethinking> idk why the fuck 2000s people are considered genz
<ilovethinking> so weird
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<ilovethinking> like i hate being in the same generation with 13 year old children
<zid> gog, love of my wife
<zid> star in my pies
<gog> hi
<mjg> heat: now that is a good one
<gog> ok boomer
<mjg> hey genz do you find this funny: https://gfycat.com/bogusqualifiedisabellineshrike
<heat> LMAO
<heat> that was so funny that I just shat my pants
<heat> thanks mjg
<gog> i shidded and farded
<heat> did u camed too
<gog> yes
<ilovethinking> mjg: that's lowkey funny for the irony
<zid> It got me gregnat
<gog> preganananat
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<Ermine> gog: may I pet you
<gog> yes
* Ermine pets gog
* gog prr
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<ilovethinking> there's no way im stuck on converting 1 intel line to att
<heat> have you tried gettig pregnan
<gog> prengan
<gog> i have
<gog> didn't work :(
<heat> for
<heat> k
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<gog> are y'all osdevving tonight
<gog> i'm not
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<heat> yes i am talked with linus trovald
<geist> ilovethinking: i disagree. most kernels do not use intel syntax
<geist> look at bsd, linux, etc
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<ilovethinking> geist: how is it possible to find anything in linux/bsd code, especially one instruction
<geist> okay. so... are you asking me to find precisely what you want and give it to you on a golden platter
<geist> let me do that, sir.
<heat> good ol search
<ilovethinking> no
<Ermine> use grep Luke
<geist> also another mechanism (one that i prefer): https://github.com/littlekernel/lk/blob/master/arch/x86/64/start.S#L185
<bslsk05> ​github.com: lk/start.S at master · littlekernel/lk · GitHub
<geist> push and then do a far ret
<heat> arent those your only option in long mode?
<geist> oh possible
<geist> it's been years since i thought about it
<bslsk05> ​github.com: linux/head_64.S at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub
<geist> but dunno if ilovethinking wants 32 or 64bit
<heat> it's bothersome and requires a scratch stack, but I think ljmp doesn't really work in 64-bit mode
<ilovethinking> geist: how does doing that give you an advantage instead of the other solution?
<heat> as in "may not even exist" at all
<geist> the nice advantage is you can push an arbitrary value to it, whereas even if the ljmp instruction exists, it's hard coded
<geist> generally not a problem, but <shrug>
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<geist> anyway i just find it clearer anyway
<geist> otherwise i think the syntax is something like `ljmp 0x8:address`
<geist> may need a # in there somewhere
<heat> annoyance of the evening: gmail on plain text mode autowraps your email's lines
<geist> but i highly suggest you get a copy of al lthe major kernels and get familiar with them
<heat> geist, ljmp $0x8, address
<heat> I believe
<geist> at the end of the day looking at what a known good thing does is really important
<geist> yah was gonna post a version i have, but i had switched all my code long time ago to the retf method
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<geist> heat: nice! i see the email thread
<geist> did you squee when linus responded in a non hostile tone?
<ilovethinking> has linus ever been here
<geist> not that i'm aware of, no
<heat> we do have matthew garrett, famed linux developer, see mjg
<ilovethinking> ah fair
<Ermine> Which thread?
<bslsk05> ​lore.kernel.org: [PATCH] do_open(): Fix O_DIRECTORY | O_CREAT behavior - Pedro Falcato
<Ermine> nortti: thank you
<ilovethinking> mjg has a wikipedia page on him in my homecountry language which is pretty fucking crazy
<heat> geist, linus has grown SOFT
<geist> you must use this opportunity to strike true and hard
<mjg> i don't think the l guy responding in a non-hostile manner is a rare thing
<mjg> right, tell him to rebase on onyx
<heat> linux kernel in ruuuuuuust haha
<heat> o wait?
<mjg> ilovethinking: btw i'm *not* matthew garrett, contrary to what heat claims, just in case
<ilovethinking> wait did rust appear in the linux kernel
<ilovethinking> lol
<mjg> it did
<ilovethinking> mjg: oh damn i got excited to finally meet someone popular
<ilovethinking> god damn
<mjg> sorry mate
<mjg> i am popular with heat tho, if that is any consolation
<heat> right, was just a joke
<ilovethinking> i won;t look at you the same way from now, heat
<heat> in reality we're looking at matthew garrett, famed freebsd PESSIMAList
<ilovethinking> you betrayed me in every way possible
<ilovethinking> it truly hurt me
<heat> booohoo our marriage sucked anyway
<mjg> ilovethinking: there is Brad Pitt lurkingon this channel tho
<mjg> i wont reveal who it is
<ilovethinking> sounds legit
<mjg> true story!
<Ermine> Ah, directories are to be created my mkdir/mknod, so open(O_DIRECTORY | O_CREAT) is a weirdo
<ilovethinking> i knew brad pitt was an osdev
<mjg> Ermine: ther eal weirdo is thatl inux creates a *regular file* and then proceeds to fail with ENOTDIR
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<mjg> Ermine: wtf even for linux
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<geist> yah i guess there's not a security issue there, since there's no such capability in posix to create just files or just dirs in a directory
<geist> but it's still really weird
<gog> geist: geist
<geist> if it allowed you to create a file where you couldn't otherwise, then it'd be a security issue
<geist> gog: gog
<ilovethinking> gog: gog
<heat> fwiw I think this is allowed in POSIX so open(O_DIRECTORY | O_CREAT) could possibly do an atomic "open-dir-or-mkdir"
<heat> which is a funny idea but probably far removed from reality
<ilovethinking> wait geist hold on
<ilovethinking> ljmp 0x8:address
<ilovethinking> 0x08?
<ilovethinking> what's that
<geist> if you dont know then you should be consulting the manual
<geist> honestly, if that's no intrinsically obvious then yuo do not have the necessary background knowledge or desire to look it up to be working on this code
<geist> not trying to rain on your parade but seriously the first instinct should be 'let me see what the intel m anual says about long jmps and how they work'
<heat> or the GDT
<gog> intel semantics that'd be "jmp far"
<ilovethinking> fair
<ilovethinking> thanks
* gog jumps far
<geist> a far long jmp
<heat> bring segmentation back
<gog> far: a long long way to jump
<geist> and yeah i think the 'long' came from 68k or vax in at&t syntax. iirc they use that nomenclature
<gog> NO
<gog> segmentation bad
<geist> though neither of those architectures have segmentation per se
<gog> i want to osdev but i'm coded out for the day i think :(
<Ameisen> question - I'm wondering if there would be a more performant data structure to use than a bitwise trie (like a page table/directory) for doing client address to host address lookups in vemips
<Ameisen> presently, the architecture is very, very similar to a normal page table/directory
<zid> Generically, no
<zid> specifically, possibly
<ilovethinking> i'll get the paperback of the intel manual
<ilovethinking> so tht whenever i have a question i just remember to rtfm
<ilovethinking> i think that;s a good idea
<gog> ilovethinking:
<bslsk05> ​www.felixcloutier.com: x86 and amd64 instruction reference
<gog> solid reference material here
<gog> no fluff
<geist> you cant get the paperback of the itnel manual, or at least you can but it's huge
<geist> but get the pdf and that
<heat> the trees
<zid> I'll sell someone a set of ones from 2015 for like $400
<geist> i did actually get a fairly recent copy of it printed out (lulu printing i think) but it wasn't as useful as i thought
<zid> good deal imo
<ilovethinking> it's so hard to navigate the intel manual tbh, but i guess that's the standard prodecure
<geist> no where as good as it used to be, because it's just too big now to be one book
<ilovethinking> prodecure? wtf
<geist> it's like 6, and really dense
<geist> ilovethinking: no one said any of this is easy
<ilovethinking> ok
<zid> /nick Ilovemoaningabouthavingtothink
<geist> which is why we're trying to nudge you towards doing a bit more of the work
<heat> hahahahaha
<geist> instead of just asking us when you get stuck. it wears on our patience a bit, to be frank
<ilovethinking> zid that's a good one
<gog> programming is hard
<geist> like you get 3 free questions until we start pushing back
<Ermine> gog: indeed
<ilovethinking> lol ok i understand
<ilovethinking> thanks, i won't come back here lol
<ilovethinking> at least ill try
<ilovethinking> for a while
<geist> no again, we're not telling you to go away
<geist> justsaying, you'll get a lot better help if it appears you've done some homework and exhausted your options
<gog> yes
<geist> if you say 'i've been looking and i think its X or Y' we are much happier to help than 'lol i have no idea what this is'
<gog> we prefer socratic dialogues to spoonfeeding
<ilovethinking> no i understand it;s just that i have been searching for the word "jump" in the vol 3 of the intel manual for around 10 minutes
<geist> the latter tends to indicate you aren't willing to put in the work, and then it feels a bit like you're taking advantage of us etc
<ilovethinking> but as i said i will figure it out
<ilovethinking> yeah i completely understand bro my bsd
<gog> look at that link i posted
<ilovethinking> bad
<ilovethinking> gog: yes i saw it, thanks
<zid> geist can you assemble my ikea furniture for me
<zid> I looked at the instructions but I don't speak blahaj
<gog> oh let me memee
<gog> i speak fluent blåhaj
<geist> okay, so we can help you find things in the book, that's much more amenable, because helping you find the thing is good
<zid> (actually I quite like doing ikea furniture)
<geist> ie, it's not that you dont have the info, we just like to help people learn more stuff
<gog> yes, giving the answer isn't learning
<geist> probably i'd start with the instruction reference, then you can find far jump stuff
<ilovethinking> yeah eyah i get it
<ilovethinking> i found far jump
<zid> Fuck the metal shed I assembled last year though seriously. It was all adjustable rails, no holes.
<ilovethinking> but still no clue what 0x08 is lmao
<geist> segment selector
<zid> Something doesn't fit? maybe the entire thing is just slightly crooked and needs every bolt moving, or maybe you're doing it wrong, who knows!
<geist> but it was the same thing in intel asm too
<bslsk05> ​www.felixcloutier.com: JMP — Jump
<ilovethinking> im reading it rn
<geist> but if you want to grokk what's going on there you're about to get seriously into the deep end, so i start to wonder, what is it again you're trying to do?
<bslsk05> ​csiflabs.cs.ucdavis.edu: AT&T Assembly Syntax | Sig9
<Ermine> Why getting clang on windows is so painful
<gog> clang clang clang went the windows
<zid> gog: Is it frowned upon to marry someone just so I can put the ikea stuff together? asking for a friend.
<heat> geist, tbf when was the last time the intel SDM could fit in a normal-sized single book?
<gog> no it's why i got married
<zid> 1991?
<geist> yah exactly or say 3 normal sized books
<heat> how many pages does that have? 4000?
<geist> now it's like 8 and huge
<zid> did you get gay married or normal married btw
<gog> too bad you can't write them and ask for a free book :(
<gog> zid: gay
<ilovethinking> geist: idk if that question is towards me luk
<ilovethinking> lul
<Ermine> install llvm and clang; clang needs ms build tools and headers
<heat> why is it painful?
<heat> i thought clang on windows worked quite well
<geist> ilovethinking: yes
<ilovethinking> all im trying to do is reach the feared long mode
<Ermine> I installed ms build tools, msvc and windows sdk; still it fails to find stdio.h
<gog> feared? i love long mode
<gog> long mode is easy mode
<gog> once you get there
<heat> i stan IA32-e compatibility mode
<gog> yes
<Ermine> Iirc V86 doesn't work in long mode
<heat> good
<gog> windows programs with large address awareness
<Ermine> Well fuck vesa then
<Ermine> go go real gpu driver
<ilovethinking> but ljmp $0x08:address isn't the same as jmp GDT.Code:label, right?
<geist> it is exactly the same
<geist> GDT.Code is just some constant in whatever code base you're looking at
<geist> ie, the Code selector out of the GDT
<gog> hell you can even use it to jump through a task gate
<geist> (and yeah confirmed, it is a comma instead of a colon)
<gog> (in protected mode)
<heat> <newyorkaccent> hey geist watchu doin, let em search eh
<geist> yah sorry. gotta stop trying to be too helpful heh
<mrvn> Doesn't clang on windows simply work with "apt install clang" in the linux emu?
<mrvn> Just install Ubuntu
<geist> probablem seems to be that they're trying to convert some code they already dont understand to a new syntax
<geist> which means nothign good will come from this
<Ermine> I mean native clang
<mrvn> Ermine: it's native. Just for a different personality.... aehm, yeah, for how windows implemented that.
<mrvn> Ermine: I bet you will be much happier running the whole linux toolchains and env under windows than trying to install it all native.
<Ermine> What I really want is to run linux natively and remove windows at all, but i915 needs to be debugged for that purpose
<mrvn> Ryzen here for a reason
<mrvn> What I really want is to run Moose natively
<Ermine> It's a transformer tablet with intel inside
<mrvn> My choices where intel, nvidia or amd graphics so I went with a Ryzen CPU.
<Ermine> amd graphics good
<gog> i have both amd and nvidia
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<Ameisen> This is what the directory table/address lookup class looks like presently: https://github.com/ameisen/vemips/blob/master/src/runtime/directory_table.hpp
<bslsk05> ​github.com: vemips/directory_table.hpp at master · ameisen/vemips · GitHub
<gog> the iGPU isn't so bad actually
<Ameisen> so far I haven't really been able to outperform it
<mrvn> gog: then you help him get the i915 to work :)
<gog> it doesn't work in xorg
<gog> for autorotating screen
<gog> it only works in wayland
<Ermine> I use wayland
<gog> i have one of those converting tablets thoo
<gog> oh
<Ermine> and it works in xorg
<gog> it never worked right for me
<Ermine> on autorotating screen
<gog> i don't use it anymore
<Ermine> at least with kde and gnome
<mrvn> Ameisen: with that work with large pages?
<gog> it's entirely possible i had it misconfigured because i never reinstalled
<Ermine> The only caveat is that lenovo fucked up orientation
<mrvn> Ameisen: I mean mixed small and large.
<gog> i just popped in my old hard drive
<Ameisen> mrvn: I mean, vemips doesn't really have a concept of pages.
<Ameisen> The MIPS32r6 doesn't require it :D
<Ameisen> spec*
<Ameisen> I just happen to use pages effectively for the lookup since it's convenient
<mrvn> Ameisen: that header has too many things starting with an underscore.
<mrvn> Shouldn't _forceinline be [[gnu::forceinline]] or something?
<heat> Ermine, have you tried submitting a bug report
<Ermine> no
<heat> the i915 people are pretty good and should be able to look at whatever issues you may be having
<Ermine> My ego requires doing it myself
<Ameisen> mrvn: it builds under MSVC and Clang.
<Ameisen> I don't actually target gcc at all right now (maybe eventually)
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<heat> you've got an ego?
<heat> welcome to the club, you should try writing an operating system
<Ameisen> targetting gcc would be... complicated. not impossible, I just have to change a bunch of things
<Ameisen> Part of the dynamic codegen presently assumes the win64 abi which clang can handle fine
<Ameisen> It's harder to specifically use for specific calls in GCC.
<heat> Ameisen, fyi gcc can also do the win64 abi
<heat> __attribute__((ms_abi))
<Ameisen> ah, it can now?
<mrvn> Ameisen: I believe all the [[gnu:...]] work in clang too
<gog> yeah i was targeting gcc for UEFI before
<gog> without uefi_call_wrapper
<gog> you can just use #define EFIAPI __atttribute__((ms_abi))
<Ermine> heat: I'm extremely slowly going to that moment
<zid> does regular pc-linux-x86_64 do that just fine then goog?
<gog> yeah i think so
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<Ameisen> then I can probably target GCC, though it isn't a priority yet
<Ameisen> Ideally I'd just have the dynamic codegen be able to target Win64 _or_ SysV, but that's a pain
<Ameisen> since SysV under MSVC would be... hard.
<rnicholl1> Hi, when targeting raspberry pi 4 or raspberry pi 3, I think I need to read the device tree binary. are there any mit licensed DTB readers I can use to load information from the bootloader?
<Ameisen> I do wish that Clang wasn't so strict about modifier consistency with __restrict
<heat> rnicholl1, hi, generally people use libfdt
<heat> not MIT licensed but dual GPLv2-BSD
<heat> (dual = choose what you prefer)
<rnicholl1> oh, I looked at that, but didn't use it because of the GPLv2 license. So I can just use it under the BSD license only?
<heat> yes
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<zid> Or just it under the "you'll never catch me alive!" licence
<heat> the cartoon villain license
<zid> The democratic people's party of zid do not recognise your copyright.
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<zid> bookworm time
* gog fumigates the library
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<brunothedev> anyone here have a good chatroom to ask about a good, cheap, ebook reader(pinenote is expensive)
<brunothedev> i dont want to buy from amazon for obvious reasons
<bnchs> brunothedev: bro
<bnchs> just like... just use your laptop
<brunothedev> bnchs: do you care about your eyes... also i have a desktop
<bnchs> i don't
<brunothedev> with a tv
<bnchs> i got floaters for a year at this time
<bnchs> at this point*
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<brunothedev> bnchs: what is floaters?
<brunothedev> also looking at a white screen with black text for long period of time is painful
bauen1 has joined #osdev
<geist> yah agreed. i dont like to look at overly bright white screens with black text
<brunothedev> i think this is normal, i have it too
<geist> also floaters :(
<geist> yep. you tend to get more of them as you get older
<brunothedev> lmao i am 12
<bnchs> :o
<bnchs> i'm getting soo old so fast
<bnchs> brunothedev: obvious
<zid> awww yis, very good chapter
<brunothedev> ?
<bnchs> i mean, i didn't have to know you were 12, i already knew from your messages
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<geist> come on now, lets not be ageist
<bnchs> but good to see a young osdev!
<geist> exactly!
<bnchs> geist: i'm not ageist :3
<brunothedev> i am a geist
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* gog is agog
<bnchs> i mean i'm like 15... well 16 soon, but ehh :P
<heat_> wow is this what it feels to be an oldie?
* lav is agog at gog
<bnchs> heat_: maybe :3
<bnchs> brunothedev: also i stare at disassembly code in a white background, i obviously don't care about my eyes
<mrvn> bnchs: unless you run really really fast you are getting old just as fast as anybody else
heat_ is now known as heat
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<mrvn> geist: is it ageism if you hate everybod born in and even year?
<bnchs> mrvn: wouldn't time go slow at a fast speed?
<mrvn> bnchs: or near heavy objects.
ilovethinking has joined #osdev
<mrvn> and you can't get near a heavy enough object to matter without it killing you. So there's that,.
<ilovethinking> how is it possible that
<ilovethinking> oops wtf why did i send
<ilovethinking> accidentally pressed enter while holding backspace
<mrvn> ilovethinking: backspace is to close to return
<ilovethinking> yeah
<ilovethinking> btw hello
<brunothedev> "how is it possible that 18:45:59 ilovethinking"
<ilovethinking> ?
<mrvn> bnchs: if you dig down to the center of the earth you would age slower, slightly.
<bnchs> i'm taking a break from reverse engineering, my brain hurts
<brunothedev> ilovethinking: weechat making your message weird
<bnchs> seriously staring at opcodes and trying to make sense of them is taking a toll on me
<ilovethinking> it isn't, that's what i sent
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<mrvn> ilovethinking: that's what weechat would say
air has joined #osdev
<ilovethinking> i was about to ask what causes the linker to scream "undefined reference" but not the actual compiler
<ilovethinking> but i thought it's pretty irrelevant so whatever
<brunothedev> bnchs: imagine reversing engineering yourself, i send to a guy to do it for me: https://github.com/bkerler/mtkclient/issues/634
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Unsupported seccfg structure · Issue #634 · bkerler/mtkclient · GitHub
<heat> the gang doesn't understand what a linker does
<zid> what's a linker
<zid> is it something to do with the web
<heat> it's that href thing for html isnt it?
<brunothedev> a linker puts url of a object file in another object file
<zid> I think so
<mrvn> zid: That's the thing that adds references to your web pages to increase your google score, right?
<bnchs> brunothedev: you know, not everyone's gonna reverse engineer for you
<mrvn> bnchs: take the reverse out of it. Use the Source, Luke.
<heat> if you change your name to ilovereverseengineering it's quite possible #osdev just does that for you
<brunothedev> "every thing is open source if you know assembly"
<bnchs> also i was tired of trying to program with 100% accuracy
brunothedev is now known as ilovereverseengi
<ilovereverseengi> hello
<bnchs> getting worried over the slightest edge cases lol
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<ilovethinking> i genuinely feel to stupid 2 be here sumtimes
<gog> it's ok i'm too stupid to be here too but nevertheless i persist
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<heat> you're not
<brunothedev> make the #osdev join message be "stultitia est nostra virtus"!
<heat> gog are you feeling down again?
<gog> i am actually
<heat> i'll link you tomatoanus again
<gog> lol
<bnchs> i feel too stupid to be here too
<gog> bnchs: we're not stupid tho
<bnchs> i've done nothing in my life
<moon-child> wtf is a tomatoanus
<gog> we need to be kind to ourselves <3
<ilovethinking> ok i made the decision ill stop using att synatx because
<bnchs> gog: you know, when i say "i'm smart", someone's gonna come and say "no, you're fucking dumb"
<ilovethinking> i can't fucking take it anymor
<ilovethinking> e
<bnchs> and regret sayingit
<bslsk05> ​www.youtube.com: How speedrunners beat Dark Souls III in 35 minutes (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED - Any% No TearDrop Glitch) - YouTube
<bnchs> i mean me regretting saying that i'm smart
<gog> you can use intel syntax in gcc and clang
<gog> it just might not always work right
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<bslsk05> ​'Cruel To Be Kind' by Letters to Cleo - Topic (00:03:02)
<gog> this movie sucked and i watched it a lot
<ilovethinking> im tryingn to copy the code from the osdev wiki to set up long mode but the code is nasm and i don't know gas and it puts me into a deep hole of depression
<mrvn> gog: people always say that about movies I liked
<heat> have you tried not copying the code
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<heat> it might help out if you know what you're doing, just saying
<gog> should i write a bootloader
<heat> didn't you write an efi bootloader already
<gog> oh yeah
<ilovethinking> i don;t understnad the gdt part because my assembly knowledge is very bad, i just keep putting learning it properly away
<heat> ok then fucking do it
<gog> do you want long mode or do you want to learn to get there?
<ilovethinking> i guess both
<gog> you have to pick one for the moment
<ilovethinking> is asmtutor a good source of learning asm? just by looking at it it seems like they skip a lot
<ilovethinking> gog: well then learn, but specifically the gdt because idk how it's implemented
<brunothedev> you can just learn about things by doing it, ex: i tried to sing using my breathing, list me a thing i wot do anymore
<ilovethinking> i more or less understand how switching to long mode works in general
<ilovethinking> brunothedev: ???
<brunothedev> ilovethinking: i learned something by doin it
<gog> the gdt stuff is really easiser than it looks
<ilovethinking> nono i understand it
<ilovethinking> but stupidly enough
<ilovethinking> im stuck on the assembly part of it
<ilovethinking> i suck at assembly
<gog> the part where you're defining the structure or loading and jumping into protected mode?
<ilovethinking> defining
<heat> ok learn assembly
<ilovethinking> the syntax itself
<ilovethinking> eyah
<ilovethinking> yeah i will
<heat> come back after you know assembly
<ilovethinking> for sure
<ilovethinking> alright bro bet
<ilovethinking> i rpomise personally to u heat
<heat> until then any requests for help with return -1, errno = EAGAIN
<ilovethinking> i won't come back till i know it]
<brunothedev> the worst part about assembly is that i could make a assembler using the greenlandic language it would still be called "assembly", it is too lose of a definition
<heat> s/with/will
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<gog> kalaallisut
<gog> pls
<brunothedev> greenlandic is cool, just outside of my assembler
<gog> samsetning
<heat> does anyone know any fun literature on static verification of bytecode?
<brunothedev> [any nordic, inuit and languages that uses accents(trust me)] is cool, just outside of my assembler
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<FireFly> accents as in like, diacritics?
<bnchs> hi FireFly
<FireFly> hiya bnchs
<brunothedev> yes, but i forgo the word and this is the most similar in portuguese
<gog> what about cool and good letters like æ, ð and þ
<brunothedev> gotta love old norse
<brunothedev> the moment when you are a old island with no resources in the middle of the atlantic
<gog> we have resources
<gog> we have fish
<gog> and uhhh
* moon-child chomp
<lav> you have gog
* gog patpatpatpat lav
<gog> heat: what do you use for freestanding c++ headers
<heat> the cumpiler
<gog> i do an inadvisable thing and -I/usr/include/c++
<heat> the "freestanding" libc++ headers are more or less includeable
<heat> although I really try not to
<heat> most of my usage of that has been what, type_traits? something like that
<heat> usually if I really want something STL-y I reimplement it
<gog> oh
<heat> like I reimplemented, atomics, vector, string, string_view, etc
<gog> i don't remember this working before
<gog> clang ships it
<heat> ships what?
<gog> when i do -ffreestanding and include <cstdint> it does the right thing
<heat> yeah
<gog> why do i think this didn't work before
<gog> maybe it was another c++ experiment
<heat> all of this is supposedly based on where the compiler is installed I believe, so --sysroot doesn't affect it
<gog> yeah it was /usr/lib/clang/whatever
<gog> this has to be when i was trying to do the same thing with gcc
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Onyx/Makefile at master · heatd/Onyx · GitHub
<gog> with the bare gcc
<heat> yeah I mean, you'll always need libc++/libstdc++ built
<heat> a bare gcc/clang will not suffice
<gog> then it has to be when i was still using bare gcc
<gog> i can't keep all of my experiment code straight
<gog> (woman moment)
<gog> aha ok
<gog> this does not work when i use --target=x86_64-unknown-windows
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