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<jimbzy> Dang. sat in the recline to 'rest my eyes' and nodded off :P
<heat> happy new year mofos
<kaichiuchi> it's not time yet
<kaichiuchi> 5 hours
<heat> lmao
<heat> imagine living in not GMT/BST
<heat> couldn't be me
<pogchamp> happy new year
<sortie> happy new year (UTC) :D
<pogchamp> happy new year heat
<pogchamp> happy new year zid
<kaichiuchi> new years present: a house
<pogchamp> happy new year sortie
<sortie> Year of the Sortix desktop
<pogchamp> yes
<pogchamp> tranglix
<sortie> TRIANGLIX
<sortie> Those were the days
<sham1> Happy new ear to all
<sortie> pogchamp, fun fact it literally still ships in Sortix
<pogchamp> nicec
<sham1> I hope this year will be less hectic and I'll be able to actually do recreational programming of any kind
<sham1> Both university and work took away all the time I could have put into programming, and because work is also programming… I certainly hope this year will be better
<kaichiuchi> i hope to be happy with something I write and not get into an rm -rf loop constantly
<heat> you sure?
<heat> how is that std::function coming along
<kaichiuchi> don't need it right this second
<kaichiuchi> I can't use cringeharold but picture it
<kaichiuchi> I'm serious, I need to be happy with stuff I write
<jimbzy> heat, So you're a time traveler? ;)
<heat> kaichiuchi, there you have it
<kaichiuchi> thanks
<heat> jimbzy, im one of those commies in europe
<epony> are you sure?
<epony> by the looks of it you're a fascie
<jimbzy> Apparently, I'm one of those commies here in the US.
<epony> are you sure ;-)
<epony> looks like you have a mountain of weight
<heat> oh no
<heat> someone call senator mccarthy!
<epony> you do not have senators in a society of commons
<epony> call the spririt of manitu instead if you want to
* epony shoots an arrow in the cyclope eye of imperialism
<epony> you have really no idea
<jimbzy> True story. I was repairing a cooler at a tavern in the middle of nowhere on Thursday and the people at the bar were talking about how a free 'Murica shouldn't allow people to move from state to state without authorization...
<epony> tapping into older forms of governance
<epony> (territorial-feodalites)
<epony> all problems are solvable ;-)
<epony> especially the artificially created false ones
<mrvn> no way. you where drinking during workhours pretending to repair a cooler I'm sure. I mean, calibrating the temperature of the beer cooler.
<jimbzy> I disrupted their conversation by discharging the motor capacitor using a screwdriver. XD
<jimbzy> It wasn't a beer cooler, it was a soda cooler.
<mrvn> less fun
<epony> you can have a beer too
<sham1> I would imagine that a soda cooler could also be used for beer
<epony> sure
<sham1> It's not like it looks at its content, sees that it's beer and refuses to work
<jimbzy> It's technically against the loan policy, but I'm sure it happens.
<sham1> Ah
<jimbzy> We own the equipment to businesses and provide them with product.
<jimbzy> loan. Damn brain no workie.
<sham1> Technical possibility Vs contractual possibility
<epony> we own our production facilities
<geist> heat: hows PCI workin?
<epony> slightly different than PCIe
<heat> geist, i haven't written codes yet, I've spent the day picking #coreboot's brains for some answers RE: ACPI and doing this on PC
<jimbzy> We have a few service contracts with businesses that have the competitors product, too. If it cools, dispenses or makes ice we work on it.
<geist> heat: nice, ie You Did OSDEV
<sham1> Ah yes, multiple codes
<epony> jimbzy, you're cool
<heat> all of the codes
<epony> but who's making the beer ;-)
<jimbzy> Not really, but the product is when I'm done ;)
<epony> the difference between beer and other "beverages" is the longevity of the consumer (you have lifelong followers)
<jimbzy> I don't mess with the beer equipment unless it's something super simple, like a like in a CO2 line.
<epony> the delivery mechanisms change and get zapped and rebuilt by the decade
<epony> the fundamental principles remain in "the production" cycle
<jimbzy> You'd be surprised, epony. If I'm working on a fountain and a customer's flavor is out of order they'll usually just walk away instead of getting something else.
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<jimbzy> Or grab a bottle or can from a cooler.
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<epony> you can have fun
<epony> but it's a "relatively simple" process
<jimbzy> What is?
<epony> compared to the programmable semiconductor complex circuitry with high level of integration, it's really fun and megafun
<epony> different classes of "technology"
<epony> it's not that different in the piperwork and cooling
<epony> but conceptually different in the central energeting exchange technology
<epony> "energetic"
<jimbzy> Oh, yeah it's pretty simple and repetitive.
<epony> that's why it's so "liked"
<epony> because it's consistent and reliable
<epony> these propreties and strives can be carried over, they are not unique, they are appealing and important
<jimbzy> It's oddly satisfying, too. I like walking into a busy restaurant and being able to get them back up and running.
<jimbzy> It's not great when a live valve goes and I get sprayed with sugar water, but there are worse things in life.
<epony> spoil the temperature and you get some barrels getting refurbished
<epony> these are environmental conditions
<epony> but the culture process happening in beer fermentation is relatively simple and predictable
<mrvn> isn't that all syrup and plain water?
<epony> in semiconductors it's a lot more complex, you have to have a public of "taking all the shit there is to it" like consumer resellers pour
<jimbzy> mrvn, Yep.
<jimbzy> 5 parts syrup to 1 part carbonated water usually.
<epony> in that regard, consumer electronics resellers are your best friend when all your production is getting spoiled with accidents and incidents
<mrvn> oh, would have thought it would be the other way around. Saving 1/6th the volume doesdn't sound like it saves much
<jimbzy> You're right. I'm still half asleep here. Got some coffee brewing.
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<epony> get a couple of hours of rest
<epony> if you need it, take it
<epony> you have my permission
<jimbzy> It's not even 7pm here.
<mrvn> Getting close to 2am and the noise has stopped.
<epony> nice
<epony> you can now drink a bit and walk the funny walk on the stairs
<bslsk05> ​'Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]' by Disturbed (00:04:19)
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<pogchamp> meow
<epony> I dedicate this song to your departed fellows.
<kaichiuchi> my 3090ti sounds like a windtunnel
<epony> can't bring back dead pixels
<heat> wanna try my 930MX?
<heat> you cant hear it, very good, lets trade
<zid> heat: showoff
<heat> i show my big gpu off beacause I need to compensate
<heat> because*
<heat> I blame my typos on being slightly under the influence
<zid> of spaniards no doubt, knew you were a spy
<heat> pogchamp's boss is my handler
<pogchamp> yes'
<pogchamp> he told me all about his espionage
<heat> hola gog trabajar cuando?
<heat> - your boss
<zid> yes, my trabajar's have been very cuandoed
<pogchamp> estoy malado no quero trabajar
<heat> wtf's malado?
<heat> also quiero*
<pogchamp> sorry i'm confusing french and spanish
<pogchamp> enferma
<kaichiuchi> sometimes I come here and think of this
<zid> portogoose is way harder to get translations for than brasigoose
<bslsk05> ​'Soylent Green Eating Scene' by ElitistScum (00:02:12)
<zid> is there a tool I can write to convert spanish to portogoose
<heat> slight typos
<heat> estou doente, não quero trabalhar
<heat> olá gog, (trabalhar quando?/trabalhar para quando?)
<pogchamp> estoy muerto no puedo trabajar
<heat> estou morto, não posso trabalhar
<pogchamp> crazy gibberish
<heat> also muerta*
<pogchamp> i don't know what gender is ok heat
<pogchamp> no entiendo las generas
<pogchamp> no me importa, entonces
<heat> género
<heat> or in portuguese, género
<pogchamp> blather
<heat> man this is a silly country
<pogchamp> same tho
<heat> what 600 years of spanish and andalusian dominance does to a mofo
<heat> i actually find spanish super hard to learn because it's so damn similar in so many aspects
<heat> "is this spanish or just bullshit portuguese?"
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<kaichiuchi> i can't speak spanish
<kaichiuchi> dad never taught me it
<heat> you should learn it
<heat> keep the tradition alive
<heat> also family members I assume
<kaichiuchi> yes
<heat> mexican?
<kaichiuchi> dominican
<heat> ah
<zid> I thought they spoke dominican
<zid> is that just fancy spanish
<heat> they speak dom
<heat> the rest of latin america speaks sub
<zid> heat only speaks sub, no communicado possible :(
<pogchamp> i
<kaichiuchi> in 2.5 hours, it will be new years
<kaichiuchi> heat: why are you playing wine64-preloader
<kaichiuchi> a strange game
<heat> it's football manager 2023
<heat> under proton
<zid> that makes sense for a game he'd play
<zid> bloody moldovans
<heat> you're also genetically predisposed to play football manager
<zid> heat carry me in rock league
<heat> i haven't played that in like a year
<zid> same
<heat> i got wayyy too upset playing that
<zid> oh you're a rager kid, no thanks then
<heat> it was better for my health
<zid> also whoa you have eu4 achis
<zid> not many, but you do!
<heat> i have achis on all of them
<zid> As Portugal, have a colony in Brazil and in Africa.
<zid> Not so sad a state...
<zid> do you have this one
<heat> yes
<zid> good boy
<heat> https://i.imgur.com/JAjk2Q1.png hehe funny number
<zid> 1444 is the correct number of hours
<zid> I have 1816 though :(
<heat> 5 more to go
<zid> because in 1821 The United States takes possession of its newly bought territory of Florida from Spain.
<zid> December 19 – The Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland begins to erupt.
<zid> That cursed bastard again
<pogchamp> i want it to erupt again if only to disrupt air traffic in europe and annoy people
<pogchamp> hot and annoying
<heat> you're also hot and annoying
<heat> 'tis life
<pogchamp> exactly
<zid> I am also annoying.
<kaichiuchi> yeah.
<kaichiuchi> but it seems that we love you
* kaichiuchi pat
<heat> i love everyone and hate everything
<pogchamp> i love u heat bazinga
<heat> aww <3
<heat> love you too, bazel
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<zid> damn, I got emotionally invested into the life circumstances of that onin
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<zid> onion*
<zid> I cried when I tortured it and cut it into bits, usually I do it with a poker face
<heat> monster
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<vai> hi all
<vai> happy new year
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* geist waves in the new year
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<mrvn> vai: promises, promises
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<vai> mrvn: soon 6 months without a light of cigarette :-)
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<vai> I feel good
<bslsk05> ​'James Brown - I Feel Good 1965 (Remastered)' by The Music Channel (00:02:46)
<bslsk05> ​'I feel good prank sound | tiktok compilation' by Randon Channel 2030 (00:14:17)
<mrvn> much more happy
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<pogchamp> meow
<vai> mrvn: yeah listened to it
<vai> I like it
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<kaichiuchi> hi
<sham1> New year, new me
<pogchamp> i'm the same
<sham1> While it's very much a cliché, there's certainly something to be said about trying to turn a year to the better
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<kaichiuchi> year++;
<FireFly> add 1 to year giving year
<sham1> year += 1;
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<clever> year++;
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<kof123> <ziid ghost from backlog " the correct number of hours"> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtY1wCvIbno </ghost ziid> "don't even think about jumping between buildings!"
<bslsk05> ​'5-11 bLiNd - Slam Shufflin' (Slam Shuffle)' by cletus223 (00:05:20)
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<kaichiuchi> I'm really thinking about giving gentoo a try (on VM)
<zid> well, see you in 20 minutes when you're done installing it then?
<kaichiuchi> is it really only a 20 minute process
<kaichiuchi> I don't believe that
<zid> yea it's literally just untarring stage3 to your install media from a livecd and you're technically done
<zid> the rest is just.. configuring
<zid> i.e if you want it to boot from grub, configuring grub. If you want your clock set, setting your clock, etc.
<zid> rather than it just being a wizard that asks you some basic questions
<zid> s/i.e/e.g/
<kaichiuchi> hm
<kaichiuchi> so far it works fine
<zid> did you remember to run irssi from the installer and do everything through /exec -o
<zid> like a proper gentoo user
<kaichiuchi> no
<zid> smh
<zid> gemtoo users
<zid> Now the fun part begins, anyway
<zid> setting up things in /etc/conf.d/, emerge lsof pciutils vim xfce4-meta bc nmap etc
<kaichiuchi> you use gentoo and I think you're insane
<zid> DuNpv are the flags you want for emerge
<kaichiuchi> but there's something nice about -mtune=native -march=native everywhere
<zid> (deep dependancy checks, updates, new use flags, pretend, verbose)
<zid> it'll give you a list of every package it wants to pull it, which use flags are set for each, etc
<zid> tweak, run again until happy, remove p
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<zid> If you remember to install everything before your first reboot such that you don't need to re-mount your system from the livecd you did well
<zid> I always forget something crucial, like dhcpcd
<epony> that's from the method of "installation" because you're accustomed to all-in-one distributions which you have to then "explore" and "configure" that discovery system understandign is missing
<epony> if you're not dealing with "manually" getting to find out and configure / setup services you need
<epony> when it's all intalled and toggled on / unconfigured, it's hard to get to know whch is what, why that particular choice is made, is there a better variant or even what its purpose are
<epony> so you're confronted with the "windows approach" to tweaking "services" which basically sucks and blows at the same time
<epony> both for discovery and reliable / consistent understanding and setup
<epony> and thus people fail to learn protocols and services and their applied use, and get easy mixed up / forgetting things
<epony> the control panel in graphical systems is the "convenient" but "weak" and "problematic" way to setup things
<epony> the understanding into the mechanics and actual events / details happening is missing, does not connect protocol with tunables with service / importance and there is no correlation in the person / operator what is actually happening where on the system
<kaichiuchi> i can promise you this
<kaichiuchi> 98% of people on this planet don't give two shits
<kaichiuchi> they want it to work, and so do I
<kaichiuchi> if you have to fiddle with 829374982893479 different things to make something work, it's fundamentally a bad system
<kaichiuchi> but this is the way of the world
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<heat> B
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<jimbzy> Happy Gnu Year!
<geist> zid: hmm, wonder if it's tsill documented how to build from stage 1
<geist> i used to enjoy doing that
<geist> also... yawn
<jimbzy> I hear that.
<geist> forced myself to get up a bit earlier today and will again tomorrow
<geist> to try to reset schedule. going to be sleepy. hate being sleepy
<jimbzy> Switching from nights to days, or just been keeping strange hours?
<geist> mostly just 'strange hours'
<jimbzy> It happens. I went from working 10pm-6am to 7am to 3pm, and in a few months I'll be working 12pm to 8pm, so I don't know what day it is anymore. :p
<jimbzy> It sucks being off schedule, too.
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<geist> yeah it's not quite that strange, just need to pull it in 3 or 4 hours
<jimbzy> Right on.
<jimbzy> It's even weirder for me because my kid has been off school for a bit.
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<jimbzy> Today, I'm doing laundry and watching a YouTube series on building a multi-band superhetrodye receiver for HF.
<jimbzy> I thought about doing a direct-conversion receiver, but I figure if I'm going to build something I might as well build something nice. This one uses an Arduino Nano and an AD9850 direct digital synthesizer for the VFO signal.
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<geist> yeah kinda my day too, minus the radio
<geist> laundry, cleanig up the house, etc
<pogchamp> nya
<jimbzy> Yeah, doing some of that stuff, too. I'm off tomorrow, too, and I plan on redoing the caulking in the master bathroom. I got all the old stuff taken out, and it hasn't been used in a couple of days so it should be nice and dry.
<pogchamp> i'm trying to take it easy i'm not well
<jimbzy> Sorry to hear that, pogchamp :(
<pogchamp> yeah idk what the deal is. i'm gonna go get checked out tomorrow
<jimbzy> Funky bugs going around this winter. I caught the flu a few weeks ago and I still don't feel right.
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<heat> how do you assemble a true device tree of things in the kernel?
<heat> assuming a bus-type - bus - device kind of device model like liux
<heat> linux*
<heat> the problem being that the same physical device can be replicated in multiple buses - think ACPI
<heat> also, another problem - if a device is described by PCI and ACPI, what mechanism do you use for power management, etc?
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<kaichiuchi> the word of god
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