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<lf94> so it's some time now.
<lf94> it's been
<lf94> thoughts on printables.com vs thingiverse.com?
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<buZz> just had to ; https://imgur.com/a/h5LpogS
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<InPhase> lf94: Does printables.com actually have a customizer?
<InPhase> lf94: I see several uploads saying to "use the customizer", but I don't see a customizer. Are these just copy/pastes from thingiverse?
<InPhase> I posted a lot of stuff on thingiverse, and the customizable stuff was typically the most popular by a wide margin.
<InPhase> I've lost interest in thingiverse because the customizer is now hopelessly out of date. So I'm just waiting for some place to take this seriously again for building a 3D model community.
<lf94> probably copy paste.
<lf94> well there's uh, cadhub
<InPhase> You are correct, that is a thing which exists.
<InPhase> I jest a little in my phrasing. It's an extremely impressive thing. There's something structural about it that makes it not yet seem like a community though. It's clear the ability to edit in browser is the centerpiece of the show, rather than the sharing of models.
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<J22> InPhase you can import or convert thingyverse to printables - but the links are relative and will now point to the wrong domaine
<J22> with WASM there should be no need for a customizer .. just need a domaine for it
<J22> olivier had http://scad.cloud/ but still nothing there
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<J22> maybe someone like to contact prusa for that feature
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<InPhase> J22: Yeah, that looks like a straight drop-in for people like us, and is even better than customizer. Although for the masses, one thing appealing about the thingiverse customizer was that it ONLY showed the customizer parameters.
<InPhase> J22: It might be nice to have both capabilities, with the customizer-parameters-only being the most prominently placed for the larger crowd, but in browser to keep the server loads low.
<J22> agree but i thought i have already seen a WASM version with customizer .. but  maybe i mixed that up
<InPhase> Might be. There has been a lot of work in this area very rapidly that has been hard to track, so I'm sure it will pop up soon. :)
<J22> from a technical point it should be easy to have a restricted GUI without code .. and  expanded view
<teepee> actual customizer replacement is https://models.makewithtech.com/ :)
<J22> ochafik has at least folded view options
<J22> teepee ahh .. so they just need to add printables Ü
<J22> .oO(only works with login:(  )
<J22> i assume this is not WASM
<J22> °∩°
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<teepee> no, it started before WASM existed
<teepee> I posted the suggestion about printables, but not sure it stuck in some wishlist
<J22> maybe the future is a slicer with build in SCAD WASM,  prusa slicer already can add geometry ..  The next gen printer may have a full OS  and you just say print a "hinge" size "x,y"
<lf94> InPhase: with time.
<myosotiss> GPT3 has been doing some incredible things
<dTal> try prompting it with some OpenSCAD code and see what shape it makes
<myosotiss> I was more thinking of prompting it with a shape and seeing if it could produce a mesh
<InPhase> I have thought about some sort of GPT3 trained on the thingiverse dataset.
<InPhase> I don't know if it's a big enough dataset though.
<InPhase> Those things tend to take a very large amount of input data to see all the patterns. Otherwise you will get splotchy art that vaguely resembles code.
<myosotiss> I think with a relatively small amount of scripting, you could produce a big enough data set to get somewhere...
<InPhase> myosotiss: Well, you want to get human-like implementations I think, or else it's not ideal. And also you really need to match it up to the English-language descriptions in the posts.
<InPhase> Otherwise there's no way to trigger what you want it to be.
<dTal> My feeling is that openscad code is too diverse
<J22> maybe something like https://openai.com/dall-e-2/
<InPhase> dTal: Resolvable with enough input.
<dTal> you might have better luck training it on .csg canonicalization
<InPhase> dTal: Written words are diverse too, but with good training sets they latch onto a style triggered by the prompt.
<dTal> although I suppose the more high level the code is, the better
<myosotiss> Lots of different ideas here... that's definitely the way
<J22> or https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/  ..  the base would be the computer understand what object you want
<myosotiss> you could generate quite a bit of well-labelled data with some scripting. Something like "This is a sphere", "this is 2 spheres the same size" etc...
<InPhase> I was seeing a post the other day about how some of those generators will produce better explanations with math if you include in the prompt "I am a math tutor, and"
<InPhase> So "I know what I'm talking about" phrased in some manner is basically a "style" it can produce. ;)
<InPhase> "I'm a software engineer, and this is my implementation of a hinge in OpenSCAD:"
<J22> Trust me i am an engineer  ( search on YT for fun)
<InPhase> :)
<InPhase> J22: My wife and I, both PhDs, have taken to saying to each other, "It's okay, I'm a PhD" used with similar comedic effect.
<J22> there is a lot of truth in it ..  if  you know what you are doing  - and other know that you know what you are doing they are much less stressed
<myosotiss> I do the opposite. I always tell people I have absolutely no clue what's going on or what I'm doing
<J22> myosotiss  that is a good way to test the competence of the other people
<myosotiss> gotta set expectations right
<myosotiss> also, I never actually know what's going on, or what I'm doing...
<J22> always under promise and over deliver (not the other way around)
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<Scopeuk> J22 in my experience that really catches people in industry out
<Scopeuk> if I say I can deliver something I damn well mean it
<Scopeuk> if I'm uncertain your going to be told as much
<Scopeuk> it builds trust eventually and that always works for you but you do sometimes lose work in the first instance
<J22> the problem is with others .. if they overpromise .. and you are honest - people who don't know you think your offer is also an over promise
<J22> that is basically also a gender issue as women under sell them - or men oversell themselves
<J22> and in industry you have very precise contracts defining what you will get  and also penal damages
<J22> but with 3D printing it is a bit like WOT so if you know the person or reputation .. if not you often don't know what you get when you print
<teepee> J22: roof() might get some improvements
<J22> cool
<teepee> not sure why the bot is not reporting that :(
<teepee> it seems to miss pull requests, only reporting issues
<J22> sound a bit it could solve the fragment  number issues ..
<J22> didn't the bot only report pushed  PRs ?
<teepee> I think it did, but I'm not sure
<teepee> I'll check the repo settings
<J22> any plans for an official  2022 release? As there are now a lot of changes and improvements (and the 2021 had some bugs)
<teepee> wishing for one, yes. motivation, 0
<J22> maybe just an automatism if  issues going down the version gets an "RC" lable Ü
<J22> or is there anything to push motivation up?
<teepee> that's basically a nophead issue
<J22> bit terrifying that there is not more redundancy in such great project
<InPhase> I should find some energy on a weekend to look back at the multiple half-finished changes I had planned to PR.
<InPhase> One was a streamlining of use<> efficiency which I think I was close to figuring out.
<teepee> \o/
<InPhase> Also, more importantly, my new color scheme.
<teepee> uh, oh...
<teepee> don't forget to consider the background gradient :)
<InPhase> I've been using it, so I forget that the rest of you have been suffering with the lack of excellent colors.
<InPhase> Background gradient?
<InPhase> lol. First instinctive response, "Yes but not those colors!" Then I got to the part that said, "Developing new color schemes is something I want to leave to people that have a better grasp at design and colors."
<InPhase> Well with that capability, I might make two color schemes. I'll wait for a day I'm feeling artistic.
<InPhase> Or maybe just the one... Then I'll wait for custom shaders so we can add a cloud background effect.
<teepee> :)
<InPhase> I guess these are locked oriented to the screen instead of to the axes...
<InPhase> That will require only very subtle color gradients. Otherwise you risk breaking the illusion of rotating around the object, and the axes will rotate within a fixed colorspace background.
<InPhase> But a slight gradient can signify distance.
<teepee> yep, anything else is probably just annoying to look at
<InPhase> But be careful, try not to fall into the bottomless abyss. ;) https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/24962768/158007635-70a703ca-cd0f-4e2b-8857-6a579502edf0.png
<J22> ..  as on the ISS .. light means up
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<J22> background images would be nice - but probably you would use blender for modelling anyway
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<teepee> any english native speaker opinions on https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4241 ?
<teepee> swap mouse buttons sounds reasonable to me
<InPhase> Yes, swap. Invert makes me think of scrolling or navigation behavior.
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<Scopeuk> if this is swap over left and right buttons I would also nominate swap buttons
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