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<illiliti> sad_plan: yes
<illiliti> though i lied a bit
<illiliti> minimum wage is 200$~, not 120$
<illiliti> but
* illiliti laughs
<illiliti> does it make any difference
<illiliti> also
<illiliti> minimum pension is 90$~
<illiliti> just imagine how elderly people live here
<illiliti> s/live/survive/
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<sewn> hi
<testuser[m]> hi
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<testuser[m]> does ff randomly close for anyone else? could be working fine for hours and then just gone
<testuser[m]> not crash, just close
<testuser[m]> i mean no segfault
<testuser[m]> i thought it was some nvidia issue but its happening on amd too
<acidbong> what version?
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<testuser[m]> any
<testuser[m]> 108+
<testuser[m]> been happening for months
<acidbong> I'm on Intel, so no idea
<acidbong> built locally or a binary?
* midfavila laughs in Links
<midfavila> also wow my god protonmail is putting ads in my inbox now thanks guys
<testuser[m]> acidbong: locally, gkiss
<acidbong> midfavila, about vpn?
<midfavila> no, about upgrading my email service
<midfavila> it's the email i use for irl shit
<midfavila> but i really couldn't care less about it
<illiliti> never seen ads in protonmail
<acidbong> do you mean this stuff?
<midfavila> no
<midfavila> there's a little banner just under the toolbar in the main screen that says shit like "upgrade now to support digital privacy"
<midfavila> or "upgrade your storage for as little as 5.99 a month"
<acidbong> ah
<acidbong> did you make an account before unification?
<midfavila> yes
<acidbong> i made mine for VPN before that, so i don't receive anything
<acidbong> but what i sent
<acidbong> and again, it's been sent 4 months ago
<illiliti> ah that shit
<illiliti> i thought you mean popups or more invasive ads
<midfavila> nop
<midfavila> >applying for job at IBM
<midfavila> >they specify your password *must* be between fifteen and twenty-five characters
<midfavila> >whatever
<midfavila> >need to create bullshit account for it
<midfavila> what the FUCK ibm
<acidbong> upper limit for a password?
<acidbong> ew
<midfavila> i like the minimum length instead of needing to use a number, lowercase and uppercase, and specials, but an *upper* limit?
<midfavila> yeah
<acidbong> my router has 15 max 🗿
<midfavila> awful
<midfavila> awfulawfulawful
<midfavila> meanwhile i'm over here with fucking
<illiliti> if it's client side verification, i usually bypass it by tampering http request
<midfavila> 30-40+ character passwords
<midfavila> and yes i do remember all of them
<midfavila> and no i don't use a password manager
<midfavila> re:tampering i don't have the software or desire to bother
<illiliti> pansy
<midfavila> yeah okay whatever nerd
<midfavila> if i was going to tamper with IBM's anything i'd just crack into a system and hold it ransom for a job or something
<midfavila> in minetest
<midfavila> "hi yes please give me a job that pays a livable wage"
<midfavila> it bad that i've actually considered doing that?
<illiliti> not bad
<illiliti> you can earn bounty
<illiliti> at least
<midfavila> bounties ain't worth squat here
<illiliti> maybe
<midfavila> no maybe, definitely
<midfavila> at least right now it's not viable
<midfavila> especially considering i have to compete with the fucking entirety of india
<midfavila> kek IBM uses a dropdown menu for educational institutions when applying for a job, and it doesn't recognize my college
<midfavila> thanks guise
<illiliti> if won't be surprised if they only recognize mit
<illiliti> > This content is no longer available
<illiliti> sanctions in action
<illiliti> well at least they didn't block access to docs and i can see browse aix man pages. thanks ibm!
<midfavila> lmao @ russia rn frfr no cap
<midfavila> also i like that i can list that i know how to use xaw under my skills and qualifications section
<midfavila> legitimately makes me happy
<midfavila> that it's like, a recognized thing
<illiliti> what about 20 years of docker experience?
<illiliti> or something like that. do they require it?
<midfavila> nope
<midfavila> this is an explicitly entry-level/new-collar position
<midfavila> (their terms not mine)
<illiliti> strange
<midfavila> not really
<midfavila> IBM has a history of investing heavily in the training and health of new workers
<midfavila> like literally, almost a century of it
<midfavila> they used to have a college they'd send salespeople and reps to for multiple months before they'd even be allowed to start working, but they'd pay you to do it and provide room and board and everything
<midfavila> they're not quite that extreme any more, but it's not out of the ordinary for IBM to have these positions open
<midfavila> and now that there's an actual position relevant to me, I can pull some strings at L3Harris and probably get the position...
<midfavila> hate having to do that shit desu
<illiliti> ibm don't play game like usual faang it seems
<midfavila> that's kind of what defines IBM, historically
<midfavila> they don't play games, they just solve problems
<midfavila> that attitude is part of why I used to be a huge IBM simp
<midfavila> and then their new CEO signed on and axed like 60% of their workforce literally overnight
<illiliti> and vendor lock people. yes, i know that story
<midfavila> because she's a fucking MORON
<midfavila> and yes also that
<midfavila> i never said i liked IBM's solutions, just the attitude :p
<illiliti> it's ok
<midfavila> i actually really like their skills segment of the application process though, it's really extensive
<midfavila> it also distinguishes between different development skills e.g there's no implicit association between an understanding of mathematics and an understanding of a programming system
<midfavila> nor is understanding a programming system conflated with understanding the language it handles, its libraries, or development skills like debugging
<midfavila> also recognizes an absurd variety of different programming languages, even those that wouldn't necessarily be considered as such by most
<midfavila> including rc, bc, etc
<illiliti> and your beloved lisp too?
<midfavila> yes
<midfavila> there are multiple sections dedicated to just lisps
<midfavila> one for scheme, one for common lisp, one for autolisp, and so on
<midfavila> aaaa they use a dropdown list to select a college graduation date-
<midfavila> IBM what are you *doing*
<midfavila> god i really hope i can get this job though
<midfavila> IBM is known for being a good place to start a career
<midfavila> continue or finish, maybe not so much
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<midfavila> it's criminal that a) one game has a soundtrack as good as the second-gen PMD games and b) that this person doesn't have a larger following
<midfavila> i really need to replay those games
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<sewn> VID
<sewn> eo
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<midfavila> might have just found a bug in suckless ed
<midfavila> totally did
<midfavila> goes into an infinite loop when attempting to replace a line with itself as a backreference
<midfavila> 1,$s&\(.*\)&https://\1& infinite-loops in suckless ed, but se handles it properly