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<niceguy5000[m]> framebuffer is life!!!!
<niceguy5000[m]> pinephone pro with kiss= best phone!!!
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<sewn> Hi
<testuser[m]> Hi
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<windy-aftermath> Hello! The install instructions say that I should manually download, patch, build and install the Linux kernel. Will I have to do all of that manually every time a new kernel version is released? Can I somehow add as a source, so a command like ¨kiss build Linux¨ would work?
<sewn> you can make a linux package for kiss
<sewn> also, which install instructions are you using?
<windy-aftermath> The official ones, at
<sewn> kisslinux currently is on hiatus, the maintainer dylanaraps has dissapeared
<sewn> you should use this installation guide
<windy-aftermath> Yes, I have this guide opened in a second tab. However, it frequently refers to the official one. The guide on doesn´t even mention downloading a kernel, it just elaborates on the one at
<sewn> the kernel is intended to be managed by the user
<sewn> whether that be local installation or managed by kiss
<windy-aftermath> so is there a convenient way to get notified when a new Linux kernel releases? I would imagine I need to setup the config file only once, so the build process for updates will just be downloading and building the new source using the old config?
<sewn> you can use git source lol
<sewn> there is kiss-outdated
<windy-aftermath> so I can make a new package as described [here]( and place something like as a source?
<windy-aftermath> alright, thanks!
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<tprepper> yay, got KISS to work. finally
<sewn> congrats
<tprepper> on Linux 5.15.90 though
<tprepper> wasn't sure if the Gentoo kernel config I found for my ThinkPad model would work on 6.1.8
<illiliti> make oldconfig
<illiliti> you need this2
<tprepper> ah
<tprepper> neat
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