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<wael_> Hi
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<testuser[m]> Hi
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<testuser[m]> mongodbAUR - builds from source, requiring 180GB+ free disk space, and may take several hours to build (i.e. 6.5 hours on older Intel i7 models)
<testuser[m]> literally 1984
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<Ogromny> Hi
<Ogromny> How can I know if a package absolutely require glibc ? (Currently on gkiss, want to go back to pure musl)
<Ogromny> And for switching to musl kiss, do I simply need to remove the gkiss repo, remove glibc, install musl, and rebuild all packages ?
<testuser[m]> Ogromny: every single package requires the libc u linked it with
<testuser[m]> u have to reinstall
<Ogromny> So ditch the gkiss repo, go back to musl repo, remove glibc, install musl, rebuild * ?
<Ogromny> That'll take times lol
<testuser[m]> u dont rebuild anything
<testuser[m]> rm -rf /usr
<testuser[m]> u have to reinstall
<Ogromny> Like get the kisslinux tarball and extract it ?
<testuser[m]> yea
<Ogromny> Okok
<illiliti> phoebos: i think we can use dd for prompt, can we?
<illiliti> dd ibs=1 count=1 >/dev/null 2>&1 || exit 1
<illiliti> should work with ctrl+c just fine
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