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<sad_plan> o/
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<sad_plan> its caused by a kernel config, but im not sure which one it is
<wael[m]> Hi
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<sad_plan> hi
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<testuser[m]> hi
<testuser[m]> sad_plan: strace
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<saturn[m]> <sad_plan> "has anyone gotten this on..." <- wow, that's really strange.. from a kernel config?
<testuser[m]> cuz some syscall is missing
<saturn[m]> ah
<wael[m]> hi saturn
<saturn[m]> hi wael
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<testuser[m]> thoughts on ways to implement this?
<testuser[m]> sanely*
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<wael[m]> pro testuser
<testuser[m]> What
<wael[m]> nvm noob testuser
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<phoebos> testuser[m]: no idea why etcsums are reversed
<testuser[m]> legacy moment
<testuser[m]> i'm scared to simply unreverse them cuz idk what it was supposed to account for
<wael[m]> only dylan knows
<testuser[m]> no tests moment
<wael[m]> maybe the git blame will tell something
<testuser[m]> it was part of a larger commit
<testuser[m]> non-atomic commits moment
<testuser[m]> > Remove find/sort/whatever from pkg_etcsums.
<testuser[m]> it says remove but doesn't explain how reversing substitutes for all those utilities
<wael[m]> maybe reverse because of stuff like
<wael[m]> /a/b/c
<wael[m]> /a/b/
<wael[m]> /a
<testuser[m]> what
<wael[m]> try to unreverse it and see what happens
<testuser[m]> it works fine
<wael[m]> actually, does it being reversed cause problem anyway
<wael[m]> or im missing something
<wael[m]> ah
<testuser[m]> the purpose of etcsums is basically broken
<testuser[m]> lol
<testuser[m]> it only works for pkgs with a single file in /etc
<wael[m]> wait wtf lmao
<wael[m]> not for me i had some packages make .new files for many /etc/ files that were changed
<wael[m]> like the new busybox update
<testuser[m]> obv .new will work
<testuser[m]> but removing untouched files doesn't
<testuser[m]> bruh wtf is tmp_file_pre_pre
<wael[m]> pre for tmp_file_pre
<wael[m]> lol funky func name
<testuser[m]> brujh fixing it fixes iproute2 but not busybox
<testuser[m]> oh god
<midfavila> >checking if package is removable
<midfavila> basic safety checks? in MY package manager?
<midfavila> i don't think so
<wael[m]> tar pkg.tar.xz -C /
<wael[m]> -xzvfjkv
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<sad_plan> o/
<sad_plan> testuser[m]:
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<testuser[m]> sad_plan: strace -f
<testuser[m]> strace -s 800 -ff firefox
<sad_plan> how come strace doesnt always exit?
<testuser[m]> it only exits when the program does
<sad_plan> hm, ok
<testuser[m]> gzip it bruh
<testuser[m]> nm
<testuser[m]> nvm
<testuser[m]> sad_plan: your db is bad ig, try HOME=/tmp firefox
<testuser[m]> NS_ERROR_STORAGE_BUSY: Could not open connection to /home/wololo/.mozilla/firefox/bjd9afgc.hardened/xyz.sqlite
<wael[m]> wolol
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<sad_plan> or you want it gzipped?
<testuser[m]> just do a diff between working and non working kernel
<sad_plan> sure. ive been using my old one for reference, for things I was unsure about, but ill look more into it
<testuser[m]> do olddefconfig with both configs on same kernel version
<testuser[m]> and do diff
<sad_plan> does that even work when the *new* is linux-lts? and the older config is 6.0?
<testuser[m]> yeah
<sad_plan> ok
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<testuser[m]> Has anyone encountered firefox randomly exiting lately? Happens very rarely tho -- no logs cuz I launch from bemenu
<wael[m]> no
<wael[m]> log Firefox then
<wael[m]> is it when you suspend or completely random
<testuser[m]> I remember that I have to set up log then i forget
<wael[m]> now you cannot forget
<testuser[m]> Like it happened when I was loading shithub api documentation
<testuser[m]> And when I right clicked and "save link as ..." And right clicked again as it was downloading in bg
<wael[m]> yeah you should log it
<wael[m]> 100%%
<testuser[m]> It happened after like 1-2 weeks
<testuser[m]> so bad
<wael[m]> so good
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<rohan> yo guys
<rohan> can i install some packages with flatpak?
<rohan> like libreoffice
<rohan> or gimp
<wael[m]> Yes
<rohan> just for god sakes
<wael[m]> just dont forget --user and flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
<rohan> is steam working?
<wael[m]> absolutely
<rohan> so i can run steam in kiss linux?
<wael[m]> i used to maintain my own multilibs kiss for steam but switched to flatpak cuz why not
<wael[m]> works pretty well
<wael[m]> with flatpak yes
<testuser[m]> libreoffice works but u have to install dbus on KISS
<testuser[m]> dbus-launch flatpak
<wael[m]> wait what
<testuser[m]> it's not actually used tho
<testuser[m]> U can probably make a dummy socket
<rohan> and steam?
<rohan> need something?
<testuser[m]> wael[m]: It refuses to start without connecting but works fine without peebus functionality
<testuser[m]> steam might need dbus too
<testuser[m]> Idk
<wael[m]> well i use dbus already so i cant tell
<wael[m]> might as well try
<wael[m]> ,withoutdbus
<wael[m]> is there any shell in general that supports nested substitution? or do i have to use temporary variables
<testuser[m]> What
<wael[m]> echo ${${PWD}}
<wael[m]> nvm ill just switch to using yash shell
<phoebos> why would you want to dereference /home/x/y or something
<wael[m]> it was an example
<phoebos> something like ${x%$y} would be useful though
<wael[m]> my use case for this feature is ${{?#0}:+$?\ }
<phoebos> $? is never unset
<phoebos> use [ or case
<wael[m]> which doesnt work for my use case
<phoebos> which is
<wael[m]> [ overrides $?
<wael[m]> having return code in the prompt
<phoebos> case $? in 0) ;; *) echo $? ;; esac
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<wael[m]> nvm that actually works
<wael[m]> thanks
<wael[m]> though yash's autocomplete features are a bit tempting
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<sad_plan> I figured it out though. CONFIG_FILE_LOCKING seems to have been the culprit
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