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<sad_plan> wait, I forgot about the issue with /dev not being mounted correctly.. sound works with alsa though. so its likely a sndio issue it seems.
<testuser[m]> phoebos: yash
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<illiliti> anyone know a cli implementation of keepass that support kdbx format?
<illiliti> all i found are either too bloated or too fucked
<illiliti> i don't need anything fancy
<illiliti> ability to read it is enough
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<vouivre> testuser[m]: I have updated gtk3 and sway and it works fine for me
<testuser[m]> Hi
<wael_> Hi
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<wael_> why does busybox find return 0 return code when a file is not found
<phoebos> i couldn't find a POSIX requirement to handle Ctrl+C in read
<phoebos> Ctrl+D is defined though
<phoebos> or we can use y/n
<illiliti> wael_: it is normal behavior because find is recursive
<illiliti> sbase find return 0 as well
<wael_> is it possible to make it return non-0 then?
<illiliti> no
<illiliti> use [ -e ... ]
<testuser[m]> phoebos: might as well stick with ctrl + c / d than y/n
<testuser[m]> illiliti: hi
<illiliti> hi
<testuser[m]> phoebos: btw is `: ${TERM:=xterm-256color}` ok to add to .profile? yash needs TERM set for line editing and stuff but eg in TTY it might not be set
<illiliti> TERM=linux is a better option for tty
<illiliti> > Ignore interruption and continue reading, because:
<illiliti> nice yash
<wael_> yash ignores ctrl c on read?
<illiliti> seems so
<illiliti> can't test rn
<wael_> what the fuck
<testuser[m]> is there some magic sway/libinput binding like ESC + qdqwdqfegew that messes up input like making mouse scrollwheel act as up and down and the keyboard being remapped or something? I was just spamming esc + some keys in yash line editing and it messed up the input and got fixed when i spammed similarly again
<testuser[m]> also fixed by replugging
<testuser[m]> (i checked the bindings outside the shell in firefox)
<testuser[m]> i mean the behaviour
<testuser[m]> event15 KEYBOARD_KEY +76.860s *** (-1) released
<testuser[m]> On every keypress
<testuser[m]> nvm thats the same even after its fixed
<testuser[m]> hmm
<testuser[m]> maybe its just some setting on my keyboard
<illiliti> it is only reproducible in yash?
<testuser[m]> globally
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<midfavila> i find yash to be really wonky
<midfavila> which is unfortunate because it's otherwise a very nice shell
<midfavila> i remember running into a million and a half problems with it last time i tried running it on kiss
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<testuser[m]> midfavila What else did u encounter? I just had problems with it assuming TERM and the Ctrl + C thing
<midfavila> for me it would just hang immediately
<midfavila> when I could get it to run prior to that attempt, it wouldn't read from its included profiles on startup
<testuser[m]> did u strace it?
<midfavila> didn't bother
<midfavila> that was around the time i stopped caring about using a bourne shell for daily use
<midfavila> i just use rc now
* midfavila shrugs
<testuser[m]> wdym by included profiles
<midfavila> yash includes a number of profiles as part of its codebase. as in, you know, initialization files. defines the prompt and stuff
<testuser[m]> i just have .yash_profile with `. /etc/profile` so it sources everything in /etc/profile.d and that autoload thing in yashrc
<testuser[m]> btw any other good shells? I really like yash's auto complete cycle thing
<midfavila> i wouldn't be able to suggest one
<midfavila> like i said, i've only used rc for a while now
<midfavila> generally i'm fond of almquist shells
<midfavila> dash + a readline library is comfy
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<wael_> woooo
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<midfavila> man i sure do fucking love using git
<midfavila> can't wait until i can wipe it from my system
<midfavila> ^you guys might find this interesting btw
<midfavila> stanford class on programming languages
<testuser[m]> midfavila: but anything can have vulns
<midfavila> sure but not everything is 829k lines of code
<midfavila> git is huge and I don't really use it for anything other than cloning or pushing once in a while, and i'd like to not have it and its deps on my system
* midfavila shrugs
<testuser[m]> fossil?
<midfavila> i've looked at it before, seems interesting enough
<oldtopman> rsync?
<midfavila> nah. at some point i'm just going to dump tarballs onto my site and call it a day
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<virutalmachineus> what we need is a kernel with 1000 lines of code max and a userspace with 1000 lines of code max.
<virutalmachineus> not this non sense of billions of lines of code
<virutalmachineus> <testuser[m]> "midfavila: but anything can have..." <- Computers don't have vulns. The programmer is at fault.
<midfavila> that's objectively not the case
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<sad_plan> o/
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<virutalmachineus> ?o?
<midfavila> interesting image format