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<virutalmachineus> Is that base off AI technology?
<virutalmachineus> AI compression is the future.
<virutalmachineus> Quantum plus intelligent AI is the future future, probably a 1 Terabyte to one qubit ratio.
<virutalmachineus> testuser is doing a PhD on this type of technology if I recall correctly.
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<wael_> pro
<sad_plan> what other providers have ip? I was considering iproute2, buut seeing as it has deps, I find it abit off putting..
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<testuser[m]> Dependencies exist for a reason
<testuser[m]> Hi
<testuser[m]> if u want any "advanced" stuff like required by wireguard then u need iproute2
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<virutalmachineus> Who need ip tools when you don't connect to the internet.
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<testuser[m]> virutalmachineuser: do u even use kiss lol
<virutalmachineus> yes
<illiliti> i see that iproute2 from oasis has no deps
<illiliti> besides linux-headers
<illiliti> something is wrong with our iproute2
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<illiliti> it definitely should not require iptables crap
<illiliti> at least
<testuser[m]> Some features probably require it, I'll see if it's possible to use wireguard with it (one would just use busybox ip otherwise) and remove the dep
<illiliti> wtf people still depend on iptables
<illiliti> aren't those were deprecated in favor of nftables?
<testuser[m]> Yeah
<testuser[m]> wg-quick supports both tho, but idk if the features it needs from iproute are available without iptables
<testuser[m]> that's what i have to check
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<testuser[m]> why do some meson pkgs install pkgconfig files to /usr/share
<illiliti> which
<testuser[m]> xkeyboard-config
<testuser[m]> it uses datadir as pkgconfig base
<illiliti> could you remind me why it needs libx11?
<testuser[m]> just some data files
<testuser[m]> /usr/share/x11/locale
<testuser[m]> idk what they even do so
<illiliti> hm
<illiliti> alpine doesn't need libx11
<illiliti> they use different source also
<illiliti> it probably doesn't matter tho
<illiliti> crux build is interesting too
<testuser[m]> # Depends on: libxslt xorg-xkbcomp
<testuser[m]> indirectly pulls x11
<illiliti> ok what about alpine build
<testuser[m]> seems fine
<testuser[m]> ill remove x11 data and see if anythng explodes
<testuser[m]> maybe its required for some other configs
<testuser[m]> seems ok
<illiliti> hm, i have pkgconfig file correctly installed
<illiliti> /usr/share/pkgconfig/xkeyboard-config.pc
<illiliti> but i use muon
<illiliti> i'll check meson
<testuser[m]> its in /usr/share/pkgconfig only
<testuser[m]> but everything else is in /usr/lib/pkgconfig
<illiliti> i don't even have /usr/lib in manifest
<illiliti> ah wait
<illiliti> i see what you mean
<illiliti> this is correct behavior
<illiliti> xkeyboard-config isn't a lib
<illiliti> it's arch-independent data, so its pkgconfig file goes to /usr/share
<testuser[m]> oh
<illiliti> so it's fine, not a bug
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<wael_> must switch to
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<testuser[m]> why does ncurses reset run an artificial sleep
<wael_> what made it artificial
<testuser[m]> strace
<wael_> check source code
<illiliti> legacy
<testuser[m]> WTF
<testuser[m]> LOL
<illiliti> netbsd-curses have same issue
<wael_> why is (void) put before it
<testuser[m]> to silence the compiler
<testuser[m]> but i dont think there's anything to warn about there
<testuser[m]> about ignoring ret value
<testuser[m]> illiliti:
<illiliti> ldd should have this by default
<illiliti> it even has NO_COLOR support, nice
<wael_> push to repo and replace ldd
<wael_> solved
<wael_> I love this channel
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<midfavila> move over linux, real OS incoming
<virutalmachineus> Can I use electron apps?
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<testuser[m]> For those not under the influence of this mind virus, we’ve all just had a wakeup call that Microsoft is not the awesome, friendly, totally-ethical corporation that we’ve been told they are—they remain an incompetent, bureaucratic, and exploitative corporation, operating many of the increasingly-scarce chokepoints within the computing ecosystem. This wakeup call started with a single, hilarious phrase
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<sad_plan> o/
<virutalmachineus> ?o?
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