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<midfavila> phoebos, !!!
<midfavila> Athena-based file/desktop manager in around 3k lines of C
<midfavila> at least, I... *think* that's what's going on here
<midfavila> either it's busted or the default setup is wonky, but... really neat program
<ehawkvu> phoebos: yes, for packages that require gmake, the make commands would be swtiched to gmake
<midfavila> found an old wireframe viewer too
<GalaxyNova> nice wallpaper
<midfavila> uwu~
<GalaxyNova> .
<GalaxyNova> what operating system are you running it on?
<midfavila> this is my workstation, so the current release of my KISS fork
<GalaxyNova> cool
<GalaxyNova> i see you love motif
<GalaxyNova> what's that irc client
<midfavila> it's pidgin
<midfavila> and yes, motif is a nice toolkit
<midfavila> it strikes a good balance between efficiency and features
<midfavila> this is a neat program
<midfavila> simple digital clock using raw Xt
<midfavila> kinda reminds me of the old KDE clock
<GalaxyNova> interesting
<GalaxyNova> is it the one on your desktop in the screenshot?
<midfavila> no
<midfavila> that's standard xclock
<midfavila> it's nothing fancy
<GalaxyNova> usually i just use `date`
<midfavila> opening a terminal and typing date takes longer than just checking a digital clock
<midfavila> or an analogue one, for that matter
<GalaxyNova> maybe, i don't check the time often
<midfavila> i do
<midfavila> clocks are also just a nice touch aesthetically
<GalaxyNova> what's this?
<GalaxyNova> binary for plan 9??
<midfavila> schedule planner using motif
<GalaxyNova> oh
<GalaxyNova> cool
<GalaxyNova> midfavila, what email client do you use?
<midfavila> mh
<GalaxyNova> nice
<GalaxyNova> right now i use aerc
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<wael_> Hi
<GalaxyNova> hello
<wael_> macslash1: flatpak exists, its what I use for gimp and steam
<testuser[m]> Hi
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<macslash1[m]> wael: meow
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<phoebos> midfavila: oh beautiful
<phoebos> buffer overflow but nice to see an attempt at using pixmaps
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<testuser[m]> I think it's pretty clear that Go is indeed the most C-like language out there right now
<testuser[m]> There is essentially zero chance that Linux will still be in development 50 years from now... We might have strong AI by then, and surely one of its first tasks would be to redesign our entire information technology stack from the ground up.
<testuser[m]> I wonder why HN likes projects written in C so much. C has its uses, but most of the modern code should be written in Rust, C++ or higher-level languages.
<testuser[m]> Is a computer pulling 600W from an outlet that bad? Kinda, yeah, especially when it's an overnight deal whenever you update your browser. Not that you'll ever be able to build Chromium and properly test it*. Consider building it once is O(1) and building it for every user of the distro on hardware that might not be very efficient for every update is O(n). It's stupid and wasteful and I hope you live somewhere you can smell the fires
<testuser[m]> that are now an entire season in some places.
<midfavila> >gentoo users are responsible for the california/australia wildfires
<midfavila> BASED
<testuser[m]> source based distros considered harmful 2025
<midfavila> if software wasn't a fucking mess building it wouldn't be such a pain t b q h
<testuser[m]> I get the feeling OP is just a "/g/ shitposter" eager to make fun of fans of new fangled languages simply because it's funny. What else does 4chan know better than imitating minorities in order to generate chaos for the "lulz", especially if those lulz include using image generators for the purposes of electoral memes -- that and hentai? This issue's maintainers are about as responsible is the project itself. What a shitshow.
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<midfavila> so, legitimate question, testuser[m]
<midfavila> why do you spend so much time posting random quotes?
<midfavila> i'm guessing you just use a bot or something
<wael_> for the lolz
<testuser[m]> The added bonus with Rust is that it was written for the web. Mozilla Foundation originally made it for Firefox. The most mature Rust APIs/skills are all for the web. Rust builds to WASM too because of that. Much server side code was ported from C#/Go to Rust due to how flexible Rust is. With C#/Go grade productivity but C/C++ performance out of the gate.
<testuser[m]> midfavila: it's just random stuff from whatever I'm browsing
<testuser[m]> sometimes i intentionally look for it
<midfavila> fair enough i guess
<testuser[m]> how exactly do you drop priviliges without hardcoding a uid like 1000
<phoebos> depends on the context. obsd is good at that sort of thing, and many daemons have their own specific nonprivileged user to drop to
<testuser[m]> phoebos: kiss-ng
<wael_> how do you get the process id used in tmpdir from a build script
<wael_> KISS_PID doesnt seem to exist
<wael_> i guess the only way to tell is via pwd
<testuser[m]> xy problem moment
<wael_> ?
<wael_> i dont get it
<testuser[m]> why do u want value of KISS_PID
<testuser[m]> It's not even guaranteed to be a pid PID you can just export it to "asdf" before building for all KISS cares
<wael_> since i want to cd into build directory
<testuser[m]> wat
<wael_> i want to cd into build directory
<testuser[m]> cd into build directory from build script?
<wael_> build script says the pid
<wael_> $PWD is a better choice anyway for that
<wael_> i use pid to know where to cd lol
<testuser[m]> Send example
<testuser[m]> What
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<testuser[m]> U want to cd into build script outside kiss
<wael_> yeah
<testuser[m]> cd $KISS_TMPDIR/*/build/package
<wael_> or just use latest kiss_tmpdir since its always removed by kiss unless KISS_DEBUG
<wael_> for me i had 25gigabyte proc dir for some reason
<wael_> i would assume its because i spam ctrl c and stray is always kept since trap delets it
<testuser[m]> phoebos: help
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<phinxy> What's a good modem control terminal, like minicom, preferably with a kiss package?
<midfavila> i use picocom
<midfavila> but i don't often use such programs
<midfavila> i believe you can also hook xterm or something directly into a serial/parallel line
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<testuser[m]> What's a modem control terminal
<midfavila> i'm assuming they just mean a program that allows you to access DTE equipment
<midfavila> (it's just a terminal emulator)
<midfavila> (that's why I said you can hook xterm and stuff into your modem)
<midfavila> specialized programs sometimes incorporate features for easy composition of Hayes commands
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<Torr> NSA is very old.
<Torr> Was reading this article:
<Torr> It mentions Sputnik, the Soviet satellite.
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